E-Commerce Strategy Assignment Sample

Crafting an Effective E-Commerce Strategy: Key Insights for Success

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Introduction Of E-Commerce & Strategy Assignment

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Part 1

E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services and sending funds through electronic networks. These days maximum organizations are preferring this method to grow their business. Asos is a company that brings fashion products for people who also prefer this method and maintains various strategies to improve their business.


P1: Importance of meeting customer expectations for e-commerce strategy

A business always needs customers, because customers help them to improve the quality of services as well as their products. It is very necessary for the business person to treat customers in a good way. Their requirements are to be met and the organization needs to provide the products as per the customers (Wu et al. 2020). They visit the website to fulfill their requirements and expect to get the required products. The expectations of the customers are a significant part as they help the organization to improve its sites. The satisfaction of the customer is a very crucial thing as it brings positive feedback from them. Thus, Assignment sample they should be provided with an easy payment method, delivery on time, easy return policy, along with that, they should be delivered the quality product. Hence, it is important for the organization to maintain an e-commerce strategy to meet the expectations of the customers and provide them with complete satisfaction.

M1: The importance of e-commerce to improve the business of Asos

Online business is a common thing these days, especially after the pandemic Covid-19. People prefer this method as it gives many options and they don’t need to step out of their houses to get the products. Asos is an organization in the UK that brings clothes and fashion products to the market (asos.com, 2022). They bring quality products for both men and women. It has many branches but it had implemented online business strategies to improve its business and make it more profit making. The implementation of online business has a positive impact on the business of Asos as it delivers the product to the customer as it is shown on the websites (asos.com, 2022). It increased the sale of the company and attracted more customers. It provides many options to the buyer and avails them with various discounts, along with an easy return policy if the products fail to fulfil the requirements of the buyers. E-commerce has various significant roles in the improvement of the organization. It helped the organization increase its sales and on the other hand the feedback and reviews of the help the company improve the quality of service and develop the company.

D1: Merits and demerits of e-commerce

The E-commerce industry is the fastest growing industry at the present time, after the pandemic, this industry growth is running fast. Every business has faced many challenges when starting the growth phase, but this industry is always helpful to the customers so it has many benefits. This industry has some merits and demerits, but most of the qualities are developed this industry in day by day (Aria and Fajriansyah, 2019). Three types of merits are discussed here, these are-

  • Make a large market: The E-commerce industry expands its service all over the world, so it is the best platform that helps customers. Customers can purchase to stay at home just using technical tools.
  • Quickly respond to customers: Many e-commerce sites are more attractive to customers because many facilities and offers are provided on these sites.
  • Opportunities for more product sales: People get a great opportunity to sell products with these sites. Therefore, much information gets customers with the help of product reviews and demos of every product. As a result, people get unlimited offers to sell their products.
  • Some disadvantages are-
  • Lack of touch: Physical marketing system helps people to build communication with customers and shopkeepers and also from one person to other. Physical touch is needed for t business growth because people trust people, not products.
  • Create issues with credit cards: Many customers are faced credit card issues because payment is done through cards, so it is the main problem of online shopping.


P2: Technologies for a secure e-commerce site

Many E-commerce sites have made their specific technologies that follow the growth of these sites. The e-commerce industry is the most profitable industry around the world. Asos is the most profitable online shopping industry at that time, so this company follows some technologies to develop its business and security also (Hao, 2019). Asos company follows so many technologies to secure customers’ information. SSL certificates, online marketing, chain management system, and automation data collection systems are the latest technologies that are used by many e-commerce sites to build their business. SSL certificates ensure the protection of the personal information of the customers.

M2: Importance of communication in e-commerce designing

Communication is the way of getting information from one person to another that includes, exchanging ideas, expressing thoughts, and conveying information through various methods. It is the crucial thing that helps any organization and people to gain knowledge about any particular thing. It is important for designing any project, doing any task, or selling and buying products. It helps the person to gather information and sort the queries to complete a task successfully (Rahayu and Fatima, 2019). Communication has an important impact on designing e-commerce. It helps the person gain all the required information to develop the design and along with that, it helps them clear their queries and complete it successfully. Good technologies and strategies are used in e-commerce sites if communication is too good then a huge response comes from customers so the business run in a high range and its turnover is high in the future.

D2: Role of the database for e-commerce development

The database is an important part to developed any e-commerce business because it helps to understand all important information, explains product reviews, stores of view products, and managed customers’ details. Therefore, customers can easily understand the conditions of the market so that issues are not created when the market strategies are changed (Lie et al. 2019). Also, this company shared all information given to the suppliers about the e-commerce sites and their operations (Nderitu, 2018). It is easy to update all product-related information with the help of the database and easy to change website pages that help to build business fastly. All transactions of this company save in the database, so it is helpful to calculate all business volume.


In this report, it is concluded that the e-commerce industry is growing its business with many sites. Customers get major advantages from e-commerce sites. Asos is the best online shopping company in the UK, and this company takes many technologies to secure the personal information of customers. As a result, this company gets good results in the market. The database of this company is strong so all data is stored, so this company is successfully run their business.

