Recruitment and Selection Panel Assignment Sample

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Assignment 2: Recruitment and Selection Panel

Section A: Memo


To: General Recruitment and Retention Specialist

Organization:Operation Springboard


Subject: Additional Recruitment Sources for Recruitment and Retention Specialist


It is to inform you that current, the company is carrying out the recruiting process for the post of the Recruitment and Retention Specialist. For that purpose, we are considering different recruitment sources for posting the requirement. This might help in getting the best talent for the job role. The first and foremost alternative is the online job portals and the other is posting job recruitment messages over different social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook pages, etc. The decisions have been made after critically analyzing all the options available.

The reason for choosing online job portals is that it minimizes the time-to-hire. The reach of these sources are high and we can post our requirement 24x7 and can attract experienced and talented aspirants from different regions. Another positive side of the online job portal is that posting remains active for a minimum time period of 30 days which is far better than posting in the newspaper classified where the posting is valid only for a day or two (Antoun,, 2016). The filtering of the CVs is faster and it is a better source of hiring for the HR Recruitment and Retention Specialists and help in managing the workflow. Another benefit of this recruitment source is that it is cost-effective in comparison to any traditional source of hiring. Talking about the social media platform like LinkedIn, it can help our organization to overcome geographical barriers as it has a wider reach for aspirants. In addition to this, it provides a great branding opportunity for us. Hope we could get the best out of these two recruitment sources.

Section B: Resume Screening Criteria

The resume screening criteria are the most challenging and time-consuming process for the HR Recruitment and Retention Specialist. Based on the experience, it can be said that 75% to 88% of the total candidates are not suitable for the post of Recruitment and Retention Specialist. The shortlisting criteria comprise work experience, education, knowledge, competencies, and skills. In addition to this, personality traits will also be noticed for screening purposes. For the best choices, the resume screening scorecard will be prepared that comprises minimum and preferred qualification. This would help in easily ranking each aspirant based on their knowledge and qualification and later as a part of the screening criteria. One thing to note here is that a good resume screening technology can also be used in case the number of job applicants is high.


Required Criteria


Masters in HR, Marketing, or Human Services Field.

Work Experience

2-3 year of the experience in Marketing & Sales or HR management.

Previous Job Role

Supervision of at least 5 employees, managing the marketing operations associated with the company.

Skills Required

Long hours walking, standing, and talking with clients, Top-notch Communication skills, technical skills, analytical skills and knowledge of Statistics

Certificates, registration, training desired

Knowledge of Employer Stipend Programs, Work Health and Safety Laws, Employment Laws, Contract making skills, SIR, CPR, Fire, and Safety, and diploma or foundation course in Labour law and workplace ethics.

Miscellaneous Requirements

Top-notch negotiation skills, vocational skills, a good understanding of the labor market information. Effective crisis intervention skills, Problem-solving, and customer management must be able to work in extreme conditions, such as peak period and late night shifts.

Section C: Valid  Tests Used in the Selection Process

It is quite understood that individual differs in many aspects, such as job-related skills and abilities. In order to get the right person on the board for the post of a Recruitment and Retention Specialist, it is quintessential to measure the skills and abilities by making use of thorough selection tests. A selection test is a device that discloses the information about candidates that is not present in the application or resume of the candidates (Patterson,, 2014). The purpose of this test is to measure certain aptitudes, abilities, and skills that provide objective information about the candidates that can be expected from him to perform. The rationale for using the selection test. The first and foremost is that the company can be able to predict the future performance of the candidate (Sulastri,, 2015). In addition to this, this helps the organization to standardize the recruitment process, eliminate the chances of any biasedness in the selection process. The measure the aptitude skills in order to predict the normal problem-solving skills of the aspirants. This is some sort of psychological test that measures the potential of the candidate.

For the post of Recruitment and Retention Specialist, there are some quintessential skills needed in the candidate. The first and foremost skills are the verbal and communication skills to handle different customers belonging to different linguistic background. In addition to this, there is a strong need for problem-solving to tackle a different complex situation. There should be a great need of achievement test that aims at exploring the practical knowledge and theoretical (Tavitiyaman,, 2014).

For this case, there are three important tests will be conducted. These are an intelligence test, situational tests, and personality tests. The significance of intelligence is that the organization can be able to determine the reasoning, numerical, verbal, and memory capacity of the candidate. This would standardize the hiring process and increase the validity and reliability of the hiring process. In case of any legal questioning or compromises, the organization can be able to reduce the consequences associated with the process. The company would be able to check the training needs within the company. Aptitude test can assist the company to determine and design the training program of the recruitment and retention specialist. In addition to this, the candidate will be required to give a situational analysis to test his/her situational abilities and problem-solving abilities. The candidate will be given a situation that might be about handling the angry clients and how to manage the peak season emergencies. All these can be of great help for the organization as they can test the abilities of the candidate to handle different scenarios that take place very often in the organization. The last test is related to the personality and qualities of the candidate. The main purpose of this test is to determine the competencies of the candidates. The Recruitment and Retention Specialist is required to have top-notch knowledge about forming a long-lasting relationship with the clients, employees, and other stakeholders. This would directly affect client satisfaction and ultimately adds value to the bottom line of Operation Springboard.This test also checks the reliability of the Recruitment and Retention Specialists along with his self-confidence that are two critical most sought-after characteristics of any Recruitment and Retention Specialist.

