Professional And Career Development Assignment Sample

Strategic Growth: Empower Your Journey with Professional and Career Development

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Introduction Of The Professional And Career Development Assignment

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Success is all about getting a favorable outcome in the respected field, and management is the capability to manage and deal with different people and situations. Management is the ability to coordinate to achieve a goal by maintaining the organizational strategy and resources. The quality of maintaining these strategies can make a good manager.

Auditing skills as well as competencies

Professional Development Plan (PDP)

Objective Time Success criteria Activities Resources
Short term
Communication skill To gain the confidence to talk fluently and boldly with people as well as co-workers. 6 months Moderate Practised online communication, verbal and non-verbal communication with friends and relatives Online classes
Team management To be comfortable while working with the team. To gain confidence to lead a team. 1-year High Led different teams in NGO, Worked for NGO.
Management course To learn techniques and strategies of Social worker. 2 years Moderate Joined for a course of Social worker. Books, online study material, and classes.
Help the vulnerable people and communities To take care of the basic needs of communities as well as individuals. 2 years 6 months High Worked as a team leader in an NGO.Served in an NGO as a professional. Working for NGO’s.

The PDP is created to identify different skills which are necessary to support the needs of staff as well as the organization. The skills relevant to the PDP come under short-term and long-term skills. Short-term skills include skills that take a small span of time whereas long-term skills take more time (Stambulovaet al. 2021). The skills of communication as well as team management are considered to be necessary skills for becoming a Social worker. This helps the person to work with the team and lead the team effectively to support the vulnerable people as well as communities. On the other hand, better communication skill generates confidence to manage the team and helps them talk boldly with the employees, co-workers as well as team members. Similarly, the skills of becoming a good leader and the management course are also helpful. The skill of becoming a good health worker is important to lead the team in a proper way and help the needy peoples effectively. On the other hand, the management course helps them to learn techniques and strategies to manage a team.

SMART analysis on the PDP

Objective 1: To increase communication skill

Specific (S) Measurable (M) Attainable (A) Relevant (R) Time-bound (T)
This objective is specific as it is helpful to develop the communication skill of as a Social worker. This is a measureable process because the learner can notice the improvement after some time in their communication skill. Yes, this is an achievable goal and the learners can get success by giving proper effort. This objective is relevant for and a Social worker can achieve this. 6 months

Objective 2: To learn team management skills

Specific (S) Measurable (M) Attainable (A) Relevant (R) Time-bound (T)
Learning the skill of tem-management is a specific process as it will pride the learner the capability to handle or help the vulnerable people. This is a measurable objective and the Social workers can measure their management skill in the time of handling different people. The management skills can be acquired by giving proper concentration. It is relevant objective. 1-year

Objective 3: To achieve techniques and strategies of a Social worker

Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound
Achieving strategies and techniques for becoming a Social worker is a specific goal. The development of acquiring strategies and techniques can be measured or understand with the practice of those. This objective can be achieved. The present objective is relevant and achieving techniques as well as strategies is essential for becoming a Social worker. 2 years

Objective 4: To help different people and communities

Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound
This is a specific goal or objective of this assignment as it gives importance in helping the needy people. This process or objective can be measured and one can track record of helping the needy people for the measurement. Yes, one can achieve this objective effectively. Helping different communities as well as people is considered to be a relevant objective. 2 years 6 months

Necessary skills for career development (Social worker)

Social workers considered being the most important aspect for helping the people who have health, financial, psychological, as well as social problems. A Social worker has many roles to play in society (Gallupet al. 2020). One can follow a few steps before being a social worker.Social worker (SW) has its own special quality to be in that position. Skills which are required to be asocial workerare more relevant to this study and they are described below:

