Marketing Analysis Report Assignment Sample

Exploring the Marketing Landscape of Two Leading Airlines: Emirates and Ryanair

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Introduction Of Marketing Analysis Report Assignment

Marketing analysis is the prime factor in the efficient running of an industry. It constitutes the most important factor in the service industries for instance airlines, tourism, and travel. Marketing helps the industry to identify their potentials and to work on them by promoting and providing services. This detailed report focus will be on the marketing analysis of two Airlines, namely, Emirates and Raynair by exploring marketing concepts, and methods.

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To monitor the marketing environment there are various models which can be considered. Among them, the method of pestle might describe the current situation of an industry environment which benefits the industry to improve for their benefit. There are six parts in the pestle model which require attention, namely, political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental are required to guide the industry to achieve goals and reap benefits


For Emirates, the political factor that is affecting it in recent times is the rise of terrorism in the world and its affects the airlines. However, Emirates is operating with politically stable nations. The economic factors here can be considered the financial losses the airline faced since the pandemic hit the world, with damage to its business. The social factor that made Emirates change its business strategies is its rise of popularity in developing nations like India. The technological factors concerning this airline are their usage of a navigation technique that enables them to carry additional loads. The airline follows aviation laws and regulations that are specific to certain countries. Emirates make sure to follow laws with certainty as failure might lead to damage to the brand image. The last part of this model concerns the environmental factor, and Emirates by acknowledging this issue has purchased the world’s most fuel efficient aircrafts (Mohandoss and Muthuraman, 2019).


The pestle analysis of Ryanair can be followed as, firstly in the political factor, the airlines abides by certain political treaties namely, Warsaw Convention, Vienna Protocol and in the post pandemic period it also follows pandemic rules of the governments of its destinations. The economic factor that affects this airline is the drastic fall of passengers, almost a 99% during the pandemic times. The social factor that impacts this airline is the changes in statistics and the number of travellers boarding the planes of Ryanair. Ryanair is always improving its technological factors like purchasing of Boeing 737 MAX jets. Ryanair puts effort to follow the laws of the different nations, and it also keeps in check the general regulations of the aviation industry. The airline has faced criticisms as they have claimed to be the most environment friendly airlines but is responsible for a heavy amount of carbon emissions and they are determined to cut it off (Prichinet and Le Duc, 2020).


The Swot is another model of analysing industries, mainly focusing on their strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats.


The strengths of Emirates are as it forms the strongest airline in Dubai, UAE and across the world. The weakness that follows can be traced to the severe competition other airlines provide, and the ineffectiveness to deal with that by them. The opportunities that this airline possesses are its increase in the number of aircrafts and international destinations. The threats that follow this airway can be concluded as the rise in fuel prices and also its fluctuation (Alanezi and Al-Zahrani, 2020).

Ryan Air:

Ryan Air has strengths like they are one of the leading aviation brands in the world, with cheaper flight price, appealing to a wide amount of customers. The weaknesses in this airline are the issues related to its member and their dissatisfaction with the airline. Ryan Air has greater opportunities of using technology to speed up its growth and development (Madar, 2018). Whereas the threats can be identified with the heavy restrictions on the airline that followed the pandemic.

Macro environment

A macro situation is the assortment of conditions that impacts the economical as a complete rather than just one business or physical area. The macro-situation, in general, includes growths in the GDP, increase, engagement, disbursement, and economic and monetary policy. The grade to which a business's processes are dependent on the state of the wider budget regulates the grade of the macro setting's consequence (Fuchs, 2022). Since it is possible to use more technologies than individuals, the firm has reduced the number of employees, and Emirates updated its capabilities, such as the clocking-in system it applied to control worker hours and recover new ways of collaborating with clients. Almost all aspects of running a carrier are skilful or wedged by stringent controlling laws. This is distinct from the ways that businesses should fly, the associates they should work with, the airport seats they should use, the permits they should set, and the substructure charges they should pay. As a result, strict rules control how safety, protection, and environmental effects are achieved.

Micro environment

Microenvironments are ones that are adjacent to trades and have an instant influence on their everyday processes. It is a collection of services or conditions that are near to the group and can have an influence on both its presentation and steady processes. More than EUR2.5 billion in cost reductions were achieved by Ryan Air between 2012 and 2014 as a result of the airline's extensive cost-cutting measures (Fuchs, 2022). When the average trip period is taken into reflection, the airline remains one of the most luxurious ones in Europe in terms of cost per obtainable seat kilometer. Under its umbrella, Ryan Air has brands that serve practically all market groups and enable the airline to serve both economic and all other market sectors. The airline provides a wide range of services and has both luxury and budget cabins, both long-haul and short-haul. This allows the organization to survive in the airline sector.

Boston Box

Understanding and classifying the goods and services offered by an organization is made easier with the use of Boston Box. It is an internal analytical method that aids in analyzing the investments in the portfolio in terms of the market share held and market expansion.

Stars (High share/High growth) cases apply to Emirates. According to the annual report of Emirates 2015, Business and First Class are the airline's star services; they are the best in the industry. Emirates First Class and Emirates Business Class are two services that can be positioned in the BCG Matrix (Chiu and Lin, 2019). This invariably demonstrates how Emirates has been continuing the quick expansion in different regions and countries. To keep up its great service Emirates has to concentrate on sustaining its services on a worldwide scale while making sure that all of its clients in the Middle East and South Asia receive consistent service and aircraft quality.

