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Mastering Global Hospitality: Comprehensive Guide to International Hotel Management Essay

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Introduction Of International Hotel Management

Ben Francis, the man who come up with the Gymshark idea, is significance paying consideration to for companyopinion about implementing the BA International Hotel Management programme. Through this study of Francis's decision-making procedure and professional knowledge, this essay seeks to obtainwithin reach into Francis's motive and qualities qualities as an entrepreneur. The variables that guided his life's journey can be better understood by looking back at his entire historical trajectory, successes and failures alike. This study also investigates Francis's inner drives and character traits that have contributed to his current success. The purpose of this research is to determine whether or not Francis's entrepreneurial journey is consistent with the standard theories and models of entrepreneurship.Finally, Francis's personality qualities are analysed to see if they can help to develop and make better choices in the future. The purpose of this research is to learn more about Ben Francis, an entrepreneur and role model in the field of hotel management, and his personal and professional experiences.

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The Entrepreneurial Motivations and Characteristics of Ben Francis, Gym Shark

Ben Francis's entrance into entrepreneurship was motivated by his love of fitness and weightlifting. He saw a need for distinctive and stylish gym apparel in the market, which led him to create Gymshark and provide those who train with ground-breaking outfits (Akhurst, 2021).Francis' inspiration also comes from his decision to capture and connect with clients. He knewthe wants and possibilities of health consumers, including their desire for fashionable and effective clothing for sports (Kim, 2021). Francis demonstrates an innovative mentality by continuously launching novel offerings lines and maintaining ahead of the latest market developments. He ensures Gymshark's offers are updated to meet changing customer wants and keeps the brand relevant in the cutthroat market for athletic wear (Javor, 2022).

Francis showcases good advertising and brand-building-management skills by utilizing social media platforms and influencer marketing to create Gymshark's identity (Ozuem and Willis, 2022). It would be needed because Francis' business attempts were no longer without difficulties. But his determination and resilience allowed him to overcome challenges and focus on his goals. He remained irrespective of setbacks, showcasing courage and an unwillingness to give up (Maslow, 2022).Francis has demonstrated a talent for establishing connections to help Gymshark grow. Relationships with celebrities, professional athletes, and health influencers have enhanced the brand's exposure and improved its reputation in the fitness industry (Apaza and Jahan, 2021).Ben Francis, the creator of Gymshark, took several important choices and followed specific rules on his journey to success. Here is a brief overview of his career, highlighting both his victories as well as failures:

Ben Francis founded Gymshark in 2012 when he was just 19 years old. Being an active individual, he identified a need for exceptional, fashionable, and practical health club clothes. Francis started life by creating and manufacturing athletic wear in his parents' warehouse in the United Kingdom (Haemers, 2016).

Using social media effectively immediately became one of Francis' most important decisions. He knew platforms like YouTube and Instagram could help him connect with health influencers and create an online community of reliable customers.

Through smart collaborations and influencer relationships, Gymshark gained visibility and quick recognition among fitness fans worldwide. However, openness with their clients and attempt to improve the situation. This has reinforced the value of managing the supply chain and determination under pressure.Francis took wise decisions to broaden the symbol's appeal, such as establishing an identity in the United States of America and developing global distribution hubs to better serve their clientele across the globe (Vitulano, 2022).

Gymshark's fulfillment has grown exponentially in recent years. The company reached over one billion dollars in 2020, a significant accomplishment. Gymshark's success could be explained by Francis' dynamic product development, brand awareness on social media, and dedication to customer interaction and network-building.

Ben Francis' choices, likeadopting social media, expanding product offerings, and reaching globally, have helped Gymshark become a top name in athletic wear. Francis' commitment, adaptability, and strategic decision-making have helped Gymshark on its excellent path to success while also overcoming obstacles and learning from setbacks (Swain, 2021).

Ben Francis and Gymshark's current achievement results from various important variables working together. Ben Francis's personal qualities and motivations have played a significant role in making all this possible, along with these other reasons. The main motivating factors and personal qualities are as follows:

Ben Francis noticed a need for outstanding, fashionable, and functional health club clothing within the fitness apparel sector. He recognized a chance to offer cutting-edge products that reached out to the preferences and choices of health-consciouspeople (Haemers, 2016).

