The Marketing Concept Webinar Assignment Sample

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Introduction of The Marketing Concept Webinar Assignment

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Throughout this report, the topic of this assignment is to perform marketing analysis by an organization in order to promote the portfolio of the products and the services. These contexts generally include advertising, selling, delivering the company's products and services to the customers. The researcher has focused on the marketing strategy of Apple that is typically targeted at keeping all the required procedures transparent to the customers with an easy approach so that customers can understand easily. Throughout the report, the chosen industry 'Apple’ also focuses on strategizing the highly effective plans for the efficient marketing of the products and their services as well.

Concept and Operation of Marketing

Marketing can be considered to be the actions that are undertaken for attracting customers through various ways that are mainly focused on promoting the products and the services that are offered by Apple (Podolny et al. 2020). This can be done through effective strategizing of high-quality messaging that will help the customer to recognize the advantages of the products and the services that are provided by the organization.

Marketing basically aims in delivering independent value for the prospects and the customers along with the goal that requires a longer period of time to achieve the proper value of the product. This also helps Apple to strengthen the loyalty of the customers towards the brand while later on leads to an increase in the number of sales.

The Human Recognition System (HRS) of Apple is considered to be one of the most powerful channels that are used by the organization in order to communicate with the customers. This helps the organization to understand the area of interest of the customers through analyzing various emotional as well as preferential aspects of the customer (Dave 2018). Apple tends to maintain a wide range of products in order to influence the customer to buy the required product from them. Therefore, the human recognition system of Apple helps the organization to identify and promote the exact product that is required by the customer which later on helps the organization in increasing the sales.

Apple uses different kinds of strategies in order to maintain the efficient promotion of the products.

Apple strategizes the built quality of the products in order to speak on behalf of the company's standards (Legun and Burch, 2021). Moreover, they also maintained transparency of their marketing to the customers while doing it in a customer-friendly nature.

The effective narration of the organizational strategies helps Apple to convey the journey of the brand from the initial days during the start-up along with the overcoming of the challenges faced by the organization during this period of time. This helps the organization to portray the level of consistency that is maintained by Apple not only through the wide range of its products but also through the after-sales services.

Apple has strategized to target the emotional aspect of the customers in order to increase their sales. The technique of using the HRS along with the advertisements that are related to the emotional contents helps the brand to connect with its customers more deeply. They basically project the simplicity of lives that can be achieved by the customer through the buying of these products.

Apple tends to increase the curiosity of the customer about the products that are yet-to-be-released. The method of teasing the customer through small information of the yet-to-launch products increases the curiosity among the customers (Ballen et al. 2019). Later on, these curiosities of the customers help to convert them into rabid fans of the brand.

Marketing Functions

The marketing functions of Apple include various aspects that are required for the promotion of its products and services. This basically includes:

Market Planning

This is considered to be the procedure that is used for the identification and analysis of the various aspects of the market of which the brand is going to target. Apple intends to target the market which includes both the upper and middle-class customers who can be convenient and easy through using their products.

Product and Service Management

Management of the products and services along with their enhancements helps the organization to develop products that can relate to the exact requirements of the customer. Apple tends to develop products with efficient computing abilities along with making the interface user-friendly (Preethi et al. 2019). Product and service management of Apple is directly linked to the production of the products and managing their functioning capabilities as per the requirements of the customer.

Distribution of the products

Accessibility of the products also supports the rate of increase of sales for an organization. In order to maintain the accessibility of the products, Apple maintains a wide number of stocks of the products to its stores and the franchises. Moreover, Apple also maintains a large number of stocks for the customers who tend to order from the official website of the brand.


Apple maintains a higher level of consistency for the promotion of its products and services. These promotional aspects include typical methods along with the enhanced techniques that can help the organization to convince the customers to buy their products and services (Oliveira et al. 2020). Larger kinds of announcements through the air commercials about the new products help the organization to promote the advanced capabilities of the products.


Pricing is considered to be the act that includes establishing value for the product. The latest products of Apple are typically priced for the wealthy and middle-class customers. Therefore, it becomes essential for Apple to make the customers understand why the product is better than others even after the sales.

As an example, Samsung is considered to be the closest rival of Apple for the Smartphone segment and also tends to follow a few similar aspects like the distribution and marketing strategies for the products. Blackberry is also there in the market for giving tough competition in the Smartphone segment. However, along with the advanced technological features and user-friendly interface as well as the marketing and operational management procedures, Apple is considered to be leading in the market.

Marketing mix to marketing planning

Marketing mix:- It is a way of promoting the product of a company in a different style. The company applies various methods for advertising or promoting its products. It is a basic and important process for marketing. Apple has a strong marketing mix that deals with four concrete pillars which are 4Ps, 4Ps are product, price, place, and promotion (Tien, 2019). These are the basic or the fundamental parts that are taken care of by Apple that play a vital role in the mix marketing. Moving on to the basic or the fundamental parts of the marketing mix are strictly followed by Apple.

Apple product:- the marketing mix of Apple gives a vision that it is a consumer electronics business. It is best known for its new innovative products for the last few years. It is basically known for its performance and everlasting quality that fulfill the needs of the consumers. Apple not only provides quality products but also facilitates a proper service to the consumers. (Long et al. 2019). Apple believes in the regular enhancement of the product rather than producing copying from others.

