Property Businesses Assignment Sample

Comprehensive Guide to Property Businesses: Assignment Insights and Strategies

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Introduction Of Property Businesses

Understanding and explanation of the RICS

RICS, also known as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, is a multinational organization that manages the property needs of individuals. It also creates new standards through which the valuation and operation of real estate or properties worldwide can be maintained appropriately (Hayes, 2022). It also helps to develop different types of property through which the company can meet the client's needs over time. RICS also maintains a high code of ethics through which the factors associated with the development of real estate or the construction of the projects can be done efficiently without any misconduct issues. The Surveyors Club, in this case, was formed in 1792. At that period, it was one of the leading groups of professionals who helped standardize real estate and property ownership in various countries, including the UK and the US (RICS, 2023). The group of professionals was further expanded in 1868, through which it could approve the customers' changing needs. The company has also been able to maintain long-term sustainability through the help of its vision which is to preserve the inherent value of the assets all over the world without causing any harm to the future generation. Currently, RICS has more than 134,000 highly skilled employees and professionals in the financial markets of different regions through which they are able to influence a positive policy system and enforce high standards to protect the basic rights of the consumers (RICS, 2023). The company also innovates new places, which further helps to fill the gaps for future generations and also helps to address the current challenges of the social environment through which a positive change can be maintained.

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The rules of conduct of the RICS include three different aspects, which are ethical behaviour, competence, and service. In this case, the ethical behaviour of the members shows that they shall have proper integrity in the workplace through which conflict management can be maintained, and they will be able to change every situation without any obligations (Rics Training, 2018). The competence of the members shows that they shall focus on their personal strengths and weaknesses and develop their skill sets to maintain diligence in the workplace. This also shows that the members are required to have proper technical skills through which they are able to handle their daily tasks efficiently and quickly. Lastly, their service shall include they shall be able to fulfil the expectations of the organization and shall be able to enhance the customer experience on time so that their trust and loyalty can be achieved in the long term. RICS uses ADR for the resolution of disputes through which the time and amount required for the court resolution is further not required. ADR, in this case, is based on two different options, which are the determination of the resolution choices by the independent parties and mediation of the parties, which helps to resolve the complex disputes among the parties (Jago, 2022).

Background to the RICS APC

APC, or the Assessment of Professional Competence, is an aspect that helps to ensure that the candidates selected for RICS are competent in nature and they are able to meet the expectations or job requirements of the company. In this case, the candidates shall be highly skilled, which shows that they have attained both the technical, management, and interpersonal skills through which they are able to maintain high performance as well as productivity in the workplace (RICS, 2023). The students or experienced individuals can apply to become a candidate in RICS. In association with this, the individuals shall also have the base level training for the AssocRICS through which they are able to address the current challenges of the working environment. One year of experience is complimentary for becoming a member of RICS, which is further followed by training so that the individuals are able to stay competent in nature. On the other hand, the requirements of the charter members of the RICS five years of experience with the proper bachelor's degree through which the members are able to solve the workplace requirements on time. Lastly, becoming a FRICS with fellow members of the RICS is the most crucial aspect as this type of member plays the most important role in the workplace and ensures high dedication of the customers. They also help to maintain the corporate responsibility through which proper ethics of the company is maintained for an extended period (RICS, 2023). They also help to make new decisions through which an individual shall have more than 10 years of experience as a property professional so that they are able to work according to the real estate laws provided by the government of the particular country. One of the primary roles of FRICS is to improve the sustainability of the environment with proper preservation of real estate properties.

The timeline of becoming APC includes a 20-step program. This starts with becoming a member of the RICS and then understanding the basic processes of APC so that they are able to gain proper information. Then it includes maintaining a relevant job through which they are able to manage the roles and responsibilities of the supervisor (Lever, 2016). Apart from this, the timeline also includes achieving a proper knowledge of the competencies through which they are able to generate a pathway for maintaining constant development. This further leads to the process where the individuals are able to generate new opportunities and then promote the documents which are required by the APC. After this stage, the individuals shall gain information regarding the RICS and record the process of CPD, which can further help them to maintain proper track of the formal and informal entry. This leads to choosing a particular topic and writing the case study the time, which is 24 months in terms of the APC training (Lever, 2016). Lastly, it includes maintaining the RICS rules and code of ethics through which the individuals can ensure high performance to the surveyors.

