LO4 Approaches To Organizing People Assignment Sample

Exploring Efficient Approaches to Organizing People : Strategies for Effective Team Management

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Introduction Of LO4 Approaches To Organizing People Assignment

The type of structure that best describes the organization, Fraser Foods

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Fraser food pursues both functional and formal structure in its business. The company’s formal structure has a prototype of connection within the association which the employees are predicted to value and chase tasks that are definite by official policies, rules, and systems. This is mostly considered to accomplish the goal of the brand in a balanced and well-organized manner. Assignment sample in UK company shows an illustration of that state's clear position and predictable tasks that a worker must absolute and set regulations to maintain strict health, hygiene, and safety necessities (Vuori, et. al. 2019). A formal group can be beneficial to a business seeing as there is a clear description of procedures and rules and which can make relations and behavior amongst the staff more unsurprising which can result in constancy and no unnecessary confusion in business activity. Furthermore, formal decision-making is deliberate. The data about the difficulty requires to stream through the individual chain of instructions before being addressed. A functional structure is an exceptionally ordinary formation where the behavior in the company is group into departments based on expertise, similar skills, and resource use for human resources, and the marketing department will be alienated to accomplish its goals more effectively. The company has 3 directors i.e. finance director named Laura Bolton, a managing director named David Fraser, and an operating director named Robin Fraser a company also has 4 superior managers as production, human resource, product development, and purchasing (Joseph and Gaba, 2020). Every executive in the corporation has employees and groups under them and managerial support to direct each department. The functional organization can be beneficial since workers with similar expertise and skills work mutually while specified roles and responsibilities within each department. This will outcome in becoming extremely specialized and allow employees to grow to their full potential in an exacting field.

Fraser Foods has a functional and formal structure. A formal organization has a pattern of

relationships within the organization that the staff is expected to respect and follow as well

as tasks are defined by official rules, policies, and systems. This is mainly designed to achieve

the objectives of the organization rationally and efficiently. This can be shown by

the organization's char

Recommend and explain a substitute form of structure suitable for Fraser Food's growth plans

The most efficient organizational structure suitable for this brand can be a functional organizational structure. A potential option form of structure that will be more suitable for the case company is growth plans can be the matrix structure. This structure involves categorizing the organization of a task along an outline that crosses normal departmental limitations. For instance, a new project department staff might involve employees from diverse departments such as a research chemist, engineer, marketing manager, and designer which means each individual can end up with 2 diverse managers i.e. department director and project leader (Berezney, 2019). This structure ensures that the venture is improved and co-oriented as a 1 provisional team with 5 departments contributing infrequently. If many diverse project groups are planned, it gives people a chance to make use of the best of their capability and build up new skills. This may probably build a stressful work environment for the workers and may not result in an improved outcome than it has been anticipated. For instance, Fraser food training projects are operated by Peter Armstrong who is usually Robin's chief and closely working with Sidra. For instance, Sidra who is workings closely with Robin to produce new product thoughts as well as take accountability to produce the firm’s promotional materials and newsletters. Through this Peter and Sidra are allowed to effort on diverse ventures and use skills and ability to create great outcomes (Elezaj, et. al. 2020). The diagram below illustrates a vital organizational plan of Fraser foods after restructures process.

Explain and demonstrate functional, staff, line, and lateral relations within Fraser Foods.

4 types of relations can be recommended on the organization plan which includes line, staff, and lateral and functional relationships.

  • A line relationship: This relation exists among the subordinate and superior employees. It can be recognized on an organizational plan as a vertical line among employees. In a line relationship authority, the executive flows down the line of command.
  • Staff relationship: it exists between the organization and someone who has a role of advisory for the advantage of the organization. For instance, a supporter who acts on behalf of the executive whose focus is not to have any express authority over the workers but can exceed on instruction and data on behalf of the executive, consequently by other workforce member in a superior situation which is taken by Janice turner in the case company (Tien, 2019).
  • Lateral relationship: it exists between persons at a similar level of responsibility and authority, even though they can be in diverse departments, or even in diverse locations which are usually exemplified on a company's chart by using a horizontal line. This relationship has been seen between Robin, Sidra, and Laura. The superior directors of management are working with each other to synchronize various functions.
  • Functional relationship: this exists between various departments which are given accountability for a detailed function throughout the association. It occurs when functional authority support and influence over convinced behavior of a subdivision. There may be experts who sustain and recommend executives and their workforce. These experts may act diagonally with the association; in this case company, human resource is accountable for staff training, recruitment, and health and security requirement throughout the organization.

Responsibility, authority, and delegation can be exercised within the new structure.

Authority: it is the accurate and power of a person to employ and assign their resources proficiently. This includes the capability to make a decision and give information to accomplish the organizational goals and objectives (Shageev, 2020). For instance, in the case company, Davis Fraser is a managing director which has power over other directors and employees who work in the company.

Responsibility: in business, it is the practice of creating consumer value through the active concern for ethics, people, equity, and environmental impact for successively a profitable business. In this case company's wellbeing and healthy office has an accountability to ensure that the safety and health protocols across the business meet the preferred standards.

Delegation: it refers to the transfer of accountability for definite tasks from one person to another. From an organization viewpoint, delegation occurs when a director assigns precise tasks to their staff (Ugoani, 2020). In Fraser food, the company’s manager can pass on information and instruction on his behalf to personal assistant Janice Turner to pass all along to a targeted worker.

The extended organization will be constant with the major situational variables of the contingency approach

Contingency theory explains that there is no single best method to manage, structure, and control a trade. The techniques to be engaged should be based on decision the finest fit between the association and its background (McAdam, et. al. 2019). The particular situational factor such as task, size, expertise, and surroundings will be establishing the structures and system employs.

  • Size: the size of the company is the major key variable in influencing the structure and design of the association. Small business characteristically has few measures on the other hand large businesses, characteristically have many complex organization charts, procedures, and formal process. Fraser food is a component of the huge organization which is seen clear organization chart presentation of the structure of the association as well as the detailed tasks that have been allotted to the human resources. The introduction of the 2 new administrators Sidra Aktar taking over the position of marketing director and Kathryn Hannah being promoted to business development director has created the formation of the case company since its older positions had to be filled with a new workforce (Lucianetti, et. al. 2018).
  • Technology: the organization uses various new innovative technologies which is a key factor in its accomplishment of organizational goals. For instance, is the case of Fraser Foods that can be machines that the company is using for the production of the product.
  • Task: size and nature of the task are key determinants in determining the company which can see in the case company having a functional structure that is perfect for the complex structure of the business. In an organization, each worker and every department has a task that is associated with them to assist the business to achieve their final goals which can be the cooking training having a task to produce new healthy recipes for the firm's plans to construct an easy and fresh range of ready meals.
  • Environment: These changes are constantly taking place in the external environment, e.g. competition, market circumstances, national and global policy, and economic circumstances. Some of these might influence a company's formation. In the case study, the topic of change in consumer preferences and tastes has been brought as a concerned and a conclusion to this problem has been made by producing more healthier and exciting options to satisfy the target and the cooking training has been introducing to meet the set target.


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