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Introduction of Tapping Into New And International Markets Assignment

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International business depicts any tare that takes place across the international borders. It is the most basic and involves the sale of goods and services between the countries. Global trade is conducting commercial on a worldwide scale across national borders. It emphasizes both the nation’s wealth and the company’s global corporate goals. Overseas trade refers to the international movement of commodities and services outside of a nation (Sharma et al., 2020). The main scope of the overseas trade involves foreign investment, service export, and import, with opportunities for licensing and franchising and benefiting from the currency exchange. The significance of overseas trade consists of expanding the market, the advantage of cost and improvement of overseas relations, and getting support from the government. The business report will shed light on the fact about its analysis of opportunities that are exposed to an increasingly global situation. Further, it will opine to comment on the advantages of training blocks for the firms and determine the importing and exporting process and its practicalities. Lastly, it will also evaluate the SMEs that might tap into oversees the business, and also be recommended for ““House of Dorchester”” to export to the foreign market.

 “House of Dorchester’s

(Source: Sharma et al., 2020)


“Assess the opportunities and threats the “House of Dorchester” faces in an increasingly competitive global environment. You can use PESTLE analysis to identify such opportunities and threats”

PESTLE Analysis for Opportunities and threats

Hence, the chocolate firm that the “House of Dorchester” has maintained will be discussed. However, the future and prediction would account for branching towards the worldwide respectively, that it might be needed to grasp some opportunities and threats.





The most worrying aspect of a company’s current position is its political situation. The government’s long-term survival may provide a favourable and unique environment for acquiring new prospects. Internal and external government policies may give a chance to contribute to the enrichment of the nation (Jagtap et al., 2020).

The political conflict and the cool war might negatively influence the native market.

The Government strategy, if it is not in favor, might be an expensive there for the organization

The bureaucracy is the biggest factor for any business organization.


The central orating unemployment rate might bring vast opportunities to grow an organizational potential and would assist in widening the area of the service. Moreover, it constantly raises the demand for a specific item, likely a positive change in the economy.

The impact of Covid -19 on the market is that they can demo site the economic degeneration. Economically it has been empowered or standing gradually from the power overall from the power that changes would affect the authentic market policies and its several components (Okai-Mensah et al., 2020). It is. Therefore, that has been mentioned that Chocolate firms should have to follow the common threats to the plan.


Every group’s geo-cultural or social competency and attention must be measured. Cultural diversity and the lifestyle of the organization’s target should not be taken into account while acquiring access to resources. Officials may be able to determine the strength and flavour of the chocolates by observing various social occasions and events (Gallo, Antolin-Lopez and Montiel, 2018).

Consumers from remote rural locations or communities who do not conduct themselves online with the required courtesy are instances of ethical difficulties.

Like other social marketing kinds, negative advertising can impair a company’s marketing effectiveness.


The virtual world surrounds the technological ear of the individual. Furthermore, the vast implementation of effective business development for the “House of Dorchester” should be scattered in the virtual world.

Growing the I.T. infrastructure and having control over the virtual and positive marketing might impact the Chocolate commercials that are braider and easily effective. Moreover, t it will assist the firm in getting more chances through the trade development globally indeed.

Suppose there is a lack of perfect trade planning toward the technological grabbing that might badly impact the business. Technologically the growth might be very expensive to the novel investors for the case of “House of Dorchester” that they should plan with their trade insights (Waight et al., 2022).


A boundless service law might also assist the firm to be spread out positively.

 It has been released from the legal problem “as soon as possible”, which might bring approximately particular progression that might also assist for getting novel occasions.

The legal adjustment may not be away in the international favor that might harm the business development. But, on the other hand, being “a chocolate” firm, “House of Dorchester” follow a certain policy that would increase the concern for better turnover.


“Environmental factor” has been the most vital parameters for the “House of Dorchester” that effectively develops their business (Ang et al., 2019).

Before inventing for the country internationally to their geographical condition which might sometimes be acting for a positive rise towards the opportunities that are easily followed for the internet, several nations globally have advantages for the business in their countries.

Occasionally, nations that would look for added-in trade are fallen for the plan that is only for the ecological mismatch.

The chocolate business might not get as big in the triage nations or have fallen just because for the difficulty of the situations

“Make a case for the organization expanding its operations in a foreign market of your choice. Your case for the organization’s foreign expansion should be based on a theory of international trade such as Porter’s diamond, product life-cycle theory, country similarity theory, etc”.

