Developing Individuals, Teams & Organizations Assignment Sample

Developing Individuals, Teams & Organizations Assignment: Strategies for Success and Growth

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Introduction Of Developing Individuals, Teams & Organizations

Assignment 1: (Professional Development Portfolio)


Achievements come when people get job satisfaction from their job. Getting a human resource management post, a person or an employee has some skills which help them to get that position. A human resource manager has many strategies to handle a company's management group and create many relations for the organization to make that company a big name in that industry.

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Company information

HR stands for a company's human resource manager and Tesco deals with those factors. It is considered a retail company that has these strategies regarding the present aspects (, 2022). After growing up there, are so many skills which are people learned from their lives and learned from their schools and high schools.

Skill audit

Every organization has a management group that manages the company's any kind of problems or circumstances. In this management group, the organization has a post called HR. Every person has his or her own skills for getting any kind of work. However, in an HR post, a person needs to have some skills to achieve the post. Some of them are already present in a person and some of them need to develop (Widmann, 2018). However, after completing high school some skills are not being developed by their own selves. Maybe those types of skills are also important to the post of HR.

Skills already present

The skills already present in a person also can help to do the HR job. It may be communication skills, time management, and attention to detail helps the HR job. Communication skills are very effective for the post of HR because as HR there are many types of persons, some of them are likable and some of them are not. Having good communication skills may help to communicate with many types of people (, 2022). Time management will also help the employee who is interested in the HR post. For a company, HR is like a leader who will be followed by the other employees. So an HR has to be on time, this skill a person can have without any type of training. Adaptability and flexibility are also required skills for applying for an HR post. If a person faced many types of people or many types of situations in life then they have this skill in their habit. It also helps to do the job of an HRM (Hultgren et al. 2022). In a business, it is very important to be creative. Getting a new project and proceeding with new ideas is based on the creativity will they have. This skill also may have a person who is a foresight thinker and also connected with creative jobs.

Skills need to develop

There are so many skills that a person does not have for the HR post, but they can develop them. Leadership quality is a skill that not every person has, but the person can develop the skills to achieve the goal. This leadership quality may be developed after joining any other company. Critical thinking is a very tough and important skill to develop for the HR post. Critical thinking means an analytical approach to solving a problem (Hossain, 2021). This critical thinking also helps to taking new decisions for the company and helps the organization to grow. After the point of critical thinking, there are also many points which can be developed.The person who does not have the skills to achieve the possession of HR. Dependability and responsibility is the very powerful thing to have, be an HR. Dependability and responsibility both are very different things to connect but for an HR it is not that tough job to handle. In this case, HR would be dependable on its employee for the job (, 2022). For example, if there is a project to take action on then the HR is dependent on their employee but after completing the project, the employees are not taking any responsibility for that project the responsibility is fully upon the HM. it is also a skill that can be developed.

Learning goals

It is very important for an employee to have some inbuilt skills that an HR has. Developing the skills of an HR is very helpful to cope-up in the future. The HR post has great value in the company. For being HR, there are some skills that are very much needed for this position (Dayal and Cowie, 2019). Communication skills, time management skills, and leadership qualities are obviously important for this position but at the same point, there are also some professional qualities needed for the HR post.

  • Strategy planning and execution: HR professionals need to adopt this skill. The company has many types of circumstances, and in that situation, the HRM (Human Resource Manager) has the responsibility to create a new strategy for the organization and take out the company from that situation.
  • Priority management: It is the responsibility of the HR manager to prioritize the project, stakeholders, and employees (Huang et al. 2018). It does not matter how valuable or important the project is, if there is a chance to give the stakeholder or employees or the management team, a big priority level and if they know the organization is prioritizing them then the stakeholders and the employees both make the project a success.
  • Recruitment and selection: the other important and very powerful skill of an HRM is recruitment and selection. In any big and named organization, HRM has the right to decide who is going to work in that company and who is not working in that company. Finding qualified candidates, interviewing them, and judging why they are appropriate for this job also depends on HR.

Comparison of learning, training, and development

After learning this study, it has a clear picture of the difference between learning, training, and development. Learning means when a person learns about a topic and gathers many types of knowledge from that study. On the other side training is the next step in which a person has to practice those things which they learned about. After training, the last step of self-realization is called development (Virgin, 2020). After taking the training of the study, a person has to realize what the thing they can do.It is also important what the thing they want to develop in themselves is.

  • Learning: Knowing about a study and learning about that study is called the process of learning. It is a short-term process. It is maybe the focus of learning is present but the foresight vision is for the future. The aim of the learning is to gather new information and apply them in the future.
  • Training: Training is the next step of learning. For some industries, the training process is a part of learning. In this part, people are avail to try many things and applied their learning to make it more appropriate for themselves (Jyoti, 2019). Training is a short-term process that is job oriented and focuses on the present. A company organizes a training season because the company wants to improve the work performing of the employees.
  • Development: Development says the overall growth of an employee. It depends on the training. After taking the training, the employee had to know where the flow was, and in this process, they have to develop their flows and resurrect them for their future (Zhang et al. 2019). The development focuses on the future in a long-term process. Development is preparing the employees for their future challenges. The aim of the development is to take new concepts and gather much general knowledge about the work.

Reflection using Kolb's

After completing this study the reflection on this study is based on Kolb's learning process fits me. Kolb's theory says about the learning process and the development of an employee. Firstly Kolb says learning is the process in which an employee creates new thoughts. In this learning process, the employee faces some barriers (Chiu, 2019). To overcome the barrier the employees develop themselves. Kolb's learning cycle theory has four parts.

