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Introduction Of Reflective Essay

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Reflection is one of the important building blocks for human learning as it helps the individuals in reflecting on their experiences and helps them in understanding about the pros and cons of particular experience (Wain, 2017). In the present report, the researcher would focus on reflecting on the experience of module. The aim of this reflective essay is to describe that how different key academic skills are developed through the module and how they are important for my future. The researcher would focus on using Gibb’s reflecting model in this reflective report. The reason behind selecting this model is that it will help the researcher in reflecting in an appropriate manner.


From the Gibbs theory, the Feeling is that a positive attitude that it would help me in learning different academic skills which would help me in my future as an employee.he module had included different activities which had helped in expanding my own knowledge and understanding about my strengths and weaknesses. One of the important skills for employability is better teamwork skill which I have learned through the module. Teamwork is an effective skill that helps individual in working with others in an effective manner and developing better cooperation and collaboration with others. According to the Belbin team role also teamwork is an important skill for individuals in the workplace (Lynch, et. al.2018). During the module, I have analyzed that I need to work with others and I am not much good at teamwork skills so I have to develop the teamwork skills in an effective manner.Generally when I work with other in group then I face issues while working with others so I think better teamwork skills would also help me in resolving the issues while working with other employees in my future.

In the workplace one needs to communicate a lot with other for sharing information and due to this, it is important for me to have better communication skills.Both verbal and non-verbal communication skills are equally important for having an attractive personality and having positive influence on others which is important while working in a firm. In my future I will be communicating with a lot of people so I need to develop better communication skills (Adeani, et. al. 2020). From the Gibbs model, Analysis helped me to reflect upon my communication skills and thus, I think that I am having better communication skills. It can be considered as my strength but it is important for me to focus more working on non-verbal communication skills. I think that I have to focus on developing this skill as it will help me in being better employee for the organisation in future.This will also increase my chances of getting a job in better organisation which is also important for my future. I have to focus on working on my personality, body language and gestures which would help me in developing better non-verbal communication skills. Along with this for developing better communication skills I need to be more clear and precise while communicating with others and had to keep the tone low for making the interaction more effective and positive.

Effective researching skills are also important for me as a student and as an employee. Researching skills include different skills such as data collection skills, planning, scheduling, analysing data and researching the topic in detail by assessing different sources. If I would be having better researching skills then it will support me in researching different topics in detail which is required for becoming an effective employee for the organisation. According the Belbin theory, an employee needs to be resource investigator as it helps in developing better contacts (LI, et. al.2018). I think I have to focus on working on this skill as a student also because it will help me in creating better contacts and this would help me in getting a better job in future. This skill will also help me in exploring all different opportunities which are available for me and select the best Also when I will be working in the organisation then also this skill will help me in managing all the resources conveniently by using my contacts. From the Gibbs model, Evaluation it can be said that I am not good at having better researching skills and developing contacts so I need to work on as it is an important skill for my future.

Problem solving skills is also an essential skill according to me as we face a lot of issues and it is important to develop solutions to the problems. For developing better problem solving skills it is important for the one to focus on having better analytical skills and being more flexible. As the business world is becoming more complex day by day it is important for the future employees to be good at solving issues. From the Gibbs analysis I can say that I am not having better problem solving skills although I am good at critical thinking and idea generation but also I have to focus on working more on my problem solving skills. While working in a dynamic business environment and with the employees belonging to diverse backgrounds there were times where problem solving is important (Markkanen, et. al. 2020). For this I think I have to focus on developing better problem solving skills so that I can become a better employee in future.


On the basis of the experience it can be said that the students need to focus on developing different academic skills as their skills include different employability skills and transferable skills which are important for me as a student. Analysing the strengths and weaknesses had helped me in analysing about which skills have to work hard and which skills to be a better employee in future. I can say that this was a better experience and the reflection had also helped me in understanding about different skills on which I have to work for getting a desired job in my future.


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