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Digital Business Management Assignment and Emerging Technology Assignment

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1. Introduction Of Digital Business Management and Emerging Technology Assignment Sample

Digitalization has changed the notion of every business nowadays that has enhanced the business performance in a better way. The current generation has used the digital platform to engage themselves in the competitive market. Regarding this fact, there are many companies that have started their business through digital and online media platforms. The process of digitalization has helped the business to emerge the business in a proper way. Regarding this fact, this particular report has chosen e-Bay Inc. which is a C2C and B2C, E-commerce platform since 1995 (El-Ebiary, 2021).

Based on the evaluation of this particular company, this particular report has generated the E-business model and the uses with strengths and weaknesses. Alongside, this particular report has concentrated on the followed competitive strategy and digital business strategies, digital marketing strategies used by the company. Also, this particular report has catered for the appropriate CRM strategies and social channels that have provoked the company to improvise the performance.

This report also brings out the details about the cyber security procedures they have and also provide the appropriate recommendations for better security for the protection of the data and information on the digital information.

2. Identification of the E-Business Model That the Website Pursues and Consider the E-Business Concepts and Approaches with Specific Strengths and Weaknesses of E-Bay

Definition of E-business model:As per the statement of Dubosson?Torbay, Osterwalder and Pigneur, 2002), An architecture for goods, service, and information flows, which includes an analysis of the main business players and their responsibilities; a definition of the multiple business actors’ possible advantages; and a definition of the multiple business characters’ income streams. E-bay inc. has used the two type’s e-business models B2C and C2C.

Example of B2C Model

Business to Consumer (B2C):The term “business-to-consumer” relates to the procedure through which companies offer their products and services directly to customers, without the involvement of a middleman (Abumalloh, Ibrahim and Nilashi, 2020). The term “business-to-consumer” is often used to access websites merchants that offer items or services to consumers via the Internet (Chaffey, 2019). In that same way, E-bay Company directly sells their products to their customers via internet marketing platform.


  • It has helped this E-commerce platform to target a wide range of audience
  • It has helped E-bay to cut down the operational and infrastructure cost
  • Useful for directly targeting the consumers and their experience


  • Struggle to handle the different orders at the same time
  • It is challenging to get repeat clients, and they will need to spend more on digital advertising.

Customer to Customer (C2C): Customer to customer (C2C) is a company paradigm in which consumers transact with one another, generally online. In that case, Consumer-to-consumer refers to online interactions between different private end-users to sell or purchase items (Chen et al., 2018). C2C transactions are conducted via internet marketplaces in E-bay. 


  • This model has helped the business to enhance their consumer base
  • It is helpful for e-bay to enhance their client base and profit


  • Uncertainty of payment from the client parties
  • The competition level is high

3. Identification of the Competitive Strategy and Digital Business Strategy the Company Has Followed and Provided Recommendations or Suggestions with Clear Justifications

Competitive strategy

Cost Leadership Strategy: eBay Inc.’s basic approach is to be the lowest-cost provider. The business keeps up a competitive edge via cost reduction, which results in cheap pricing or large profit ratios (Kharub, Mor and Sharma, 2019). eBay’s generic competitive strategy, for instance, includes technology that reduces variable costs in global e-commerce businesses. Effective pricing strategies entice both consumers and vendors to the online shopping and auctions trading platform.

Additionally, becoming cost-leadership results incorporate strength versus competitors, as demonstrated by eBay Inc.’s Porter’s Five Forces Model (Bruijl, 2018). This notion of this model is already used by the company that has helped them evaluate the insights of a chosen market from suppliers to customers. Therefore, the organization’s corporate strategy involves cost-cutting management approaches, aggressive growth tactics, and associated strategic goals that leverage low operational expenses.

Porter’s Five Forces Model

Digital Business Strategy

Digital strategy is concerned with using technologies to optimize business performance, whether via the launch of innovative products or the redesigning of existing processes (Ukko et al., 2019). From the evolution of the company performances over the times, it has been seen that, they no such innovative perspectives that may help them to cater the better services through innovation among the customers. Mostly, in the pandemic situation of the coronavirus, it is an important fact to provide the services to the customers at a time but due to lockdown it has not happened and e-bay has not included any innovative approaches on it.

Recommendations and Justifications

From the above evaluation about the competitive and digital business strategy of the E-bay company, it has been seen that some loopholes may be the cause of their low capacity of attractive competitiveness in the global market. In the case of competitive strategy, the company has to imply something more innovative ways of their services like a reward system, better amount discount on the festive occasion that can forecast better insights and image of e-bay among the clients (Bertram and Chi, 2018). Alongside, the organization has to enhance their flexibility on the market variation that can help them more to present the more advanced proposals.

On the other side, for the digital business strategy e-bay can use the drone system that can help them to provide their services even in the lockdown periods (Garcia and Santoso, 2019). For example, Amazon is already testing its drone delivery company in a variety of international locales. It envisions tiny drones delivering items weighing up to 5 pounds (2.25 kg) in thirty min or less.

4. Identification of the Digital Marketing Strategies Used By E-Bay and Provide Recommendations or Suggestions with Justifications

In an organization, digital marketing strategies are helping the firm to generate their business approaches to the customers through online digitalized platforms (Goldman et al., 2021). In that case, e-bay has used digital interactive media that have directly visualized the brand identify among the global customers. Regarding this matter of fact, the marketing director of e-bay, Gareth Jones said that “TV is the most wonderful medium to transmit the information regarding the services of this websites” (Chaffey, 2019).

eBay has had an incredible year. The quarterly sales chart represents the company’s up and downs over the previous 12 months. After falling to a low of US $2,129 million in the first half of 2020, the firm shot to its greatest quarterly sales of US $3,023 in the first period of 2021. That is an increase of $894 year over year.