Country Similarity Theory of Global Trade

The main idea proposed for the consumer in the nation are very same level for growth that would have the similar tastes

 The cross-country data assumption was introduced by “Swedish economist Steffan Linder in 1961 as a technique for explaining inter-country commerce”. According to the country similarity hypothesis, clients will claim the same commodities with equivalent worth and superiority if two nations with identical essential procedures exist. Most items are manufactured to meet the demands of the local market due to cultural or socioeconomic ties. Therefore, their usual export customers are other nations with comparable needs. As a result, trade is higher in countries closer to geographical formations than those further away.

Further, the “E.U. states are closely linked in socio-cultural, economic, and geographic affinities”. Before executing the “BREXIT plan, the United Kingdom” was an important member of the “E.U. running the “BREXIT agenda” (Skrabulakova, Gresova and Khouri, 2019). For internal reasons, the “United Kingdom quit the European Union”. As we all know, “House of Dorchester” is a high-end, strong brand located in the United Kingdom. According to the nation comparison model, increasing the “House of Dorchester’s” trade in a worldwide market like the E.U. is more leisurely (Park, Yuan and Choe, 2021). Great Britain and the eurozone express similar languages and eat similar foods. As a result, the nation likeness argument is frequently used to explain the “House of Dorchester’s” success in the E.U. market. Nowadays, most of the trade is in related nations.

  • It is a per capita income
  • It has been comparable to communication-allocation systems
  • It’s the same language, tradition and beliefs, and preferences.

Conservatively, this theory has the following principles. The country similarity hypothesis is based on the following concepts:

When demand patterns in two countries are equivalent, buyers will claim the same levels of value and excellence for the same items.

Due to cultural or socioeconomic similarities, other nations with equivalent offers would be their regular trade partners because most products are manufactured to meet the wants of the local market.

Countries that are near geological regions geographically would have greater trade than those that are far away (Chen and Lee, 2020).

Consequently, the nation similarity theory expresses that most manufactured goods trade should occur between nations with comparable income per capita and that manufactured goods commerce should be universal.

According to this notion, two forms of commerce are conducted viz.

  • “Inter-industry trade is the exchange of” commodities produced by one industry in one country for goods produced by another industry in a different country. Typically, it is a partnership between two industries from separate nations.
  • Intra-industry trade is the passing trade of goods between businesses that make similar products (Baccini Dür and Elsig, 2018).


  • The developing nation order is to developed nations
  • Nation those that are having same cultural situation order have more amongst themselves
  • The similarity parameter supports the intra-firm commercials.

“Present any tariff and non-tariff barriers the “House of Dorchester” would have to face when expanding in the foreign market.

“Tariff and Non-tariff barriers in international trade”

The “House of Dorchester” has faced both the “tariff and non-tariff” barrier that expands its business.

“Tariff barriers” for overseas business trade

Special Tariff

A tariff is a fixed sum of money applied to each component for trade in things. The tax might differ contingent on the items being introduced. For instance, a administration may levy a $6 tax on each quid for introduced chocolate yet a $35 tariff on each cell phone (Sulaima et al., 2019).

“Ad Valorem Tariffs”

 “Ad Valorem” originates from the Latin word “according to the value.” So, It is a tariff “levied on a good based on” the proportion point for the value of goods. So, for instance, “an Ad Valorem tariff might be about 14-16 percent tariff imposed by Japan” on chocolate “imported from the U.K”. About 14-16% is the rate rise over the child’s value, so about $ 120 chocolate would now cost about 125 to Japanese clients (Aizenberg, Bykadorov and Kokovin, 2018).

 “Ad Valroem Tariff”

(Source: Aizenberg, Bykadorov and Kokovin, 2018)

Combined Tariff

It involves both specific and “Ad Valorem” duty on the item successfully.

The non-tariff barrier to international trade


 Licensing is one of the most common ways that nation regulates to control the vitality of the item. A licenses system would allow the authorized firm to import particular commodities involves toward the goods that are licensed. The Product prices might either be general licenses or one-time licenses. In general, licensing would allow the importation and exportation of permitted goods for a particular period (Mardikaningsih, 2021). Furthermore, the one-time license would allow specific item importers to import a particular amount of the item. It also tends to determine the cost, origin of the country, and the customer point through which the important might be carried out.


 “Embargoes” are the prohibitions for employment for particular supplies and might be imposed on imports or exports for specified that are supplied from particular nations.


