Retail Marketing Assignment Sample

Co-op's Approach to Retail Marketing: Targeting, Value Proposition & Ethical Initiatives

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Introduction Of Retail Marketing Assignment Sample

Co-op is one of the Globe's largest customer co-operatives, owned by millions of members. They are also the 5th largest retailer of food, with more than a local number of 2500, medium-sized and convenience stores (, 2022). They are also the United Kingdom;'s number-one funeral service distributor. They also have a clear operational and financial objectives as well as employing nearly 70,000 people (, 2022). They are also identified leaders in favour of social purposes and community-led schedules. The co-op exists and is possessed by particular components and different co-ops, not large investors. They are employing nearly 70,000 people from different kinds of businesses (, 2022).

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Figure: Sales growth of Co-operative year-on-year in Great Britain between the years 2015 to the year 2022

(Source:, 2023)

The above image state the change of percentage in the total sales ar supermarkets of co-operative in "Great Britain" monthly in favour of the weekly of 12 periods ending in the year 2015 and the month of July to the week to in the year 2022 and the month of November. In the weeks of 12 to the month of November 27 the year 2022, co-operatives sales raised by a percentage of 3.5 compared in order to the relevant time a year before.

Current consumers

Co-op is one of the planet's most extensive customer co-operatives, possessed by better than a million of 5 consumers (, 2022). They are the United Kingdom’s 5th most oversized food retailer with better than 2,500 local, comfort and medium-sized marts (, 2022). The Co-Op exists specifically targeting the "behavioural and psychographic" customer details. It includes via a "system of psychographics" it exists targeting the customer on the cause of their colonial style, personality and lifestyle via its organic and ethical food creations. As per the opinion of Desai and Vidyapeeth (2019, P.197), aside from providing exceptional consumer assistance, merchants are able to virtually award the commitment of regular customers and motivate repetition investments by requesting customers to enter a commitment schedule, they are exactly doing the same. From providing exceptional consumer assistance, company able to virtually awarding the commitment.

Value Proposition

Their value proposition furnishes a summary of developments and assistance that delivers worth in favour of distinguishing customer segments. As per the observation of Akbar et al. (2019, p. 380), Co-op permits customers the chance to provide their own requirements, achieve a bargaining force, and transfer payments. They live classified as neighbourhoods, or different “local companies”, holding their own marts of retail. "Retail cooperatives" live frequently located in tiny neighbourhoods where regional companies include closed down. As per the viewpoint of Candraningrum (2019, p.245), customer food cooperatives exist started to achieve dominion over the kind and rate of effects known. In order to receive more inferior meal costs and retains "retail supermarkets" with more or one platform and purchasing parties with a periodic to hundreds of partners. They have consistently shown the method on the food problems that count to their consumers and partners including those living in the first country United Kingdom supermarket. As per the observation of Santiago and Castelo (2020, p.40), peddle Fair-trade developments and create their entire "frozen and fresh meat 100% British". From sustaining Fair-trade to sourcing British find, and delivering their sensible and fair segment to their total suppliers around the Global (, 2022).

Current Audit Co-op Brand products

The "Co-op food" ethical trading schedule of monitoring desires to coin out current exploitative as well as slavery operating procedures around the globe, with frequent reviews on their producers and suppliers (, 2022). Their "ethical trade monitoring programme" runs up to workers 700,000 in sites of 2,620, discovered in 70 nations across 6 mainlands (, 2022). The Co-op acknowledges the necessity to operate and evolve its companies in a tolerable way. It includes industry consequence that satisfies the requirements of the gift without compromising the capability of forthcoming ages to fulfil their own requirements. As per the viewpoint of Elsayed Fayed (2021), supply colonial utility Co-operatives set associates at the core of entire their company and make sure about colonial cohesion. Their associates accept the ethical matters of truthfulness, honesty, sociable commitment and supervising in favour of others. Mushrooms in their sustainable foods of products, due to mushrooms being able to create usage of by-products reclaimed from different vegetables as compost in favour of evolution.

While current food retail stands distinguished by high expense anxiety and low-quality differentiation out comes in restricted sustainably supply-produced additional food creation. As per the observation of Philips (2022), cooperative retailing systems deliver more synergies in times of logistics and processes that carry the significant potential to sustain the development of tolerable vegetables.

Audit of relevant competitor

Co-op Food's competitors and similar companies include "New Seasons Market, Food City, National CoNational Co+op Grocers and Roundy's". As per the viewpoint of Pandey (2021), ALDI and Sainsbury are the relevant own trademark competition outcomes that live sustainably and ethically. In this particular scenario, a brand audit exists as a detailed breakdown demonstrating the brand is portraying corresponded to its stated objectives. Bringing a stage before and glancing at their trademark via various lenses gives them the capacity to visit the more expansive geography and determine their powers and possibilities. Without compromising the capability of forthcoming ages to fulfil their own requirements, it runs up to 700,000 workers in sites of 2,620. Both two competitors also offer the same products. Their three primary disadvantages are the economic viability of the major activities undertaken, the unified administration and control capability, and the absence of democratic governance by the partners. "Competitive market research" concentrates on discovering and reaching critical need metrics that allow determining discrepancies between their developments and benefits and those of their opponents. "Comprehensive market research" allows for designating the basis in favour of an adequate deal and commerce system that allows their company stand to escape from the mass.