Recommendations and Justifications

For digital marketing, process e-bay can use social media platforms. Nowadays, most of the people across the globe has used the social media sides are mostly visible by the users that will help to generate better visibility of the customers about the E-commerce services. Social media platforms are the best way for the advertisement policies that enhance the popularity of the business across the global edges (Al Amin et al., 2020). Through the social media strategies in the digital marketing process, they can host a conference or campaign that will help to enhance the awareness of the customers. For example, Flipkart has used social media strategies and they have also advertised their services and products on the social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and so on. It has helped them to grasp the minds of the customers on their services that are helpful for brand awareness and company profit.

5. Use of Similar Web Market Intelligence Platform (Similarweb.Com) and Discussion on the Customer Traffic Data and Provide Recommendations or Suggestions for Further Improvement with Clear Justification

From the trafficking process in the context of the company there are various levels get from the evaluation that is described below:

From the above trafficking chart of the e-bay company, it has been seen that the company has expanded in the highest way in the United Kingdom. In the United States, these websites have a profound ground that has helped to emerge the web business (Fei, Jiang and Xing, 2020).

Recommendations and justification

By emphasizing material uniformity, e-bay can increase website traffic. Along with that, e-bay can increase the effectiveness of their social media marketing plan, which has historically been ineffective at encouraging or educating its users. It also has the ability to significantly increase the site’s traffic. The better use of social media can hike the business visibility among the customers.

6. Identify The Company’s E-CRM And Social Network Channels Linked With The Website And Provide Recommendations or Suggestions For Further Improvement With Clear Justification


Electronic customer relationship management (E-CRM) is the process of achieving CRM goals via the use of Web technology such as email, blogs, discussion boards, newsgroups, as well as other media (Le Tan and Dai Trang, 2017). In this way, companies around the world are making better communication with their customers across the globe. In that case, e-bay has used the email marketing process has help them to create better interactions with their customers.

From the reviews from the many customers, it has been seen that through email marketing the company is always response their customers within 30 minutes. In the process of e-CRM, there are some aspects to the customers like customers extension where the company optimize the service quality and use the right channels. After that, the customer’s retention policies e-bay has used the right channels for their customers. In the customer’s selection process the company can target the appropriate customers and based on this they have provided their products through their e-commerce system. In that case, customer acquisition is the last stage where the firm can again optimize the service quality and overall costing of the services.

E-bay has gotten awards from Digitalmw for its e-CRM policies. The firm will be responsible for creating and distributing banner ads on eBay’s own website, as well as for creating and developing the company’s emails and business communications (Farey-Jones.D, 2007).

e-CRM Process

From the e-bay web page, it has been seen that Facebook and Instagram are linked with the pages of e-bay. The linked with the social networking channels this company has the official pages in the social networking sides. From these official pages, the customers easily evaluate the web contents from the official websites (eBay. 2019).

Recommendations and suggestions

In the e-CRM process, e-bay has no gaps in this process. But, in the context of the social networking linked process the company can use more social media platforms to expand their service identification among the customers (Kwayu, Lal and Abubakre, 2018). Through the better attachment with the social media platform, they can easily generate their service policies and get feedback from the customers that may help them to improve their service quality.

7. Identification the Cyber Security Measures On the Company Website and Discussion about the Company Website Which Comply With E-Business Ethics and Provide Recommendations or Suggestions with Justification

Cyber security is the technique of guarding against malicious assaults on desktops, servers, portable devices, communications devices, communications, and data. Additionally, it is known as data information protection or electronic data security. Cyber security is critical because it safeguards all types of data against misappropriation.

In that case, the company used HTTP s-encrypted to protect the personal data and information of the customers on the web page (Comparitech. 2017). All sites that need user input or include personal information should be HTTPS-encrypted as a general best practice. While e-bay uses HTTPS on some of its most important sites, like those where the purchase or contact data is submitted, it does not encrypt other less important but important sites.

e-bay makes use of mixed webpage, which means that some pages employ strong encryption while others do not. HTTPS is securely encrypted to guarantee that no one can interpret information transmitted between two a site and a customer if it is intercepted. A green key or “https://” in the URL bar of an internet browser denotes HTTPS-encrypted sites. All sites that need user input or include personal data must be HTTPS-encrypted as a general best practice (Aas et al., 2019).

But, it has been seen that this particular website has not been able to provide the proper security to their customers. This is basically to keep customers and vendors from doing business outside the e-bay platform. It provides safe user privacy to some degree, but this is just a quarter comparable to HTTPS’ complete stream encrypting.

Recommendations and suggestions

In order to provide more security in the web pages, there are available some effective cyber security that can protect the personal data and information of the customers.

FireEye Network Security

FireEye Network Security is a cyber threat prevention device that benefits businesses reduce the risk of expensive data theft by identifying and halting sophisticated, tailored, and other evasive assaults hidden in Web traffic (How, 2020). This particular security system is used by Amazon that has helped them to protect their data and information with proper security.

Use Cookies

A persistent cookie can be used for two main reasons: identification and tracking (Maglaras et al., 2018. Such cookies keep track of whether or not a user is signed in or under what identity they are signed in. They also simplify login details, removing the need for users to memories site credentials.

8. Conclusion

From the above evaluation, it has been seen that e-bay has used many appropriate strategies for the expansion of the business. From the evaluation, it has also been seen that they have also used many effective social media strategies. But, from the evaluation of the report, it has been seen that they have to lack their security of data. This report has provided the appropriate suggestions for the better improvisation of the company on their e-commerce business system. This would be helping the company to generate better services for their customers.


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