Women, Peace And Security In Nepal Assignment Sample

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Introduction of Women, Peace And Security In Nepal Assignment 

Slide 2:

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  • Increase awareness about women, peace, and security in Nepal
  • Understanding the policies that differentiate men and women in many situations
  • Promoting gender equality based and improving women's security

This assignment mainly focused on women, peace, and security in Nepal. The main objective of this assignment is to increase awareness about women, peace and security based on a contemporary event (Berry and Rana, 2019). This assignment also focuses on the involvement of women in peace processes. Based on the involvement of women, their engagement is also discussed. Based on some specific case studies and contemporary events for women empowerment or conflict, these engagement or involvement has been analysed.

2. Contemporary event on women's peace and security

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  1. UN peacekeeping operations are assigned to improve women, peace and security
  2. This event is mandated by International Security Council
  3. This event helps to prevent conflicts, and resolution and peace building

International Security Council has assigned a peace building operation for women, peace and security for preventing conflicts, resolutions, and peace building. Security Council resolution happened in 2000. Based on many subsequent resolutions, several impacts on women's peace and security have been adopted (Womenpeacesecurity.org, 2022). This is mainly done based on the prevention of conflicts, promoting gender equality, and improving the importance of women's leadership and management in many organisations.

3. Women, conflict and empowerment of Nepal

Slide 4:

  1. Lack of economic security in the conflicts
  2. Differentiate due to class, ethnicity, ability, caste, widowhood, and category
  3. Sexual harassment in the conflicts

During the civil war in Nepal, which happened in 1996, women and girls were treated as war tactics. During this conflict, several girls and women are raped and sexually harassed. Due to economic security in the conflicts, several problems have been raised regarding women's security (Berry and Rana, 2019). In many organisations, and in many institutes, women are different from men due to many reasons. Such reasons are class, ethnicity, ability, caste, and category. Due to all these reasons, women are faced with so many problems, in their social life, work-life, and in many situations.

4. Theoretical perspective

Slide 5:

  1. Feminism theory deals with promoting equality for women
  2. It also promotes women's security
  3. Social, political, and economic equality for women

This section contains two main theories as Feminist theory and queer theory. Feminism theory deals with promoting equality for women in social, economical, and political factors. This theory contains three steps such as political rights, social equality between genders (Prio.org, 2022). The third stage contains globalisation, postmodernism, postcolonialism, and post-structuralism. This theory mainly focused on the promotion of gender equality and category prevention and differentiation between men and women.

Slide 6:

  1. Queer theory fights against social inequalities
  2. It explores several gender-based challenges
  3. It mainly focused on sexual, class, gender, and racial classifications

Queer theory mainly deals with the promotion of social and cultural improvement based on sex, gender, class, and race classifications. It fights against social inequalities based on several classifications between men and women (Giri, 2021). In order to improve women's safety and security, and for promoting the prevention of classifications based on several factors, queer theory is effective and applicable.

5. Critical analysis of the theories

Slide 7:

  1. Women are treated as a witness, not as victims
  2. Women’s experience was ignored
  3. Improving gender equality based on the theories

After analysing the events, and their corresponding results and factors that are creating an impact on women's peace, and security. Based on the event, these theories can be applicable and effective. These two theories mainly focused on promoting gender equality in many situations. Gender lens helps so much in promoting and improving the social, economical, and political factors in women (Womenpeacesecurity.org, 2022). In many social and economical phenomena, gender lens and these theories can help event for preventing their social and economical barriers. In post-conflict situations, women's experiences, knowledge are all ignored. In order to promote those, feminist and queer theories are so effective and efficient.

6. Conclusion

Slide 8:

  • This assignment focuses on women, peace and security
  • Conflict prevention and removal of gender classification is the main goal using a gender lens
  • Feminist theory and queer theory is so much effective and applicable

In order to improve these situations, this assignment helps to find the problems and solve them. Based on the conflicts that have been discussed in the event, it has been critically analysed. Based on feminist theory and queer theory, it is clear that both the theories can be so much effective and efficient for removing the gender and sex-based classification problems from the social life of women.



Berry, M.E. and Rana, T.R., 2019. What prevents peace? Women and peacebuilding in Bosnia and Nepal. Peace & Change44(3), pp.321-349.

Giri, K., 2021. Do All Women Combatants Experience War and Peace Uniformly? Intersectionality and Women Combatants. Global Studies Quarterly1(2), p.ksab004.


Womenpeacesecurity.org, 2022. Nepal - NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security. Available at https://www.womenpeacesecurity.org [Accessed on 28th March, 2022]

Prio.org, 2022. Women, Peace and Security: The Case of Nepal. Available at https://www.prio.org [Accessed on 28th March, 2022]

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