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Globally Mindful: Unlocking Success with Mindful Chef's Digital Marketing

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Introduction Of International Digital Marketing Of Mindful Chef

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This informs you about different aspects of the "International Digital Marketing" of "Mindful Chef " and its required changes for further success in the future. Internationalization of the company can be achieved through developing effective services and strategies in marketing. implementation of effective and efficient "digital marketing strategies", international marketing approaches and the management and control system of "Mindful Chef" is analysed throughout this research. It has involved statistics and graphs related to the digital marketing strategy that is essential for enhcing consumer development and market expansion internationally. It illustrates some recommendations that can be effective for the internationalisation of "Mindful Chef" and its business expansion.

Implementation strategy

"Mindful Chef" is approaching its digital marketing strategy for offering effective meal kit services to its customers. It is proceeding with updates to its subdomain of frozen foods to associate it with the core service of the meal-kit website in December 2020. As per the view of Berthon and Pitt (2019), minor modifications incorporated transformations to the footer and header of the menu to sufficiently contemplate the "same UX" as the primary website. As per the view of Lepkowska-White et al. (2019), digital marketing changes in the workforce of "Mindful Chef" need to make due to an interior restructuring of the navigation iconography and items. This company has implemented different strategies for gaining a competitive advantage in the international market. It requires the execution of more specific and effective strategies that can improve its market position. The digital marketing strategy of this company involves key deliverables of "Performance Marketing" and "Web Development".

Mindful Chef is utilising different marketing strategies associting social media marketing g to increase the efficiency of its digital marketing strategy. As per the view of Cifelli et al. (2020), it utilises different strategies such as "Shopify plus development", "Character length rule", "Mobile amendments", "Paid Social", "Paid Search" and "YouTube Advertising". Implemented strategies of this company are providing quality meals to its customers as well as providing creative and innovative customer service.

Figure 1: Most effective digital marketing techniques 2020

The above figure illustrates information regarding digital marketing techniques that are essential for the development of the internationalisation process throughout the market segment. These procedures and methods are essential for acquiring a more customer base.As per the view of Hughes et al. (2019), "Mindful Chef" utilises different global marketing strategies for improving its commercial impact by following the involvement of AI, machine learning, automation and a big data collection approach. The figure shows implementation strategies related to marketing approaches that can be executed by"Mindful Chef" in its market segment. It includes social media marketing, online PR, mobile marketing, paid search marketing, search engine optimisation, collaborations and partnership (, 2023).

International marketing

Digital marketing strategy for the internationalisation process needs to develop effective communication with its global customers as well as requires effective and strategic application in the international context. As per the view of Moir et al. (2023), different paths for the achievement of an effective position in the market segment need to identify the process effectively. It includes recognition of the customer as an efficient "time-saver", the "innovative and determined consumer", the customer associated with CSR approaches or "corporate social responsibility"andthe "virtuous customer dedicated tosustainability".As per the view of Liu et al. (2022), meal kit services are of delivering customer amenities in the business and in soaccomplishing coordinate with "traditional marketing" aligned with the preferences of "ready meals" and "frozen food" for executing the assurance of quickness, the comfort of cooking, and independence of intention.

Meal kit providers such as "Hello Fresh", "Gousto", and "Mindful Chef" focus on these components in their marketing strategy. This strategy is concerned with the distinct attraction to the "time-poor consumer".As per the view of Shankar et al. (2022), "digital marketing communication" is the communication marketing approach developed through electronic or digital media between consumers and businesses. This communication approach is widely spread from the pandemic situation and it requires the development of effective strategies in the context of interaction and communications strategic application. These strategies involve four primary components such as "goals", "channels", "media and platforms", and "content andresponses". The digitalmarketing and communication approach includes four major implementations such asB2C or "business-to-consumer", B2B or "business-to-business",C2C or "consumer-to-consumer", and C2B or "consumer-to-business".

Figure 2: International marketing strategy utilisingInternet-enabled Technologies

The above figure is illustrating details regarding the effective application of internet enables technologies within different companies for their improving their international marketing strategy. International marketing practices can be enhanced with the association of design-based technologies from the marketing perspective. This process is related to requirements of the internal aspects of the company and the external aspects related to the "environmental situation", "Internationalmarketing mix programs","foreign market selection and entry","Strategic implementation" and "monitoring and control aspects". As per the view of Katsikeas et al. (2022), economies across the world have extremely modified the "international business landscape" through the development of effective opportunities as well as challenges for different organisations advancing digitalisation in the context of the "highly globalised world". The utilisation ofdigital techniques and tools to execute and manage the business is an "international marketing strategy" more effectively.

