Secondary Research Of A Contemporary Business Organization2 Assignment Sample

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Introduction Of Secondary Research Of A Contemporary Business Organization Assignment Sample

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Jaguar is the leading luxury vehicle brand of the parent company Jaguar Land Rover, which is a British multinational car manufacturing company. The company's headquarters are in Whitley, Coventry, England. Jaguar first appeared in the late 90s as a SS ½ liter sports saloon and a similar two-seater sports model was also launched with a 3 ½ liter engine named SS Jaguar 100. In 2008, Indian carmaker Tata Motors sought to widen its customer base and increase the scope of its product line. It bought the two renowned British brands Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford Motor Corporation, an American carmaker. This purchase gave the business access to high-end vehicles, the ability to expand its stable of luxury brands by adding two enduring names, and a global presence. It provided underperforming Ford the opportunity to get rid of two losing vehicle divisions (Mukherjee, 2016). Before fully merging with Land Rover and forming the new corporation known as Jaguar Land Rover, which was established on January 1, 2013, Jaguar Cars was the manufacturer of premium automobiles. Currently, Jaguar is manufacturing cars like E-Pace, F-Pace, F-Type, I-Pace, XE, XF, Jaguar R, and SVR models(Thorley, 2016).

The company's strategic intent is to provide a sustainability-rich reimagination of modern luxury, a unique experience to its experience, and a positive societal impact. The reimagination from the company's perspective refers to launching an all-electric luxury brand by 2025, to maintain its unique potential in the market (Chapman, 2021). The company has adopted a functional organizational structure that includes various levels of management as Jaguar has large areas where different management strategies are to be applied. Jaguar is one of the leading automobile brands in the market with big competitors like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Astron Marting, Bentley,Lamborgini, etc. the company's main focus is on manufacturing luxury performance cars, delivering high-power which makes the rider alive when the engine starts.

A critical analysis of the organization structure and culture

Organizational Structure: This part of the report highlights the critical facts about the organizational structure of the leading brand Jaguar also known as Jaguar Land Rover. The company uses different organizational structure at different levels of management, as it is known that jaguar is a big company and has various operational levels and each level has its organizational structure. The organizational structure of the company includes various levels from CEO to department standards and controls.

 Jaguar Land Rover organization structure

(Source: Orgio, 2022)

The structure of the organization includes Marketing and Sales & Services, Product Development Manufacturing, Finance HR & Administration, Purchasing Quality, IT, and HR and many more. The executive vice presidents of the division that are corresponding to the division presidents and vice presidents of division are responsible for the above-mentioned tasks. Level 2 of the structure includes the Executive Director of Manufacturing; next in the pyramid are the levels 3, 4, and 5 which all are part of the middle level. Level 3 of the company follows the same functional structure as levels 1 and 2, but on the other hand level 4 and 5 follow the divisional approach of organizational structure (Ahmady et. al. 2016). Level 5 of the structure does not show specifics about the job roles of employees, here employees are not as properly managed as the other levels in the organization.

Organizational Culture: In order to strengthen Innovative Principles, Values, and Mindset because of which the Creators' Code was created. With the help of employees and staff members, jaguar land rover Creators' code was meticulously designed to make effective and positive culture. This code of conduct shows "how" they deliver the services are essential to organization’s capacity to meet its goals. As it is mentioned above that at the top level CEO manages only 15 members which are part of level 1. This number of members depends on the size of the organization as in the case of jaguar CEO can focus on a large span of control. This will help its subordinates and employees with more guidance and monitoring. The company should also focus on providing decision-making opportunities, which will help the company in becoming more centralized(Joseph and Gaba, 2020). The company is required to make an alternative structure that will help the lower level of management like S&C departments. Combining all the divisions under the senior manager will help in improving communication between managers and employees in the organization.

The rationale to support business strategies

The company has faced so many dramatic challenges because of globalization. Since that the company has changed its processes and structure to overcome these challenges. The company started expanding its business in the global market to gain competitive advantages over its competitors. The company launched Ford 2000 with seven strategies to get success in the global market. They empowered employees to take decisions and motivate them to achieve the desired goals. Ford automotive operations (FAO) was developed as an element of Ford 2000 to combine their business operations around the global organizational structure (Elena, 2016). FAO has three vehicle centers worldwide that contribute to manufacturing, product development, sales, and supplies. The CEO suggested the company remain globalized through effective designs and manufacturing, sales and marketing operations, and satisfying the needs of the customers.

Jaguar constantly changes their car model over time and introduces the mark series of vehicles. The company mainly focuses on research and development to develop innovative products. Jaguar provides luxury, high performance, and innovation in each vehicle they deliver. They offer best-in-class guarantee coverage which is different from competitors' coverage (Borahet. al.  2015).

Limitations and Key Learning’s

Jaguar is a firm with many levels of management that have no link to one another, according to the research analysis of all the facts and strategies regarding the organization. One major weakness for the organization is that there is little communication between the various levels of management. Additionally, it is clear that the company's CEO does not intend to divide the organization into lower-level divisions; in order to do so, more staff members are required. After the merger, there is relatively little information available about Jaguar, and learning more about it can be challenging. On their official websites, businesses rarely provide information about recent developments, plans, strategies, and their effects, which makes it more challenging to gather data. The company should implement a new organizational structure and leadership tactics to inspire its workers and improve the working environment, according to the analysis of all the company's information. A corporation that only focuses on sales will not achieve good outcomes; instead, it should concentrate on its manager-employee connections. Employees should feel like they are being watched while being motivated by the lower level manager's. The key learning of the above research is that the organization can use numerous theories of motivation to make each and every employee hard working in order to achieve the future goals.


The report concluded the facts about one of the leading luxurious car manufacturer company Jaguar. With the help of secondary data better understanding is developed about the merger of jaguar with another luxurious car manufacturer company Land Rover, and now the company is given new name as Jaguar Land Rover. The company's key goals are to offer a unique experience; a modern luxury remained with a focus on sustainability, and a good social influence. According to the analysis, Jaguar has a useful vertical organizational structure. A benefit of this organizational structure is the ongoing expansion of managerial departments. Additionally, the report explains how organizational modifications have been implemented to support corporate strategy. Finally, the study assesses Jaguar's limitations, key matters for the corporation to emphasis on, and measures to facilitate a better working environment.


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