Marketing Mix 4ps

The advertising mix structure used by Ryan Air's advertising policy to investigate the trademark includes the 4Ps as "Product", "Price", "Place" and "Promotion". There are numerous promotion tactics, such as price approach, advancement preparation, and creation modernization (Endrizalová et al., 2018). These profitable creativities, which are based on the Ryan Air marketing mix, aid in the trademark's profitable achievement.

Porter's 5 Forces.

A business's weaknesses and powers may be determined using Porter's Five Factors, a framework that classifies and inspects five reasonable powers that distress every business. The assembly of a business is characteristically recognized using the “Five Forces analysis” to develop business policy (Bruijl, D. and Gerard, 2018). Any sector of the economy may profit from using Porter's model to better investigate business competitiveness and surge long-term productivity.

Branding, Image, and Buyer Behaviour

Emirates is one of the highest quality carriers in the domain and the major global carrier in the Dubai, carrying around nineteen million travellers yearly to more than 158 endpoints in 85 nations. The standing of the carrier is based on its history of brilliance in all facets of flying, and in a marketplace that is becoming more and more inexpensive, it endures to work to put the requirements of the customer first. The promise of “To Fly” is at the heart of the brand. These phrases capture the enthusiasm and knowledge that Emirates strives to share with passengers every day. The airline bids a rare blend of unmatched flying competence and a fully customized service practices that oozes the elegance and sophistication of the airline (Hilgemann, 2019).

Emirates in collaboration with different airline organizations has been able to develop its image both externally and internally. The organization holds 50% of customers who belong to external regions and areas, where opinions of the identity have been favorable. The percentage of customers from outside of the Dubai defines the image of the organization. In order to reduce paperwork and stress, increase transparency, and better serve customers in terms of checking, tracking, and resolving baggage-related issues, Emirates has also launched new technologies to make it simpler for consumers to report overdue or scratched bags on Different customers prefer different buying behavior. In terms of meeting a requirement to move from one place to another, the customer has a variety of possibilities. A product choice set might be used to describe these alternatives. Swiftness, facility, suitability, apparent quality, atmosphere, steadiness, and other elements may influence a consumer's buying behavior (Jacobs et al., 2018). The customer evaluates each method of transportation in light of these and other considerations before deciding on Emirates. This is referred to as choosing the product with the most usefulness. Price is another important element to consider when choosing a product in the organization. A customer may decide that an item such as a carrier has the highest utility but lack the funds to purchase it, so they choose an alternative.

Market Research & Nudge marketing

The repetition of assessing the possibility of a novel facility or creation through a learning done straight with probable customers is known as marketplace investigation, often known as "marketing research." Market investigation permits a commercial to recognize the objective market and gain client remarks and other contribution on their attention in the belongings or facility. For example, Ryan Air uses social media to interact with customers in the airline industry. Engaging with the customers allows the organization to gain specific knowledge regarding the products and services that are demandable in the industry and different countries. Online surveys are one of the ways through which the company can gather insights about the market and the prices that are offered by different airline organizations. On the other hand, the organization also focuses on the history and preferences of the customers traveling from outside regions of Dubai.

By tempting the thinking of the individual, nudge marketing is the technique of delivering marketing messages that promote desired behavior (Kim and Hyun, 2021). Nudge marketing allows Ryan Air and Emirates to offer and convince customers in using additional products and services that are profitable for the business. On the other hand, gap analysis is one of the techniques that are used in the airline industry to identify the areas that need improvement and the steps that are missing from a particular state. Determination of the areas allows organizations in the industry to nudge customers and clients so that the missing areas can be fulfilled by the organizations.

Market segmentation variables

Market division is to locate precise client assemblies so that stock and marking may be custom-made to application to them. There are numerous distinct conducts to section marketplaces, counting “geographically”, “demographically”, or “behaviourally”. By classifying the objects that are most possible to gather a percentage of an objective marketplace and the most actual networks for advertising and allocating those goods, market division aids trades in dropping jeopardy (Camilleri, 2018). Market segmentation, the division of a larger population into smaller groups that more closely resemble target consumers, is a crucial component of successful market research. The market research also consists of researching elements based on certain criteria. For example, in the case of researching customers, the focus is one the age, occupation, region, and gender types of the consumers which relates to demographic elements in market segmentation. This defines the relationship between market research and market segmentation.


Market research is a vital element for Emirates and Ryan Air as it assists both the organization in focusing on relevant customers and products that helps the organization to derive beneficial results. It can be concluded that the organization has been able to gain a competitive advantage and implement its presence globally in the airline industry. It has been found that Emirates has been able to acquire 50% of customers from other regions and countries. The findings also illustrate that there is an internet connection between market research and market segmentation. Market segmentation includes demographics which is also an essential factor during market research. Emirates consist of 19 million customers on a global level operating in around 158 destinations in 85 countries. Emirates has been able to generate huge sales and profitability than any other airline in the Dubai airline industry.


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