Modernizing Hospital Systems Through Strategic IT Management Assignment Sample

Evaluation of the hospital's IT initiative to modernize systems for appointments, clinics, billing, receptions, and operating rooms

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Introduction of Hospital Management Network And Software Infrastructure Assignment

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Section 1: Business Plan and IT Initiative

  1. IT management allows administration and monitoring of the organization's data or information technology system. This includes networks,m software, and hardware system. In this case study, the management of the IT plan is carried out on Hull Royal. It can be considered that Hull Royal is one of the largest regional hospitals which is located in manchester. The hospital has over eight thousand employees. Also, there are 1100 beds available in the hospital. As it is a huge infrastructure strong management is needed to make the working process more efficient. This research study is about fully refurbishing the entire infrastructure of IT of Hull Royal. The refurbishing process includes practice management, clinic management, appointment management, managing surgery rooms, receptions, and billing management (Griffin, 2021). The project includes refurbishing of the entire hospital process. The five main elements of an IT management system are controlling, leading, staffing, organizing, and planning. The management process affects the entire hospital process, also during the implementation of the management process many factors or elements need to be focused on.

IT management is beneficial for many sectors, it helps to achieve goals, identifies opportunities, helps to grow and achieve success, achieves strategic outcomes, maximizes value and saves money, and also manages risk. A staffing process can be implemented. A staffing process is a systemic implementation process, which includes appraisal, recruitment, selection, evaluation, and a human resource plan. This process is mainly based on basic organizational structure. IT management not only increases data security but also improves productivity and benefits communication. There are three principal steps in IT management that are input, output, and processing. Hull Royal is one of the largest regional hospitals, its current infrastructure system includes twenty-five percent of medical technical centers, fifteen percent of general support facilities, and sixty percent of employees involved in care, treatment, and diagnosis (Shaturaev, 2022). This will comprise brand-new equipment, network, and software infrastructure in addition to adequate area renovation, furniture, all required accessories, and a fully staffed IT support desk. To assist the medical center, neighborhood clinics, affiliated hospitals, and patients, the center will build a data center.

  1. Strategic planning is the systematic process of identifying strategic and long goals and recommending strategies for achieving them. The long-term vision of the company and the procedures necessary to realize it must be made clear. Strategy and planning are employed to allocate resources effectively, establish job priorities, and ensure that the company's goals are supported by data from statistics and logic (Aslam, 2020). The main objective of strategic planning is to establish precise goals for the development and success of the hospital, and success is attained with the help of a successful strategic strategy. It is necessary to choose the organization's emphasis and direction. It ensures hospital alignment, allowing everyone to work toward shared goals. It supports an organization's study of potential risks and comprehension of its flaws. It boosts productivity and makes the job more enjoyable.

Strategic planning objectives are thorough statements of purpose that outline the components that should be present in an organization's strategy. The team is focused on achieving these goals as quickly as possible. These ought to cover the core capabilities and functional areas of an organization for the following three to five years. These objectives help in formulating strategies that include effective efforts and countermeasures. Some characteristics of effective strategic goals are attainable, purpose-driven, long-term focus, and measurable (Dworatschek, 2018). Also to implement strategic planning growth and learning objectives, patients' objectives, internal objectives, and financial objectives should be understood better. Hull Royal hospital is a large infrastructure, if this managerial process is restructured then the IT manager needs to focus on all the elements of this hospital. The main purpose and objects are

  • To create a strong infrastructure.
  • To provide all the facilities.
  • To strengthen the security procedures.
  • To stabilize the system so that it can be used widely.
  • To make a profit, the hospital grows.
  • To ensure that every patient gets proper facilities.
  • To manage the information that is related to health care.
  • To create a vision and set goals so that the staff and members can easily cooperate.
  • To promote high quality services in hospitals.
  • To provide opportunities.
  • To create better hospital infrastructure.
  1. Hull Royal is a hospital in Manchester which has 8000 employees. This hospital also has 1100 beds, it provides treatments which is why it has become a large regional hospital. The management in IT allows to fulfill the management and hospital goal. The medical center will build a data center to service itself, surrounding practices, affiliated hospitals, and patients. Old systems were the main focus of IT infrastructure management. The numerous departments of the hospital used a number of separate systems that either functioned independently or communicated via gateways. To allow for stronger system integration of auxiliary systems, it was decided to migrate towards a more open IT network management platform (Akramovich, 2019). The whole Hull Royal IT infrastructure, including the systems for booking appointments, managing clinics and practises, billing, receptions, and operating rooms, will be totally modernized. This will ensure that all medical professionals and personnel have access to the most up-to-date equipment for working totally online. In addition to suitable space renovation, furniture, all required equipment, and a fully staffed IT help desk, this will require brand-new hardware, software, and network infrastructure.

