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Introducton Of English Literature Assignment Sample

Assignment Research Workbook

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Course Code and Title:

FIBS3002 English for Academic Purposes, Research and Study Skills

Assignment Research Workbook Formative:


Assignment Research Workbook Deadline:


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Essay Research Workbook


As part of the English for Academic Purposes, Research and Study Skills course you are required to write an essay on the Topic of Climate Change; you are also expected to evidence the stages of your essay research and writing progress in the Essay Research Workbook.


  • To assess your ability to structure your essay in order to develop an argument with clarity and your ability to capture your thinking in effective sentences
  • To show that you have conducted research to develop your thinking
  • To write in an academic tone and clearly reference the material you have used to develop and support your ideas

As part of the assignment, you are required to submit the workbook by 11.59pm on Sunday 4th July 2021 onto Canvas. Your workbook will be reviewed by your lecturer and you will receive feedback. There will be an opportunity for you to have a tutorial to discuss your draft research workbook development.

It is then your responsibility to work on your draft research workbook and address any suggestions and comments given before handing in the final version – by 11.59pm on Sunday 8th August 2021.


Your workbook must be word processed, in Ariel font 12pt minimum with double line spacing. This format is important as it makes it much easier for us to read. Word count: There is no minimum or maximum word count for this part of the assignment.

Final hand in:

  • a digital copy of your essay emailed to: witko@lcca.org.uk
  • a digital copy of your essay submitted to Turnitin via Canvas


Unit: EAP, Research and Study Skills

LO1 to demonstrate skill and confidence in understanding, analysing and utilising information from a variety of written texts likely to occur in academic contexts.

LO2 to demonstrate skill and confidence in writing in academic contexts with emphasis on the essay to at least the standard required at their course level.

LO3 to use varied and accurate grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of English as used in an academic setting to at least the standard required by their degree programme.

LO4 to demonstrate independent research skills to access, use and cite knowledge.

Task one:

Indicate the title of your essay. Conduct a search for relevant sources and list them below using the Harvard Referencing System. You should aim to use approximately ten sources in your final essay. Document your intended essay reading materials below:

Essay Title: Is Climate Change a result of human activities?

Source 1

 Moqimzai, O., 2020. ‘Factors of Global Warming and Its Effects on the Environment’. International Journal for Research in Applied Sciences and Biotechnology7(6). pp.202-208.

Source 2

Mahmoud, S.H. and Gan, T.Y., 2018.’Impact of anthropogenic climate change and human activities on environment and ecosystem services in arid regions’. Science of the Total Environment. 633. pp.1329-1344.

Source 3

Nordhaus, W., 2019. Climate change: the ultimate challenge for economics. American Economic Review, 109(6), pp.1991-2014.

Source 4

Zambrano, V., 2020. ‘Animal Based Industries and Climate Change’. In Ecological Integrity in Science and Law (pp. 11-21). Springer, Cham.

Source 5

Peeters, P.M., 2017. Tourism's impact on climate change and its mitigation challenges: how can tourism become'climatically sustainable'?.

Source 6

Odell, S.D., Bebbington, A. and Frey, K.E., 2018. ‘Mining and climate change: A review and framework for analysis’. The extractive industries and society. 5(1). pp.201-214.

Source 7

Rahmadhani, S. and Indriyani, R., 2019. ‘Impact of Emissions Intensive Industries And Financial Distress On Voluntary Carbon Emission Disclosure’. AKRUAL: Jurnal Akuntansi. 11(1). pp.1-8.

Source 8

Seck, S.L., 2018. ‘Climate Change, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the Extractive Industries’. Journal of Environmental Law and Practice. 31(3). pp.271-292.

Source 9

Lampkin, J.A. and Hall, M., The Extractive Industries and Society.

Source 10

Rolnick, D. and et.al., 2019. Tackling climate change with machine learning. arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.05433.

Task 2:

Submit an Essay Plan Timeline outlining the tasks involved and the estimated time range for the completion of each stage. Mark the actual completion date for each task as you it is finished.