Part 2



  • E-commerce is the way for businesses to make products available for every people.
  • It influences the quality of goods and services based on the reviews of the customers.

There are many people who don’t get the chance to visit the market to buy products. Thus they visit the e-commerce site of the organization to get the required product and satisfy their need.

P3: Strategies for an e-commerce solution

  • Product strategy would be followed to provide high-quality photographs of the products along with that, add good and detailed descriptions regarding the products.
  • Customer relationship strategy to provide all sorts of easy methods for customers (Wu et al. 2020).

It follows the product strategy and the customer relationship strategy to maintain the website. The product strategy focuses on the quality of products and their descriptions through which the buyer can learn about the products and their quality. The other strategy focuses on the customers and puts special emphasis on the return policy, delivery, customers’ queries, and their reviews as well as feedback.

P4: Asos’ e-commerce solution

  • Asos gives discounts on products and avails various offers for buyers.
  • They highlight the new products and provide an advanced way to filter the products(asos.com, 2022).
  • Asos provide free shipping for the goods.

Asos provides various occasional offers and avails customers of various discounts, for instance, special discounts on various products are provided during Christmas. They don’t ask for delivery charges for any product and deliver the products to the customer. Asos show the new products at the top of the page and they have an easy and advanced way of filtering, by which customers can watch the products that they need.

M3: Factors and resources for e-commerce designing

  • A proper name and icon for the application are to be generated.
  • Registration procedure is very easy for new customers.
  • Its application and website also function on mobiles.

It is necessary to focus on various things to design an e-commerce site. A proper name for the application is to be selected and the application is to be given an attractive and meaningful icon. The procedure for the registration of new customers on the website should contain easy steps. The designed app should function on desktops as well as mobiles so that every person gets access to use it at any place through their mobile.

M4: Payment methods for e-commerce success

  • All types of payments are accepted by the organization (Halaweh, 2018).
  • Refund policy for the returned products is very easy and takes minimum time.

It needs to allow all sorts of payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, internet banking as well as payment at the time of delivery. The refund policy should not take long and the buyers are to be paid the amount directly to their bank account after the product is returned.

D3: Design and function for an e-commerce solution

  • It is flexible to the customers as they can use the application everywhere.
  • It reduces various extra costs of the organization and saves money.

It is flexible to the customers as customers can easily use the application at any place and it is always available. It also reduces various costs for the business organization that includes, rent for the goods store, and store design. Hence, e-commerce has a positive role and its functions are helpful to both buyers as well as sellers.


  • It is helpful for customers and the organization.
  • The methods followed to develop e-commerce positively affect the organization.

The organization followed various methods and implemented various strategies to make an effective e-commerce design. The features of e-commerce are beneficial for the customers as they can get detail of all goods with proper descriptions.

Part 3


P5: strategy-based e-commerce solution

The e-commerce follows many strategies to implement its business, this company follows service is good and their online payment options are good. As a result, it is highly profitable at that time. Many ways opened to purchase products and it is comfortable for the customers. An omnichannel strategy is needed for this company because this strategy opened so many channels that are always available for the customers (Sun, 2021). These channels help the customers anytime purchase and get many available products. For many mobile apps, Gmail marketing is the best channel for customers. These channels are benefitted because they are consistent and automated.

M5: SWOT analysis



? Good brand image.

? Well-balanced supply chain.

? Use good strategies.

? Shipping charge free.

? Lack of customer experience.



? Good marketing strategy.

? Lastest trendy products.

? Create many competitors in the markets.

? Back economic conditions due to Brexit and covid-19.

Table 1:Swot analysis of Asos

(Source: Self-created)

This company has two or more strengths, so this company created a brand image because its online shopping process is good and its service is available all time and the value of its products are good so a good brand image created day by day (marketing91.com, 2022). The supply chain systems process and many good strategies are followed by this company so it is comfortable for the customers.

This company has two weaknesses that are increased for the development of the company. It gives products free shipping for many years so it started to hit gross margins and offer time stopped in a short time (Tomaselli et al. 2021). After the covid pandemic, many strategies are changed in this company so the experiences of customers are not good then some problems are created.

A good marketing strategy follows this company so most of the time it depends on the success of the company. Many social media apps and email marketing strategies are followed by the company so it is successful (Zhang et al. 2022). Even, the latest designs of fashionable clothes build every week so it is very attractive to customers (marketing91.com, 2022). Attractive products are more selling and more effective.

The e-commerce industry is growing industry in that time so many competitors are created in the market (Stanujkic et al. 2019). Therefore, it is huge challenges are faced by this company. During the pandemic and Brexit, the economic conditions of this company are low at that time.

D4: Strategy for the success of e-commerce

E-commerce industry follows some strategies to build company success and many different ways are fixed in this company that helps to grow their business. Swot analysis has many strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and threats. Swot analysis stands for the growth of an organization because it aims to develop the business (Kurniawati and Setiawan, 2019). The analysis of SWOT is a tool that helps the growth of this company and identifies specific problems and opportunities and weaknesses. A strength is a source that can use by any organization. These e-commerce sites of this company are highly successful to build and grow a business.



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