As it is a huge system to infrastructure the management of the hospital billing process, patient details, available treatments, medicines, services, service cost, beds, emergency unit, patient information, doctors and nurce’s information, surgery departments, and other works has a huge importance. Also the hospital management system process contains a huge amount of information that is confidential, a proper security is needed to secure the information (DuBrin, 2020). Also there is a risk of cyber attack or disclosure of the information. To remove all the risks a stoned IT management should be implemented. Also a super speciality hospital which can provide best docs, treatments with advanced technologies and medicines can influence people to get treatment from Hull Royal. It can increase the profit and helps to grow the business. Also proper management helps the employees to set their goals so that they can improve their work and stay focused.

Section 2: IT initiative staffing

  1. Every company is facing the challenge of automation and digitalization. The name of the IT company is Hull Royal. There are mainly over 8000 employees in the organization. The hull royal has the It functional structures and this company is mainly selected for appointment management. Due to the effect of the covid 19. The following people mainly face the pandemic. The customers are continuously taking the consuming information. There are mainly automation advances and it can even simplify the following processes. The skill gap is the main difference between The people mainly work on their workforce and people can even identify the skills and the business goal should meet with the employee and also hiring programs (Zandi, 2020). The user can even identify the gap analysis. This job requires the company’s actual skill levels. People can even determine the employee's skill set. The analysis can even be targeted to help the employees.

There are also different types of training programs that can even help to develop the skills the users actually need. There are different types of skills analysis to develop the employee skills. The skill gap analysis is an important thing. The skill gap gap analysis should be done by two levels. The following IT infrastructure is regional. In the following management process, the skills gap is a mismatch. It needs an employer to meet the business objectives. The IT skills mismatch is like a business objective and it has the capabilities of the gap mismatch and this is a current force of mismatch. The employers often locate this and IT knowledge qualifies the tech talent. It is a different type of application development security. There are also mentor incentives and it is like an instance and employers need someone who has the specific set of skills. It will be understandable that there is a certain different kind of role. It helps to understand that a well rounded employee has a great asset and it can even compete with other candidates and the candidates vying for the same position. Time should be precious and it is also valuable for everyone (Kurbonov, 2021). By developing this kind of hospital skills, It allows one to feel more confident and it is an emerging technology. It can be the faster finishing tasks. The IT skills save money and the IT experts have hourly rates. In this way, the people can even conduct the current IT stuffing skills.

  1. As confidence increases, productivity goes high. The people learn the productivities and it is a different skill and even people learn the keyboard shortcuts. It mainly focuses attention and also has projects and jobs. The following technology is becoming frustrating and it can even maintain and upgrade the following device and softwares and it can even prevent the issues in the future. The upskilling also helps to become more effective and also becoming more critical for different kinds of businesses to achieve the goals. The users should be determined about the goals. The factors of personal ability is als important. The organizational functional needs are also important.The personal availability is also important that should be identified and the functional needs are also ready for the applicants. The following gap analysis also should be conducted. The Staffing organization of the non-managerial things should be conducted. There are various sequential steps that should be concluded (Srivastava, 2021). The recruitment process is also recruitment process, selection process, development also and performance appraisal. The staffing plan is like a strategic plan and it also has the personal needs of the organization. The performance appraisal is also needed and this is a strategic planning process. There should be a strategic plan by the HR process.

A very good staffing plan helps to understand organizational needs to accomplish the goals. There are also different types of strategic staffing. The workforce planning is also reduced and the recruitment talent is also needed and deploying talent is also a needful thing for the IT infrastructure. The selecting talent is also an important thing of the strategic staffing (Notteboom, 2021). The employees are the finest assets . The organization struggles for the human resource and also for the future. By following this survey, the human resource management has found the survey for human management. The following businesses are also struggling .

