Proj6003 Project Execution And Control Assignment Sample

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Proj6003 Project Execution And Control  Assignment Sample


In the era of ever-changing business environment, organisations are required to develop various change management strategies.They assist in guiding the management to tackle the changes and get the organisation out of the problems. It is important to note that change management strategies are not always beneficial for the organisation as there are some risks and threats associated with them. Hence, a proper analysis of such strategies are highly recommended. In this report, a changes required in Lyle Construction Project are discussed and their impacts on cost, time, scope, technology, and quality are also analysed. In addition to this, the process of submitting a change request is studied. Also the risks associated with the suggested change are analysed in the report.

Changes Required for Lyle Construction Project, their Impacts on Scope, Cost, Time, Quality and Technology

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As given in the case study that there are certain issues in the Lyle Construction Project. The first and foremost is the lackadaisical behaviour and attitude of the project team members as they take more time in approving activities and process. Another issues is related to absence of written communication or request for change requirement that results in misunderstanding. The last issue is stringent standards and operating procedures hindering the performance of the team and project. For that purpose, certain changes are required in the company. These are discussed below along with their impacts on time, scope, technology, and quality:-

Change Required

Impact on Scope

Impact on time

Impact on Quality

Impact on Technology

Training for Changing the Corporate Attitude

It would increase the scope of work for a while but in the long run, it would help in making teams learn the value of time and help in conflict management(Hunter,, 2014). The negative impact can also be noticed if the management pressurises teams to inculcate changes.

In initial phase, people may show reluctance and this reduces the pace of work and attitude transformation may take some time but, in the later phase, it would reduce the time taken in approval (Charles,, 2014).

The quality of work may hamper in the beginning as people would be focusing on transforming themselves and inculcating the new corporate values. However, the change would bring out the best quality in team's work and efficiency.

For training purpose, new systems would be required.This would help in pacing up the process and decision-making by providing fast access to information.

Creating a procedure of written communication via formal mails or request letters

This would increase the scope and increase the time of carrying out processes as documenting each and every task is time consuming (Dave,, 2015).

This would increase the time taken by the processes as written communication is time consuming

The quality will be increased as everyone is clear about what to do and how to do.

This would create a demand of new systems and processes.

Enforcing Atlay's policies and working hours conditions

This would help the organisation in carrying out the tasks and processes on time and as per policies. The scope would not be increased but only the processes would be improved

Enforcing new policies may increase the time of completion of the task, thereby hindering the progress of project.

This would increase the quality of the processes.

The processes won't have any impact on the technological aspect of the project (Dave,, 2015).

Carrying out processes outside the standardized operating procedures

This would increase the pace of task completion as it would provide some sort of liberty to the team to conduct operations as per their ideas.

This would increase the process time as short cuts are discarded by the standardised procedures. Therefore, the normal time of carrying out processes would increase.

This may induce certain risks as standards would not be followed.

This might have a moderate impact on the technology. The process standards may force the organisation to change the technology.

Processes Required in Submission of Request for the Necessary Changes Required in the Case

It is a well-known fact that change is a constant for businesses and their scope of work. Changes helped in the smooth running of a project. The clients and sometimes the business stakeholders force organisation to provide various changes in its current environment and processes. However, organisation needs to carry out request for bringing changes in the processes. Therefore, certain procedure is required to submit the request for making changes. These processes are detailed out below:-

Upgrading the Change Log:The change log is one of the simplest method of documenting the change. This comprise the suggested change and how they are likely to be carried out and in what amount of time (Hunter,, 2014).

Determine the priority for change:It is essential for the company to determine the priority of changes and rank them as per their importance and weight assigned. It would help the management to determine the most crucial aspect and develop strategies to resolve them at the earliest (Charles,, 2014).

Create Response Document:Once the priority for the change management is prepared, the response document is developed that would define the best choices and how the organisations would be benefited by the responses to the suggested change (Dave,, 2015).

Final Decision & Approval: The respective stakeholders should provide responses timely. In case of negative feedback, the document should be re-evaluated. The responses are required to be communicate as soon as possible for final approval (Dave,, 2015).

Discuss Options to Satisfy Each Change Request and Any Risks Associated to the Options

Options for Change Request


Risks Associated

Implementation of Support Structure

The support structure is necessary while implementing the change as it would provide technical support and build proficiency. The current structure might be having some redundant processes as these would consume resources and time, thereby increasing the time taken to complete a task (Hunter,, 2014).

Lack of support from executives and team members.

Poor leadership might affect the involvement of stakeholders that results in poor structure (Charles,, 2014).

Development of Communication Strategy

In order to develop a change journey, the first and foremost is to develop an effective communication plan and implement it across the organisation. This would help in reducing confusion and misunderstanding. It also ensure proper flow of information from one level to another and vice-versa (Rezania,, 2016). It should comprise the timeline and process of transferring key messages and communication channel (Han,, 2015).

Lack of feedback and mismanagement of information (Rezania,, 2016).

Providing Necessary Training

For the recommended changes, it is important to make the team members know the benefits of the changes. Also, they are required to get trained for developing and updating their skills and knowledge. Also, this would increase the efficiency of the team

Change resistant culture and rigid organisational structure and workload may hinder the progress of the project. Training & Development initiatives are not successful in such culture (Dave,, 2015).

Measuring Change Processes

There is a need of putting a defined structure and parameters measure the impacts of the suggested changes on business to ensure a continuous reinforcement opportunities to develop proficiencies. There should be a mandatory evaluation of change management plan (Blanes i Vidal& Möller, 2016).

Lack of prioritisation is the major risks. Organisation might be able to decide the parameters for measure the performance but it may not be able to prioritise or rank them as per their importance.


In the following report for change management, it was noticed that Lyle Construction Project was having many issues related to time management, team member attitude, and current policies that hindered the smooth functioning and liberty of workers to carry out work properly. For that purpose, various suggestions were provided to resolve them. Also, their likely impact can be noticed. The processes involved in submission of a request are illustrated. At last, the options to satisfy each change were discussed.


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