Part B

Personal strengths and skills

I have gained proper communication skills through which I will be able to enhance my performance in the competitive workplace. The communication skills can also help me to transfer the information efficiently, through which I will be able to become a successful member of RICS. in this case, I have also been able to maintain two-way communication skills in the future through which I would be able to gain appropriate knowledge on the thought process of the other members working in the same department, which can help me to enhance my coordination with the diverse team members (RICS, 2023). Apart from this, I am also able to maintain integrity in the workplace, through which I am able to meet the expectations of RICS for the current or future period. In association with this, I am also able to enhance my motivation in the workplace through which I have gained a competitive nature, which can further help me to create new job opportunities and earn a meaningful life in the future period. Lastly, for constant development, I am also able to plan the decisions as per the changes in the workplace, which can help to increase the profit margin of RICS.

The skills which I have learned through the work experience include reviewing the CPD mode through which I will be able to maintain a professional performance without any misrepresentation in the workplace. It also includes the proper alignment of the subscriptions through which I can renew the purchase made by the clients of RICS and will also be able to share each and every step of the real estate development with the client base. This also allows me to maintain high workplace standards, which can further help me to enhance the experience of the customers in the long run (Personio, 2023). The skills further include the updating aspect of the quality as per the changing environment through which the competitive edge of the company can be maintained in the marketing economy even with the presence of new entrants. The target for improvement of the skills includes critical thinking and active listening, through which I will be able to gain a high reputation in the workplace and can also adapt to the changes easily. The critical thinking approach can also help me to innovate new strategies through which I will be able to preserve the resources under the budget provided by the clients and on a desired timeline without any waste in the social environment.

My academic achievements include high customer experience in terms of project development through which various targeted clients of the company which has hired me have been able to stay loyal for an extended period. Apart from this, I was also able to maintain two-way communication with proper feedback in the workplace, through which I was able to enhance my interpersonal skills and stay competent in the past workplace. In this case, I was also able to track the performance of my team members efficiently through which to reduce their skills gaps and make them more efficient in the workplace. In continuous professional development (CPD), I shall properly plan the objectives, which include critical thinking and innovative approaches for preserving the resources (Personio, 2023). I will then take particular precautions and review my progress which can help me to overcome my weaknesses and perform the tasks efficiently. Then I will apply the developing skills in my daily life through which I will be able to share my growth with my team members to increase their motivation. Lastly, I will reflect on the impact I made from developing skills.

Personal objectives

As my goal is to become a member of RICS, I need to be very specific in terms of presenting objectives that would help me to succeed in the future. There are multiple aspects that are required in terms of becoming a successful member of RICS. Objectives such as maintaining my effectiveness in relation to thinking critically in times of planning process and strategy development are one of the beneficial objectives for me. Apart from that, staying intuitive is also beneficial for me as this helps me in terms of becoming a successful RICS member. By being intuitive, I can achieve betterment in relation to enhancing my level of creativity. This will also help me escalate my chances of opening up communication in a much more effective manner. Better decision-making is also related to being highly intuitive.

Being a member of RICS requires a lot of skills that are needed to be showcased. The 1st of which is to present green strategies. This is influential as this would help me in relation to present methods to preserve resources that can be used at a much more effective rate. With such a, I can become a successful member of the RICS committee. In this modernized environment where green business strategies are necessary, it is important for me to acquire such skills at a faster rate. Being a critical thinker is also necessary, along with being intuitive, as this helps in presenting my views in a much more effective way so that I have the ability to maintain and take care of the budget of the client. At the beginning of every business venture, it is necessary for a client to have a budget line. Being a critical thinker and much more intuitive, as well as presenting strategies, is also related to maintaining professionalism on a much more effective scale. Focusing on my objectives and developing targets related to maintaining critical thinking, staying intuitive as well as presenting green strategies are beneficial for me. In the long run, my career as a RICS member would be beneficial for me, as I would have the opportunity to maintain budgets that a client has. Along with that, developing a major and in-detail strategy so that I can help my clients to maintain their budgets that showcases my manner of professionalism in the business environment.


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