Digital Footprint Analysis Of An Organisation Assignment Sample

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Introduction of Digital Footprint Analysis Of An Organisation Assignment

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A digital footprint generally refers to the trail of data that someone leaves when using the internet. It further includes when someone visits a website and sends email and information they submit. A digital footprint by an organization is generally used to track the customer's online activities. The organizations record the digital footprint of the users to further mark their activities and understand their desires towards the organization. The users actively or passively leave their data and information while using a particular company's website. The particular website of an organization tracks the digital footprint of the company. The current study focused on the digital footprint of the Walmart Company.

Findings and Analysis

Walmart: digital footprint

Walmart multinational company is an American Multinational Retail organization that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores in the United States. The headquarters of the company is situated in Bentonville, Arkansas, in the U.S. The founder of the company is Sam Walton. The current revenue of the company is 57,280 crores USD (2022). As per the opinion of Arya et al. (2019), Walmart is already using various strategies and techniques including a digital footprint for tracing their customers in a large way. The company is using various critical strategies, cloud innovation projects, artificial intelligence, and data platform solutions to create a wide range of external customer services. In this particular concept, Walmart is using various digitized software in accounting for the digital footprint of the customers.

Nowadays companies are using various strategies to apply the digital footprint of their services. Walmart can be one of the greatest examples in the digital footprint to important and develop their services. As per the opinion of Salas-Olmedo et al. (2018), the company is using various new technologies in evaluating its digital footprint. Furthermore, Walmart is giving emphasis on developing its digital footprint in order to comprehend the needs and demands of the consumers. As proposed by Guinchard (2021), Walmart is further accelerating digital information and accounting for them based on the digital footprint.

Nowadays retail giants like Walmart understand the value of first-party information. In this particular context, Walmart launches a retail media network of its own. The company predominantly leverages the customer's footprint is the customers such as the transactional data, offline and online behaviour, and the intent data. As stated by Ophir et al. (2019), Walmart is largely using the digital footprint by including these factors which further helps the company save the customers and also helps to increase its revenue of the company. Furthermore, Walmart is implementing the strategies of growing and identifying the customer's digital footprint, and the company is creating a better pathway toward success.

 Digital footprint and its usage within business

Walmart is frequently using its digital footprint to reach its customers and to understand and satisfy their needs. The company recently used more innovative technologies in implementing the digital footprint within its services. According to Cheng and Wang (2018), the companies are constantly measuring the data and information of the customer in their process of digital footprint. Furthermore, they are implementing many new techniques within the services by studying the digital footprint process. Walmart uses the digital footprint to understand the digital reputation of the company which further provides them the idea about the existing and potential customers. In modern days the customers are becoming more fascinated to use digitized services to fulfil their demands. Therefore, they are more likely to check the digital platform of the particular company and brand. Keep this in mind Walmart is giving more emphasis on the implementation of the digital footprint. They are using the digital footprint policy to attract more customers to the company. As stated by Cerrillo-i-Martínez (2018), the organization is frequently posting its latest products, services, and facilities on its website. It further helps the customers to be aware of the services and conveniences provided by the company. Walmart is conscious of its digital footprint and records each and every detail to attain more success within the business field.

Management of digital footprint

Impact of the digital footprint on Walmart

A digital footprint is very necessary for the business of any organization and it leads to an everlasting impact on the services of the company. As proposed by Traunmueller et al. (2018), a digital footprint helps an organization measure its image and position of it among its users. Therefore, it is very important to have a digital business trail. Digital footprint serves as one of the major key elements in understanding the growth, development, and progress of a particular company. In the context of the Walmart Company the digital footprint positively impacts the overall performance of the company (Arya et al. 2019). The customer leaves reviews on the company websites about their services. This further helps the company to understand its position in the competitive fields. Sometimes the direct approach does not work properly in understanding the customer's attitudes and ideas about the company. It is also not possible for the organizers to directly communicate with each of the customers (Valanarasu, 2021). Here, digital footprint provides necessary help to understand their particular position and the services they are providing. According to the current study, the customers of the Walmart Company are very satisfied with their services. They are actively posting their reviews and opinions on the website of the company. It further helps the organizers to evaluate the opinions of the customers. They are using more effective and innovative strategies to satisfy the customer's demands. The positive perception of the consumers is reflected in the individual footprint of the company. It further encourages the organizers to use more innovative strategies within their services.

