Production Of Design Documents And Modern Application Artefacts Assignment Sample

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Production Of Design Documents And Modern Application Artefacts Assignment Sample

Introduction of Production Of Design Documents And Modern Application Artefacts Assignment

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Covid-19 has its reign all over the world and the number of active cases is still increasing throughout the world. Although the death rate has decreased because of the invention of different antidotes for the Covid virus and people all over the world are getting relief. This will not eliminate all of the components of the Covid virus but tries to build an immune system into the human body to fight against different types of Covid-19 from the human body. People are very fond of watching movies in a cinema hall and this pandemic stopped them to go to the cinema hall and watch movies for the past two years. In this project, the work has been done based on a system that is for the booking of movie tickets on an online basis (Islamet al. 2020). Theatres or movie halls release new movies and people go to watch them daily. There will be huge crowds for the newly released movies. So to help the users or the organizers of various cinema halls, a web-based system has been created for booking the tickets from different cinema halls to avoid the crowd in the era of pandemics.

Part 1

Wireframe Designing

It is an illustration process that has a two-dimensional illustration of the pages. It only focuses on the space allocated and checks on the priority of the contents. A wireframe also has different functionalities and deliberate behaviors. A wireframe designs the user interface or the user experience of the entire project work. This step is among the most valuable steps of a web-based application. A wireframe visualizes the skeleton or the key items used to build the digital application. This is the main part of the process of interaction by visualization. A wireframe can be created by using some basic steps such as:

  • Doing the research: The first step is to have a clear idea of the project work that the user going to do. The developer has to research the selected web-based application based on the audience and the deliverables from the project work. The user has to make sure that the project work will compete with other websites in the market.
  • Preparing for the research: The research work has to be done based on the requirements of the consumers. The developer will act as per the deliverables and the research compared to the market competitors.
  • User flow mapping: The wireframe will be very messy in a very short time if the developer has no idea about how a website works or how many pages are required for the wireframe design. Good information and brilliant architecture will ensure the users have lower frustration levels.
  • Draft of the program: After making the mapping of the entire project, the main step comes that makes the drafts of the program. How to organize the content, how to complete the user requirements, how to manage the gathered information, and different ways to manage consumer expectations all are main queries that will sum up in the developer's mind before making a web-based software (Chenet al. 2020).
  • Adding details: After having all the questions from the user’s mind, the developers started to add some details to the homepage as the wireframe and starts making designs according to the interface. The developer adds different logos, search pages, search bars, and different elements to the web page for better interaction with the consumer.
  • Turning wireframes into prototypes: After creating a skeletal diagram of the web page, the developer has to make a designed webpage for the same. The designed webpage is called a prototype and to clarify all the details, the developer has to change the wireframe into a prototype.

A basic wireframe has been created in this project for the development of the entire project work based on a movie ticket booking system.

 Home page of the movie booking system

In the above picture, a basic wireframe has been designed for the users to book tickets for their selected movies in a cinema hall for different show timings. A homepage has been created with the URL of the webserver. The server has the name of movie booking and has different options in the entire system. There is a logo for the particular website in the left corner. Different movie names and pictures of the movies will show randomly on the home page. The user has to sign up for booking the tickets if they are using this web page for the first time. They have to give their name, email id, date of birth, sex and mobile number for the signup process. After completing the signup process, the page will be redirected to the same page where the user has to sign in or log in to enter the webpage for the ticket booking. If a user forgets the user id and password of their account, he or she will have the option of changing the passwords for their account. There are brief discussions about the webpage which is located below the webpage. The users will be able to give ratings for the particular webpage as of their user interface interaction. There are 5 stars available for the users to give ratings.

 Booking tickets for the movies

The second page of the wireframe is of the booking tickets for the particular movie tickets. The developer made some different categories for the user to have an easy environment for the project work. The second page of the system contains the search box to search for the movies that are available in the cinema hall. Movie names will be appeared as a category one by one inside a category box. After that, the user has to give the desired date for watching the movie. They have to select the dates from the calendar. After choosing the date, some buttons will be available containing the show timings for the particular movie for the particular date. The user has to choose a particular time for booking the tickets for their desired movie show. Once they have chosen the particular show timing, some checkboxes will appear for selecting the number of tickets. Some tick boxes will appear such as 1 SEAT, 2 SEATS, 3 SEATS and 4 SEATS etc. for booking the seats. The amount will be payable to the selected server as per the ticket costs per head. After selecting the number of tickets for the particular show timing for the desired movie, the web page will be redirected to a new page that is for the payments of the tickets. The user has to give details of their bank accounts for the online payment to the movie theatre. After giving the account details, the amount will be deducted from the given bank account details and text messages will appear on the mobile number of the user linked with the account. After completing all the steps, the user can log out from the web page and can close the page as they got the message of booking tickets at their email id or on mobile phones.

  • Flowchart designing

A basic flowchart has been created to get the basic principle design for the desired project work. There will be a start to the process. The user has opened the website first via the URL provided by the developer. Then the page will be redirected to the new page containing the login, and signup details for booking the tickets. The homepage contains different images of the cinemas available in the theatre which will increase the attention of the user and can attract them to book the tickets for their desired movies. Then the page will tell the user for the login (Corbettet al. 2020). If the user did not sign up for the webpage, the page will be redirected to the same webpage for the signup process.