These issues can even mitigate the following strategies. The tips should be developed and the business landscapes are even struggling to maintain the business strategies. It can even develop the strategic staffing plan. The staffing plan identifies the needs of the organization. The good staffing plan helps to understand the organizational needs and it can even accomplish the goals of the following businesses. The type of employees in the organization need to accomplish the goals (Prihartono, 2018). The staffing plan should encompass the total company and the following departments and it should be an individual assignment. nIn this way,a comprehensive staffing policy can even conduct the IT department that can even meet the initiative needs.

Section 3: Staffing approaches

  1. There are four basic methods that are used in staffing decisions, that are regiocentric, polycentric, ethnocentric, and geocentric approaches.

Ethnocentric staffing approach

The approach of ethnocentric staffing is mainly focused on practices and norms of the host organization, where the management of upper positions are held by personnel of the corporate from the home country. The clear advantage of hiring ethnocentric staff is the synchronization of home office opinions and interests with all abroad operations (Ardito, 2018). Furthermore, the absence of cultural and linguistic barriers makes communication easier. IT managers may employ the ethnocentric approach when opening a new branch in a foreign country to make it easier for business policies and procedures to be transmitted from the home country to the new branch. Generally speaking, a foreign office should have fewer expatriates from the parent country than a local office to save down on overall hiring costs and maintain local ties.

Polycentric staffing approach

The approach of polycentric staffing means that the management system of the hospital hires local candidates to fill their positions. It makes the communication process easy. This staffing method mainly emphasizes practices and norms of the host organization. The polycentric staffing approach is such an organizational structure where the foreign associates are managed locally by the national host country while cooperating with home country nationals. Polycentric staffing approachis less expensive and it has many advantages. This staffing approach increases the morale of local staff. Also productivity gets better because of its better knowledge. This approach increases the career opportunities (D?wigo?, 2018). Some characteristics of this staffing approach are there is no corporate culture, managers report to the headquarters. In the hospital management system this approach is best because of its local staff. This approach process is more efficient and better than other approaches.

Geocentric staffing approach

Geocentric staffing approach is also good for hospital management systems. Because it allows the hiring of the best skilled and talented people in hospitals. It allows us to diversify the cultural environment. It decreases racism and biases. But relocation of employees, compensation and cost of training are high in this staffing approach. Highly centralized control is required for this staffing. Also proper security is needed, also it is a time taking process (Powers, 2019). But for providing best services and products the hospital management should apply the process. Also if the process is implemented then some basic elements need to be focused on. Also the communication process can be problematic sometimes.

Regiocentric staffing approach

The approach of regiocentric in terms of the requirements means transferring and hiring the staff in the same region for fulfilling the positions. This is the most recent approach of identification. This approach comes under the top level management positions. This is held through the employees from the different religions like the region of North America, region of Europe, Region of Asia and Region of any other corner of the world (Li, 2020). This staffing approach is mostly similar to the approach of polycentric. But in this approach the reflection is focused on the region wise rather than any kind of the country wise.

This approach uses the various countries in a particular geographical business region. Managers operate independently in the region. The managers are not moved to the headquarters but they have to work in the geographical region. This approach is adaptable in the strategies of the products and the company. Whenever there is the need for expertise then the native staff are hired. These staffing approaches are used in managing different companies as well as different types of the hospitals. This approach can be beneficial for managing and hiring the native staff in the management of the hospital management.

  1. In above question four staffing approaches have been diswcussed. Hull Royal is one of the largest regional hospitals, its current infrastructure system includes twenty-five percent of medical technical centers, fifteen percent of general support facilities, and sixty percent of employees involved in care, treatment, and diagnosis. The polycentric staffing technique is more advantageous and less expensive (Li, 2020). This strategy works best within the hospital management system due to its local workforce. Compared to other ways, this process is more effective and superior. The hospital is mainly used for local people but its popularity and services brings patients from other places, but the communication is is the disadvantage of this approch affects less cause generally based on the location the communication and languages is not that problematic.
  2. Though polycentric staffing approach is The local workforce is more motivated thanks to this staffing strategy. Additionally, production improves as a result of increased knowledge. The professional opportunities are increased by this strategy. There is no corporate culture, and managers are subordinate to the headquarters, among other traits of this hiring strategy. THIS APPRoach is lack of communication effectiveness, also it has difficulty in exercise control.

