MGT502 Business Communication Assignment Sample

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MGT 502 Business Communication  Assignment Sample


In the following report, an argument is made based on the literature review done in the part A of the assessment. The argument is “Digital communication is useful for modern day businesses as it impacts employees’ behaviour & efficiency and organisation’s overall output.”This statement is supported by the literature work used in Assessment 1A.


In today’s world, digital communication is a big deal and it is no longer ignored or considered as optional. Within a short period, it has permeated the business world so deeply that it is now embedded in the fabric of the work experience (Ghobakhloo& Ching, 2019). According to Viollaz (2019), while the globalisation of the world was taking place in the early 90s, it was creating the demand of modern communication channel. The purchasers and dealers got connected through some sort of electronic media and digital technology (Waldeck.,, 2012). Digital mediahas lowered the communication barriers between various stakeholders of the company and improved the business efficiency by maintaining proper flow of information from one level to another (Hassan,, 2015). In manufacturing industry, digital communication tools are changing the modus operandi by making it easier to get real-time updates of every process, especially the logistics and order delivery (Klein, 2007).

Coming on the role changing behaviour of digital communication for workers, it has drastically transformed their attitude towards work. For instance, Barnes (2012) mentioned that access to the web and PCs have helped the workers in altering their workplace practices. This has resulted in innovation at individual level. Workers are trying hard to make their job easier with the help of digital technology and communication tools, thereby developing innovating practices to complete their job. According to Cuevas-Vargas, (2016), modern digital communication is the linchpin for the dispersed or remotely located teams. With the help of such tools, organisations can be able to create connections and healthy workplace relationships. It allows the managers to speed up the work while providing information and data related to operation continuously. However, with the rapid change of technology, organisations are demanding better tools and approaches for communication to improve their output and efficiency. Banaeianjahromi& Smolander(2019) supported the implementation of digital technology in today’s time as organisation can have better access to pool of talent available globally. Teams can be able to connect authentically and share resources to accomplish their tasks. Peng and Quan (2012) have given argument on impact of social networks build by the use of digital communication on employees’ performances. They say digital communication has increased the misuse of technology. Employees’ focus in some cases has diverted from work to other non-professional activity which has degraded their performances. However, in many cases, digital communication has boosted their performances. Therefore, this point is true for those organisation where there is poor workplace management. Overall, digital technology and communication have proven to be beneficial for the organisation.


In the above made analysis, the argument that digital communication has positive impacts on theimpacts employees’ behaviour & efficiency and organisation’s overall output has been supported. Many researchers have worked out the outcomes of implementing digital communication and the results are positive. Hence, the usage of digital technology is supported.


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