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Project management report for Profound Plumbing Solutions Company

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Introduction of Individual Evaluation Report For Project Management In Computing Technology Assignment

IT project management is a procedure of organizing, planning, and delineating many responsibilities for the specific organization's completion. The specific IT management has included some overseeing projects for developing their software, network upgrades, hardware installation, virtualization, cloud computing, and IT service implementation. Some common issues could be the reason for the project's failure.

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Task 1

1.1 Academic summary of IT project management

Project management is such a necessary skill set for most of the context in every person's life. The introduction of specific project management is an appropriate starting point if anyone requires managing their project at home or workplace. At the same time, it is not essential to be trained as a project manager. It is suitable to consider the project undertaking in the future and seek learning and apply necessary project management.

1.2 Arise of project needs

The project has arisen specifically to meet all human requirements. Any project has to start with some useful ideas. The right idea is frequently about how something could be done, which seems to be a requirement. In the opinion of Valverde-Berrocoso et al. (2020), transfer the idea in the specific project starting with such nature recognizing the particular driving force. However, a requirement emerges and the recognition and the determination of management whether any requirement is fulfilled. The particular emergence set off in the entire project and the procedure of the project. There would be a need for such emergence and recognition in the project management assignment help that face the particular continual emergence in such of the environment of the organization.

1.3 Method used to analyze and manage the needs of the project

Various analytical techniques are specifically used by the project manager, including cross-tabulation, simple profiling, and regression analysis. As per the view of Noguera et al. (2018), various techniques as analytical are particularly used to depend on much of the analysis target, which the thesis project manager has required. As per the "PMI (Project Management Institute)", a particular methodology has been defined as the specific practice system, procedure, techniques, and rules that are particularly used by those who specifically work as the perfect discipline. Some project management examples are Kanban, lean practices, and Six Sigma.

The project analysis is particularly used for confirming that each person knows the proper vision of their project. This also defines a proper scope. It would certainly assist with such perfect decisions on the 'nice to have' specification, which might be displayed across the path. As cited by Lai et al. (2020), however, that might as well be essential for meeting their initial project targets.

Task 2

Identify stakeholders of a project

Profound Plumbing Solutions is a small company in the UK, and it has around 17 years of experience. However, to build any project successfully, the first stage is to identify the proper stakeholders. This project and the communication management of this knowledge area are crucial parts of the project. This overall process of identifying stakeholders has involved documenting and identifying that most of the stakeholders on this specific project have included their impact, potential, and interest in such negative influences in their plumbing project. According to Almazova et al. (2020), the identification of stakeholders should occur as very early as possible in this specific plumbing project and continue around its whole life.

Stakeholder matrix

There are two types of stakeholders internal and external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders of this company include the project manager, project team, sponsor, and internal team. The external stakeholders of this project included end-users, government, suppliers, external clients, sub-contractors, and the community.

Stakeholder used in this plumbing company

(Source: Kissflow, 2022)

The approach of the project team

The entire team approach to this project is a specific style of project management in that each person on this team is particularly held as equally responsible for the specific success and quality of this plumbing project. Software development can be done systematically by the agile model. In particular, creative teams, lean production, advertising, and other media frequently use this term. The project approach has been referred to for setting the proper methods, procedures, and practices that apply to the control, plan, and accomplish the overall project. As per the view of Garousi et al. (2019), this allows the project manager to systematically and logically make the decision, which would move their overall project forward.

The entire team approach in such a model also involves the team's professionals with complementary backgrounds and as well working as the skill together with their targets. This particular approach is implementing advocacy through policymakers and scholars as to the particular means of the quality assurance of the results and the good quality of their work.

