Unit 1: Business and the Business Environment L4 Assignment Sample

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Unit 1: Business and the Business Environment Assignment (L4) 

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Introduction Of Unit 1: Business and the Business Environment L4 Assignment Sample

The factsheet focuses on highlighting the various organizations and their organizational function to meet the goals and objectives. In this factsheet, various types, sizes of the organizations will be described to develop ideas about the organizational structure. A SWOT and PESTLE analysis have been described to understand the present situation of the organization.

Types, size, and scope of organizations

There are mainly three types of business organizations including private, public, voluntary, and legal organizations. Four organizations have been chosen including JD sports as the Public sector organization, Sported UK as a voluntary or charity organization, and Admiral as a private sector company.

Public sector organization

The public sector organizations are governed by the government and the primary mission of this type of organization is to provide support and help to a community with the best possible goods and services. The market size is huge as the government runs the organizations (Arundel et al., 2019).

Voluntary organization

The voluntary organizations are built for providing support and help to needy people. These organizations make little or no profit as their sole aim is to help the people. The main aim of these organizations is to help the needy people by providing effective services, the market size of these organizations is small as they do not aim to gain much profit.

Private sector Company

The private sector organizations are governed by individuals. The main aim of these organizations is to maximize profit and revenue collection. These organizations benefit the customers and various stakeholders. The banks and shareholders are the main investors. The market size and share are huge here as profit-making is the main goal (Jalal, 2019)

JD Sports

JD Sports is a public sector company in the UK.

The main goal of this company is to provide sports-related products and services to the people and to provide the best quality and cost-effective products to the customers to increase the revenue collection and sales of the company (Sparks, 2018).

The company operates as a service worldwide having more than 250 million euro net income of the company.

 Approximately 35000 employees are associated with the organizational functions of JD sports.

 The company serves sports-related products including sportswear and sports accessories. The market demand of this company is huge.

The services of the company are provided to the national market as well as the international market of Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA (Cabanes Ramos, 2020).

The company has registered Intellectual Property Rights and has also copyright which helps the employees to maintain the product uniqueness and security. The company maintains also the codes of conduct provided by the International Labour Association and International Labour organization. JD Sports maintains anti-discrimination laws and the equal pay act. The employees are provided respect, security, and safety in the workplace as per the safeguarding rules and regulations (Sparks and Letham, 2018).


Admiral is one of the oldest United Kingdom-based sportswear brands that focus on providing sports accessories and clothes to people worldwide.

The main goal of this company is to serve the needs and requirements in the field of sports. 

The revenue collection of the company is approximately 10 million dollars and then this organization is which is near 25.

The company has a huge market capital that has created a brand position of the company in the sports industry. 

The company focuses on delivering a right to the consumer to cancel the order as per the terms and conditions under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. Sales of Goods Act 1979 are also used for meeting their responsibility and liability towards the consumers. For international clients, the company uses the Delivery and Returns policy (Barajas et al., 2019).

Sported UK

Sported UK is a UK-based charity organization that promotes equality and justice to young and adults by providing them with physical activities and sports. The organization is small and voluntary and remains less funded or under-funded.

The mission of this organization is to help young people in getting help in their physical fitness. The organization aims to bring changes and differences in the lives of people with the help of physical activities.

It is a national company that delivers its services in various corners of the UK. More than 2500 organizations get support from the Sported UK.

Nearly 33 employees work in this organization. The market share of this company is also insignificant as it is a charity organization. It also remains under-resourced which has made its market share limited.

The company has a huge responsibility for various perspectives of charity and voluntary activities for sports and physical activities. This organization is governed by the Council of Trustees including Abigail Mills, Carnegie Smyth, and many more. The legal actions are taken in this company as per the rules and regulations of the Council of Trustees.

Interrelationship of functions in an organization and organizational structure.

Organizational flow chart

Organizational flow chart

Financial operations

The management of the company tries to focus on reducing the price of the sports without compromising the quality of the product. The managers of JD sports try to maintain the price of the product as per the quality of the sports accessories that can help in developing the traction all the customers and increasing the sales and profit the company also tries to increase its sales and revenue collection by providing the sports accessories to the customers in all the physical stores of the company.


Marketing plays a very crucial role in attaining organizational goals and objectives.


The company targets a variety of customers having interests in sports fashion. The products of JD Sports are of internationally powerful brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas that have universal recognition to the customers. The suppliers of the company also manufacture products as per the demands of the customers. The global suppliers are connected to the business of JD Sports. Exclusive products are provided to the customers by the suppliers which have also increased the satisfaction level of the customers.