  • Communication: In wanting to be a social worker manager the main skill a student must have is this. Communication is the key of handle many situations. There are two types of communication. One is verbal and the other is non-verbal. A SW must have both of that communication skill for handling different peoples who have come to them. Convincing any other person is very smooth if the SW has good communication skills.
  • Social: An organisation does not always fulfill the needs of a person who is emotionally, mentally, or physically affected (Baileyet al. 2022).A person who has effected for various reasons can asks different questions but the organizations are not able to answer all the questions and a SW can help the person in this factor.
  • Flexibility: A society goes smoothly if if all the humans has become fit mentally and physically. A team also has an SW who can be flexible in their jobs. Anytime an unexpected situation will happen if SW is not ready or flexible all the time there has to be a problem in management.
  • Negotiation: Another good and very critical skill for an SW is negotiation. When ansociety has issues like having problem of humans regarding physical, mental, as well as emotional difficulties, then a social worker can help them (Gallupet al. 2020). In this situation SW knows how to control the situation and take the needy persons into a negotiation mode.
  • Ethical action: Social worker’s role always wants an ethically clear person who can take ethical action in any circumstance. If there is an emotional situation for the company and the decision is harsh but ethically correct, then SWhas to take the decision (Stambulovaet al. 2021).
  • Evaluation of own skills

Skill evaluation is most important for becoming a social worker and it mainly reflects in the team management skills (Gallupet al. 2022). One social worker who has good communication as well as understanding level can evaluate their own skills as well as skills of others for managing different situations.

Hard skills:

  • Technical skills: As a manager, have some technical skills because the company should not grow without a management team and also leaders (Alfariset al. 2021). Technical skills are the most important part of a company. In the 21st century, no business is not the success its goal without technical skills like computer skills and internet skills.
  • Marketing skills: Marketing skills are the major part of a company to selling products and customer satisfaction (Argyropoulouet al. 2020). These skills are the ability of a manager that helps to understand customers’ needs and their satisfaction. It is basically creative skills that are developed by experience in the workplace. It is a teamwork skill; a good team can support the growth of these skills.

Soft skills:

  • Communication skills: Communication skills are problem-solving skills that are personally developed. Good communication built a good relationship between all the employees and the manager (Imoniana, and Imoniana, 2020). These skills are essential to the company's success; it helps to create customers' and employees’ beliefs that work to running a business.
  • Teamwork: Teamwork is the most important part to developed management skills. As a manager, a great responsibility is to build an effective team (Okolieet al. 2020). Managers are taught how their team works and they depend on one another in the workplace.
  • Time management: Time management is one of the main skills to develop a person’s career and personality also. It is said that time is money so time management is more important.
  • Knowledge and Understanding skills: Good knowledge about various tools helps to increase the productivity rate. Cloud internet, employee engagement platform, digital workplace are the few tools used to give better experiences for consumers. The app developers are prepared remote system in work and proper knowledgeable employees completely utilized the positivity of these technologies (Imoniana, and Imoniana, 2020). Various software applications help to develop the knowledge of employees and it helps to improve understanding skills. The better understanding skills help to understand properly the demand of the consumers. The consumers are feels satisfied after make a good conversation with employees.
  • Cognitive and intellectual: Gives proper attention during the time of training and gain proper knowledge about digital skills is very important to digital improvement. Proper knowledge about reasoning as well as logic is a part of cognitive skill. Visual as well as auditory are the part of cognitive skills.
  • Engagement with literature skills: Engage with literature means explore the innovative technologies in better ways. The experts of this digital platforms contiouly put effort to improve the technology. The technology increased because of the continuous efforts given by employees in digital media platforms. The employees are always tried to learn more about the innovative technologies and applied it on the workplace (Fernández-Gaviraet al. 2021). The better knowledge about various tools helps to understand the main problems of the consumers. The main lack about technology can easily understand with the help of better knowledge. The better knowledge and better skills help to gives better technologies to the whole world.

Assessment of the learning

It is the systematic method of learning which can make the person successful. This systematic learning includes various things which are necessary for becoming a good SW manager. This systematic learning includes communication skill, team management, and teamwork assessment, marketing skill as well as technical skill (Kitana and Karam, 2019). All these skills are necessary to become a good social worker as it would help the social worker to recruit the most efficient person for the task, which would be helpful for taking the organization forward. Thus person possessing these qualities and skills would be close enough to becoming a successful SW.

Communication Skill: Social work is an important field and here communication skill is very important to build many relations if it is in-house or in other companies. Verbal and non-verbal communication is a skill that a student or a fresher maximum people have (Fernández-Gaviraet al. 2021). Knowing about the skill which is needed for a social worker position it is very clear to say that study can help the student to develop their skills (Gallupet al. 2022). From childhood, every person has their own unique types of communication. This also helps to grow the company. And create ideas and discuss them with others to create also a good relationship between employees and the hierarchy.

