Unit 6 Managing Successful Business Project Assignment sample

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Introduction Of Managing Successful Business Project Assignment

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The concept of Personal and professional development

Personal development plan refers to the process of the development of the self-skills and professional skills so that they can develop their future in the better results (Cazeri and et.al., 2019). It is the process of development for the better future and analysing of self-planning and development.

The value of Short-term goals

Short term gaols provide the benefit for develop for better personal skills and professional skills in the process of working and learning. Here are the short-term examples:

  • I got the personality degree in the painting as I was good with it and wanted to achieve the degree for that.
  • I quickly adopt the change of my project when asked by the tutor in rapid scenario.
  • I develop a personal website of my painting profile

The value of medium-term goals

Medium goals provide the small and medium goals of achievement which the learner want to learn in their process of PDP. Medium-term goal is developing the initial help in the development of the skills and personal and professional learning.

  • I learned the skills of my favourite sports in tennis.
  • I worked on my development of fitness for 3 months to develop a good body.
  • Working on the project of analysis the customers satisfaction with the students for 6-month period to develop knowledge.

Long term goals

The long-term goals are essential for the PDP and it can be used by the learner in development of their working which can lead to better process of development in workplace and college. The long term is for a longer period to develop the better skills of personal and professional development.

  • I cut the junk food for at least 1 year to get better stamina and health.
  • I worked on the marathon for a year to get the first price.
  • I earned a student degree in finance.

The personal development plan Construct

The personal development plan is to work on the knowledge I gained from the short, long, medium term goals I wanted to achieve and its time period.

  • Short term: within the period of 1 month to 2 months
  • Long term: the period within the 3-5 month
  • Medium Term: the period from 6 to 1 year


The reliability and Relevance of author purpose

Authority is to provide the reliability and knowledge with the sources of the credibility and also give the information to develop the right knowledge and skills to develop the knowledge for the PDP in the process of academic skills. The author provides the information and the development of better knowledge form the sources which can be use to develop better understanding of the academic skills and knowledge.

The purpose is to develop as better understanding of the skills and the knowledge which can be used to develop a better understanding of academic skills for PDP. It is essential and the purpose of the books and author knowledge is to provide the information which help in getting the reliable information to develop the knowledge for the given development skills which the individual wants to work.

The reliability of the information provides by the author which are certified and have the right knowledge which can be used by the individual in gaining the right skills for their academic and personal and professional development (Li and et.al., 2018). The relevancy can be understood by the factor they express in the books and journals to provide the right ways of information. This is essential for the procurement of knowledge which the learner wants to achieve and develop in their process of working.

The use of the sources is essential for the research and report and it can be used to provide the tools and knowledge for the learning and PDP. This help in additional learning for the learner. It provides the process of learning with the verified sources to develop the right skills and knowledge to increase the right development in the growth towards the process of learning in academic skills and PP.

The sources of the report plan







Cazeri, G.T., Ordoñez, R.E.C., Anholon, R., Pereira, C.M. and Rodrigues, E.A

Performance measurement in product development process

The literature review of the authors and the process of working on PDP.

Detailed information of the literature to work on the right factor of the business in development of many factor to develop overall knowledge for this.


Lucid chart

To provide the information of the PDP process.

The reliability of this is that it is verified by the google in the learning of PDP process.

It provides the information of the process and also the definition of steps in the PDP process.


Yin, F.P., Gao, Q. and Ji, X., 2017

Performance modelling

The value analysis and the improving the product development.

To increase the ways by developing more of modelling for better performance in the academic skills


Pérez Cavana, M.L. and Lowe, S., 2019

Personal development plan

The knowledge for the purpose to choose between the future and present knowledge and development.

Developing the information to work on the idea and decision.


van Dooren, M.M., Visch, V.T. and Spijkerman, R., 2017

Understanding of the presentation of academic knowledge.

Reliability of the sources from google scholar

To evaluate the process of development.


Li, M., Zheng, B., Duan, K., Zhang, Y., Huang, Z. and Zhou, H., 2018

Low carbon process of method for designing the development process.

The certified knowledge of the author from certified author.

The reliability to the process of development of better knowledge with the steps of models.


The university of Sydney

Academic skills and development

The official process of knowledge from the university of Sydney.

Detailed information of the given resources to increase in better resources.


Skills you need

It provides the information of the skills which are required

It develops the knowledge of working on the necessary details of skills for the learner.

The steps to get better results of skills.



Books and Journals

Cazeri, G.T., Ordoñez, R.E.C., Anholon, R., Pereira, C.M. and Rodrigues, E.A., 2019. Performance measurement in product development process (PDP): literature review and gaps for further research. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management16(4), pp.550-561.

Li, M., Zheng, B., Duan, K., Zhang, Y., Huang, Z. and Zhou, H., 2018. Effect of defects on the thermal transport across the graphene/hexagonal boron nitride interface. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C122(26), pp.14945-14953.

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