Using Information In Hr (Uin) Assignment Sample

Tesco Customer Service Strategy: Pandemic Resilience & Improvement

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Introduction Of Using Information In Hr (Uin) Assignment

The Tesco Company known as a British multinational company, this company provided various types of grocery products, baby products, health and beauty products and frozen and pet foods. This company's product quality is good for customer satisfaction; the company's current market revenue is good and reputed. This company is the “third-largest market retailer” in the England market,company grocery market of share around “28.4%”. Company marketing policy is goods and company share market values are based on the current England share market. Company policy and management plan are good, company internal and external shareholders values are average. Company’s main purpose proves the best and good customers services and focused on maintaining the quality and quantity of the products. This study discussed the company's external and internal shareholders' performances and company human resources performances in the company. Based on the study focus on the human resources gap and focused on the improvements for this gap. Company marketing policy and customer satisfaction strategy are good for enhancing the company's growth band reputation in the current markets. This company earned revenue based on 2022 august, $84.139B, an increase of 12.15% from the past year's earnings. This company is the fastest-growing company in the current England market; this study analyzes the company's share market strengths and weaknesses and determines the company's human resources gaps.

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Discussion of the issue

Tesco PLC is among the biggest retail company in Europe and the third largest retail industry all over the world. The business area of Tesco is vast, containing, food, cloth, retailing, electrical appliances, banking, customer financial service, insurance service etc. The organisation is spreading all over fifteen countries including, Japan, France, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Thailand, Malaysia and China. Throughout its business history, Tesco has always relied on effective management of operations and innovative strategy of operation and these two become the success factor of Tesco's business., Tesco has four formats of their stores and they are, Express, Extra, metro and superstores. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the whole world and human civilization. Due to the mandatory social distancing and lockdown, the retail industry takes the biggest impact in history. The pandemic shows an impact on the demand for products, the behaviour of consumers, service availability, logistics etc of the retail industry. During the lockdown period, people are getting inclined towards online retail or e-commerce hence the e-commerce industry rises rapidly during 2020. E-commerce or retailing offers the customers selection of goods and products from a broader inventory with the facilities of a description of products, comparison in prices and availability across the countries. This e-commerce retail also provides flexible options for payments between marketers and consumers. Though the e-commerce industry facilitates the consumer market and purchasing for people, it also creates some issues in the areas of human resource practices. Due to the easy availability of necessary goods and services via e-commerce, people tend to increase the use of telecommunication and the internet and the purchasing behaviour of the customers is inclined towards online retailing rather than supermarket purchasing. This change in customer behaviour not only hit the business graph of the retailing industry but also lay impacted the workers of this industry. They are facing various psychological issues like anxiety, depression, and stress due to the decrement in their jobs and salaries because of the less profit of the retailing business. . However, during this situation pandemic, there are counted layers of individual crisis (Meyer, 2020). There is a financial crisis approaching due to this pandemic. Losing of jobs is mounting, and the world economy is contracting. Employment losses, diminished spending of customers and e-commerce emergence make various retail industries endurance hard and more people to lose their employment.

The different issues that the HR section of the retail industry is facing are, loosing of jobs, issues with salary, job depression, and anxiety issues etc. Due to the drop in business, the retail industry faces trouble paying their workers and this impact the job performance and satisfaction of the workers. Salary is associated integrated with the situation of the psychology of workers; hence, a flawed system of pay can increase depression and anxiety among employees which can seriously increase employee attrition” (Chaudry et al. 2018). Losing jobs is generally identified as a harmful incident that can be traumatic and attributed to the consequential economic downtown and unemployment that can be seen in the present scenario.. Entire major cities have announced self-isolation, social distancing and lockdowns and have thrown the workers in anxiety and depression. Above all, retailers are not bearing to pay their employees on time but instead lying off their workers. Along with that, this strategy concerning the employees of retail and the consequences are set into the real effects on the public health of workers in food and retail services, and people of the entire supply chains.Due to theCovid-19 outbreak, the biggest major concern that the HR division of the retail company is anticipated to achieve, something that has recently been recognised as a serious problem, is the case of cognitive fitness, the reason for which has been looked away almost. Totally transgressed, by the job loss, the low-paid workers, who are already concerned by the negative consequences of the lockdown, might resort to drastic actions.

Research aim and objectives

The aim of the research is to improve the human resource section of the retail industry that was created due to the pandemic situation.

For achieving this aim, the entire research is divided into some objectives and they are,

  • Improve the salary issues and job retention among the employees of the retail industry.
  • Resolve issues of physiological tension like depression, anxiety and fear of losing jobs.
  • Provide proper medical facilities and public health services to all the employees of the retail industry.



