The Luxury Hospitality Business Environment Assignment Sample

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Introduction of The Luxury Hospitality Business Environment Assignment

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Summarise the history and cultural heritage of the business and evaluate its current luxury product and service offering

 I would say that the historical perspective for Dorchester Hotel is that the site had formerly been part of “Geoffrey de Mandeville’s Manor of Hyde, which William the Conqueror had purchased.” “Joseph Damer owned it in the eighteenth century, and a major edifice was built in 1751”. “Damer became Earl of Dorchester in 1792”, and the mansion was renamed Dorchester House. In the early 1800s, Francis Seymour-Conway, the 3rd Marquess of Hertford, bought it and renovated it in the “Roman Villa Farnese” style. “Captain Robert Stayner Holford converted the house into a palace after Hertford’s death” (Periañez-Cristobal, Luengo and Calvo-Mora, 2020). I profoundly found that Dorchester Hotel is also culturally better as Hotel say that individual is in their DNA, and that is the reason why they have created a culture that would celebrates a difference and welcomes the imagination that would offer for the freedom to take the initiative for the business to grow swiftly. I experienced that to assess the current luxury product and service contribution of Dorchester Hotel. I would say that the rooms and suites where deluxe queen room, superior King room, suite where stanhope suite, Mayfair suite would and the signature suite include The Audley penthouse are the types of luxury service and product, and it also involves for wedding events where a luxury ballroom are also included for the service contribution (Padma and Ahn, 2020). My understanding is that luxury service product involves VIP treatment, beautiful blooms of floral displays, and or concierge where the gold standard of concierge care and the Bring the little one are some of the services Dorchester Hotel tend asses provide to their guests and delegates. Dorchester hotel also assesses their product and service where they have a door-to-door service over the choice of the vehicle “Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Mulsanne, Mercedes S-Class, and Mercedes Viano.”

Evaluate the market for the luxury business, including its current customer profile and achievement of customer value

Luxury Hotel tends to be the market player in London and one such Hotel in Dorchester with its luxurious ambiance and service toward their guest. Business travelers, tour groups, conference groups, and induced tourists are the main target guests for Dorchester Hotel. Further, the Dorchester hotel is one of the major segments in the luxury hotel market. Consequently, the concept for the market within the luxury hotel would come from the provision for high-end experiences with it a higher value of the proposition (Efthymiou, Orphanidou and Panayiotou, 2020). The luxury hotel would provide distinctive features with advanced facilities for the end-use guests. Dorchester’s customer profile would involve the “corporate travelers, tour groups, small conference groups, and tourists” who are the target customer of Dorchester hotel. So is that the type of market segmentation for Dorchester hotel depends on the marker. That would involve “families, solo travelers, Couples. Adventurers, retirees, and free independent travelers”. Dorchester Hotel can create an achievement for their Customers’ values by improving their buying process. Dorchester Hotel can provide an online purchasing option in the current pandemic situation for hotel booking with a discount of 20% available on special suite booking and rooms available through their sites.

Further, Dorchester Hotel can provide positive experiences for creating customer value whereby interaction. It would enhance the customer experience by sending a thank you email to the follow-up transaction. Further, if Dorchester Hotel’s customer base is smaller, sending a personalized note and picking up facilities from the airport and railway station by Dorchester hotel’s car service would provide a positive experience (Delpechitre, Beeler-Connelly and Chaker, 2018). Further, it would tend to have a supportive guest’s service experience that would resolute for any queues right way which can leave in lasting for a positive impression. Dorchester Hotel would also create their achievement of customer value by rewarding loyalty. How to the guests how much they approved their business would manage the perception of the Dorchester Product or services.

Critically assess the competitive position of the luxury business

Competition position tends to for the palace of the home, its product, and service for the widely understood market. In my view, the hospitality occupation is the among of all the business throw that needs to tackle by the rival to compete with. The Dorchester Hotel tends to utilize unmatched experiences and operates with some of the world’s top hotels. My point is that a competitive position for a Luxury hotel like Dorchester has competitive benefits when it can generate excess returns over an extended period. Luxury hotel hospitality is a group of hotels seen as a direct rival to Dorchester hotel (Vlasic, Poldrugovac and Jankovic, 2019). It is often that too would be needed to come for the performance against the other Hotel to find the way to make their offer more competitive. I would say that a hotel brand has a unique selling proposition. The argument tends to convince travelers to book a hotel instead of someone else property. It is known as the market position for which the luxury hotel business would tend to give. And I would say that position is composed of a bundle of attributes that the Hotel mainly offers to meet the guest’s wants and needs.

Alternative solutions for threats and opportunities for the business, enabling it to grow and remain viable

Opportunities and Threats

The opportunities for Dorchester hotel are in the development aspect. I would say that Since its inception in 2006 Dorchester collection has built a portfolio of truly legacy hotels where they would come to experience a certain way of life. It is a passionate hotelier and experienced operator constantly seeking new opportunities that would add to its portfolio. Dorcshter opportunities also involve unique chances a chance to be a part of the world’s most covert collection of hotels where people would come to experience and connect with a certain way of life (Bardwell et al., 2019). Several things can be done to improve bookings, guest pleasure, and income in the hotel industry. Examine current industry trends and guest feedback for ideas on how to diversify your revenue streams or expand into new sectors.

The threat for Dorchester hotel business group tends to turn to “loss as boycott and Brexit had hot the business”. “Further, for this hotel where personal abuse was directed at the staff of Dorchester, collection hotel which led to the temporary closure of the groups in social media accounts and protests that took place outside the group London park lane property.”

Alternative Solution

Dorchester’s Hotel should take care of the threats involved in the Dorchester hotel business where Brexit issues need strategies to combat threats by the navigating the few hurdles that are mainly ceased by Brexit in short term for the hotel industry, for instance, the cost of the hiring, placement and skill-shortage of Dorchester’s hotel needs to be managed more extensively. Further, protests must be stopped by introducing strict policing near Dorchester with stronger security measures must be taken by Dorchester hotel.


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