Gymshark used Instagram and YouTube especially, as well as other social media platforms strategically, which significantly impacted their satisfaction. Gymshark developed an impressive digital presence and actively connected with the target audience by utilizing influencer advertising potential.Gymshark encouraged a sense of community and belonging among its users. Through social media interaction, events, and partnerships with health social media influencers, they built a devoted and encouraging network that also helped to promote their brand (Apaza and Jahan, 2021).Ben Francis showed a strong entrepreneurial vision right from the start. He had a clear vision for the brand he wanted to create and the industry he wanted to upend. This vision influenced his choices and promoted the expansion of the business.

Francis's passion for fitness and weightlifting became the source of his inspiration. His real enthusiasm for the business enabled him to fully understand the needs and preferences of his target market, resulting in products that appealed to those interested in fitness (Ozuem and Willis, 2022).Ben Francis demonstrated resilience throughout his professional path. Gymshark encountered challenging circumstances like delivery chain problems and growth difficulties along the way. However, Francis's determination and adaptability allowed the company to overcome obstacles and maintain its steady growth.

Francis's openness to adopt innovation and adjust to changing market characteristics had a significant role in Gymshark's success. He constantly introduced new products, advanced into specialized categories, and discovered emerging markets to stay one step ahead of the competition (Goff, 2021).Ben Francis experimented with a customer-centric mentality, prioritizing the demands and objectives of Gymshark's target market. He actively participated in his surroundings, listened to customer feedback, and consistently worked hard to meet and exceed their expectations with his products.

Gymshark's outstanding achievement was largely driven by identifying a market need, utilizing social media, community building, and Ben Francis's personal qualities that included entrepreneurial vision, passionfor health, determination, adaptability, creative thinking, responsiveness, and a customer-centric approach.

Several entrepreneurial ideas and models fit Ben Francis and Gymshark's story because of his personality adventure and the company's growth. Several relevant theories and models are included below:

Influencing Theory: The accomplishment of theidea, put forth by Saras Sarasvathy, concentrates on the decision-making strategies used by marketers. This theory aligns with Ben Francis' approach, as he demonstrated effective reasoning by using his available resources and skills to create Gymshark. He started small, developing and making fitness center wear in his parents' storage, and gradually expanded the business based on customer feedback and market need (Juhlin and Soini, 2018).

Lean start-up technique: Eric Ries, an entrepreneur, made the lean start-up approach prominent. It emphasizes a continuous, record-driven approach to entrepreneurship. Ben Francis and Gymshark adopted this strategy by continuously reviewing and enhancing their products based on customer input and marketplace validation. They immediately interacted with customers through social media platforms, gathered information, and used that information to decide on advertising and improvement approaches (Maniciati, 2022).

Advertising and image creation through influencers: Gymshark's success is consistent with the power of celebrity branding and marketing techniques. Someone influential in marketing and advertising ideas strongly emphasizes how social media influencers affect consumer behavior and brand focus. To build identity associations among its audience, Gymshark deliberately partnered with health influencers, using their popularity and credibility (Javor, 2022).

Customer-centric approach:Gym shark's success is a clear example of the customer-centric strategy emphasized in several marketing and entrepreneurship philosophies. Ben Francis gave special attention to the needs and choices of health followers, engaging with customers frequently and putting their comments into creating products. Focusing on the consumer's needs helped the company develop a devoted following and create products catering to its target market (Vitulano, 2022).

