3CO03 Core Behaviours For People Professionals Assignment sample

Examining Core Behaviours for HR Professionals: Assignment Analysis

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Introduction Of (3CO03) Core Behaviours For People Professionals Assignment

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Professional Behaviors make it easy to understand a person's skills and performance, and this is why it is recommended to adopt professional behaviour when working in any organization. Ethical practice and knowledge are very important for a company to easily adopt professional behaviour because, with the help of ethical practice, people can fulfil their responsibilities very well. Ethical practice also brings a lot of skill to the work and helps to better control the production system of the organization. This 3co03 study will discuss some of the professional skills and ethical approaches that will help to better control a production system for a television company.

3co03 Task 1: Ethical practice

1.1 Discuss ethical principles and core values to inform approaches to work

Organizational practice has special core values that help control organizational processes through ethical practice, such as service, organizational justice, dignity, and many more (Davies, 2017). All of these organizational core values and ethical principles make it possible to adopt professional behavior, such as


The ethical principle in this regard is that the employees of the organization will handle their responsibilities well for the sake of the customer (Tursunbayevaet al.,2021). Through this ethical practice, the employees of the organization can better fulfill their responsibilities towards a company, and this is considered to be one of the keys to the success of the organizational production process.

Organizational justice

In the case of organizational justice, the ethical principle is that employees will prepare themselves to deal with any risk factor of the organization (Wall, 2017). With the help of this Ethical Principle, the employees work in a coordinated manner and take responsibility for solving the problem.

Organizational dignity

Its core value is that all persons or employees of the organization will respect each other, and at the same time give each other a chance to analyze their decisions well (Petrowski and Conrad, 2019). With this ethical approach, the employees of the organization can easily understand their mistakes, and besides, there is a high probability that the relationship between the employees will improve.

Organizational integrity

In the case of organizational integrity, the ethical principle is that employees will have a much more trusting attitude towards the organization (Findlayet al.,2017). With this ethical approach, employees can do their job better without opposing the organization. With the above ethical approach, the employees of the television production company can make their behavior much more professional.

1.2 Critique relevant regulation and law within the context of ethics and professional practice

Ethics and the practice of law (1986), this Legislation Act will enable professional behaviour among the company's stakeholders (Martinset al.,2019). This legislation act or ethical practice seeks to improve certain aspects of employees, which makes the production system of the organization much stronger, such as

Client care

Most experts believe that the key to a company's success depends on market demand, and so employees are taught to fulfill customer demand, which is one of the most important ethical and professional practices (Bace, 2018). The HR managers of the television companies mentioned in the case study should teach the employees to follow the market demand. Following market demand allows employers to adopt actual skills and knowledge which will satisfy the customer.

Legislative requirements

Employees of the organization need to be given special training as they have direct interaction with the customer, and in this case Proper Skill and Knowledge there is a need to follow Proper Legislative Act. As mentioned in the legislative actAdvisers License Act 2007, with the help of this legislative act, the company's HR managers train such employees well, so that the employees can communicate well with the customer properly (Butterick and Charlwood, 2021).

Work with knowledge and skill

With the help of the above Legislation Act, the managers of the company can train the employees better, so that their convolving and skill are much improved. As opined by Royceet al.,(2021), with the help of this legislation law, companies give the main responsibility only if they improve the skills and knowledge of the employees.

1.3 Clarify how an HR professional would demonstrate a positive and ethical approach

In the case of an organizational approach, human resource managers follow a positive and ethical approach in certain cases, which helps a lot in improving the production system of an organization, such as

“Clarifying problems and issue”

In the case of organizational activity, HR managers refer to employees' organizational problems and objectives, so that the employees can understand the actual situation of the company and implement it properly in their skills and knowledge (Elrayah, 2021).

“Contributing views and opinions”

One of the most important approaches of HR managers in organizational processes is to respect the opinions of employees. As suggested by Bernstein (2020), employees can easily understand the risk factor as they are directly connected to the company's production system. For this reason, one of the responsibilities of HR managers is to know the views of the employees.

“Working in a team”

One of the responsibilities of HR managers in organizational processes is to bring all stakeholders together to take the work of productivity forward. In this case, maintaining stakeholder relationships is a major priority for managers. The HR manager of a television production company can improve the production system by following this strategy or ethical approach.

“Showing sensitivity to others”

The positive impact of this ethical approach is that in this case the HR manager will consider the decisions of all employees individually (Falletta and Combs, 2020). Improving the production system will be possible if the decision and efficiency of each employee is given different importance.

“Showing respect for colleagues”

With this ethical and professional approach, the company's HR manager can easily motivate other stakeholders of the company (Davies, 2017). If the stakeholders are motivated, they can fulfil their responsibilities very well, and the company's production system is greatly improved.

3co03 Task 2: Self-Reflective Journal

2.1 Definition of ethics within the context of work

Business ethics means some important legal initiatives that improve the company's production system (Tursunbayevaet al.,2021). Many experts consider business ethics or workplace ethics to be a professional activity or approach (Wall, 2017). All of these workplace ethics or professional approaches have multiple advantages that can improve a company's production system, such as

Properly maintained work culture or business ethics helps to develop a kind of positive working environment within the work culture (Petrowski and Conrad, 2019). Company Employees can easily discharge their responsibilities by following a professional approach or ethical approach, and this helps a lot of business stakeholders in controlling the company's risk factor. Moreover, due to the development of a positive working environment, the employees perform their duties well, and this helps a lot in improving the company's production system.