Task Timeline





Preliminary groundwork; things you need to know; word/page count division; Do task timeline; analyses question



Preliminary research – locate sources, read and make notes



Essay Plan - outlining main points and evidence from reading materials including an introduction, main body and conclusion



Revise Essay plan/edit



Research and Revise main points – including for and against arguments



Write draft 1



Formative Submission - submit draft 1 for marking and feedback



Revise draft 1/edit



Further research and write draft 2












Summative Submission - submit final essay for marking and final grade


Task 3:

Make notes on at least three sources and record them below. Try to use varied note taking techniques and ensure that notes are summaries in your own words and not direct copies from original sources.


  1. Cornell Notes:

Topic: Climate Change Date: 1st March 2021

Essay Title: Is Climate Change a result of human activities?


In-text citation: (BBC, 2021)

Reference list: BBC, (2021) What is Climate Change? A really simple guide. (online) Available at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-24021772. [Accessed on 01.03.2021].

Air pollution

Climate Change

Air pollution can be explained as a mix of gases and solid particles in the air. Air pollution can be considered as the presence of solid partials and gases in air that can reduce the quality of air.

Small measurable changes in global and regional climate patterns can be explained as climate change

Anthropogenic climate change


Different activities performed by humans that can affect climate can be considered Anthropogenic climate change.

Environment is anything that surrounds us. It is consists of both living and non-living things in environment.


Livestock Industries

Biodiversity can be explained as enormous range of life on earth. Biodiversity also can be explained as a region or ecosystem that is consists of different living and non-living organism,

Livestock industry can be explained as organizations that are working on dairy products and meat. Livestock industry is responsible for emitting more greenhouse gases.


This is most important to evaluate the impact of different factors that are reason for increment in the temperature of earth atmosphere. There are different technologies are currently used by scientists to analyse the human activities that can help them predict change in climate change. Also, there is range of measures are used by scientists to evaluate the impact of human activities on the climate change and global warming. Along with the human factor, there are some natural factors also used by scientists to evaluate their impact on climate change. Ethical and social factors can be improved to make people aware of their responsibility related to the climate change and global warming. This is also important to analyse several industries that are mainly responsible for emitting greenhouse gases. Range of human factors and natural factors can be considered to develop effective practices that can help to overcome issues related to climate change and global warming.

  1. Linear Notes

Topic: Climate Change Date:

Essay Title: Is Climate Change a result of human activities?



– China is considered the largest air pollution country with major producers of carbon monoxide around 10357 tons.

– With 5414 Unites States is second largest producer of carbon dioxide.

– Impact of climate change is dangerous for many species and biodiversity.


– Major factors can be controlled to reduce the impact of human activities on environment.

– Permanent solution can be obtained with technology to minimise impact over climate.

– Controlled carbon dioxide production and less production of greenhouse gases can be used to reduce impact on environment.


– Use of land can be analysed to evaluate the impact of human activities on the environment and climate.

– Data related to anthropogenic data can be analysed to evaluate the change in climate situation and global warming.

– Development of urban area and deforestation are major factors that are leading major impact on environment.


– Animal-based industries are major producer of greenhouses that causes global warming.

– Global warming is affecting biodiversity of different areas and many species are about to extinct due to climate change.

– Consumption of meat should be controlled to reduce the production of greenhouses gases and control the livestock industries.


– Different models can be used to evaluate impact of human activity on environment.

– By estimating impact of human activities, better control plan can be developed for effective control.

– Mathematical analysis is more effective to evaluate the impact of human practices on climate.


– Mining is major industry that has equal contribution in affecting global natural systems that can cause climate change.

– Overuse of natural resources is major factor that is causing climate change.

– Controlled mining activities can help to reduce impact on environment.


– Financial aspect must be considered to develop effective plan to reduce the impact on environment.

– More research can be considered to analyse the relationship between carbon emission and financial data of companies.

– Benefits of voluntary carbon disclosure can help to develop effective plan for management.


– Climate change can be related to ethical considerations to develop better understanding of people.

– Corporate responsibilities can be enhanced to reduce the production of greenhouse gases.

– CSR must be designed to develop positive impact on environment and improve the sustainability for controlled use of natural resources.


– Use of fossil fuel is major reason for producing gases like COand other greenhouse gases.

– Rules related to the use of water must be improved to reduce the waste of water.

– Impact of human activities on climate can be considered for research to find different ways to reduce impact on environment.


– Different machine learning methods can be used for effective evaluation of human activities in environment.

– Machine learning can be considered a powerful tool to find better solution for climate change.

