QHO630 The Business Professional Assignment sample

The Business Professional Assignment: Cultivating Skills for Success in the Corporate World

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Introduction OfThe Business Professional

  • My name is Georgian Tudoran, I am self-employed under the business name of "Crypto Assets Enthusiasts," which is located in Walsall, England IT-related services such as, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Computer Marketing, Auto Insurance, Growth Marketing, Database management, and Web Development are some of the names of services.
  • Apart from this, I have worked as a Trading seller at GT Serv Ltd since Feb 2023. I do work with Security+, CCNA, and ITIL certifications.
  • I am passionate about cyber Security, and I am always eager to learn new skills in the field of IT. My Short-term goal is to develop myself to work with such an organization specializing in Cyber Security.
  • I give a hand to the prevention organization from any Cyber Attacks.

Moreover, my long-term goal is to become an entrepreneur in Information Technology. To work in my desired field, I need to acquire new skills based on Cyber Security that strengthen my potential and help me achieve my short-term and long-term goals.

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Analysis of a sector with an understanding of the relevant employability skills needed

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021, cyber Security is a rapidly growing IT sector and offers a wide range of job opportunities with handsome annual packages.
  • The sectors show a growth rate of 32% between the years 2020-2030. The Cyber security Ventures report, 2021 stresses that about 3.5 million Cybersecurity experts were demanded due to increased cyber-attacks, malpractices in the companies' databases, and the vast spread of digitalization into businesses.
  • The following employability skills would be required to secure a career in Cyber Security, includes: Technical skills, Analytical skills, Interpersonal skills, a strong command of Communication skills, Problem-solving ability, Rational decision-making skills, and desire to acquire new skills relevant to cyber security job.


Bureau of Labor Statistics, (2021). Information Security Analysts.

Retrieved from https://www.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/information-security-analysts.htm

Cybersecurity Ventures, (2021). Cybersecurity Jobs Report, 2021 Edition.

Retrieved from https://www.cybersecurityventures.com/jobs/

Knowledge of current labor market research

  • The needs and demands of the well-skilled cyber professionals raised the Cyber Industries in the UK (Pedley et al., 2020).
  • To fill the current skill gap in Cyber Security, the UK needs 1.8 million cybersecurity experts by the end of 2025 – said the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS), UK.
  • To address the current Market situations based on the man force in the Cyber Security market, Organizations must invest a huge amount in training personnel in the field of Cyber Security, promote cyber Security and encourage graduate candidates to make a career in the field of Cyber security.
  • An expected starting salary offered by organizations in Cyber Security is up to £35,000 presented by Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), UK.

Note: Based on the studies, Cyber Security industry in the UK faces numerous challenges that cause huge losses to businesses and organizations.

The full graduate selection processes for that job role

  • The various steps involved in the full Graduate Selection process for the role of Cyber Security Experts within the UK. The steps are as follows –
  • With the use of Application Screening – This step helps the organizations to shortlist the candidates based on their skills, knowledge, experiences and qualification for the role of Cyber Security professionals (Furnell, Fischer, and Finch, 2017).
  • By conducting Online Assessments –Ask candidates to appear in the online assessments that cover technical aptitude, situational-based judgmental tests, and analytical and problem-solving skills of the personnel (Crick et al., 2019).
  • By conducting an interview –An interview may be conducted to check the potential of the probable candidates.

Note: To secure a job and make a career in Cyber Security, I need to be updated with the latest market-driven technologies and acquire and improve new skills. I should also improve my technical as well as interview skills.

Critical analysis

Evaluation of the skills to fit the job role

Based on the Employability mentioned above, skills and attributes required for a Cyber Security Expert. The following analytical evaluation can be taken into consideration based on employability skills fit for the role of Cyber Security job are as follows:

  • Technical Skills
  • Personnel must have qualified bachelor's degree or any equivalent course of qualification in Computer Science.
  • To have strong knowledge about IT like – Conceptual understanding of the various programming languages, technical know-how about Network Security, and skills in Database Management (AlDaajeh et al. 2022.).
  • Analytical Skills
  • It includes knowledge about how to cope with cyber-attack situations.
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Cyber Security experts must think beyond the situations and find innovative ways to handle complex situations (Fischer, 2022).

Critical reflection

Used of Psychometrics test to strengthen my employability skills in the field of Cyber Security

Some of the Psychometric tests taught in our classroom learning process helped me know more about my potential for getting better employment opportunities for the post of Cyber Security expert.