Useful Resource-based View (RBV): The resource-based view concept emphasizes the significance of a firm's unique resources and abilities for creating a competitive advantage. Gymshark's success can be partly credited to the exact combination of its goods design, social media marketing, and network creation (Akhurst,2021). By effectively utilizing these resources, Gymshark established a strong brand and competitive position in the exercise apparel market

The following factors helped Gymshark and Ben Francis achieve their goals which are critically evaluated as:

  • Entrepreneurial vision and management: Ben Francis's vision and leadership were crucial to Gymshark's success. His ability to identify market possibilities, establish an effective course, inspire a team, and encourage creativity and economic growth (McCaffrey and Bednar, 2022).
  • Fitness enthusiasm and market knowledge: Francis's commitment to fitness and in-depth awareness of the target demographic allowed him to create products that attracted people interested in fitness. This client-centered strategy helped create a devoted and active consumer base (Ozuem and Willis, 2022).
  • Innovative product development: Gymshark's forward-thinking product development can be credited to its success. The company continuously incorporated fresh styles, patterns, and innovations that matched customer requirements and emerging fitness trends (Mingtao, 2021).
  • Effective advertising and consumer marketing: Gymshark used the power of advertising and influencer marketing to establish popularity and trustworthiness. Working with fitness influencers promoted a strong sense of network among clients and assisted in developing a strong brand identity.

External variables (macroenvironmental factors):

Gymshark was given an effective marketing tool by quickly developing social media platforms, particularly Instagram and YouTube. The company's achievement was greatly influenced by its capacity to communicate with clients immediately, present its products, and capitalize on partnerships with influential people (Vitulano, 2022).Gymshark is advantaged by the expanding global attention paid to the importance of wellness and health. A favorable business environment for the brand was generated by increased fitness awareness and the preference for sports clothing that combines style and utility (Kim, 2021).Gymshark could manufacture excellent, performance-driven products because of advancements in production technology and effortless, able to absorb moisture fabric. E-commerce platforms allowed Gymshark to interact with a global audience and establish client connections.

Introducing customer options corresponding to sportswear and the demand for fashionable fitness center, clothing in line with Gymshark's product services. Their fulfillment was made possible by the symbol's ability to tap into those adapting opportunities (Goff, 2021).The growth and functioning of Gymshark were made possible by a favorable regulatory setting that included legislation protecting intellectual property, equitable competition, and e-commerce (McCaffrey and Bednar, 2022).When compared to those components critically, it becomes clear that a combination of personality traits, such as entrepreneurship, enthusiasm, and innovative product development, as well as external macro-environmental factors like social networking sites, market trends, and technological advancements, have made a major difference to the achievement of Ben Francis and Gymshark (Haemers, 2016). By combining these factors, a favorable business environment was formed, and Gymshark became a leading brand in the fitness apparel sector.

Independent initiatives supporting Ben Francis and gym shark's survival and growth are that Ben Francis and Gymshark's capacity for creativity and adaptation to shifting market circumstances may be essential to their sustained growth. They will be able to keep ahead of other companies and satisfy changing customer demands if they listen to new trends, innovations, and options available to customers.

Continuing to have a mindset of entrepreneurship may be crucial in achieving ongoing success. The strategy involves constantly seeking new opportunities, taking sensible risks, and remaining creative in discovering and utilizing market inefficiencies (Maslow, 2022).Sustaining a strong customer-centric focus will help in the growth of their businesses. Maintaining client trust and accelerating business growth necessitates paying listening to customer feedback, understanding their changing demands, and continually delivering products and services that surpass expectations.

Ben Francis's organizational abilities and capacity to assemble and develop a strong team will be crucial to their growth. Developing a motivated and qualified team with a shared objective and principles will promote creativity, productivity, and excellence (Vitulano, 2022).Based on market research, data-driven understanding, and a long-term view will contribute to their sustained growth. Their long-term achievement will be aided by having the ability to recognize and evaluate opportunities, distribute funds effectively, and carry out well-planned strategies (Swain, 2021).Being committed to never-ending competence, enhancement, and staying contemporary with industry trends will enable them toadjust to changing market conditions and accelerate future growth (Javor, 2022).


This essay has demonstrated that Ben Francis, of BA International Hotel Management, is a superb businessperson. His ups and downs demonstrate the importance of long-term character characteristics, desires, and decisions. By examining the factors that led to his success, aspiring entrepreneurs in the field might gain a lot of knowledge.


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