Presentation Task - Competitive Strategies in the African Belt Market Sample

Explore strategic insights and competitor analysis for expanding into the African Belt market using VRIO framework.

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Presentation Task - Decoding Competitive Dynamics in the African Belt Market Assignment

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  • Disruption of the Conveyor Belt Market in Africa
  • Effects CAGR on the country
  • Restriction and operation existence in market

The conventional reputation relates to the effective management and disruption of the Conveyor Belt Market in Africa. The collaborative function extends to the progress of managing the constant rate of the highest CAGR in the country. The industrial aspect regulates multiple processes under management restrictions and operation existences. This enables the higher influence of demand which higher contrast effective workflow and manages differences in business relation. One Indian firm is proceeding to open a Belt manufacturing that requires identifying the African market effectively for expanding its business in an international context.

Competitive environment of the industry

  • Assured relationship of Global Conveyor Belt Market
  • Rise of of 7.5 billion by 2027 in the environment segment (Kay and Young, 2022)
  • Projects different claims of National Conveyor Products

The segregated function of the business convenors represents the effective policy and convention through Global Conveyor Belt Market. The effective changes embrace thorough extension in encountering effective contrast and equality of 7.5 billion by 2027. The ending focus of regaining stable values conveniently follows up a new perspective of National Conveyor Products. This eventually produces dependent optimization in operation making and constructing effective assurance by claiming an effective position in the market of Africa. This Indian firm needs to collect information on the competitive environment for expanding the business.

Major competitors

  • Oriental Rubber Industries Pvt Ltd higher influence in the market
  • Fenner Conveyor Belting (SA) (Pty) Ltd growth by 3.8% (García?Sánchez et al. 2022)
  • Interflex Holdings (Pty) Ltd. by local services

The conventional limitation directs effective policy in gaining structural improvement and secondary sources under Conveyor Belt Market in Africa. The stable operation ignites follow-up issues in projecting higher intensity of certain changes and market demand. In serving the position of market Conveyor this eventually contrasts through the advanced use of technology. The capable sources ignite on the market relation and operational managing of intense authorization and minimal objectives of aggregated market. The Indian firm requires recognising the market requirements for mitigating the competitiveness of the African Belt manufacturing market.

VRIO Framework

Valuable Rare Inimitable Organized
  • Competitive parties
  • Practical use of production
  • Operational management
  • Usual production
  • Rational changes
  • Importing
  • Effective policy
  • Acknowledge development
  • Company support aggregated structure
  • Projection meeting
  • Correlation
  • Accessing
  • Sources of market
  • Availability of products
  • Suitable sources
  • Gained combination
  • Reputational extension
  • Differentiating activities
  • Inferior cost
  • Extensive managing condition
  • Lower production
  • Boosting charges
  • Segmenting policy of business correlation

Table 1: VRIO

(Source: Self-developed)

Current market strategies

  • Authorises with proper duration and sources by meeting
  • Contrast between social extension and productivity assurance (Jahanger, 2022)
  • Extends three relations of in projected market size

Directing the changes in strategic implementation highly directs different positions of marginal claim and issues of distributive operation. Developed consisting authorises the fraction of time durability and sources by operation of meeting the development support. This extends to refining the management order in projected market size by advance settlement activation. The declination represents active support and encountered issues in the conveyor system of operation this manages the productivity of market initiators and the generator of business corporate action. The Indian firm requires identifying the current marketing strategy of Africa to perform effectively in that market.

Capabilities of competitors

  • Serving cost-integrated position in market development of Africa (Winkler et al. 2022)
  • Interreges the cost initiative knowledge in identical needs of business
  • Specifies corporate structure of extensive market changes and rational output

The corporate variability of business organizing settles with a higher order of managing and previewing with a through explanation of the business. Marginal aspects of Africa emit a thorough policy of gaining structural improvement and productive narration of enabling service authority and the existence of margin compositing with the equation of elaborative function and extensive target of igniting new sources of extension. It has effectively projected on a certain location progressed in multiple operations and exposure of extensive market targets. Indian firm needs to identify strong competitors for gaining a competitive advantage in the market.


  • Market strategy of the African Belt market
  • Developing strategic applications against the capabilities of its competitors
  • VRIO features for mitigating the issues

This research is giving competitive analyses of the African Belt market by utilising the VRIO framework. It includes the identification of its major competitors in the market for increasing its productivity and gaining a competitive advantage in the market. It has included the current market strategy of the African Belt market to recognise the effectiveness of its competitive market segment of it. It has identified the capabilities of its competitors and requires developing strategic applications against the capabilities of its competitors for increasing the competitiveness of the industry. It has successfully involved the VRIO features for mitigating the issues related to the competitive market for enhancing the strategic application in the market segment. The Indian firm requires utilising the VRIO framework for gaining the advantage of understanding the African marketing strategy.


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Jahanger, A., 2022. Impact of globalization on CO2 emissions based on EKC hypothesis in developing world: the moderating role of human capital. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 29(14), pp.20731-20751.

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Winkler, M.S., Pradyumna, A., Viliani, F. and Knoblauch, A.M., 2022. Impact assessment in the post-COVID-19 world: The growing role of health impact assessment. In Handbook of Environmental Impact Assessment (pp. 47-65). Edward Elgar Publishing.

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