It is also possible to improve the work culture as well as the performance of the management team through professional activity and ethical approach. As suggested by Findlayet al.,(2017), HR managers of the company have the greatest responsibility for the company's ethical approach. This is because employees and other ground level stakeholders learn ethical approaches from their HR managers.

Moreover, ethical approaches and professional approaches improve the relationship between the company's stakeholders. Managers try to maintain a stakeholder presence by motivating stakeholders and solving problems. The HR managers of the television production company mentioned in the case study can follow these approaches, and it will be much easier to improve the company's production system through this approach.

2.2 Model ways which can acknowledge sensitivity in workplace

In managing professional activity and ethical approaches, HR managers rely heavily on a number of factors, such as

Setting the climate

When implementing business ethics practice, managers should first improve their work culture. As opined by Bace (2018), if it is possible to improve the work culture, it will be of great benefit to train the stakeholders as well as follow their ethical practice. Therefore, there is a need to maintain and develop a proper business policy in teaching ethical practice and professional approach. Therefore, the development system of this television company will be much improved by developing proper work culture.

Tapping employee potential

In this case the employees need to be properly trained and in this case the responsibility of the company manager is much more. As mentioned by Butterick and Charlwood (2021), due to Covid 19 situation, it is becoming very difficult to train the employees. Therefore, by following the professional approach, HR managers should be hired with the right skills, and it will be much easier to train employees by hiring skilled and experienced employees.

Keeping performance on task

In this case the company manager should track the performance of the employees and if there is any problem it should be implemented well. According to Royceet al.,(2021), employees need to track their performance and improve as they interact directly with the customer.

2.3 Ways to recognize and accept your own and others’ mistakes, whilst showing empathy.

While working within a team or by myself I should always focus on positive aspects of everything. Man makes mistakes. It is common to make mistakes when we are in action. In the professional work field, making mistakes is also reflecting that I am learning something new and trying to achieve the best (Zhanget al.,2020). Being empathetic to everyone while finding out mistakes is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with colleagues at the workplace because mistakes come and go but my colleagues will remain the same. Therefore, it is important to instil empathy within ourselves. Constant reviewing of my work and dissecting the progress at work help me to identify my mistakes and work on them. Situational decision making is one of the core values of the workplace that I learn in the due course of time and also understand the value of acknowledging mistakes in order to improve them. I should always look for sustainable solutions to the mistakes that happen at the workplace and encourage others to acknowledge them in order to learn from them. Without throwing any harsh words or bullying others, we should cooperate with each other to find ways for rectifying the mistakes and being empathetic to each other. It is important to look after everybody's wellbeing at the workplace and also encourage each other to maintain a healthy environment at the workplace.

2.4 Recommended ways to show inquisitiveness about issues and developments.

A variety of approaches I can have and promote in order to evoke the inquisitiveness or curiosity about contemporary issues and developments in the people profession and the wider world of work for myself and other colleagues of mine. The recommended ways in which I can show inquisitiveness are conducting formal and informal investigation and research, questioning, keeping up the updated record of professional journals, books, articles, blogs, websites, news feeds, open communication within the team, polishing of the minds that work together, a brainstorming session about ideas and opportunities et cetera. I should keep in touch with the activities of our competitors in the market to understand their approaches and if required take inspiration from them as well without copying them. Questioning has a lot of impacts on personal improvement. While questioning in order to quench the thirst of curiosity, we should not focus on the relevance or irrelevance of the matter. Questioning should be free-flowing to know the exact answers. Even before getting the answers, I should gather as many questions as possible to build the structure of model inquisitiveness. While working towards inquisitiveness about issues and developments I should emphasize learning goals as well. Exploration and broadening own interest employees can enhance their knowledge and skills (Lynchet al.,2019).

2.5 Reflect on proactive approaches to developing, recording and reflecting on your professional knowledge, skills and experiences.

In the first place, it may seem unnecessary to keep a record of my personal achievements and movements. But maintaining a proper record of my professional growth, achievement, skills and development is important to learn from them and use them for demonstration purposes to a potential recruiter. Reviewing my entire achievement and recording the same in a professional manner is also a way to check on my progress against my career goal. It is a way of seeing how far I have grown over time. Reflective practice is an instinctive method of assessing thoughts and actions for the purpose of individual learning and development. It is an adaptable process that can be used to identify concepts of personal development, learning, self-improvement (Isik-Ercan and Perkins 2017).Initially at People Practice; I did not understand the value of applauding others' achievements and appreciating them. But later on, I came to know that appreciation makes one more enthusiastic thus we should always do this. Hence I am able to rectify myself because I kept a record of my unknowns. In regards to my performance, this method of recording learning and development deficiencies from the past helped me a lot to work on identified learning and development needs. I know it's important to devote an appropriate time for reflection in order to make myself better on every alternative day. Based on the proactive approaches, recording and reflecting on my professional knowledge, skills and experience I will be able to make myself a better individual professionally and personally.


From the above 3CO03 assignment example, it can be concluded that the HR manager plays a key role in improving the production system for the television company. In addition, HR managers provide proper training to employees so that they follow an ethical and professional approach. Professional and ethical practices improve relationships between company stakeholders. At the same time, the performance of the employees can be greatly improved by following the ethical approach and following different legislations. Moreover, following all these ethical approaches and professional approaches will greatly improve the production process of the television company.

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