Time management: Everyone has their own routine, and time. Social worker’s one other skill that clearly says time flews. Time management is the basic recruitment for ansocial worker. If an SW does not have time calculation, then the job cannot fit those(Rallón et al. 2021). For example, if an SW has a meeting at 10 O’clock but the social worker thinks that the meeting will postpone if the SW was late. But the meeting will not postpone because of social worker it will go on but social worker will give a bad impression to the organization. It is very important to keep track of the time, because time management is very important to be in an SW position.

Teamwork assessment: Teamwork is a path to building good relations with the manager and the employee. The social workers have great responsibilities in society as they support the needy peoples. As a manager, employees are able to develop their skills and spilt work in communication which is very helpful for everyone (Jakie?aet al. 2022) Teamwork helps every employee to communicate with others. As a fresher in the job, teamwork is developed day by day in their workplace. Team members are dependent on the other members of the group. A lot of unique skills are developed in working team. In building a team, many pieces of knowledge are gain one to the others employee.

Development skills: Development skills are the most important skills to sell products in a company also and work with an employee. As a fresher employee, good teamwork and problem-solving skills are important to sell products. Product details are known to the employees and known all the sales processes to achieve company goals (Dickson et al. 2021). All planning skills and a good organization are built to develop marketing skills. Successful marketers have the best management skills and are able to handle any bad situation. Basically, all distractions in the company are handled, by the company manager.

Reflection on the learning

After learning about this study I know that Social Working is a tough job in a company. SW is also a very important post for an organization. To be a successful social worker in the future I have learned how social worker is important to the company and the back support system of the society. If I want to be a good leader in the future then I have to support human resources with many unique business plans. As a reflection of this study, I also learned about that what are the skills has to be an SW in the future. There are many hard and soft skills we have in our personal lives, but for a professional life, the skills would be changed at some point.

The module is a great one that provides information related to the skills that I have learnt over the period. It has been presented that it is great conscript regarding this module that we have learnt different activities over period. This module helps to understand the specific skills for professional career development. It is considered to be an important aspect and I have learnt the idea about setting class rules. It has discussed about the PDP and here it helps to understand the idea of getting to know each other. This model helps to provide a framework of examining the experiences and it also presents a cyclic nature of this model.

This module provides me the idea that code conduction in the classroom is most important. It also witnesses the fact that being constructive, respectful, as well as kind is most important and in this way one can become a success social worker. This module is related to social worker and it is considered an effective campaign that helps me in understanding the importance of this post. Here, I have learnt that a social worker is also a social developer and he or she has great responsibility towards society. In this study, I learned about some skills that a person may already have like time management, soft-spoken, teamwork mentality, and many more.

The overview of this module sends the idea that professionally career development includes various skills. Activity is most important here and it will help a social worker to be kind and respectful. I have experience that a mix feeling can happen. It presents me various sights of the campaign as well as the importance of social worker. At the beginning I have had trouble to communicate with other trainees in this campaign. I also witness some discrimination about trainees but lastly I have overcome all the sufferings. My seniors helped me a lot in understanding the structure of a social worker. SW study teaches us how to handle that situation also.

The main aim of this module is to introduce the students to different strategies for personal reflection as well as career reflection development planning. It helps to understand of the matter of gaining confidence as well as competence for becoming an effective employee. This module helps me to improve my lacuna but I have to improve it more. In this process, I know about my good skills bad skills, in which stream I want to go, and what types of skills I have to develop.

Understanding the skills and knowledge is important for the working activities. This will help to work effectively and I have understood this. It give efforts in the matter of demonstrating readiness for the personal development as well as employ ability. It also assists in the areas of personal strength for the future development. The things go well here because the team was so supportive and I have seen much collaboration between them.

The module helps to understand the necessity of establishing employment goals as well as development of a personal action plan. To be an SW a person should have communication skills, organizational skills, flexibility, negotiation, and ethical action.

The module helps to find the idea that PDP is a plan and the main intention of it is to improve skills that are essential for the work life. This module includes having SMART goals and it includes the self-awareness action.


Various things help a person become a good social worker. To become a successful SW manager a person needs to have various skills, which may either be short-term skills or long-term skills. Along with that, they need to do different tasks and assessments to get a positive outcome.



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