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Introduction Of Reflective Writing And Personal Development Plan Assignment Sample

The report has discussed the importance of environmental sustainability in businesses in today's world. Nowadays customers are more concerned about ecological products that do not harm the society and planet (Bellucci, et. al. 2020). The report will highlight on company KFC and McDonald's maintaining sustainability in their business to gain a competitive advantage. The companies are using environmentally friendly products in their business operations to attract a large number of customers (Amoah, 2020).

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Part one – report


Environmental sustainability is defined as conscientious communication with the atmosphere to avoid the reduction of natural resources and authorize long-term ecological superiority. The preparation of environmental sustainability benefits makes sure that the needs of today's inhabitants are met with putting risk capability of prospect generations to meet up their requirements (Zhu, et. al. 2019). It states that the rate of non-renewable resource depletion, renewable resource harvest, and pollution absorption can be naturally sustained for an indefinite period. Constructing a business more sustainable starts with being conscious about the issue which it offers and considering how significant it is to make changes for both the planet and business. These sources intend to help the business proprietor, administrators, and leaders to make their companies more environmentally conscious (Kour, et. al. 2020). It is the practice of operating a business without impacting the surroundings unconstructively. A green business functions in the most exceptional interests of the global and local environment that supports the economy and community depending on a healthy planet. 

Discussion on eco-friendly consumer

Customers often believe in a firm’s environmental footprint before purchasing products and services. Sustainability is more and more growing the main concern for customers while evaluating where to purchase and what products to buy. This concentration in sustainability extends further than food waste and is keen on areas such as hybrid, recycling, and electric vehicle and energy (Paparoidamis and Tran, 2019). The change in consumer buying, with added willingness to pay extra for environmentally responsive products, strengthen the need for firms to develop their commitment to responsible business practices. Organizations across industries have taken place to lead with rationale including acceptance of the globular economy as a superior opportunity to drive enlargement and competitive quickness. Customers are usually interested in performing what they can do to survive more sustainably and be expecting companies to engage in recreation a part in that. At the same time as many customers energetically seek out businesses and brands that bring into line with their values, they are also eager to switch companies when something goes against their ethics (Nguyen, et. al. 2020). They are also eager, to be frank about this misbehavior in public forums and take social media to deal with their complaints and concern disposed to protest companies at their physical locations.

How KFC benefited from environmentally sustainable practices

KFC is the world's biggest quick-service fast food restaurant chain that has announced new worldwide sustainability obligations that include consumer packaging, plastic-base will be reusable by 2026. The major goal of the company in its long-term map is to put into practice a extra sustainable wrapping scheme in its restaurant by equally using sustainable packaging option and developing. It build on growth previously made in several markets to get rid of plastic packaging items. In adding up to the company’s new plastics objective and active obligation by its parent corporation to source 100% of fibre base package food from recycled sources by 2020. As a global MNC which operate more than 21,000 restaurant in over 134 countries, the case company is in a situation to have an authentic collision on the business approach for wastage and packaging organization generally (Zhang, et. al. 2020). Ecological sustainability is the main aspect of how the company does its business and commitment represents public recognition of the responsibility to tackle this severe issue. To meet up these goals, the case company has expands a critical path that include partnering with foremost supplier and franchises internationally to recognize plastic alternative in every area. The company is functioning on quite a lot of main initiative connected to achieve these goals, counting conduct an audit of present system with the franchise to recognize plastic waste diminution opportunity and partnering with the supplier to recognize sustainable packaging alternative for stuff like plastic bag, straw, crockery, and many other resources. By setting a market-specific goal to decrease, recycle and reuse items the company will support the franchise to implement and define its sustainability program to tackle the exclusive needs of local and global markets and its customers. 

MacDonald benefited from environmentally sustainable practices

McDonald's, sustainability creates shared value for its business and the globe in which it operates. The company truly believes in growing its business by creating a positive difference. Climate change has a huge impact not only on significant risks to the pliability of food supply but also on society (McDonald and Hite, 2018). The company is helping to transform its food systems for the improved, considerate shared globe by dropping emissions, and adapt safeguarding ability to nourish society at present and in the future. Food packaging is significant in sinking food waste and the company is working on energy, waste, and water. Since its franchise is self-governing, eventually it is up to them to decide on what they require to do to build their food restaurants more well-organized. The company knows that its customers care more about environmental sustainability (Jat, et. al. 2020). The company is focusing on packaging and wastage strategies and making effort to decrease plastics in Happy Meals which helps them to keep society clean protect the globe for future generations and carry long-term business flexibility. Despite challenges, including recycle infrastructure limits, the case company is committed to achieving a circular economy by keeping materials uses rather than relying on new ones. It aims to help protect and restore nature, sustain biodiversity and connect the farmers and society neighbouring natural ecosystem to construct flexibility jointly (Langert, 2019). By use of natural resources in conduct that assists to defend the environment and encourages other businesses to do the same. The food brand can carry on reducing its impact while serving donate to nature positive supply chain and sustainable worldwide economy.