– Better practices can be implemented with help of machine learning and artificial intelligence for effective monitoring of climate change.


  • Pattern Maps/Spider Diagrams

Topic: Climate Change Date:

Essay Title: Is Climate Change a result of human activities?





Task 4:

Write a detailed essay plan highlighting the main argument. Include arguments for and against the thesis statement.


Essay Title: Is Climate Change a result of human activities?


Explanation to the climate change and aspects related to it. Impact of human factor on the climate change Will is provided in study. Content provided in essay also will be explained it.


Concept of Climate change and aspects related to it


Impact of human factor on climate change

Outline and Thesis

Impact of human activities on Climate of earth.

Yes – main ideas and support (humans cause climate change)

Livestock Industry



No – main ideas and support

Volcanic Eruption

Forest Fire

Solar Radiation


Human Factor is major reason for climate change.


Human Factors have more impact on climate change as compared to natural factors


Climate Change Due to Human Factors


Sustainable and innovative practices to save earth from climate changes.

Task 5

Write your draft Essay Introduction:

Climate change on earth is normally related to the change in the weather conditions on earth and global warming. Weather change and global warming are major aspects of climate change on earth. Climate change is wider perspective that is consists of various elements that are needed to be understood to evaluate the role of different factors on climate change. Climate change is considered as average change in the weather pattern and weather situations on earth for long term. These long term changes in weather pattern are considered as climate change. Both natural and human factors can cause change in climate conditions. This is most important to analyse the change in the weather pattern and situations to ensure the survival of human being in future. This study will be providing brief analysis of climate change in atmosphere of earth. Impact of climate change will be evaluated on different aspects that are important for life on earth. Impact of human factors on climate change will be compared to the impact of natural factor on the climate situations. Different approaches also will be evaluated in report that can help to prevent change in the climate situations.

Task 6

Write a draft paragraph in support of your argument:


Global warming is considered one of major aspect of climate change. Major aspect that is visible in case of climate change is global warming. Global warming can be explained as average change in temperature on global level. Phenomenon of global warming is explained as increase in the temperature of atmosphere due to infrared radiation that is emitted by greenhouse gases in environment. Role of Greenhouse gases is crucial in concept of global warming. Gases like Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and CFC are present in atmosphere of earth. These gases absorbs the radiation of sun and emits infrared radiation that cause increase in atmosphere of earth. This change in temperature of earth atmosphere can be explained as global warming. Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Mono Oxide are major gases in category of greenhouse gases that are majorly produced by humans from industrial activities and other practices. Impact of global warming is of catastrophic level for living organism on earth that includes all animals, plants, and human. Global warming and change in weather pattern are considered in climate change. Both types of changes is visible and measurable. These changes can be measured to evaluate their impact on future changes in atmosphere and weather patterns on earth. It is most important to analyse the impact of climate change on atmosphere to assess its impact on various factors that are related to living organism on earth.

The major influence of climate change is on temperature, water, human health, Agriculture, Ecosystem and Ocean level. These are major aspects that must be considered in the study of climate change to ensure the survival of human and another organism on earth. Increase in temperature is most crucial in case of survival on earth. Increase in temperature is affecting the life on earth. Many species on earth are near extinction due to rise in the temperature. Different marine species are also in danger due to change in the temperature of oceans. Increase in temperature also has affected plants. Because of high and change in temperature has made situations difficult for plants, animals, and human being.

Change in the weather conditions is also most important to consider. Unpredictable changes in atmosphere have affected the weather patterns on earth surface. Some places on earth are continuously facing drought situation and some places are facing issue of flood and heavy continuous rain. Water is basic need of most living organism on earth. Due to climate change, the availability of water is different in different places. This difference is affecting life of people, vegetation, and animals. In different areas people and animals o not have enough water for daily use.

Temperature change is also most crucial. For example, polar bear is facing major difficulties in survival due to catastrophic temperature changes. Temperature change also has affected the marine life. Temperature rise also has affected the ocean level. With continuous increase in global temperature is melting glaciers and it is increasing sea level. This increment in the sea level is causing danger to different cities on different continents. Venice is one of the cities that is facing this issue. Agriculture activities are also affected by climate changes. Unpredictable weather conditions are affecting agriculture activities. These uncertain weather changes are affecting the ability of farmers to meet market demand.