It involves the quantitative sanction imposed on importing and exporting specific items of quantified aspects. Nations use shares as a straight form of organizational rule for foreign trade, and it also contracts miserable to a variety of nations where the enterprise should occupation sure supplies (De Cabo et al., 2019). However, it mainly caps the number of goods imported or exported at a particular time.

Import Deposit

It involves the formation of foreign trade regulation that needs the importer to pay the nation’s central bank, which is a particular sum of money for a definite period.


Trade Blocs

A Trade bloc is an intergovernmental agreement, often a portion of regional intergovernmental organizations. Here, the regional barriers to international trade are minimized or eliminated for the particular sites that tend to allow them to trade with each other as rapidly as conceivable (Jacks and Novy, 2020).

The different types of trade blocks

  • “Free Trade Area
  • Common Market
  • Economic Union
  • Customers Union”.

The role of the trading block

“Economic Integration”: Trade agreements were used to complete the integration process. Trading blocs bring nations closer together by bringing their economies together. Developing regional cooperation and interconnection is aided by trading blocs. It unites the country by fostering diverse economies and encouraging financial participation among group members.

A trading bloc helps you maximize the value of your possessions. It tends to depicts that no nation on the earth is self-contained, and countries must rely on one another to satisfy their needs. Likewise, countries must rely on one another to satisfy their needs since no country is self-sufficient (Lin and Jia, 2020).

Increased Trade: The asset market economy leads to economic and trade growth.

“House of Dorchester” and Business expansion in the E.U.

 “In the United Kingdom”, “House of Dorchester” has been well known for the chocolate manufacturer. The “European Union (E.U.)” is possibly the most significant business body “House of Dorchester’s” global expansion”. In respect, the “House of Dorchester” may be able to expand its operations notwithstanding the Brexit situation. Moreover, The E.U. is still willing to help: Regardless of the referendum’s outcome in the United Kingdom or how it adjusts “corporate legislation, both the United Kingdom and the European Union” will have to trade. The “House of Dorchester” should seize this chance and meet European market demand. It is a chance of “House of Dorchester” to fill a hole in the European marketplace. Maintain an updated knowledge base (Fragkos and Paroussos, 2018). Furthermore, taking the things, the thing is slow a steady manner as the term of Brexit is still being arranged and examined. Trying to trust boards will rapidly tackle the business in an unstable position.

Next, doing any market research has always been a go into any action that would be thought that it will need to create evidence for the novel marketplace to unite. Indeed, responsibility marketplace investigate for “House of Dorchester’s” client base allows for better tailoring its items and service to the E.U.

Advise the “House of Dorchester” to determine whether it is beneficial to import or export

merchandise and/or services. Explain the key differences between the merchandise

(goods) and services imported and exported and their advantages and disadvantage

Advise the “House of Dorchester” to determine whether it is beneficial to import or export

merchandise and services. Explain the key differences between the merchandise

(goods) and services imported and exported and their advantages and disadvantage

Advise the “House of Dorchester” to determine whether it is beneficial to import or export

merchandise and/or services. Explain the key differences between the merchandise

(goods) and services imported and exported and their advantages and disadvantage

“Advise the “House of Dorchester” to determine whether it is beneficial to import or export merchandise And services”.

“Explain the key differences between the merchandise (goods) and services import and export and their advantages and disadvantages”

The “House of Dorchester essentially export and import both goods and services”. The trade may benefit all parties involved. Typically, “House of Dorchester” is a well-known chocolatier. Chocolate requires importing raw materials such as cocoa, sugar, vegetable oil, and other ingredients. It also entails importing services, such as labor, which is an essential section of trade. Nevertheless, the “House of Dorchester”, on the other hand, must export things to gain money (chocolate) (Saridakis et al., 2019). “House of Dorchester” necessity trade both products and facilities with other countries at the identical period.

Merchandise (Goods)

The merchandise is the item or article, or commodities that the firm sells, and in turn, patrons buy these goods to fill their needs and wants. Example “Computer, Book, Notepad, laptop bag, Water bottle, Car, jacket, Cell phones, Desk, lamp”. Delivering merchandise from seller to buyer might include mandating, marketing, and logistics.


These are intangible activities that have benefits for the person or business performed. Services like “computer repair, meal delivery, plumbing, and air-condition installation”.