  • Concrete Experience: In this part, the learner concentrates on whatever they get. This experience might be a new experience or an existing experience it takes the light of new concepts.
  • Reflection on a new experience: After getting new knowledge, the learner reflects on the concept of what they are having during learning. Learner reflects on their experiences by using their existing knowledge.
  • Abstract Conceptualization: Reflection always gives new ideas to the learner. The learner abstracts the whole concept with the help of using their conceptual mind. In this, the learner learns from their experiences.
  • Active Experimentation: After gathering all information and creating their own logic and creating many concepts give rise to experimentation. Then the learner applied their ideas to the world, what are they learning during the learning process, and wants to see what happens after that.


The conclusive part of this study is how to develop ourselves and get fit for an organization's junior human resource post. This study helps to understand how important a job and a post are for an organization. It will also show how many skills will be required for any type of position. On the other hand, the study also said that how an employee has to develop their skills to stay in an organization.

Assignment 2: (High-Performance Working Briefing Paper)


  • HPW is the practice that describes the development of the capacity of the Tesco.
  • The capacity of effectiveness to select, attracts, hire, retain, as well as develop high-performing personnel has been said.
  • It includes matters of employee involvement, HR practices, compensation, as well as reward.

The development of an individual, teams, as well as organisations, is considered to be an important aspect and it also referred to the concept of DITO. The chosen company for this aspect is Tesco whose HPW concept will have to describe. High-performance working (HPW) is the main aspect of the study that leads to company development as well as customer satisfaction. It is an important concept that includes knowledge as well as an understanding of the ways of HPW development. These are finally contributing to the factors of competitive advantage as well as employee engagement.

Concept of high-performance working (HPW)

  • High-performance working is referred to as the concept that contributes to the factors of employee engagement as well as a competitive advantage (, 2022).
  • It is important for the development of company performance by improving the engagement of the employees of Tesco.
  • HPW includes managing the performance, collaborative working, as well as reflective communication for supporting the culture of high performance as well as commitment (Meijerinket al. 20).
  • The factor is important as it describes the involvement of employees towards the culture of the organisation.

HPW includes four important subsystems and they are engaging the staff, acquiring as well as developing the talent, empowering the frontline, and aligning the leaders. Staff engagement leads to four factors and which are conveying the vision and mission, sharing information, engaging the employees in decision-making and contingent compensation for performance. The second subsystem involves rigorous recruiting, extensive training, selective hiring, as well as career development. The third one presents the matters of employee security, reduction of status distinctions, and decentralised decision-making. Leader alignment includes management training that is linked to the need of the organisation. Succession planning, as well as contingent compensation for performance, is other important aspects of it. For example, if Tesco adopts HR practices, employee involvement, as well as reward, it will be able to develop the company's performance through the engagement of the employees or workers.

HPW in enhancing employee commitment and engagement

  • A high-performance working system helps in developing the employee attitude for the development of organisational performance.
  • The behaviours, as well as attitudes of the employees, can be improved with the implementation of this system in their organisation of Tesco (Ipinazaret al. 2021).
  • The work system of the present company can be improved if Tesco applied this system.
  • It has an effect in the globalised market that lead to high employee engagement and positive change in the organisation (Dolzhenko and Lobova, 2019).

HPW can be detected as a good practice that can enhance employee commitment as well as engagement. The present company Tesco can get help from this practice to develop their employee engagement and commitment to getting the advantage over the competitors of the organisation. This system of work helps in psychological empowerment positively by influencing job engagement. This matter includes that psychological empowerment helps in influencing the HPW system on job engagement. It improves employee engagement and commitment, their attitudes as well as behaviours, and the attitudes of the employees towards the organisation. Therefore, it can be said that Tesco can apply this system in their organisation for their improvement of employee behaviours. This system can be effective for Tesco in improving their employee engagement as well as the commitment of the employees in the present organisation.

Different ways for managing the culture of high-performance

  • HPW's approach mainly focuses on the design of work, HR practices, leadership royals, as well as information technology (Zaman, 2020).
  • The effectiveness of HPW includes different ways such as clarifying the communication value (Zhaiet al. 2023).
  • It reinforces the positive behaviour of an organisation, helps in empowering employees, as well as collects feedback.
  • Tesco can apply this HPW approach to increasing their leadership quality or organisation culture in different effective ways (, 2022).

The high performance of an organisation includes three main factors and they are leadership, organisational culture, as well as management. Human resource managers play important role in improving the workplace culture as well as the performance of the employees. The HR managers of Tesco can evaluate various ways for installing high-performance working within the organisation. It can be presented that the HPW approach will be the best approach for Tesco for managing the high-performance working culture within their organisation. Here, collaborative working is an important aspect that can help the company. The work culture includes setting transparent goals, midpoint reviews, as well as annual appraisals. The HR managers play important roles in this part as they provide common standards that determine the value of the company. Collaboration with the management will help employee contribution.


  • A company can make better profit or performance compared to others with the proper engagement of employees and their high performance within the organisation.
  • Tesco can develop its performance and make a better profit by adopting the HPW approach and the HR managers had a great role in this part for effective management, collaborative work, and reflective communication.
  • The culture of the organisation can develop by applying proper organisational culture and the organisation will develop better by increasing its workplace culture.

The assignment is mainly based on the development of the performance of an individual, team, as well as an organisation. It is considered an important aspect of this study that speaks about the importance of high-performance working within an organisation. The chosen organisation is Tesco here and the development of this company's performance is p[resented. It is an effective matter that HPW includes the matters of understanding and knowledge of the employees for their engagement within the company. It also describes the competitive advantages related to it such as good leadership, management aspects, and employee engagement. The matters include the chosen organisation's employee commitment development and advantages of the company related to its competitors.

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  •, (2022). About Tesco,Available at:[Accessed on: 9th November, 2022]

Reference for Assignment 2 (PPT)



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