  • Judgmental v/s Perceiving
  • Thinking v/s Feeling
  • Sensing v/s Intuitive
  • Introvert v/s Extrovert
  • Concerning the Myers Briggs Test –This test highlights the complex behavior of an individual personality (Van Bavel, 2019). Hence, this test teaches us that humans have 16 types of personalities that are broadly divided into four main categories, are:
  • Concerning Emotional and Social Competence Inventory (ESCI) – This test stresses the level of emotional and social competency of an individual.

Reflection of Psychometric Test for strengthening my employability skills

  • Using the test mentioned above gave me scope areas to make myself more professional for the role of Cyber Security expert.
  • These tests helped me to emphasize my Problem-solving and analytical skills, which are the key skills required to perform the job of Cyber Security expert within an organization (Dincelli & Chengalur-Smith, 2020).

Analysis of potential personal hurdles

Personal Potential Hurdles that I Faced

  • Lack of technical Skills - After an in-depth understanding and analyses of my Strengths and weaknesses. Based on my employability skills and attributes map, I observed some of the new technical skills that are needed to perform my job well, as mentioned below:
  • Knowledge of Comp TIA Security
  • Learn the Certified Ethical Hacker course (CEH)
  • Skills of Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Action: I developed the Behaviour of adaptability and allowed myself to acquire new technical skills for the post of Cyber Security professional (Crick et al., 2020).

  • Lack of Experience – Every organization wants well-experienced personnel for the job role they are applying for, and I did not have such experience.

Action: To overcome this hurdle, I joined GT Serv Ltd. to gain practical knowledge of the Cyber Industry.

Evidence of career action plan

With the use of my Career Development plan, I found interest in the field of Information Technology. I decided to make my career in Cyber Security as a Cyber Security expert (Blaži?, 2022).

To achieve the above-mentioned desired goal, Smartly, I need to set the following objectives:

  • Short-term Goal:

Plan for the first six months: I will be enrolled for six months Comp TIA Security Certification Course. To gain practical knowledge, I will participate in coding challenges or hackathons.

  • Medium-term Goal:

Plan for the next two years: I will complete my Certified Ethical Hacker Course (CEH), enroll in the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification course, and gain practical experience by doing the job with a well-renowned Cyber Security Organization.

  • Long-term Goal:

Plan for the next five years: I will become a cybersecurity expert and lead the cybersecurity team.

Note: These goals can be achievable by improving my technical skills regularly and building strong professional networks (Justice & Sample, 2022).

Critical reflection on continued personal/professional development

Cyber Security Career Plan

According to Dunn and Merkle, 2018, The following steps are involved for the continued Personal or Professional development in the field of Cyber Security:

  • I must build a strong professional network using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • I must Participate in the coding Challenges.
  • I allow myself to learn new technical skills in the field of IT.
  • I need to follow Cyber Security industry experts
  • I need to concern with industry guest speakers to gain valuable insight and experiences from them.

A refined version of the CV

Date CV

Name:Georgian Tudoran

Address: Walsall England

LinkedIn Profile: elinkedin.com/in Georgian Toudaran

Career Objective:

I want to become a Digital Finance Expert and desire to work with an organization that specializes in Cyber Security.


Trading Seller – Full-time [On-site]

[GT Serv Ltd], [Walsall, England, UK], [Feb. 23 to till today]


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Knowledge of employment laws and regulations
  • Ability to work collaboratively and effectively in a team (B2B).
  • Proficiency in–Sales, Selling Sales, and good knowledge of IT.
  • Strong command of Security+, CCNA, and ITIL certifications


  • Passed LinkedIn Skill Assessment test based on IT operations.
  • Passed LinkedIn Skill Assessment test based on PHP.


  • High School Diploma, Mathematics and Computer Science, Gaudeamus High School, Sep. 2005 to Oct. 2008

Evidence of a fully set up LinkedIn page and critical evaluation

  • Based on the above analytical assessment, I can make my LinkedIn profile more attractive and discuss my technical skills and course certifications like Security+, CCNA, and ITIL, which help me build strong professional networks with other industry experts.
  • Background image with a powerful headline about my career objective and a summary section covering my skills, experience, and future career aspirations (Komljenovic, 2019).

The link to my LinkedIn Profile is also attached with it.


Reflection on Career Development Plan

  • The career development plans have given me new ways to set up a more attractive LinkedIn profile page and allow me to make smart, measurable goals achievable within the set time frame.
  • To achieve long-term growth and success in Cyber Security, I need to scale up my technical skills regularly as per the needs and demands of the technology-driven industry within the market (YuSaint-Jacques, and Matsiras, 2021).
  • Regarding my next move toward post-graduation, I will learn new technical skills and work with an organization to gain practical knowledge in Cyber Security (Xian & Yaeghoobi, 2018).
  • Additionally, I will regularly improve my technical skills by enrolling in certification courses and getting experience by taking on coding challenges.


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