They realise the extent of supporting a more useful method of accomplishing company as well as accomplishing the good item by both individuals and the world. As per the opinion of Camilleri et al. (2020), they bring a coordinated process with their consumers, partners, suppliers and associates. They are able to discover better about their formula in favour of sustainability in their "Future of Food ambition".

Relevant target audience

They are targeting three segments of the market, including Geographic, behavioural and demographic. In the segmentation of behavioural, they are target benefits and personality categories. In the segmentation of geography, they are target region and density and in the segmentation of the demographic, they are target gender, income, age, and lifestyle. As per the viewpoint of Fuentes et al. (2019, p.262), their target market exists as the people group who stand ready to purchase their development. Understand the individuals in the place where they like to market their outcomes. Glance in favour of "age, gender, education, occupation, income level, and household type". Their Convenience stores conform to the whole purchasing people of its area of geographical. As per the observation of Kaur et al. (2022, p.6986), while concentrating on consumers who require to buy things beyond standard hours of work including swing transformation workers as well as fast customers examining in favour of related entities and snacks.

A "target market" exists as a unique bunch of individuals with shared features that a company sells its effects or benefits. Businesses utilise target demands to comprehensively comprehend their possible consumers and skill dealing systems that enable them to complete their company and transaction purposes. As per the viewpoint of Liem (2019, p.117), it is very important for this organization to maintain some policies to enhance its total productivity. Recent will require improving customer understanding of their product and persuade possible consumers to believe it.

Building advertisements in regional commercials or newspapers in favour of television and radio are standard practices in that companies advertise their effects. Unfortunately, these ads exist unsuitable for several start-up nutrition companies since its costly and announce to everyone rather than concentrating on the total target need. Word-of-mouth promotion exists as an option at the same time stress is creating consumer commitment in favour of a mark set sooner than the larger market's saturation. The pleased client usually includes like-minded companions who be able to be convinced to test their product. This makes deals gradually, building more robust followership for their latest development, and resolve ultimately making a request from regional separate grocers.

The relevant set of Co-op own-brand outcomes

An upshot exists sustainability on condition that it is created and devoured in a way that accomplishes damaged the atmosphere. These 3 elements determine what causes the development of sustainable "Product Life Cycle Sustainability", "Ecological and Social Impact", and "Positive Contribution”. Garden peas, oats milk, organic carrots, organic kale, and sunflower butter are their sustainable product. Grocery shops keep better command over the packaging utilised in their outcomes of house trademark. By changing to biodegradable alternatives and cutting spare packaging where feasible, they are able greatly to decrease malleable destruction. As per the observation of Nguyen and Pham (2021, p.19), organic farming stands largely believed to live a distant better tolerable choice at the same time it arrives in the production of food. The pesticides drought and a more expansive assortment of works improve influence and biodiversity and in more suitable quality of soil and less corruption from pesticide or fertilizer run-off.

Campaign marketing line

Figure 2: Campaign marketing line

(Source: Self-Developed)

A "marketing campaign" exists as a strategic series of actions that enable their Co-up's service or product, with a particular purpose in reason. Campaign actions may concern a media range, includes as television, radio, events of in-person, and media of digital. Campaigns of marketing are able to raise the awareness of the brand and allow Co-up to extend new consumers. They even notify their total target market regarding their most delinquent service and products, create standing, and entertain clients. In different phrases, they live very importantly in favour of any company. "Make delicious creations. Shop with us!” it is their campaign marketing line to would remember any wisdom discovered and would echo with their mark people. As per the viewpoint of Nguyen and Pham (2021, p.19), the objectives of the campaign are split up into three different segments, this includes Conversion, awareness, and consideration. The objective that they pick must drop within the class that is nearest to their "current advertising goals".

Ethical Retail Crusade marketing

In favour of this marketing plan is how significant it contracts the product's virtues. The total plan must indicate how the Co-up product totally satisfies the requirements of its intended consumers and extends those requirements totally differently from its contenders. As per the opinion of Nguyen and Pham (2021, p.19), the marketing significance of this business lives in that it creates consumers' consciousness of their services or products, employs them, and allows them to complete the buying determination. Likewise, transaction strategy is a portion of their plan of business benefits in building and strengthening the market, bearing, standing, round, and so on. Their in-store environment is very significant and it allows for an increase in total productivity.


This report deals with the discussion of the topic of retail marketing where being a manager of the marketing campaign, the report is being prepared. This report evaluates all the current consumers and this part of the report helps in identifying the targeted audiences with the help of secondary research, some insights are gained. However, the value proposition of the retailer is defined which allows ion underpinning of the proposition of both the target audiences and the retailers. Then an audit is conducted where the current products of the Co-op brand are identified focusing on each of the ethical products. Thus the audit helped in preparing and providing support for both sustainability and ethics. Thus, a relevant target audience is identified and a basic marketing campaign had been set up. This helped in framing the marketing line with a rationalized but ethical "retail" marketing campaign. Hence, the study concluded by evaluating the merchandising and Display section, local marketing, and also the external store environment.


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