In the context of Walmart, the importance of digital footprint is very impactful. Walmart has successfully implemented the process of digital footprint in order to understand the needs and desires of their customers. As stated by Muhammad et al. (2018), the digital footprint of Walmart serves very importantly to the growth of the company. The company successfully uses the opportunities of the digital footprint for their personal growth. According to the digital footprint of Walmart, the company generally receives a lot of positive feedback on its website. Consumers actively give various opinions about the products and services of the company. Walmart sincerely analyses and justifies the view and opinions of the customers to improve their sales and services (Yang et al. 2022). Through analysis of the digital footprint, Walmart is now implanting even more powerful and effective techniques in the services.

Walmart which is considered one of the largest department food chains reported fourth fourth-quarter 2019 financial results which were announced on Tuesday, February 19 in 2019. According to the CEO of the company, the success of the company becomes possible for the successful implementation of the digital footprint. As per the opinion of Silva et al. (2018), Walmart is digitizing the entire supply chain of the company and it provides integrated shopping experiences across offline and online channels. Walmart spent nearly about for $3.3 billion on in August in the year 2016 to provide a more comfortable experience to the customer. The digital inventory of the goods of Walmart has increased from 10 million to 67 million. This particular thing became possible for Walmart as they sincerely use the digital footprint process within their services.

Consequences of a digital footprint on Microsoft

Nowadays the digital footprint is becoming more relevant and important to an organization. The consequences of the digital footprint are very important to understand the current position and value of a particular organization. In the context of the Microsoft Corporation, the company is using its digital footprint to further evaluate the growth and success of the company. As opined by Azucar et al. (2018), a digital footprint can be used in the organization. The Microsoft Corporation successfully the digital platform in the evaluation of the growth and development of the company. As proposed by Gelbard et al. (2018), Microsoft is considered one of the largest companies which produce personal computers, software technologies, and also various computers. The digital footprint of the Microsoft Company is very high and positive. Over the years Microsoft Corporation is said to have been one of the greatest companies in producing various software and computers. The large support of the consumers towards the company is very positive. The products and services provided by the Microsoft Corporation are ankles to gain a high public approach. Over time the Microsoft Corporation has been one of the leading companies in the competitive market.

One of the major reasons for this success includes the digital footprint of the company. The Company effectively measures the records on the digital front which further helps the company to be more successful in its future growth. Microsoft is very famous for using new and innovative techniques in the production of various software and computers (Berg et al. 2020). Microsoft further gives importance to the opinions of the customers. As one of the biggest companies around the world, Microsoft holds a very special position in the minds of its customers because it matters various information for the digital footprint. The particular process of digital footprint is the current measure of its current position in the current competitive field.

Digital footprint further helps in satisfying the consumers as well as the employee. Digital footprint has a large contribution towards the customers and remaining customers in their current position. The organization and management of the Microsoft Company are working on how to improve the strategies and technologies of the digital footprint. Microsoft Company always gives special importance to the current digital footprint of the company. As per the opinion of Yang et al. (2022), millions of people daily use Microsoft software in their daily activities. Therefore the digital footprint of the users is automatically updated on the websites of the company. As a result, the digital footprint has proved to be very helpful in the further development of the company. Microsoft critically analyzes the digital footprint of the company. The consequences of the digital footprint of the Microsoft Corporation have been leaving a great influence on the productivity of the company. Microsoft Corporation uses the platform of digital footprint to further analyze the communication, opinions, thoughts, and ideas of the consumers. As proposed by Azcona et al. (2019), the success of the Microsoft Corporation actively relies upon the proper analysis of the digital footprint. The huge positive responses of the customers towards the company further help the company to include more innovative technologies and techniques to improve their production.


The digital footprint has an immense effect on the productivity of the company. The great effect of the digital footprint in today's business is very much relative to the growth and development of the particular organization. In the current business field, the importance of the digital footprint cannot be avoided by the company or organization. Using the various strategies by following the digital footprint the companies are measuring their development and the probable future success. It further helps a particular company to achieve more success regarding the services. Furthermore, it leads to the fulfilment of the consumer satisfaction


  • In the current competition, the digital footprint is holding an important position, so it will be very beneficial for the company if they pay extra attention to the digital footprint.
  • Walmart companies should focus more on the digital footprint to evaluate their corporate growth and success.
  • Microsoft should improve its digital footprint strategies in an effective and innovative way to achieve more success in the future.
  • The company can consider the effective implementation of significant marketing strategies that can be helpful; in improving the overall performance of this company.
  • Consideration of social conversation can also be helpful for this organization in the future business process.
  • The future decision-making process of this company can be more effective by implementing and analyzing more significant professional websites.
  • Organizational readiness can also be improved in order to be more influential and effective in digital footprint regarding considerations.



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