Apple Pricing:- Apple is a premier brand as the consumers have to pay the luxury tax for purchasing it. Its image is built in such a way that its product is represented as a status symbol. Apple includes only high-range products that show that it has something special as compared to other brands. It targets only those people who have a higher range of affordability (Tien et al. 2019). Its price is very high and it never lowers its price value in comparison to its competitor so as to maintain its iconism as a premier brand. Lowering its range will hamper its image as a primer brand. However, its product quality is the best and it uses high end-technology so its price range is justified. It has no such offers or it does not provide any kind of sales for its products as it has a standard price range. Naturally, Apple has a huge fan following so it charges a high range of price value for its products.

Place strategy:- Apple products are available worldwide as it has many ways for selling its products online, offline, etc. It has many distribution channels for serving the demands of the consumer across the globe such as Apple stores. It operates both offline as well as online mode; it also offers people to buy its product directly from the companies it have set its outlet in various locations. While using the online mode of shopping for Apple products people can buy through its official website or through other online websites such as Flipkart, Amazon. These websites are the largest point for shopping for Apple products. There are also offline modes of sales that bring awareness about the product. It helps the company is targeting a large number of consumers because of its image.

Promotional strategy:- Apple uses different modes of promotion such as online as well as offline. An online method is promoted through social media, official websites, and many other websites. It is also promoted on TV as well as on billiards it gives advertisements on TVs focusing on the details of the product with unique specifications. This makes it different from other competitive brands as it targets only a specific society person.

Applying marketing mix in a marketing plan

Apple applies its market mix strategies for achieving its business objective. It strictly follows the rules of a marketing mix that is having proper attention to the product quality and its endurance. It also has a standard pricing range and it maintains a higher pricing value for every product of Apple as compared to other brands. It has a wide range of facilities for selling its product. It sells it online as well as offline mode. This boosts the marketing plan as sales are one of the main parts of marketing. It also advertises its product through different modes of communication such as TVs, social media, its official website, and other websites.

Developing plan for business objectives

Marketing plan:- Apple consumers consist of demographic, geographical, and behavioral factors.

Demographic:- Apple products can be used by each and every person; it is not constrained to a specific gender (Ali, et al 2020). Children generally use it to play online games on iPads and adults use it for communication and for work purposes.

Geographical:- Apple has a good geographical presence and it occupies a major part of the world. It has a strong grip on America including the northern and southern parts of America. It also has extended to European countries, India, Africa, and the Middle east. It has an expansion in China, Taiwan, and hong kong the best part of the Asia Pacific in Australia.

Behavioral factors:- users show loyalty towards Apple as it is used for the status purpose. It is mainly purchased by only middle and upper-class people because it has a high range of price value. People give a lot of attention to Apple products as they have perfect shape and size.

Market need:- Apple provides a wide range of its product to consumers. It gives the newest technology to its consumers (Westwood, 2019). Here are the following key requirements for their consumers so that they stick to the brand such as:

Quality:- Apple has high durability in its product; it can be used for years without any technical damage. As it has a high price value people expect that the product must have special quality with respect to other similar brands.

Design:-as to maintain the competition in the market it is well designed and its appearance is good. Apple's innovative team always gives their best to have an outstanding design of its brands; they set a tough level for other similar brands. they change the appearance each year which makes

 the user look forward. It is designed to show well that it can be used by every person. It is easy to use and a child is also able to handle the product without any difficulty.

Market trend:- it follows the market trend as it acknowledges the market and society. It makes the product with the best quality and innovates that product in a different way. Apple has made wearable devices that are smart-watches, machine learning (tuplejump acquisitions, Turi, and perception).

Developing a market plan with key elements

Apple is known for its simplicity and it believes that simple is better. It doesn't overwhelm its consumers by supplying too many choices. Apple allows its devices to speak rather than harass its consumers by for asking feedback. They keep the names very short so that they can be remembered by every general person (Chernev, 2020). It also keeps the website very simple so that anyone can browse it in a simple way. The marketing process is way better at Apple; it gives very few specifications in the box. Whether it has a full specification inside the folds, the special benefits are represented in a good font size so that it could be read properly. It puts an effort into looking at the consumer's requirements. It creates a loyal base of customers by providing properly maintained services. Though they have a high price value consumers appreciate buying their products.

Producing a Media plan

Apple has a huge fan following on social media which includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It advertises its product using different sources such as Flipkart, Amazon, and many other shopping websites. These are the main ways to communicate with the users (Laestadius et al. 2019). Therefore it gives an overall knowledge of the product and if the viewer likes the product they will definitely reach the official website. Apple mainly focus on these points to make its media plan a successful one

  1. i) Whom to reach
  2. ii) The total target group
  3. ii) When and where to reach

iii) The affordable cost involvement

  1. iv) Frequency of exposure

Apple knows well which media should be used to communicate with the targeted customers.

It has a specific time for advertising its product (Dolega et al. 2021). Apple knows when the proper time is for the consumers so it has specific month days and times for its ads.

Apple also takes care of what type of ads must be given to the consumers that are whether informative or demonstrative.

Apple recognizes people who do it want to demonstrate its ad because it targets a special society of people as it has expensive products (Moore and Tambini, 2018).

Apple also checks the area of the potential consumers.

Apple rules media marketing; it has a grip on every social media platform.


Apple has a motto of enriching its customers' lives. It guides its salesperson to care for its consumer rather than making lots of sales in search of incentives. It provides a card to the salespeople that remind them of the value and images of the company. Throughout this report, the management strategies of the Apple industry are being illustrated as the marketing mix of developmental workflow as per their products and services.


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