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Introduction of Marketing Plan Assignment

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Many people believe that if they want to have a really meaningful encounter, they must invest much money in perfumes and soaps. It is indeed possible to have a taste of royalty as well as originality at an accessible price with Rose, an organic brand that's just launched. Rose-a fresh-scented soap-is the company's innovative new product. A total of three sizes, as well as five perfumes, will be made available to customers, as well as they will be able to tailor them to meet their own demands. This will be entirely organic as well as contain no inorganic solvents at all.

Company and its background

As a social networking strategist as well as part of the firm's leadership team, the learner is included in the industry's hierarchy. Having served throughout the beauty industry for at least five years, the panel now wants to use their knowledge as well as expertise to help promote the goods. It is also the Director's goal to encourage sustainability through the use of reused packing, as well as the COO, a polymer lover with much more than eight years of experience in the industry will carry out this task. The business may expect high sales since the other members of the team are excellent at pitching and networking. For this firm, the content producer has a large following on social media, allowing it to reach its target demographic. Because each member is well-known and well-versed in the field of beauty, the success rate here is quite high (Chernev., 2020). The panel's emphasis is on quality, and they are giving it their all to make it both inexpensive and unique.

It is the age difference that's getting people's attention the most in the intended markets. Hinduism is practiced by a sizable majority of the area's residents, who are mostly of Indian descent. The philosophy may be to save money for the future or for further education, rather than to spend it on cosmetics. The firm is striving to raise awareness about quality, cost, and ecologically sound practices. There was a $39 billion tax gap in 2018-19, according to official UK figures, reflecting the difference between taxes actually paid and taxes anticipated. In addition, the United Kingdom's revenue agency acquired £628 billion throughout 2018-19, which is around 95 percent of the tax authorities are expecting to collect (Bui., 2020). The emergence of the tax gap is projected to increase with the introduction of Covid 19.

Wembley, which is located near London and also has a strong sense of community, was picked. Central Square, once one of High Road's premier retail destinations, may be found here (Girton, 2018). This location blazed a trail in high-end fashion while maintaining a sense of mediocrity when it came to projecting its influence. If businesses are searching for something fresh and different, Wembley Park Market seems to be the place to go! There are many individuals from BAME backgrounds living here, and they have been loud about the need to conserve the ecosystem and be environmentally friendly (Dimitrescu et al., 2018).

The content in the report is plain and monotonous. It will be easier to follow the beauty industry's patterns, habits, and current trends if the organization uses basic terms and ideas. Fashion and beauty firms flock to London, which has been hailed as the world's most fashionable and beautiful city (Kreutzer., 2019).

Formal and sequential order is evident in the structure. To begin, a quick synopsis of the company's concept will be provided. Additionally included will be information on the company's history and the sort of product it sells, as well as its location and industry experience. Pestle analysis, porters analysis, and a rationale for selecting a certain site will be covered in the next section. This section summarizes the significant possibilities and dangers that might affect project development or the introduction of a product, as well as how to mitigate these risks.

External environment and business condition

Analyzing macro-environmental elements using Pestle Assessment aids any company in meeting its goals as well as improving its overall tactical management. As an abbreviation, the acronym is

Political factor: Following Brexit, the administration is working to adopt new regulations that will help businesses operate more efficiently. There are several laws as well as regulations that must be followed by this corporation's leadership whenever formulating business plans as well as selling its goods (Elmansy., 2019). The business must comply with all tax rules, surcharges, and other fees that are imposed. The Royal Family still has sway throughout England, which might be utilized to expand into other areas (Shields., 2019).

Economic Factor: One of Britain's finest affluent districts is now home to this organization. Since Brexit, the pound's inflation rate has become more predictable, making the managing of capital investments or investors more difficult. The goal is to ensure that the country's economy grows at a rate commensurate with its own. Keeping an eye on the economy's pace of change and analyzing its overall significance can help maintain equilibrium. In light of Brexit, there is so much more clarity on how the market will react as well as following market patterns.

Socio-cultural factor All throughout the world, women, as well as young girls, are getting more and more concerned about their appearance. Natural as well as devoid of contaminants, including sulfates parabens, are already sought after. New businesses like this one may take advantage of Britain's favorable publicity to introduce a wide range of items. Products that are largely organic in nature may be launched in this climate due to favorable weather conditions. As an added bonus, the city's population is ethnically diverse, making it easier for the firm to interact with its customers.

Technological Factor: The internet channels are already being used increasingly actively by the marketing division, as well as content creation has now become a means of connecting with the intended audience. In order to acquire a good start, this firm may use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others to raise awareness (Dib., 2018). Management may also utilize e-commerce websites to get further awareness towards reaching customers quickly as well as inexpensively. E-commerce, for example, the management may post a video on TikTok or slideshows on Instagram in order to build a consumer foundation.