Section D: Required Competencies for the Post

It is important to consider the job roles of the Recruitment and Retention Specialist while determining the key competencies within a Recruitment and Retention Specialist. The recruitment service industry is rapidly changing and so the Recruitment and Retention Specialists are required to keep work on their competencies. It is a fact that some qualities are inbuilt with them (Bharwani& Talib, 2017). However, some qualities are developed in different phases based on the need of the candidate. The job of the Recruitment and Retention Specialist is characterized by long working hours, tight and busy schedule, emergencies, and constant interaction with the customers, suppliers,employer engagement, coaching and retention, job matching, managing and developing stipend contracts, marketing, and investor management. In addition to this, he/she is required to answer the general Recruitment and Retention Specialist of the company regarding the updates of each aspect of the company’s working (Marion,, 2014). Hence, there are some basic competencies that are required in the Recruitment and Retention Specialist. These are:-

  • Planning and Organising:There is a number of tasks that have to be carried out within an organization that deals in community justice, employment, and other services. The Recruitment and Retention Specialist is required to organize, plan, and keep a track of all the recruitment processes carrying out. In addition to this, the plans need to be communicated to the Recruitment and Retention Specialists.
  • Resilience: the role is very crucial in building resilience. This directly affects the performances of the employees. They are required to develop a positive environment and expectations from employees in order to have a better retention rate.
  • Analytics: The candidates are required to have knowledge of collecting, verifying, and compiling the data related to the recruitment and distribute the cheques to the employees. For this purpose, analytic skills are required.
  • Coaching:The recruitment consultancy is characterized by a low employee retention rate. The Retention and Recruitment Specialist is required to coach the employees in order to motivate them, retain top talent, and foster an environment of growth and opportunity.
  • Client-focus:Increasing clients and retaining them for a longer period of time is the important aspect of the job and this should be reflected in all the practices and plans of Operation Springboard. The candidate should have to suggest client-focused approaches to increase client satisfaction and clientloyalty. They are required to have constant interaction with the customers to enquire the quality-related issues faced by them.
  • Finance Skills:The Recruitment and Retention Specialist is required to work within the allocated budget and carry out processes within it. In addition to this, he is required to set the prices of services offered by the company. He is needed to put together budgets and daily expenses and determine the cash flow. In addition to this, he is required to keep track of the money that is earned by the organization.
  • Empathy: it is considered as one of the soft skills of the candidatewho wants to become recruitment and retention specialist and is considered as effective management of the employees. This quality helps the candidate to enhance employee engagement, especially in the changing environment.

Section E: Two Behavioural Questions

Competency: The competencies that are to be tested are empathy and coaching


  • What will you do to enhance the performance of newly joined employees? (For testing coaching)
  • How will you manage a low motivated employee? (for testing empathy)

Expected answers:

  • Through coaching the Recruitment and Retention Specialist can be able to determine the performance issues faced by the newly joined employees. Coaching can help the specialist in determining the needs and plan the strategy to boost the performance of the candidates. Through coaching the Recruitment and Retention Specialist can be able to managethe barriers to effective performance. For new employees, these might be associated with time, tools, training, and temperament.
  • As the Recruitment and Retention Specialist, it is important to show confidence in the abilities and talent of the employee. Furthermore, poor skills and competencies might be another reason for poor motivation. Hence, specialist need to provide skill development and training program that can help them to boost their confidence. The Recruitment and Retention Specialist can sit and work with the employee to solve the issues. Ask the worker to join the goals and increase the effectiveness of the worker.

Section F: Two Situational Questions

Competency: The competencies to be tested are planning and Client Focus


  • What if there is a large urgency for hiring employees when the existing employees are on resigning? (Related to the planning)
  • What if increasing focus on client increases the cost of the services that result in low profits? (Client-focus)

Expected Answers:

  • As the Recruitment and Retention Specialist, it is important to understand the reason for resigning of existing employees. He must resolve those issues at the earliest in order to bring confidence in them. Till the hiring of new employees is being carried out, the work should be outsourced so to get it completed.
  • As a Recruitment and Retention Specialist, it is significant to consider the factors that might increase the cost of the services. These could be technology cost, labor cost, expansive resources, and much more. In addition to this, there are many intermediate processes consuming resources. All these need to tackle accordingly.


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