Tesco company main three stakeholders are Employees, the executive committee and the company customers. In this company, not all stakeholders are equally powerful; some stakeholders are more powerful than the other members are. The stakeholders are gaining the company's production and performance; company stakeholders are maintaining the company share market value and encouraging the company's economic condition (Mohapatra, 2021). The company stakeholder always notice the company's prospects and increased the company's competitive advantages, company holders are always gaming the company's reputation and share market revenue. They influence the company marketing policy and gain the stock profits, the company employees help to gain the company products and the company workers' performances depend on the company production and company profit and loss. Committee members represent the company market value in the share market, which influences the company production value and they operate g the company share market strategy and company profit and loss (Alexander, 2020). Company production and a market value increase the company's customers, the large number of customers is helping to increase the company's work performance and increase the customer's expectations (Ahmed, 2020). Mainly the company shareholders' performances depend on the company's financial condition and share price. The share market profit and loss depend on the company's marketing policy and a large number of customers. The internal and external shareholders describe the company's yearly profit and loss, and employees are part of the external shareholders. Employees' performances id important to the share market value increases and the company marketing planning influences the company earning revenue (Moura, 2021.). Mostly company share market and shareholders depend on each other, and shareholders always represent the company increased share value. Share market management is important for the company market and company performance. Shareholders strongly support the company projects and company marketing strategy. The company’s external and internal shareholders manage the company projects shape and the company winning resources. The executive committee members are management’s company resources and make the future profit plan for the company. The company's financial or economical management team supports the shareholders, and company employees' earning satisfaction and work performance depends on the shareholder's marketing strategy (Joy, 2020). The shareholder's marketing strategy and innovative ideas influence the company's marketing and financial strategy. Company shareholders maintain the company's economical growth and enhance the company's economic condition (Guo, 2019). Shareholders are important for the company's strategic implementation and it provokes the company revenue. Shareholders also maintain the company customer's values and enhance the reputation of the company products. Company shareholders predict the opposite participant's performance and determine the company the best earning policy in the company. The company stakeholders are to maintain the company's internal possibility and enhance the share market growth and reputation. The shareholders also increase the company's revenue management and productivity.

Proposed Methodology

Secondary sources Information needed Research source Justification for the source Advantages of the source Disadvantages of the source
Reviews Company customers and employee reviews This source helps to collect knowledge about the company's customers' services and company policy.
  • The secondary data collection process helps to reduce the primary data collection process, its process saves time and effort.
  • this process is cost-effective and it maintains the various types of sensors or data.
  • This research method's biggest disadvantage is the different types of requirements for the data and information.
  • this data methods suffer from the lack of variables.
Journal Articles Company-based articles and journals. This source determines the previous research policy and the company's internal methods.
  • It helps to collect a large amount of data and information, it provided theviews for the primary data collection process.
  • It helps to gain knowledge about the company, and it is easier than the primary methods.
  • its have no controlling the data quality process.
  • It createsdata complexity in the secondary data collection methods.
  • The secondary data sources have not providedclear data collection methods.
Primary methods Information needed Research method Justification for the method Advantages of the method Disadvantages of the method
Surveys 3types of survey methods are provided in the data collection process, it followsOnline surveys, telephonic surveys and paper surveys. This data collection process is collecting various types of data and information (Nigam, et al.2018). Its data collection process helps to gain knowledge about the company and companypurpose.
  • Primary data collection is directly collected from the type of people who are experiencing those particular issues that are trying to be solved. That means the data should be much more prompt and reliable than other data. The mode of this data collection is through interviews or surveys.
  • Primary data collection is more accurate than traditional data because traditional data needs feedback from the people who have experienced the issues or problems but primary data doesn't allow this.
  • Through primary data collection, the person who is collecting the data is able to know the information from the affected people.
  • Primary data collection is a very time-consuming process because it can be done through interviews or through surveys.
  • Collecting the primary data can be costly because it is done through surveys and for this reason, experts have to visit particular places in this process, some types of equipment are necessary which are very costly.
  • In primary data collection methods, labour is needed as the surveys can't be done by one person. In this process, more people are needed and also have to pay them for their work.
Interviews The two types of interview methods are used in the data collection methods, such as qualitative and quantitative research question-answer process. This interview method verifies the participant's demands and requirements. Determine the company's gaps and company internal and external issues.
  • Primary data collection gives more accurate data for that reason it makes the research much more effective. It doesn't need huge respondents as this could be done by only people who are experienced issues.
  • Primary data collection is more applicable because this observes all the aspects of the individual's experiences rather than focusing on one particular aspect.
  • In primary data collection, the technique of data collection is important because if there is any error in maintenance or actions the whole research will be incorrect.
  • Primary data collection needs an experienced person for doing the analysis because experienced people will not provide accurate pieces of information.

Analysis: This table describes the process of the data collection method; the company is choosing the two methods such as primary and secondary methods. These two types of data collection methods is helping to collect the company's external and internal methods and policies. The secondary data collection process is helpful to the primary data collection methods; this process is gaining knowledge about the company and the company marketing policy and procedures.This table mentions the primary and secondary data collection methods' advantages and disadvantages. This data collection process collects more information and data about the company and company employees and customers, members or stakeholders.