Legal factor: All rules must be adhered to when beginning a new firm or manufacturing facility in an entirely new area. When advertising online, this organization must be distinctive and prevent any copying or any other kind of deception or any scam. With the emergence of social media as well as other international brands, local rivals have been affected as well as the legal architecture is tight in the adherence to customs as well as other clearances in the beauty business (Morales., 2019). This business has always made it a priority to abide by all applicable rules and regulations.

Environmental factor: In order for CSR to be effective, firms must work together to meet all of the requirements while maintaining constant surveillance. In order to raise public awareness about social issues, the selected firm must maintain the quality of its environmentally friendly goods while simultaneously participating in humanitarian activities (Whitler., 2021). As a result, we will be capable of enhancing the ecosystem as well as ensuring its long-term viability. As a final requirement, the items should be completely devoid of animal-based substances and any other pollutants.

Direct or else indirect rivalry and competitive benefit

The Porter five forces and the business's general viability may be determined by conducting an in-depth analysis. In order to succeed as a start-up firm, Rose fragrance, as well as the soap business, has to have a clear strategy for capitalizing on current opportunities.

Competitiveness or competitiveness in the workplace: Numerous additional brands will indeed be available, including both national and regional levels, as well. As a result of such powerful pressures, the corporation would be under pressure to build a reputation as well as cultivate patronage for its brand (Stevens et al., 2021).

Customers' or purchasers' bargaining power: the UK or any other European nation's beauty culture seems to be changing, and a new brand would need to have the necessary platform in order to interact with customers in the selected area.

When it comes to negotiating strength, suppliers have minimal leverage. High-quality raw materials are needed to produce a good product at an affordable price (Chernev., 2020). Organizations may build mutual trust with their suppliers by using profit-maximizing strategies while maintaining a reasonable level of coercion (El-Yakoubi., 2021).

(Strong force) Customers, particularly women, are now accessing several websites to do comparative analyses and learn about the components, amongst other things, in order to improve their level of knowledge. With the rise of internet shopping and the wide variety of brands available for a single product, customers have grown less loyal to one brand and more open to switching to another (Li and Alvarenga., 2021).

  • Entrants from the outside: (strong force) New enterprises may be established for current product lines in this era of globalization. By being innovative, honest, and environmentally responsible, it can achieve this goal. Consider the price approach while making judgments.

Target market

Wembley seems to be the intended audience, as well as it was chosen for this project because of its ethnic diversity and proximity to a variety of retail establishments (Amira and Fitriasari., 2021). Wembley Park Market seems to be a great place to get locally made goods as well as eco-friendly options. Boxpark Wembley, a grocery, local store, as well as a restaurant within Wembley Park's center, seems to be a top draw for eco-conscious shoppers. The folks are always kind and receptive to fresh ideas. The marketplace legacy of Wembley has been given a contemporary twist by providing it available to everybody, including company owners, architects, as well as artisans, and therefore by promoting the well-being of small companies in the community. The more recent establishment of the London Designer Outlet has also seen a migration in purchasing from the north and east. Small as well as medium enterprises, like that of the selected one, will gain an advantage over the competition as a result of this.


As a result of the Pestle investigation, we were able to learn about socio-cultural characteristics, the proper innovation to use as well regulatory foundations as well as new restrictions after Brexit, as well as the present political landscape. This has opened the way for this company's concept to be as creative as well as distinctive as possible in order to attract clients. A macroenvironmental examination may now be completed on a regular basis. The current state of the marketplace has been profoundly impacted by the fierce rivalry and constantly shifting patterns of purchase. Furthermore, people are getting more attentive and discerning when it comes to purchasing a single item. In order to get their attention quickly and for a longer period, the aforesaid organization's USP must be creative. They must thus apply some novel thoughts or ideas in order to get the attention of shareholders and clients (Rogersand Davidson, 2015). Cooperation with Instagram gurus or special deals and discounts might help them build a relationship with customers. Demand to stand apart has been imposed on small businesses by the development in ecommerce, as well as the simple availability of numerous items or brands on the same platform. Consumers may now pick from a wide variety of items and read Google reviews to learn more about the components used. Customers' ever-changing purchasing patterns put ongoing pressure on businesses to remain innovative and competitive. In order to connect with female customers, the marketing concepts need to be fresh as well as unique. Once the brand has been established, it is time to begin promoting it on the internet. Many online retailers may be interested in working with us in the future. Incorporating women of all ages and from all parts of the country would broaden the target audience and broaden the geographic scope. The London designer outlet at Wembley Park seems to be the only retail mall in the city, as far as we know. Since 5.8 million customers may be readily swayed each year, the new company's idea seems successful. Furthermore, a 1-hour journey from this area will bring in around 10.4 million people.


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