Merchandise Vs Services



· The goods are the resources items that might be seen, touched, or felt and are ready for sale to the users

· The services are the amnesties, facilities, and assistance or asst to provide by another discrete

· It has always a time lag between the production and consumption of good

· The “Production and Consumption” of service would co-occur.

· Goods are tangible and homogenous.

· It is intangible and heterogeneous (Eaton and Kortum, 2018).

· Not all the goods are perishable;

· Service is unpreserved

“Compare and contrast the available modes for expansion for the “House of Dorchester”. These can be exported, wholly owned subsidiary, joint venture, licensing and franchising”.

“recommend to the “House of Dorchester” and the reasons why”

Available models for expansion “House of Dorchester” are portrayed below:-

Wholly owned subsidiary

It involves the firm whose common stock in hundred per cent wanted by another firm, the parent firm. It can only “become a wholly-owned subsidiary through” the attainment by the parental firm, not consuming turned off from the parental firm.


Trade that sells their goods and service to the consumer in their nation is exporting them. Posting is one of the traders who can rapidly expand their potential market.

Joint venture

It is a commercial plan for which two or more parties pool their resources to accomplish a particular assignment (Leonard et al., 2020). The particular process for novel task or other commercial action. In these, it is that each, if these are responsible for-profit losses in cost that, is associated for it.

 Joint Venture

(Source: Leonard et al., 2020)


It is from advertising and supply. Commercial scheme proprietor endowments an separate or group insured the ring to run the business.


  • Needs to increase the competitiveness- It tends to exposure to new ideas, management, and practices.
  • To increase the Sales- It allows the firm to increase “House of Dorchester’s” sales potential
  • Higher profits (No other firm wood export deals it intended to make a profit House o Dorchester might tend to make more profit by distributing chocolate to differ part to work for expanding that business)
  • Spreading “product life cycle” where chocolate strength for impending towards the end of its life for the national marketplace
  • The “outward migration from the” U.K. to “Europe and North America” is mainly relatively higher to follow the customer abroad. Further, the “House of Dorchester” can benefit from these circumstances by targeting diasporic to drive export sales (Liang et al., 2019).

“Explain the process of the company’s expansion, i.e. if your recommendation is for the “House of Dorchester” to export to the foreign market, explain the process of exporting; if on the other hand, your recommendation is for the “House of Dorchester” to expand through a joint venture, franchising or any other mode, you would need to explain the restrictions and requirements of the foreign market”.

“Process of expanding” business through exposing

Benefits of Exporting

It is the if one is reaping the rewards of expanding your goods and services' international markets.

Finding Lucrative Export Forecasts

The scarcity of help when it comes to finding gainful export chances. It might simply check into your most significant occasions aimed at trading partners eager to interact with firms like yours, including trade events to government-sponsored programs in the United Kingdom.

Subsidies for exports:

The British government goes to great efforts to encourage residents to trade. As a result, a wide range of financial explanations modified to the wants for minor trades is available (Jewell et al., 2018). “It may be able to assist the House of Dorchester” in raising the necessary finances to commence importing.

Finalize your export contract's details

 When working with international commercial partners, it's critical to maintain a high level of professionalism.

Managing the risk of currency

The current chance rate can fluctuate sometimes act as a firm disadvantage. Therefore, the tool needed to eliminate the risk of currency would tend to fluctuate, which does to jeopardize the profits (Jewell et al., 2018).

Procedure of export

  • As per the admission for the U.K., the following are the necessary steps that need to follow for the firm to export goods.
  • Firstly, it needs to check if one needs to follow the process or not
  • To check the rule and shipping of goods and supply for any licenses, one needs to send for the goods they are using (Le et al., 2019).
  • Getting the trade ready to ship can check whoever is receiving the goods that much import them.
  • Decide to whom it will make the export for declaration and transport for the belongings.
  • Classifying the goods
  • Preparing the invoice and other documentation for the goods
  • Getting for the internet though the customer
  • Keeping invoices and records


Hence to conclude it has been disused that challenges and hurdles for both “tariff and non-tariff barriers) House of Dorchester” tend for facing once entering the global marketplace. Further, it sums to have discussed the country similarity their and PESTLE analyze for the “House of Dorchester’s” to opportunities their assessment. It also adds to expanding the business in the foreign market. Next, it clearly shows that it would develop for the trade-in global market for “House of Dorchester” needs to export chocolate to other nations. Lastly, it should have experience conducting a territory fragment for the trade. Dorchester must simultaneously import and export merchandise and service to run its business.


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