The managers of the company fix the price of the products depending on various factors such as the production cost. They also make sure that they do not charge higher prices of sports goods than those of the rival companies. (Akbari et al., 2018)


The company provides its services in various areas including e-commerce sites, shopping areas, high streets, and out-of-station areas for delivering sports goods to the customers. They implement innovative and unique ideas by using creative images for packaging, product display to stand out among the rival companies. As per the increase in online shopping, the company has also started delivering products through different e-commerce sites which is the most crucial marketing strategy for the company. (Akbari et al., 2018)


The marketers of the company use advertisements through the above-the-line promotional system like TV, radio, newspaper, broadcasting for the promotion of their sports brand. They also advertise sports accessories, clothes and other sports items in the football club shops. It helps in capturing the interests of the young and adult sports persons, customers, and common people. E-mails, leaflets, and magazines in terms of below-the-line promotional activities are also followed by the marketers of the company. Celebrities are also involved in the promotional activities of the company as it increases the desires of the customers and their trust in the brand (Akbari et al., 2018).


The managers and leaders and employees of the organization give their work. Teamwork helps the organization to attain the objectives to increase the service with high quality and cost-effective products and increase the brand image of the organization (Tripathy, 2018). The managers differentiate the tasks and activities and they are allocating the tasks to the employees having specific skills and knowledge. In increasing the productivity and performance rate of the employees as the employees with effective cases provide that based effort in the desired field to get the most effective outcome. The managers of the organization appoint and recruit talented and skilled candidates for the organizational operations and form a team of diversely talented people. Thus, teamwork helps in sharing knowledge and increasing productivity by flowing skills and knowledge among one another. It helps in developing the trust and motivation of the employees. It thereby enhances the chances of obtaining the objectives and goals of the organization with the help of the employees (Tillman et al., 2018). 


  • The harmony between organizational operations and structure helps in developing the range of attaining goals of the company.
  • Organizational functions of JD Sports develops cooperation among the employees in the organization.
  • It also helps to reduce the pressure of work among the workers of the company. (Gonzalez et al., 2018).


  • The organizational operations rely on the tasks of the employees. The trust and loyalty of the workers, their efforts and dedication also boost in the presence of a team. Lack of cooperation among the workers can create a great issue. It harms the operational groups.

Impact of the macro environment

PESTLE analysis


The company has to maintain different political factors for operating the organizational operations and increasing the demands and satisfaction level of the customers in different countries.

· Different tax rates, rules, and regulations set by the government of local and international countries have to maintain.

· the national tax rates, political stability, changing government policies, rules and regulations also need to be maintained

· The company has to change organizational functions as per the protests from different social environment activists, groups, union

· Production tax, trade restrictions, and intelligent property predictions are also the major political factors that impact organizational operations (Perera, 2017)


The different economic factors including changes and the inflation rate, labor market conditions, exchange rates, interest rates, and economic structure of the market are the major factors impacting organizational operations. The changes in tax rates and inflation rates have a huge impact on the production rate which can also impact the product price (Hosni et al., 2019).


The major social factors include

The buying behavior and purchasing pattern of the customers need to observe.

The demands of online shopping and the emergence of e-commerce sites have increased.

The company needs to produce products as per the different needs and demands based on gender, societal norms, demographic trends like age, population, and class distribution.


Social media marketing has a huge impact on the functions of JD sports. Social media is used for increasing sales and brand recognition. Advanced technology like 5G, e-commerce sites can change the entire organizational operation. Technology can be applied in the supply chain and production process to attain a good profit and revenue ( Hosni et al., 2019).


For ensuring labor security and safety the company follows Employee protection laws to provide them health and safety-related support. Consumer protection laws need to be followed for maintaining the privacy and protection of the customers. The company needs to use intellectual property rights for protecting brand equity and brand value.


Recycling, waste management, renewable energy sources have an impact on strategic planning. Changes in the weather and climatic conditions influence organizational efficiency. The need for green business, using eco-friendly products is high. These need to be maintained.

 Internal strengths and weaknesses

SWOT analysis


The company has a robust supply-chain management

The company focuses on delivering high-quality and cost-effective products which have increased customer satisfaction.

As the products are high quality based and are delivered to the international market too, the company has created a brand value.


The work culture is obsolete in the company

Technological advancements have not yet brought in the company.

Lack of sufficient funding and finance for bringing innovation is an issue


The products are as per the current market trend and as per the needs of the athletes. It has brought opportunities to increase brand image and capture a large market.

The company can improve the transportation process for engaging the new market.


As the products are sports-related, there is a seasonal demand from the sportsmen. It can thereby decrease sales.

To maintain the different international markets, it is difficult to obey all the rules and regulations of the governments.

The cost of raw materials for producing high-quality products is very high which can bring much financial crisis.


Therefore, it can be concluded that the factsheet has described various factors that can impact organizational functions. It will thereby help the organizations make effective strategies to make effective decisions to gain the most desired outcomes.


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