Unit 39 Sales Management Assignment Sample

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Unit 39: Sales Management Assignment

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Evaluate the Relative Merits of How Sales Structures Are Organised, And Recognise the Importance of Selling Through Others


The end user's satisfaction is ensured through effective sales force management, which guarantees that all moving components of sales operations are performing properly. Maintaining a steady stream of clients is the key to a company's long-term success. A well-managed sales team can ensure that clients have a positive experience, regardless of the product or service being sold. In addition, sales force management can help Argos stay on top of the latest developments in the industry, allowing the organisation to stay relevant in the market segment (Cruz-Jesus, Pinheiro and Oliveira, 2019). In highly competitive markets, it is essential to remain relevant in order to expand. The organisational sales staff of Argos is entrusted with ensuring that the brand, product, and service remain current and continue to improve the consumer experience for the company.

Sales Leadership and the Sales Executive

Ethics of Behaviour, Law and Sales Leadership

As of 1 October 2015, the "Consumer Rights Act" superseded the "Sale of Goods Act 1979". Faulty products acquired before September 30, 2015, may still be covered under the "Sale of Goods Act". Customers, prospects, and leads should all be handled with dignity, sincerity, and fairness by salespeople. If a salesman signifies that he or she put the customers first. Ethical business management is not a simple task, but it is possible. Everyone in the organisation has a role to play in fostering an ethical workplace (Le Meunier-Fitzhugh and Massey, 2019). It must also be deliberate. It is also possible to keep the law inside Argos' sales by fostering open communication regarding objectives and expectations. In addition, Argos will be able to effectively improve its organisational selling process by employing the ideal salespeople and implementing a code of conduct for ethical selling.

Designing and Organising the Sales Forces and Choosing the Appropriate Structure

Typical Ways of Organising Salesforce

  1. By Function: Organizing the company by splitting it into departments like promotion, economics and accounting, and human resources.
  2. By Product: Organising individuals based on what they produce. Pens, lighters, and razors are the three primary divisions of Argos.
  • By Process: Associating individuals based on the tasks they are now engaged in. Argos and Travis Perkins, for instance, categorise their personnel based on whether they are engaged in packaging and demonstrate or consumer support, for instance.
  1. By Geographical Area: Most major corporations are spread out throughout the country.

Organizations may be structured in a matrix form, which is becoming more common. A matrix is typically two dimensional, however it may be as many as seven. For example, a worker may work in both the manufacturing and marketing departments in a matrix structure at the same time (e.g., working in both departments at the same time). In a matrix system, personnel are allowed to switch teams inside the broader matrix structure (Valoset al., 2017). Argos might potentially be very bureaucratic or substantially scattered in its organisation structure. In a highly centralised system, authority will be tightly reined in from the organization's headquarters. When it comes to decentralisation, project managers and teams are given more control in a more decentralised organisation.

Implementation of Appropriate Recruitment and Training to Develop an Efficient Sales Force

Recruitment Process of Sales Force

  1. Identify the Needs of Position:Initially, Argos needs to generate a necessity for the position of sales person.
  2. Finding the Right Candidate:In this way, by generating the necessity, the organisation should post vacancies to look for the right people.
  • Assessing Candidates:Thus, the organisation will be able to assess and verify the potentiality and skills of the applicants.
  1. Qualify the Best Candidates:By assessing their potentiality, the executive team of Argos will be able to proficiently qualify the best candidates (Amoako and Okpattah, 2018).
  2. Interview the Qualified Candidates: In this way, by qualifying the best candidate, the HRM of Argos will interview them to select the most appropriate and suitable candidates for their sales force.

Training Process of Sales Force

  1. Start with the Basics: Initially, the trainer of Argos should start with the basic knowledge about product and service selling.
  2. E-Learning and Online Seminar:Moreover, the executive team should provide the opportunity of e-learning and online seminars for remote staffs.
  • Forget the Crash Course Approach:During the provision of brief knowledge and training, the organisational leaders should forget about the crash course approach of training.
  1. Keep it Practical:Additionally, Argos should provide practical experiences of field learning to the sales staffs (Sharma, Rangarajan and Paesbrugghe, 2020).
  2. The Numbers Matter:Moreover, by setting goals for increasing the number of selling, the organisation can provide prominent knowledge about selling.
  3. Identification of Coach:Furthermore, the employees should create coaching and directing ability for enhancing the performance.
  • Inspiration, Nature and Motivation:Moreover, the trainers of Argos should provide resilient inspiration and motivation to the employees for encourage them to sale organisational products.

Demonstration of Supervising, Managing and Leading the Sales Force

In order to proficiently supervise, manage and lead the sales force of Argos, the organisational leadership and the management team need to provide effective motivation and encouragement to them (Hartmann and Lussier, 2020). In this aspect, the rewarding system like, cash bonuses, additional wages, gifts, different facilities, etc. can play prominent role during the supervising, managing and leading the sales force.

Discussion of the Advantages of Using Different Sales Channels

Throughout the utilisation of different sales channels during the organisational business operation of Argos, it will be able to freely negotiate with its distributors to reduce the cost (Yrjölä, Saarijärvi and Nummela, 2018). Moreover, on the other hand, Argos will be able to quickly sale a large amount of stocks of product by using various sales channels.


Throughout the evaluation of the organisational selling system, it is concluded that Argos significantly utilise different kinds of methods and process for enhancing the credibility and viability of its organisational sales force. Moreover, on the other hand, the utilisation of customer-centric sales structures and a large number of sales channels, helps to increase the brand awareness of Argos.


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