Reflective Review of a UK-based luxury hotel Biltmore LXR Mayfair Sample

Introduction to Biltmore LXR Mayfair London: A Dive into Luxury Hospitality

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Introduction Of The Reflective Review Of A UK-Based Luxury Hotel- Biltmore LXR Mayfair

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The Biltmore LXR Mayfair is one of the luxury hotels that are located in London, England. The report shall discuss the history, culture, and competitive position of the hotel, along with certain recommendations.

History and cultural heritage of the business

Richard Seifert designed the hotel building, and the construction was completed in 1969 by the Grand Metropolitan hotels which was named Britannia hotels. It was renamed Britannia Inter-Continental in 1981. It was then renovated in 2017 under a budget of £50 million and the renovation completed in 2019, and then it was named Biltmore Mayfair (Fox, 2019). Their performance has witnessed various ups and downs since the past years such as in 1979 they witnessed a Real GDP of 3% that in 2022 became 4% as shown in the figure below.

Biltmore always had the culture to offer a luxury service and a true experience of London to the customers. They have the culture to satisfy diverse tourists (Angel, 2022). The hotel is now owned by Millennium and Copthorne and it is managed by Hilton as part of LXR hotel and resorts.

They offer luxury services with modified furniture, spacious and well-decorated rooms, recreational amenities, and personalized services. The hotel rooms include smart televisions and wireless internet access. Bathrooms have comfortable bathtubs, hair dryers, and designer toiletries. There are recreational amenities including a fitness center, banquet hall, and others. To satisfy the appetite there are coffee shops and restaurants. There is a bar to satisfy thirst. Other Facilities are parking and excellent customer service.

The market of the luxury business along with customer profile and achieved customer value

Biltmore achieved 98% sales peak in the pre-pandemic era, Office for National Statistics (ONS) mentioned that the GDP fell by 20% in 2020 (Fox, 2019). Biltmore LXR Mayfair invested total £1.63 billion in 2020 that decreased 54.4% as compared to the previous year due to the impact of the Covid19 pandemic. London accounted for 87.3% share in the year 2020 and the total investment volume increased to £1.42 billion to cope up with the negative impact of pandemic. Strong recovery was witnessed in the staycation markets that drove high investor interest ratios. Overseas investors accounted for 70.1% in 2020. Coastal staycation markets experienced bounce in occupancy rates such as Brighton, Bournemouth and Plymouth market witnessed 90% occupancy in the post covid19 period.

To discuss the customer profile it shall be revealed that usually families including middle age couples and children under higher income groups visit the hotel. Business meetings also happen and business professionals stay there. People of every age and gender and from every location visit and stay in the hotel and desire comfort and luxury. But based on a survey the following customer profile has been developed that mainly visits the luxury hotel (The Biltmore Mayfair, LXR Hotels & Resorts, 2022).

To discuss the achievement of customer value it shall be revealed that after analyzing 341 Google reviews of the guests who have stayed in the hotel 4.4 stars out of 5 stars have been given to the hotel. Thus, it can be reported that the customer value the services compared to other competitors and pays £600 per night to stay in the hotel (, 2022). Moreover, the demands for the rooms remain high every time. Thus, the hotel has achieved high customer value.

Critically assess the competitive position

It is a well-established hotel for many years and the demand for rooms remains high throughout the year. The hotel faces competitive force from already established rivals such the Hoxton LABS, The Conduit, City Relay. (The Biltmore Mayfair, LXR Hotels & Resorts, 2022). Continuous development of technology has become a challenge for hoteliers. The rise in technology such as Airbnb, crouch surfing, and others gave rise to transient housing. It is impacted the demand for hotel rooms and Biltmore LXR Mayfair faces a competitive force and a threat from such substitutes.

Alternative solutions to mitigate threats and capitalize on the opportunity

As the hotel face threat from rivals and substitutes thus they shall include a certain approach to overcome the threats. The hotel already has certain opportunities such as high revenues and recognition thus; they can use them to overcome the threats as follows-

  • Leveraging direct booking- Direct booking via the hotel website helps the customers to make direct queries and to book a room directly according to their needs. Thus, booking with incentives (such as free food, drinks, vouchers, discounts, and others), upgrades and perks shall be made a convenient process for the customers. It shall help to overcome the threats of price booking (the price that travel agents take as a middleman) and it can be a good substitute for Airbnb and others ( LLC, 2022).
  • Technological advancements- Investment shall be made to make the services automatized as compared to the rivals. Such as mobile apps or RFID cards to open door locks, online check-in/check-out, and live chat to interpret customer pReferences and offer customized room services. Eco-friendly services can be included such as avoiding plastics, using appropriate waste collection techniques, and others ( LLC, 2022). The hotel is already very prominent and has many loyal customers thus; the news of modified service can be promoted via word of mouth technique. Social media shall be used to promote the service further. Events can be arranged such as art exhibitions, and music concerts to promote the hotel and its modified service. Automatized facility, service according to the customer's desire, and an eco-friendly environment is the latest trends that are preferred by tourists and can attract at least 25% more customers. Thus, such offerings can help the hotel to improve its service and to get competitive advantages.


Thus the hotel shall further invest and make the service automatized and customized to overcome the threats.


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