 Flowchart of the entire movie ticket booking system

After giving all the details, the users can select the movie name, and show timings, can search for the movies and can also book the number of tickets they are needed. After completing all the required steps, the page will be redirected to the payment page and after giving all the payment details, the user can log out from the movie ticket booking website page. This will be the end of the flowchart.

  • Pseudocode

 Creating the model

First of all, a model has been created for use in the movie ticket booking system. A system controller has been made to manage all the things in the system. Different movie genres have been collected as inputs in the system. MovieWebApiV1.Models have been used to make the system. Strings, integers and different virtual classes have been used for creating the model.

 Replacing the actors and movies

After creating the model, there are two classes created for the model classes the next two models are for the actor and the movie. The contents of the Actor.cs have been replaced in the above picture.

After replacing the actor's name, the movie names have been replaced. Contents of Movie.cs have been replaced in the above image of the code.

After replacing the actor and movie, the model of the class has been created. All of these entities will become the table in the server of the SQL database and an entity framework will be provided for managing the access.

 Seeding the database (continue)

 Seeding the database

The above program is for seeding the entire database. The codes have been shown in the above two figures of the project work.

 Opening Program.cs and replacing the contents

The contents of the entire program have been replaced by the Program.cs and different services have been added to the controller.

 Creating a WebAPI

A web API has been created for the movies. This code is for the implementation of the categories of various movies.

 Code for movie API and searching through ID

This figure represents the code for getting movie API and also represents the code for searching movies through ID.

 Updating the movies and actors

The above code is for updating the movies and the actors. An actor can be added or removed from the system with the help of this code.

 Overposting the attacks

The above code is to overpost the attacks based on the actions of the movie.

 Controlling the genres

Genres of the movie have been controlled using the following codes.

Part 2

Designing the interface

 Protecting apps from overposting

The protection for the overposting attack has been done from the above code.

 Actors controlling (continued)

Getting the actors in the movie web system.

 Actors controlling (continued)

The above code is for the actors that currently exist in the database

 Actors controlling (continued)

Adding different actors for the movie system

 Actors controlling

Getting the results and deleting the actors as per the requirements.

After the coding part has been done, the data has been implemented in the visual studio code for the visualisation of the entire project work.

 starting the visual studio

Visual studio code has been started. New project files have been created and the type of the project is “ASP.NET Core Web API”. Creating the dialogue will have the above image from the visual studio app.

 Adding scaffolded items

Next, the controller has been created for the server and will serve the Genre data for the models of the clients. Different scaffolded items will be added to the visual studio application to run the actions using the entity framework. Genres have been added by clicking the Add button from the next dialogue box as of the Model class and leaving the name of the controller as the genres.

 Adding the data to the context

Different data has been added into the context of the data and the API controller has been added with various actions using the Entity framework. The visual studio will remain in the thinking state for some seconds to control the Genre class.

This process has been repeated for the basic process of creating the controllers based on the actors and the other classes such as movies (Koet al. 2020).

 Main web page

A database has been created for the entire work as the entity framework and this will also update the data process as per the changes in the model. In the above picture, a basic protocol of the database has been formed containing different attributes like getting actors, posting the actors for the selected movie, getting the id of the actor, putting the id of the selected actor for the selected movies and deleting the id of the actors if they are removed from the movies.

The next genres category also has different buttons like getting the genres, posting the genres, getting the id of the genres, putting the id into the selected movie genres and deleting the genres.

 Executing the system

After clicking the blue Get button from the previous image of the above image, the execution of the system will happen and the above picture will arise in the visual studio software.

Execution has been done in the software to get the GetMovie() which is a parameterless method and the controller will be returned to the Movie list. Basic structures have been added to each subject of the existing class of the entire project work.


The above project work has been done based on the movie ticket booking system. Different actors, genres, and movies have been added to make it the user easy to find a particular movie ticket. The system has been made based on the choices and the user experience program. A wireframe has been designed for developing the entire booking system. A signup page, login page, page for changing a password, booking the tickets for the movies and selecting the movies based on selected times. By doing this project we can conclude that a web-based movie ticket booking system has been done for the users during this pandemic era for the security purpose of the health of the humans. Covid-19 has its reign all over the world and the number of active cases is still increasing throughout the world. Although the death rate has decreased because of the invention of different antidotes for the Covid virus and people all over the world are getting relief. By the use of this web-based application, one can book tickets for himself and others also. The payment gateway is very secure as there is a chance for cyber-attacks made by hackers. Hackers target these types of software or web-based applications for their criminal activities. Moreover, the project work is done in the visual studio application for the perfect visualization of the entire project work.


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Ko, D.H., Choi, H.K. and Kim, K.S., 2020, February. A Design and Implementation of Macro Prevention Ticket Booking System Using Blockchain. In Proceedings of the 2020 The 6th International Conference on E-Business and Applications (pp. 95-98).

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