Introducing Vegan Ready-to-Eat Meals for UK Students Assignment Sample

Explore the health benefits, packaging options, marketing strategies, and brand development plans for this innovative vegan food product line.

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Introduction of Vegan Ready To Eat Meals For Student

It will be made as a development manager of the new products and it helps to make vegan foods. It is like a food dehydrator that mainly uses the right combination. The following warm temperatures chips to cause moisture. It helps to allow the following food in the air. Dehydrating the following food and the vegan ready-to-eat foods have been made by the people of the hill areas. The vegan diet food is very good for health and it should be more environmentally. The following plants have various benefits in many cases and it helps to lose weight. The vegan food can be carried in expensive packets. The vegan diet mainly aims to cover everything. The following veganism can be defined as food production.

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Discussion of Vegan Food

Vegan food is one of the most popular products of Foodziee. The NRI Food limited wants to promote their products and them also wants to grow their sales in the market. The following vegan diet works to exclude all forms of the animal exploitation. The following vegan diet food is mainly plant based. It can be the daily alternatives. It must be sprouted and it is mainly plant based foods and it is not like poultry or meat or eggs.

The vegan diet

The following vegan diets are made by the fruit or vegetables. This following diet has the vegetables and the nut butters and it should be sprouted or fermented. It is like a lesser known food of all. The following food does not have the honey bees and it must be animal derived and it has the 3 types of fatty acids. The foods of the vegan diet are like many nutrients like vitamin k (Lindgren, 2020). Vegan diets should be studied by human health. The following vegan diets are made mainly as food of alternative plant based. There are mainly 4 types of vegan mean present in the following vegan food which are mainly plant based food. The following example is religious vegans and the health vegans.


Figure 1: Logo

(Source: Self created)

Veganism and health

As the product development managements of the NIR foods LTD. It is planning to develop vegan food items for students in the UK (Garnett, et al, 2020). These vegan diet food products will be beneficial for the health and other kinds of the wellbeing of the students of the United Kingdom.

Packaging material

There are many packaging material of used to packing the products. The all materials are listed below.

  • Raw nuts, like walnuts, almonds.
  • Sugar free and unsalted trail mix.
  • Peanut butter and celery sticks.
  • Fresh fruits like apples, dried apricots.

SWOT analysis of the Product

The overall Reliability and position in the market will be discussed with help of the SWOT analysis model.


  • The product will help to promote veganism and will also help to create awareness about Vegan foods in the market.
  • It offers more value for money offer for Vegan products.
  • This product will mostly target the Vegan audience.
  • The product is one of the first in the segment of vegan dry fruits and products in the chocolate segment


  • The market for vegan consumers is quite low which can highly impact the sales of the product.
  • The variety of the product and the variations for the product is quite low which can cause damage to the business.
  • The competition for the product is high as there are fewer buyers in the market.
  • Veganism is not totally accepted by society which can cause a backlash.


  • The need for the overall growth of the different product sections will help in getting an overall market position.
  • The product and the prices are the primary features that will help in getting an overall opportunity in the business.
  • The product will cover all the major sections in the business and will give more space for the market
  • As the vegan culture is growing there is a higher growth opportunity of the Vegan products in the market.


  • There are some major changes in the business that can cause higher damage in the business.
  • Higher possibility of failure due to the low market cap of vegan products.
  • Some of the above factors can highly impact the position of the products.
  • The competition of the evolving products is growing in the market and can lose in business.


The Brand name of this product is Foodziee and vegan food is one of the popular products of this brand. The name of the logo is NRI Foods Limited. These products will also be responsible for environmental responsibilities. There are different kinds of health related benefits of eating ready to eat vegan products in the country of the United Kingdom. The health related benefits are as follows. The research regarding the marketing and the branding strategies is to be effectively evaluated here and all the research related to the impacting the new development of the brand and its products that are going to be developed here. The initially research will be done for the initial development of the products that is to be developed by the brand for the students of UK.