Different factors are causing climate change on earth. This is most important to analyse human factors to evaluate their impact on climate. Major human factors that are crucial for climate change are- deforestation, industrialization, Urbanization, Fossil fuel use, and poor waste management. These are major human factors that are affecting environment of the earth.

Deforestation is major factor that is reason for climate change and global warming. Trees and plants can absorb carbon Dioxide and it can reduce the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Deforestation has increased the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Higher level of greenhouses gases in the atmosphere is increasing heat that is produced by infrared rays. This is major reason for increase in temperature on earth. Urbanization is other factor that is causing climate changes. With urbanization and industrialization, level of air pollution is continuously increasing. Factors like greenhouse gases, aerosol particles, and heat produced by industries are affecting natural balance. This unbalance situation is major reason for climate change on earth. Uncontrolled Fossil Fuel Use is also considered as reason of increase in temperature of atmosphere. Industries that are working dairy products and meat products are major producer of CO2. These industries are known as livestock industries. Fossil fuel produces carbon Dioxide in combustion process. Higher use of fossil fuel increases amount of Carbon Dioxide in environment. This is how higher use of fossil fuel can increase amount of greenhouse gases present in atmosphere. Other factors that should be considered for climate change is Poor Waste Management processes. Poor waste management approaches increase the amount of methane gas in air. The decomposition of waste material produces methane gas and it is one of greenhouse gas that causes global warming. This is how different human factors affect natural balance on earth and causes climate change.

Write a draft paragraph against the support of your argument:


Some natural factors also play crucial role in climate change. For example ocean currents, volcanic eruption, forest fire, and solar radiation are major example of natural factors that are reason for climate change. These factors are completely natural and these factors are not connected to any of human activities. Ocean currents are major reason for change in sea temperature. Ocean currents are connected on global level and these currents can move in both vertical and horizontal directions. Oceans currents are driven by wind, difference in density and rotation of earth. This interconnected network of ocean current increases temperature of oceans. Solar radiation is major natural factor that causes increase in temperature on earth. Different nuclear activities on the sun produces major radiations, and this radiation can cause increase the temperature of earth atmosphere. Volcanic eruptions also can cause change in climate. Volcanic eruption activities produces gases like, CO2, Methane, and Carbon Mono Oxide. These gases are considered as greenhouse gases and small aerosol particles that are produced in Volcanic eruption can cause air pollution. It can cause acid rain Due to production of sulphur in volcanic eruption process. Acid rain causes water pollution, which is not good for environment and climate conditions. Forest fire is also one of reason for climate change. On large level, forest fire can produce major heat that can develop spike in local or regional temperature. This Spike in the temperature can develop long-term impact on climate conditions. Gases that are produced in forest fire increases the layer of greenhouse gases in atmosphere. This is how forest fire can cause change in climate conditions.

Task 7

Write your draft essay Conclusion:

From the information collected in research process, it can be concluded that climate change is major challenge for survival of living organism on earth. Climate change is affecting ecosystem of earth in different ways. Influence of climate change activities also has been evaluated or different important factors which are important for survival of plants, animals and marine animals and human on earth. Impact of climate change has been analysed in report. Two types of factors are reason for climate change in atmosphere of earth. These factors are natural and human. Both factors must be analysed to prevent climate change and prevent catastrophic changes on earth. Major human factors that are analysed in study are- industrialization, urbanization, deforestation, and Air Pollution. From above study, it can be concluded that human factors are causing more damage to the balanced conditions on earth. For example, greenhouses gases produced from human factors are reason for change in temperature on earth. As compared to natural factors, it has been identified that impact of human factor is more crucial on climate situations.

There are some processes can be used to prevent climate change. For example, sustainable approach in industries can help to reduce production of greenhouse gases. Effective waste management approach can help the business organizations to reduce impact on environment and Biodiversity of earth. Balanced use of natural resources also can help to reduce impact on climate situations. Use of renewable energy sources also can help to reduce production of greenhouse gases and it can help to prevent further change in the average temperature on earth. This is how different approaches can be used to reduce the impact of human factors and activities on climate change.

Task 8

Use the feedback annotations on your essay to make amendments to your essay. Once you have addressed the points to edit, make sure you use them in the 2nd draft of your essay:


Teacher Feedback



Task 9

Submit your final essay and this completed workbook by the deadline – Sunday 8th August 2021.

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