Management and control system

International marketing strategy and digitalisation need to associate effective and efficient management and control systems for reducing conflicts within the business practices of the company. Mindful Chefr is developing strategic applications in online services for meal kit delivery to its customers. As per the view of Choe et al. (2021), meal-kit service providers requires to develop effective strategies for their development of customer loyalty and satisfaction and it leads to an internationalisation process to expand the business across the world. Online food delivery services require the association of digitalised products and different aspects of association with common platforms in the online food delivery sector.As per the view of Prasetyo et al. (2021), the management of online business practices is essential for the company to enhance its customer loyalty aspect and helps in increasing interaction and communication with its customers through online portals.

Controlling the business practices needs to rexcignise the raised conflicts and risks within the company and its workforce. It needs to identify the risks to its customer's safety and employee privacy maintaining. As per the view of Correani et al. (2020), performance and risk management strategies are important factors for the development of internationalisation and the digitalisation process in the technological era.As per the view of Tarsakoo and Charoensukmongkol (2020), the effective implementation of digital transformational scope is important to enhance strategic formulation in the business procedure and helps to increase interaction with its loyal consumers in the market segment. "Mindful Chef" needs to improve its management and control activities to increase the communication perspective among the consumers to identify the preferences and requirements of its consumers. This risk mitigation strategy can help the company to increase its customer base. A decision-making approach can help the management process to control its risks and to secure raised conflicts within the company.


Implementation of a business monitoring approach

Monitoring the business practices within the company can help maintain the quality of the food products as well as help enhance the customer service approach. It is recommended to the company implement effective and strategic applications of business monitoring. As per the view of Muhamadet al. (220), the implementation of "Community-based monitoring" is organised to beinstrumental in managing "environmental sustainability" problems with individual participation. It concerns theorganisation's exponents in the "environmental monitoring process" for the development of effective monitoring in planning and decision-making procedure.

Increasing employee motivation and engagement

The company needs to develop effective approaches and strategies for enhancing business practices effectively and efficiently in the market segment. Employee engagement and motivational factors are essential to increase connections and communication among the business workforce. As per the view of Setiyani et al. (2019),the impact of flexible working hoursand work environment on the "employee engagement perspective" is an "intervening variable" for enhancing employeeencouragement. The digitalisation process requires developing employee engagement for leading the strategic management across the business of meal kit services. International digital marketing promotional factors can be enhanced by associting effective changes in the business process.

Effective decision-making approach

Food quality improvement and customer service improvement require the development of an effective decision-making approach to enhance business practices. As per the view of Konneh et al. (2021), a decision-making approach for the development of effective changes and sharing information among business associates are essential to enhance business success. Implementation of digital marketing strategies requires associates' information sharing among the business associates through effective decision-making sessions. International digital marketing strategy ensures decisions for implementing effective strategies throughout the company.

Financial budget allocation in digitalisation processes

The internationalisation and digitalisation process of the company can enhance effective implementation through developing proper execution of financial perspectives. It is important for the development of budget allocation on a yearly and monthly basis. As per the view of Chobitok et al. (2021), different types of "budget allocations" contain administration "procurement", "concession", and "life cycle contract". "Comparative and creative definition" of asset resource appeal standards requires to be carried at the cost of "budgetary allocations".


The overall research concludes with information for the MIndful Chef meal kit service provider in the UK market segment. It has included effective changes and strategic applications for its international decision-making approach. It has analysed the international digitalisation proceeds and their importance to enhance strategic application throughout food delivery services. Technological application in the development of digital marketing in business practices can be enhanced with employee engagement, decision-making, budget allocation and monitoring approach. It has included the management and controlling system and its significance for the development of effective strategies throughout the business environment. Mindful Chef needs to increase its digitalisation methods to secure a massive customer base in the global context as well as the development of effective business procedures within the company. It has included an International Marketing strategy and its utilisation through associting Internet-enabled Technologies that can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the international digitalisation process. It has described the most effective digital marketing techniques of 2020 such as social media marketing, online PR, marketing automation, artificial intelligence, collaborations or partnerships and machine learning approaches.


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