Strategic & General Management at Wilton Estate Development Plan Assignment Sample

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Introduction Of Project Report Strategic And General Management Assignment

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The big area of land across the southwest of Wilton which was initially aided for its development by the Salisbury district council which included 76 mixed dwellings. The Ministry of defense (MOD) eventually no longer needed the site for development. As there was a big delay in agreement in the open market value as there were many drawbacks set by the Crichel Down rules. The ARCH developments saw this as an opportunity to negotiate with the manager to have discussion about having a potential development in the area of Quidhampton. It was an important area of development where the estate was planning to build a new sports pavilion.

Summary of project progress

The Wilton estates have had some major developments in the construction of the complex. Firstly they dealt with the clearing of the site which included the removal of previously constructed buildings, houses or offices wherever necessary. One of the most major developments was about building the five dwellings which included one four-bed detached cottage and four three-bed semi detached cottages. These dwellings were the major developments as it would attract a lot of well renowned customers because of the interior designing, the ambience and the standard of living was at a top level (Zhong, Qin & Li, 2018). This would lead to a greater goodwill in and around the society so as to attract more and more customers.

The next goal was the development of interior designing which included wood flooring, designer bathroom fittings, a high tech kitchen with an island along with average quality appliances which was only included in the detached section of the cottages. As everyone feels the greatness lies in the interior and the exterior designing of the cottages more so with the interior designing. At the back of the mind a person always remembers the interior designing which stays as a memory for a long time.

The exterior design gives a first impression which was also well looked after. This was handled precisely in order to have longevity from the external heat and pollution which could easily degrade the view sight of the customers having view from outside, this will create a negative impression on the customers. In order to deal with such consequences the Wilton estates have taken some measures which include decorative clay tiles, powder coated aluminum windows, local brick and knapped flint. Decorative clay tiles would add the much needed outlook view and also provide resistance from the heat and the outside pollution which will save a lot of maintenance cost in the near future. Powder coated aluminum windows look excellent from outside and would also provide a greater longevity thereby again reducing the maintenance cost. Local brick would provide the everlasting strength for the building to stand strong for eternity without much maintenance cost spent on (Ajayi, 2022). Lastly for decorative purposes they have used knapped flint to give an ancient outlook to the exterior which would also be everlasting.

The next objective was to have a parking lot to park cars, bikes and to have a garage which would directly connect with the road to have easy access to the main road while taking out the vehicles. This was required for customers who come by their private cars or bikes in the complex; it would reduce the dependency on other external garages which will lead to eventual harassment for the customers.

The neighbors living nearby the complex need to be given their privacy in order to achieve that the Wilston estates also built new trees and built proper boundaries which will demarcate the actual borders between the complex and their neighbors. This is a very important step in order to avoid any sort of confusion regarding the actual boundary; negligence in this regard will land them in huge trouble where they will have to visit court in order to settle matters. They have also created a good landscape which includes both hard landscape and soft landscape. Hard landscape includes stones and rocks soft landscape includes designs of plants, flowers and soil. This type of design gives an attractive view from outside.

Sports pavilion is the ongoing construction which is being maintained by a special contractor who is specifically expert at this work. It is a difficult task to manage as this work is a bit out of the scope and difficult to keep track of but it is surely believed to be done at some point of time.

Challenges evaluation


As seen in the table of expenditure the sections of cost has been divided into five categories which includes land cost, construction cost, fees, marketing and sales and the finance cost which upon adding costs upto a total of £1,865,500.00 (case study). The cost of expenditure is always a big challenge in every project which should be as minimum as possible in order to make bigger profits (Dahmas, Li & Liu 2019). If the expenditure on every section of cost can be minimized without degrading the quality of the complex the selling price of the complex can also be increased depending on the quality, which in turn can lead to earning bigger profits. After all evaluation it is seen that the gross profit earned summed up to an amount of £301,392.29 (case study).

The biggest challenge is to maintain the cost of expenditure to a minimum without degrading the quality which will eventually earn goodwill of the estate as well as earn bigger profits.

Project information update

Another big challenge, which is to be faced, is to provide relevant and proper information about the project which will lure peoples attraction in the market and will attract a lot of customers in dealing with the settlement of the complex. The Wilton estate has put on big advertising hoardings in and around the locality of the area which has generated a large number of phone calls from the buyers of different kinds (Alshehri, 2019).

There has also been a joint venture with the ARCH as they personally had acquired a new site in Chilhampton. This step was very useful as the area of construction also increased with the joint venture, as we know bigger the area of construction better will be the planning and designing of the complex (Mitchell, Stevens & Waldram, 2018). They planned to have four luxury townhouses which required a bigger area of construction. This would result in a bigger, better and a well designed complex.