Action plan

Action Description Departments Start date Due date Require resources Potentialresources Outcomes
Financial Accountant 25 December 30 December company financial goals and purpose in future included the emergency plan and companyworth value in the current market The companybudget and taxation plan. knowledge about the investment value and managing values in the company. It improved the company's financial condition and also helps to increase the share market values.
Techonology Systemdepartments 24 December 31 December Collect the information based on the company's current situation, and implements the technology management. The company's current technological gaps focused on the implementation of technology advantages and disadvantages. The easy and smart technology helps to collect the data and fulfil the customer's needs and satisfaction.
Training Human Resources 20 Decembers 30 December Gather the information about the company goals and company internal gap resources. Collect the training process resources and Give a training management plan. It helps to increase the company'swork performance and company production values.
Services Marketing management 26 December 30 December Collect the resources about the production and service process. Gaining information about the company marketing plan and company services procedures It improves customer service, and its tries to fulfil the customer's needs and requirements.

Research activity and Findings

Research activity summary

This study conducts the interview method for the data collection methods, the interview process chooses the company's external and internal participants, such as external participants are customers and suppliers, and the internal participants are employees and the management team. Focused on the company's target audience,and determine the company's customer services and company aims and objectives. This interview process follows various types of questions, like company database, values, share market, customer’s services and customer’s behaviours. question about the company employee's performances and the company's current market values. Two types of target factors are chosen such as external factors (Customers and suppliers) and internal factors (employee and management teams), and the interview process is focused on the company product quality and customers satisfactions. Company interview data collection process based on the company's customer behaviour, and focused on, during this pandemic situation company customer services policy and company customer satisfaction. During this pandemic situation focus on the company’s, work performance and the company management team and technology team managing process. This interview process applies three types of methods such as online methods, telephonic and paper methods. This interview process focused on the company's goals, customers’ needs, and requirements process. This interview process analysis the company gaps and company customer services chain management plan and procedures.

Research findings

After analysing this study to find the pandemic situation company customer services gaps, this study uses the primary and secondary data collection activity, the secondary data collection activity is helping to find out the previous year's customers services and current company customers services. and the primary data collection process is focused on the company's current customer services and customers' behaviours, analyses this study these two processes follow the company's share market values and share market performances. This study mirrors the company values and importance for the customers or employees, during this pandemic situation company customers' behaviours and their implements plans and strategies for the customer's services.

Figure 1: Stakeholder Knowledge Chart

 Stakeholder Knowledge Chart

The company marketing and the sharemarkets, such as external and internal shareholders, operate two types of sharemarket holders. The external shareholders help to increase the company's marketing values and enhance the company's economic condition, and the internal shareholder have performed and prompt the company's work performances and the company's customer service or behaviours. This company's share market values depend on the company's good shareholders' marketing strategy and it helps to develop the company's best customer services plan. The shareholders use the power of productivity, production of the future and current share market values, and the stakeholders map the relationships between the company share and shareholders.


In this study concluded the UK-based company Tesco, this study analyzes the company's current market values and company customer satisfaction, determining the company share market performances and shareholders' performances. The study notice the company's current market values and reputation, after a pandemic company gaps, this research is based on two types of methods, primary and secondary methods and this research focused on the company's product quality. The company focused on the share market performance and the advantages in the company's internal and external factors. This study analyzes the research activity and the action plan, this action plan mentions the four types of actions, such as financial, technology, training and services, these four action plan is improved the company customers' services and enhances the company image. This study discusses the company's main purpose and objectives, the company's current share market value and company marketing policy, Company action plan are resources are focused on the company's budget plan, financial condition, customer satisfaction and the company's current market values. This study concluded the company marketing policy and the company pandemic situation affect the company customer services policy. After analysis, this study found the company gaps in the customer's services and the company stakeholders' strategic plan and process.This study analyses the company marketing plan and company financial issues, including the company's current challenges and the company marketing strategy implementation process. Determine the company's customers' services process and company and focused on the quality of the products in the current company markets. This study concluded the company marketing policy and the company customers' services and behaviours during the pandemic situation.


This study analyzes the company customer's service gaps and customer behaviours gaps, this study recommended some points to improve the company's customer service. Fulfilling the customer's needs and requirements improved the company's marketing plan and customer satisfaction. Good technology implementation is improved the company is marketing plan and customer services. Improved the company's products and services helps to improve the company's customer satisfaction plan. Reviews the company customers' feedback and identify the company customers' behaviours gaps,and provided a better strategy and services plan, which may be its helps to improve the company customers' services. Provided good quality products and customer services implementation plan helps to improve the company customer’s behaviours. Improved e-commerce technology is helping to improve and enhance customers' behaviours and practices. Identifying the customer's expectations and needs, and trying to fulfil the customer's needs and requirements, may influence the customer's services in the company. provided the online shopping plan is to implement the company's ole customers' behaviours and the online shopping process improved the customer's services policy and enhances customers satisfaction during this pandemic conditions. Providing the memorising customer services and offers helps to improve the company customers' services and behaviours.


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