The following food should be examined by the vegan and it must have the fat diet for their parents. The vegan diets are connected with the plyometric control. The following control is compared by the lower total of cholesterol and it should be improved by the conventional diabetes and it must be for the individuals and it must be associated with the diabetes (Markowski and Roxburgh, 2019).

Nutrients of concern

The following vegan diet must be nutrient-rich and it has the essential vitamin for human beings which is Vitamin b12.

Vitamin B12: A nutrition B12 deficiency can leave students feeling torpid and frail. However, considering the fact that nutrition B12 is absent from plants, it could be hard for vegans to get sufficient of it.

Essential fatty acids: A deficiency in vital fatty acids has been related to troubles with mind health, along with melancholy and cognitive decline (Flores, et al, 2019).

Iron: The great assets of iron are beef and egg yolks. But they've immoderate levels of cholesterol as well.

All this will be the features of the products that will be beneficial for the students and this will help in maintaining the economic stability at par and also will definitely benefit the United Kingdom and also the European Union.

Marketing strategies

There should be smart marketing strategies that are effective for the initial development of the new kind of products launched (Brytek, 2020). The four kinds of the marketing mix should be followed for coping with the marketing share of the vegan ready to eat meal in the United Kingdom. The process of the products should also be reasonable taht can be based on the competitive pricing strategies. The time of the launch of the product should also be very crucial.

Development of brand

As NIR foods limited is planning for developing a brand then they have to follow the brand development strategies. All these strategies will help in leading them to Vegan plant based chocolates for the students of the UK. There are the four kinds of the main strategies that should be followed by the NIR food Ltd.

Range and product extension

This strategy comes when there is introduction of a new brand and a company wants to target one particular market segment. The name of the brand plays a vital role in development of the brand. New flavor variants or pack formats are good examples of this: both offer new ways for people to consume the brand.

Extension of brand

This tactic also leverages the trust and brand equity that has grown over time to entice customers to choose brands in new markets where they previously had no presence (Flores et al. 2018). In many cases, customers only need to take a small leap of faith to move from a brand's traditional marketplace to the latest frontier.

Multi branding

Larger organizations, especially holding companies and portfolio brands, tend to use this approach more frequently, often accelerated by acquisitions. However, at a smaller scale, multi-branding can be beneficial.

New brand

This is a risky tactic, but it has the highest chance of success, as 80% of product launches fail. By building entirely new brands and products, you have the chance to conquer (and perhaps create) entirely new markets, as Starbucks did when it established the ready-to-drink cold coffee category.

  • Unique selling proposition:The unique selling proposition is the factor of defining the character of the company apart from its competitors. As this product is about the chocolate. The main feature of this product will be its unique selling proposition. There are mainly the three kind of the unique selling proposition that can be used by this brand for its brand development that are.
  • Product:This concern with establishment of product which will be superior to what the competitors are providing. This mainly target on quality of product.
  • Price: Cost plays huge role in development of the brand but it mainly focus on the selling point while comparing it to shoppers. This will target on affordability.
  • Support: Some of the customers were looking for the reliability and peace and mind while making the purchases. This is the support based proposition. This mainly focused on connection of social.
  • Market competitors: As every market includes it competitors. In UK there are different kinds of the companies are which are competitors of each other. As NIP foods limited makes chocolate for the students in ready to eat basses. There are the other companies which are making the chocolates but may not be plant based products. There are fewer companies which are making the plant based vegan chocolate.

Introducing Vegan Ready-to-Eat Meals for UK Students


As per the above image in the market of the vegan chocolate Europe union comes to the second position in the world. So this new development of the brand will be beneficial for the NIR foods as the marketing of the vegan chocolates has bright future.


This brand development is mainly focusing on the development of the brand products in the field of the vegan ready to eat products for the students of the United Kingdom. This food will be based on the full of the natural and edible and gluten free products that are mainly needed for the students that are in the UK. This will be the new and non-existing initiatives that will be going to be in the UK. Thai types of ready to eat products are not available in the UK.



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