Information about the project

There should be demolition and clearness in the site; without clearness and demolition no new project can be started (Zhong, Qin, & Li, 2018). There should be internal design and external design in the project without internal and external design the project is incomplete. There should be a parking area for vehicles and there should be a shed for parking bikes and a gate for access to them (Barner, 2018). There should be a storage room in the project. There should be a hard and soft copy of landscaping and planting trees and providing privacy to the neighbor. If there is a sports ground in the project during the construction of the building then it should be constructed by a specialist.

The project should take eight month including the demolition and cleanliness. Quantities and qualities of materials should be maintained during the construction (Mitchell, Stevens & Waldram, 2018). For a new project there should be approval of the local authority. The plan of the project should be in the estimated price.

Condition of planning

Until the sport ground and room are created the demolish or development cannot be started. Without approval of material and samples by the local authority there is no development or construction of roof and walls (Barner, 2018). There is no development until the hard and soft copy of the scheme is approved by the authority.

According to the ecological report there should be development in the site if the site report is against the ecological and arboriculture report there is no development taking place. There should be a drainage system plan and it should be approved by the local authority without the scheme or plan the development cannot take place. There should be an exact route or construction of the pathway plan and it should be approved by the authority (Oswald et al. 2019). For any construction of a building there should be a wall or fences and it should be submitted and approved by the authority.

Advice and additional measures

For any construction or planning of a new project there should be maintaining the cost price, construction price including the demolition and clearness and the qualities and quantities. The finance condition should be maintained during the construction. The expenditure should be controlled if the expenditure is more than the esteem price then it shows effect on income. For selling the complex there should be hoarding for the attraction in the market. If there is an attraction then there are more calls for new plans for luxury houses and complexes and finding new areas for construction. There should be a well planned for construction and there should be planned according to the interior and exterior design (Pidgeon & Dawood, 2021). Most of the projects have sports grounds and well design in a limited area. The site should be clear and there should be privacy to neighbors so that there is objection during the construction. There should be a parking area in the plan of the project. And there should be minimum expenditure without degrading the qualities of the materials it would help in goodwill. There should be a plan for drainage systems and foul water.

And the plan of the project or scheme should be approved by the authority. Without approving the scheme the project cannot be executed. The plan should be according to the ecological and arboriculture report. The construction should have a pathway. Before starting the plan you should surround the area by wall and French and it should be approved by authority. The plan should take eight month to complete. If there is a problem in a plan then it should be replanted and finished as soon as possible.

If there is a garage in plan then it should be connected with the road. And plan of the project should be above sea level and maintain the area where all the facilities are there like hospitals, markets and airports. There should not be extra light on the site until the plan of the project shows its height, position and it should be approved by the authority. The development should be planned through the exact route. The plan is always according to the buyers. The companies should have relationships with other companies. It shows a good effect in the business. There should be a quality surveyor to check the qualities and quantities and there should be appointment of an arborilogical consultant to assess the trees on site and give a nice or alternative plan. The plan should be divided into three parts: steering group, project board and project team. After completion of demolition and groundwork, it should be left for three weeks. If there is proper and new advertising hoarding then there are more customers calls and the best house sold price. There should be a sports ground for more sports facilities. They should not use the same material for another project; it will create more risk for construction. If there is high risk in the plan then there should be a board meeting to solve the risk. If there's a lack of knowledge then there is a high risk of delays in construction. The plan should be well managed. There should be safety and qualities measured in the project because it plays an important role in the construction (Hamad, Tayeh & Aisri, 2021). There should be cost controls for less expansion. In the construction the manager should communicate with the employee so that the plan is completed in a short time. There should be habits of continuous planning. There should be proper budget planning so that no risk or problem arises in future.


In conclusion there should be maintaining the expenditure without degrading the qualities in the materials. The project should be well planned and attractive in the market. The site should be clean so that the project should complete as soon as possible. And there should be all types of facilities in a luxury house and complex. And the plan should be approved by the authority so that the project goes smoothly. And the project should be in hoarding so that more people should attract it will provide more profit to the company. And the project should be completed at an esteemed price.

The Project Portfolio

ARCH Developments is a new development company, dealing with a project in the village of Quidhampton, England. They were negotiating with their government over a large site to the South West of Wilton, which had been designated by Salisbury District Council under the 2015 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment to provide 76 mixed dwellings. The total area of the site is 0.95 hectares, which is situated 2.8km away from the center of Salisbury. Wilston Estate owned this site and offered lease to SSW Sports Club for 60 years. There was a tussle over an open market value under the Crichel Down Rules with the government.