Section 4: IT installation plan

  1. The implementation of a plan is like a document option and the steps should be taken for the goal and initiatives. The planning of an implementation is the different type of counter plan of the different types of goals and It can even use the specific goals.The implementation plan is a guide for the goal achievement. The implementation plan is like a project of the execution phase. The following action plan turns the strategy and it can be the moving execution phase. The following plan actually turns the strategy. There is also an effective way to do that and the implementation plan should have no questions. The defining first step implementation process defines the goals and the following project should be completed. There are various kinds of assigned objectives in the business plan in the following assignment. The following project should have the objectives (Srivastava, 2021). The project plan needed to be considered. People defines about the goals to accomplish the project and there is also the project objectives and the following team may veen ask about the question the hospital employees. The project objective should be in mind. To define the goals , there should be the deliverables that can even produce the stakeholders and this is a main plan to share the following project.

C .The IT budget has the software supporting systems within the enterprise. It even costs including the taxes. The IT budget is an enterprise plan for the total allocations and it even spends the 12 month period. The following budget can even come from the total allocation and it can even spend the total cost and it should be limited in the following IT organization. The following IT budget has ete hardware software systems. The following cost is associated with the personal spendings The following IT enterprise is included with all the taxes plans. The split tasks should be figured out (Raptis, 2019). The data in the similar projects should be decided. The following data and project variables suggest the total. The Following project should be on a budget. The funding essentially should start the project and should set all the resources with the full responsibility. The whole budget should seem intimidating. The people can even realize the plans.The is is a definitely guide for everyone and this is a project budget (Ardito, 2018). The project should have a budget for all activities and it can even finish the project and the stakeholders are also involved. The following budget during the kckphase and the continue monitoring system have reached the finish line

Section 5: Evaluation of initiative

A. . The following budget has the new girl service economy. The following service can even run smoothly and it should be sustainable and critical for the company’s survival. The digital disruption and the constant change of the role and CIO is like a ITorganization. The cost center is like a value center. The IT strategic planning is the main position to lead and it is also the main cost center and it is a main value center. The transitioning of an IT center is like a whole cost center that should have the promises that mainly reduce the costs of tehn products It can even deliver the popular premises outcomes. The CiO and our leaders should work together. The final year growth should be huge as compared to the other hospitals. There should be valuable digital transformation that can even enable the digital transformation. It can even elevate the consumer experiences and can even mitigate the proper segments and the agile could be changed. The IT strategic technology can even underpin the strategic objectives and the following strategic planning should be aligned with the roadmap. The following planning processes is a business aligned road map. It can even set the outcomes of the planning processes. The following investment is kind of new technology that mainly aligns with the company’s strategic plans.


It is an essential matter to ensure the tight integration. The following CIO point s out the the following business strategy. The following business intexcaribly is linked with the other strategy.

The leading IT organization is the company’s main strategic plan. The following investment in new technology helps to allignn with various kind of company’s strategic plan. There are diferent kind of risk assessment , business continuity plan and IT initiative and also has teh recover disaster plan. It mainly provides the business continuiplan it is a evaluation of initiative. The following risk assessment is a rpgram that acn even hazards the currently exist workplaces . The risk assessment defines abot the hazards workplaces (Boon, 2019). Iat can eeven cause and harm the following employees. There ar ealso different kind of risk assessment present in the following assessments. The first one qualitative risk assessment which is the most common risk assessment. The second one is quantitative assessment and it is different type of generic risk assessment there are also site specific risk assessment and there is also one kind of dynamic risk assessments.

  1. This is the part of the evaluation. The number od specific environmental issues are present in the hospital. There are also environmental issues that can even impede the human health health wellness. These can even include air pollution and also hav ethe chemical pollutionsand it can even cause the microbes (Greenhalgh, 2019). There has also loss of disease causing microbes. There has also lack of access and health cares and also have the poor water quality. The negative impact of the technology to the environment bis essential fo the environment and repleneshied and it refers t the consumption of the resource and it should be replenished.
  2. The information technology system used by the company may be monitored and supervised. This includes hardware, software, and network systems. Hull Royal is the location where the IT plan is managed in this case study. There is Hull Royal, which is regarded as one of Manchester's largest regional hospitals. At the hospital, there are more than 8000 employees. The hospital also has 1100 beds available. Because of the substantial infrastructure needed to boost output, strong management is necessary. The focus of this study is the IT infrastructure overhaul at Hull Royal. All aspects of the renovation process, including management of the practise, clinic, appointments, operating rooms, receptions, and invoicing, are included.

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