Managing Innovation And Creativity In Retail Industry Assignment sample

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Introduction of Managing Innovation And Creativity In Retail Industry Assignment

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The report mentioned below will be constructed to frame an idea related to the managing and developing innovation and creativity within the retail industry and how the emergence of the pandemic has shaken the management system of the retail industry basically in one of the well-known companies on the global platform that is Sainsbury’s. The main agenda of the company is to provide quality food to its customers that too in affordable prices since its establishing year 1869 by the John James and Mary Ann. The organization has come up with convenient ways of shopping for the customers either on an online or else offline platform. As the company has expanded its roots on a wider scale as the organization does have more than 600 supermarkets and more than 800 stores for convenience and is known as the third organization which is mostly visited retail website in the UK (Xiao, Chen and Yu, 2021). The company is working towards the goal to attain maximum profit by providing satisfactory quality products and services.


Problem Exists within the firm in the operational functional area

Due to the emergence of the pandemic the retail industry has faced many challenges and so do Sainsbury’s as being a part of the industry. The main challenge that occurred during that period was issues related to human resource management and has affected the retail operations. The challenges were-

Challenges faced in the level of productivity and job safety- employees’ productiveness in businesses is essential to control expenses and boom sales, however, to obtain it, employees need to be furnished with job safety. Assuring job safety to personnel is important to make certain employees’ productiveness. Consistent with a business enterprise’s psychology, a worker’s productiveness is depending on job protection (Sulaiman, Ahmed, and Shabbir, 2020). A worker is least efficient whilst his/her job is insecure and extra efficient when his/her employment is at ease. A feeling n insecurity in the crisis mindset of not sure related to sustaining their job or losing the job does hamper the efficiency and productivity level of the employees working in an organization.

Health complications of employees- As per the “World Health Organization” (WHO) the spread of the virus is through the medium of the respiratory system of an individual and can spread through being in touch with a contaminated surface. In such a scenario the idea of exposure through the medium of transportation for the purpose of visiting the workplace raise the chances to spread the virus in a particular location which can worsen the scenario (Bostan et al, 2020). Although the employees are working during their shift hours the chances of getting infected is high and any organization is bound to provide a “health and safety section” as it is regarded as one of the important role played by the management.

Challenges of communication- The emergence of the novel Covid-19 has emerged with many drawbacks as the impact caused due to the virus emerged so prominent that even forced the authorities of government to impose restrictions on several kinds of business as well as the medium of transportation helped to maintain the stocks of the stores (Quain, Mullan and Ward, 2022). This has emerged as one of the big issues as this unable the organization to maintain organized management of retail stores creates a challenge in owing the trust and confidence of the employees. During this duration, the employees working from remote areas were facing difficulty to cope with the impact of the pandemic.

Issues faced in Online sales- Although, due to the emergence of the pandemic maximum number of individuals has shifted to the online platform and relining much on this procedure as this ensures the safety of the customers and minimizes their exposure to the market which ensures the safety from the getting infected from the virus. This platform has even emerged as the reason for enhancing the profit scales of the organization. But the procedure of providing services through the online platform has come up with several complications such as the hike in the percentage of competition with competitors and the health complications issues of the delivery agents.

Innovation and creative methodologies to enhance productivity

To sustain a business ideology it is always crucial to come up with innovative ideas as this ensures the changes and percentage of productivity of the business and that can be done by various new approaches by which the brand value of an organization do receives an appropriate value in the market (Galanakis et al, 2021). The sustainability of the brand in the market does come up with many benefits such as “unrelenting change, escalating customer expectations, and intense competition.” Strategies that can put in support of this scenario are- Maintaining an organized list of goals needed to be attained in a short time, interactions of retailers with the end customers by a direct approach, must ensure the active and efficient participation of the employees of the organization (Ungerman, Dedkova and Gurinova, 2018).

Select a solution and construct a plan for implementation

The retail organization must take safety measures to ensure the safety and security of the customers and workers under them as they are the source that will ensure the upliftment of productivity of the business on the global platform. As, the list issues mentioned above are some serious issues which are needed to be addressed for having a healthy environment within the organization(Izogo and Jayawardhena, 2018). The steps can be taken such as for the employees working in the retail industry the human resource management must introduce health and safety rules keeping in consideration the instructions that have been provided by the government for lessening the spread of the virus and for enhancing the business it is always important to take care of the health concerns of the workers of an organization by following proper hygiene protocol and training must be provided to the employees starting from the temporary and permanent workers regarding the safety procedure to stay healthy as they are major manpower which is responsible to enhance the productivity (Dekimpe, 2020). Even the retail industry is counted as one of the frontline workers who are playing a vital role to meet up the needs of the customers. Flexible working hours must be allotted to the workers with a proper managing procedure so that in the scope of enhancing the business the well-being of the employees does get missed somewhere.

Innovation audit methodology for identifying potential issues

The report identifies four major techniques: ideology generation, product improvement, technique innovation, and technology acquisition. Assisting those main strategies are three permitting approaches: “the deployment of human and monetary assets, the powerful use of suitable structures and equipment, and senior control management and path. The final results from those centers and allowing procedures are overall performance in phrases of innovation and the ensuing competitiveness within the market” (Aditya, Ferdiana and Santosa, 2018).

This report presents the idea for an in-depth audit of contemporary innovation exercises and overall performance. The audit has dimensions: the method audit assesses whether or not the techniques essential for innovation are in the region and the diploma to which excellent practice is used, and the overall performance audit makes a specialty of the consequences of every core and allowing procedure and of the general manner of technological innovation and its impact on competitiveness(Faucheux, Craig and Bonner, 2019). The overall performance audit allows one to become aware of desires and issues; however, it would not explain why gaps exist among cutting-edge and required overall performance and it would not offer an action plan for remaining those gaps. The technique audit meets those desires.


As the issues mentioned above are sensitive issues and proper attention and actions to resolve the issues emerged due to which there has been a breakdown in the pathway of the retail industry. Therefore, it is to be recommended that a proper safety protocol must be followed by the organization so that they can overcome the phase of crisis with the utilization of proper human resource management to offer a healthy and safe environment to the employees working under an organization as they are the manpower on which the organization can rely and depend for enhancing their productiveness and effectiveness of the organization. This ensures to enhance the brand value of the organizations under this industry when they are promoting the well-being of the employees as this enhances the level of trust and loyalty of the workers which results boost their creative and innovative ways to boost the business.


It is to be concluded from the above discussion that, for developing and managing innovative ways within the retail industry at first it is important to identify the complications of the organization due to the emergence of such a dangerous pandemic. Which are mentioned above in the part of discussion and issues that were mentioned are something serious which has to be addressed by the organization. as for leading an organization, it is always important to take care of the members of the organization as they are the leading face that makes sure to meet the objectives of the business. Therefore, the report does include an innovative and creative methodology that will assist to boost productivity.


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