The project mandate

The primary work of the project is tearing down the old buildings and clearing the site. This project aims to make a construction of five habitations, consisting of four three bed cottages that are semi detached and one four cottages that are detached. There are few design specifications such as the construction will be wood flooring, well decorated bathrooms, quality kitchen and a detached island and branded mid range appliance. The external design of this project includes use of decorative roof tiles, well framed windows that are aluminum powder coated and use of locally available bricks and quern stones to provide a long durability. This project also provides easy road access, a parking slot. Tree planting spots are also offered by this project. ARCH Developments also concerns about the privacy of the neighbors.

The estimated figure of the construction cost is £791,388 for the five dwellings. Including clearance and demolition this project must be finished within eight months by the end of November 2021.

The key stakeholder analysis

There are several things that are associated with this construction project such as clients, laborers or employees, material suppliers, operative and technical team, several financial entities, directive team and the government etc. Those are identified as stakeholders. A stakeholder analysis process is to identify all the people involved with the project beforehand and then put them in a separated group according to their influence and interest towards the project (Ongaro & Ferlie 2020). There is a necessity to achieve an early alignment among all the stakeholders as per the plan. As it is seen that initially there was a disagreement between the government and the development company. So the company needs to keep satisfying the government with legal responses.

Client of this project is the most important stakeholder as they will provide the ultimate profit from the project. So they will be attached closely and influence the project actively. The technical team and the employees of this project will show a great amount of interest because they will get the earnings from this project (Bryson & George, 2020) . The company needs to provide all the information regarding the construction process throughout, so the employees can perform well and be able to finish the task within time. The neighbors surrounding the construction are also a concern to the development company (Varelas & Apostolopoulos, 2020). They can complain about several issues regarding the ongoing construction process, for example they can bring an allegation of trespassing or can complain about the noise. That is why the company should take care of the well being of the neighbors for uninterrupted progression.

The stakeholder communication plan

As the Wilstone Estate is the land owner and they are providing the development land without any advance payment in respect of getting at least two dwellings that are semi detached. So here the Wilstone Estate and the other clients of the project should be dealt with proper care. The company must fulfill the commitment such as finishing the building within November of 2021.

In the beginning of the project there was a debate over Crichel down rule with the government so the company must be legally aware and they can make a legal cell who can come with legal advice throughout the construction process or in defense of any further interruption (Waghmare, 2019). Several external parties can be introduced to the project for making a plant protection plan or an archaeological team for soil testing and other necessary archaeological findings.

Then comes the employee of the project, the project must be well staffed with proper skills. The company should be concerned over the job satisfaction of the employees (Nkuda, 2019). The company should clear the payment on a regular basis so the laborers can perform effectively with proper motivation.

Finally the ARCH Developments must take care of the problems of neighbors surrounding the project area so the project work can be hazard free.

The communication between all the members of the project management hierarchy should be well and good. Although the project manager directly interacts with the contractor, any problem can occur at any level of the hierarchy, here the project manager must take care of all the sectors and resolve the problems responsibly (Grant & Baden-Fuller, 2018).

The contractor looks out for three entities: the architect team, engineers and the suppliers. The architect team and engineers can face several technical issues and may have to deal with irregular supply of the materials. Contractor must intervene in these issues immediately and ensure the regularity of the supplying materials.

The architect team directly deals with the designer, they must clear out what are the client’s specific demands.

Engineers deal with the labors of the project. They must take care of the well being of the laborers because the progression of the project depends on their effectiveness.

The risks register

Description of the risks




Mitigation plan

Chances of Building collapse




If the cheap materials are used to build a construction site there is a high probability that the building can collapse. So the quality materials should be used and proper precaution should be taken such as soil testing by experienced professionals.

Funding Availability




The project manager should consult with the financial expertise and make a proper plan of investment, profit and loss etc.

Employee Health Hazard




All the employee’s protection must be ensured by the management team.


ARCH Developments was seeking a chance to construct high quality cottages at Quidhampton. Initially they had to face several hazards as it started with a disagreement over the open market value under the crichel down rules. Then they got introduced to the manager of the Wilston Estate and made a business deal with them. Then Wiltshire county provided a plan of making 5 habitats on the land provided by Wilston Estate. A blueprint of building a construction site with the help of project manager, with the proper concept of project mandate, key stakeholder analysis, key stakeholder communication planning and assessment of risk factor is given

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