The above report has concluded with environmental sustainability just as gathering the requirements of the current generation without compromise the capability of prospect generations to gather their requirements (Silvestre and ?îrc?, 2019). The report has further stated about the eco-friendly consumer who is conscious of compulsion and responsible to defend the environment by selectively purchasing and consuming ecological or green goods and services. A sustainable customer try to preserve a safe and healthy lifestyle lacking endanger the sustainability of the globe and the potential of mankind. The report has discussed how the food companies KFC and MacDonald's maintain environmental sustainability in their business operations. The report has highlighted how companies benefited from adopting sustainability in their business (Jaramillo, et. al. 2019). The major goals of MacDonald and KFC in the long-term plan are to put into practice additional sustainable packaging plan in its fast food restaurant by developing and using sustainable packaging alternative and by building on development to eliminate plastic packaging items.

Part Two

Reflective writing

Mainly sustainability development focuses on not cutting down trees, fresh water, or the construction of carbon dioxide that can be a reason for global warming but while examining I learned that environmental sustainability is not just being green but more than that. I have originated surrounded in my opinion by persons who distribute an eagerness for sustainability that has helped me to be taught more regarding my role in defending the globe for future generations, with no feeling preached to (Mondejar, et. al. 2021). It has twisted out to be very important to understand the interrelation among commerce and the planet and society. I have been capable to travel around numerous aspects connected to sustainability and the atmosphere throughout the path of industry and Society. I have also been capable to learn concerning the significance of sustainability in serving a company to endure in today’s competitive globe (Boz, et. al. 2020). As an organizer, I think just beginning this system for those approaching the expedition would be a key decider of success. It is assured in this that the business sustainability assignment that in the last few times, the quick expansion has taken a position in the area of globalization and industrialization that has led to devastating impacts on the globe. The main reason at the back of this has been the unexpected result of the global pandemic and fire in the forest that has taken place in 2020. Through this, I unstated that the devastation has been mainly commenced by a person who has been distressing the environment along with ordinary populations in a negative manner. I became well-known with the idea of a triple base line that direct exploits a business in the industry. The survival of a corporation depends not only on the general capability to acquire revenues and profits but also on the forecast of society, persons, and other stakeholders in the surroundings get satisfied. I have been slightly confused about sustainable accomplishments by companies today even after knowledge about competitive advantage is significance in corporate responsibility (Pauer, et. al. 2019). I have gained a deep reach of the strategy followed by the company for achieving sustainability. Sustainability has been definite as the responsibility of administration in improving their environment and social position for the present generation without letting go of property for future generations. From this, I have learned about how the baseline structure is measured as the resources to calculate the performance and success of a firm.

Part Three – Personal Development Plan

Academic Skill Action Future Implications
(Identify topics of learning from the module) Detail how you plan on improving the skill e.g. reading more on the topic, attending a separate training course, etc. Once the skill has been developed, how do you hope to use the skill both in your academic and career plans?
Environmental sustainability Managing to meet deadlines on assignment work or other tasks is something I achieve on a regular basis. It is important to find the right balance between work and your social life, ways in which I help myself do this is by setting goals each day so I know what I need to accomplish throughout the day making sure they are realistic to achieve. Development of understanding and writing Skills: The assignment helps me to gain knowledge about environment sustainability which further improves me as a supervisor/Team leadership for the improvement in understanding. The skill of supervising through organizational skill shapes my mindset to manage the report objectives which is increases my writing skills. The research done on environment sustainability influenced my personality through the relevant systems and approaches adopted in this report. To grow for my part, it is significant to have an inspiration related to my strengths and weaknesses and how can I change my weakness into strength. It also contains the opportunity that I have in me, I can take benefit of them, and if any revolutionize happen in the surroundings, how can I stand for this change and get adaptable to these change.
Eco-friendly consumer Communication skills: The topic I research is eco-friendly consumer helps me develop my communication skills to know the mindset of every customer relating to the company's field. With the development in communication skills, I can clearly understand the mindset of the others in my surroundings which will be helpful for my future career aspects. The information I provided relating to eco-friendly consumers helps me deal with sensitive issues in society.
Businesses benefit from sustainable practices Problem-solving attitude: The companies I choose for the research helped me develop a critical understanding of the issues faced in today’s era by entrepreneurs. The research work helps me evolve my problem-solving mindset with creative approaches. Writing about the benefits of the business in sustainable practice makes my decision-making power stronger. I developed creative thinking with a problem-solving mindset which will expand my growth opportunities in the future. The business benefit topic gives me knowledge about effective planning and organizing work-related activities in academic field.


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