Mistake of the project manager

The most general and common mistakes that the project manager has made are more concerned with their events and tasks than the human impact of change. Many project managers have their self logical, rational, and analytical ways bout thinking, and some major mistakes of the project manager in these projects are,

  • Not identifying their all stakeholders
  • Not learning the total lesson properly
  • Allow the scope creep
  • Not take the particular risk management as seriously
  • Not invest effort and time to hire the proper team
  • Not being 100% clear on their needs

Way to avoid the mistakes

If the project manager makes any mistake in the work, they could take proper steps to decrease the overall impact and prevent that from happening again. As cited by Vrchota et al. (2020), when it would be recognized, then there was some way that could be done in work to reduce those mistakes,

  • Offering apologies to managers can help the project communicate and make the vision clear to the stakeholders.
  • Acknowledging all errors and getting connected with stakeholders is another chance to make the project more impactful.
  • Find the solution to the risk of the project requirement and get information from stakeholders.
  • Plan for doing next and getting in touch with stakeholders.
  • Create some positive patterns in the work.

Task 3

Software estimation and reason of importance in project management

This project is straightforward and typical, and it is not hard to predict what it would take to deliver the overall work. If this is a good cause, the project estimate would likely be very accurate. After that sticking to that particular agreed plan is everything that takes the project for completing at the proper time. This project has taken around 6 months to complete properly (Iatsyshyn et al. 2020). However, it takes 10 days to identify the proper stakeholder and 20 days to develop the environment of this project. Take around 20 more days to create a project structure in the proper location. Nearly 2 months have taken for the construction and 1 month for other important things completed within 6 months. This estimation is important to understand about the project budget.

Software name


Epicdash software


Dorris software


Primex software




Table 1: Estimation chart of the project

Improve the estimation accuracy by the project manager

It is very important to make the project estimation very accurate, and there are some ways to improve the overall project estimation by the project manager. In the opinion of Carlotta Olivetti et al. (2020), there are 5 things that the manager of this project has taken to improve the overall estimation.

  1. i) Encourage the bottom to up of the estimation
  2. ii) Designate a very well-educated estimator

iii) The project manager has gathered some detailed requirements

  1. iv) Encourage their overall communication with all project members
  2. v) The manager has worked with legal finance staff to improve the project estimation

Task 4:

Identify risks of IT project

Sl. no.


Priority of risks

Risk rate

Impact of risk(10=high, 1=low)

Responsible person

Risk mitigation strategy


Security and fraud risk




Project manager

Project managers must use strong security in personal data recording.


Reputation risk




Business developer

The business developer should take the project seriously so that the business of Eleven does not face reputation risk.


Financial risk




Project executive

Project executives should effectively use the resources.


Operational risk




Business analyst

The business analyst should take feedback from the customers about the new project timely to update their existing system.

Table 2: Risk register

Risk management approach

Security and fraud risk management approach

This plumbing company in the UK is subject to security and fraud risks. It should monitor this plumbing company's overall data and establish such proactive communication with all employees. According to Hou et al. (2020), these two methods certainly mitigate the security and fraud risk.

Approach for Reputation risk

The project manager of this plumbing company with such a negative reputation would improve the overall negative reputation by some particular actions. To manage this risk, it would be required to prepare so that they have a plan of rational contingency in place. This risk has gone beyond customer service. Doing this would require understanding their stakeholders that are important to mitigate the reputation risk.

Approach for Financial Risk

Reduce the financial risk in this specific plumbing company from such an occurrence of any undesirable event. As per the view of Tam et al. (2020), this is a crucial element for avoiding such losses. However, creating such a strong foundation for the specific practices and use of metrics are two proper ways to reduce the financial risk in this company.

Approach to Operation Risk

Getting the backing of the proper leadership of the organization; that is the main process to mitigate the operational risk in this company. As per Leyva-Vázquez et al. (2020), it should agree on the proper time of the specific risk assessment and prioritize and quantify the risk for improving the company as an operation.


In the overall study, it is concluded that the Profound Plumbing Solutions Company has done a project based on the IT sector. First, they identify some proper stakeholders for this project and then select an estimate on the company that budgeted around $2870. There is some risk that this company will walk around and try to mitigate all risks.


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