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HR Professional CIPD Assignment sample

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1.1 Importance of Knowledge, Skills and Behavioural Requirement for HR Professional

For being able to achieve professional requirements, it is very essential to have the right knowledge and attitude. There is a huge argument for the professional of human resource that the requirements and expectations are set very high which can be compared to other professionals as well. The professionals of human resource, purpose to make sure that they are promoting the best working environment for the workforce by improving the practices and development of the organization. CIPD developed a professional map in 2018 which was outlining the areas required for being a professional human resource professional. There are international standards that are mentioned in the CIPD which was developed currently so that the professionals would be able to maintain them. For making, the organization is impactful and knowledgeable in the market they are highlighted in the CIPD for the professionals. This new professional mapping is helpful for the businesses to be able to gain trust and credibility so that there would be higher operations and functioning (Explore the new Profession Map, 2021). There are four elements that this CIPD focused on which are specialist knowledge, core knowledge, core behaviour and purpose and value.

Core knowledge

Knowledge of the department is mentioned in this mapping which is the roles, sectors, or specialist areas so that there would be a good command of the business. Core knowledge is helpful in areas like changes, culture, behaviour, etc.

Core behaviour

8 core behaviours are mentioned in the CIPD professional mapping which must be followed. The 8 behaviours help in making sure that there is value for society, the organization, employees, and the other professionals. Ethical, professional, valuing people and passion are a few of the areas which are focused upon by core behaviour.

Purpose and value

There is not outline which is provided to the professionals by CIPDbut there is a guide for better decisions in different situations that can be taken by the professionals. It is important for the guidance which must be provided so that there is effective working (Brooks, 2017).

Specialist knowledge

There are vast ranges of opportunities that the professionals of the human resource have which must be maintained. Talent management, rewards and employee relations are expertises which get in a positive impact on an organization and professionals must have these aspects.

1.2 Element of Group Dynamics

For the success of the organization, group dynamics is considered one of the most essential factors. For being able to influence the group members there must be effective and positive group dynamics which is going to make sure that there are right actions are being taken. Utilizing the skills and knowledge is very important so that there would be higher operations. The most impactful model was given by Bruce Tuckman of group dynamics which is going to build team working and development of the business in the market (Daniels, 2017). Leaders work in the group is to make sure that the performance is being well managed and changes are coming ineffectively for that Tuckman gave 5 stages which are forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning.

The first stage which is, forming the group is instructed about the clarity of objectives and establishment of the tasks in the future. The second stage is storming, the ideas are discussed which gets in conflicts and team working has to be monitored and controlled. The third stage is norming, in which the responsibilities are understood and progress towards the objectives starts. The fourth stage is performing, which is to make sure that there is good delegation of the tasks in hand and make further progress. Adjourning is the last stage in which the team members celebrate the success of the task and be well motivated for the future tasks which are coming up.

Group dynamics play a very essential role which is to make sure that the conflicts and expectations are being matched so that there is good working which is present. Ignoring the resolutions is not a good factor and HR can be very helpful to make sure that there is the effective team working which is taking place so that there is going to be effective working which is present (Arnold, 2020). There must be a structured process that must be followed so that there would be higher functioning.

2.1 Project Summary

Proper project management makes sure that the work is completed before the deadlines are present so that the desired goals and objectives can be achieved which is the aim and as planned. Agile project management is a very effective method to be able to make sure that there is a good distribution of the tasks in hand into small manageable tasks and gets in better clarity of working aswell which is very important (Roche, 2019).There is good flexibility of working and makes the challenges disappear which is good for the long run. Meetings help in setting up planning and goals for the project and with the help of the talent, acquisition manager the work was well assigned to the capable people so that the tasks are done effectively.

In the initial stages, there is good brainstorming and makes sure that the targets are front lined so that the experience of the candidates is going to be effective. Simplification of the processing and accessibility but is briefed out so that there would be better functioning and working which exists. Then comes building up the needs which are required for the project so that there is going to be good working. Budgeting is the next phase that comes in so that the project is going to be in limited decided which would require alternative solutions so that there is going to be effective working and processing.Delivering of the project has to be given to all the planners according to their strengths so that there is going to be good execution of the project which is in hand.

Tests have to be done on the project before the execution which is a very essential factor so that there is going to be right working and processing which exists. Calculating the working of the project has to be done effectively so that there is good working which is present and the stakeholders of the project have to be well informed about all the actions which are being taken so that there isthe right working of the project.

2.2 Challenges Faced Project and Solutions

During project management, there are a lot of issues thatarise and they must be solved effectively so that there are right actions and methods which should be taken on time. The following report would be discussing the issues and factors which are rising so that some right actions and deadlines can be matched with high satisfaction with the project planning and execution (Holmes and, 2019).

  • Cost-cutting (Budget)

Cost-cutting is very important for the project so that the organization would be able to make sure that there is effective working which is present and business benefits. Diagrams can be drawn and alternative actions can be taken out from them so that there would be higher functioning. Logical thinking must be present to make sure that itis effective.

  • Hiring people for the project

SWOT analysis is a method to make sure that there is going to be no threats that are included in this aspect so that there is right working (Schoenherr, 2020). Hiring the right people for the right working is essential so that there would be higher outcomes and improvement is so going to be better in business for the long run.

  • Distribution of work

While giving the roles and responsibilities to all the members included in the project management there must be good working so that there are higher outcomes which can be obtained. Work has to be given according to the capabilities so that the working environment remains positive which is a great factor.

2.3 Ability to Influence, Persuaded and Negotiated with People

For the Success of the business, it is very important to make sure that there is good persuasion, influencing, and negotiation. Different methods are present to be able to get in better productivity for the organization which would be discussed in the further report.

  • Influencing

There are right solutions which must be found so that there would be higher decisions and weightage for the options which can be given. The manager has good influencing power on the team which is why they must be able to make sure that there are right actions and improvement is taking place. Influence has to be monitored by the manager to be able to make sure that there are right actions and improvement.

  • Negotiation

Prices and budgeting have to be done effectively so that the satisfaction level would be higher which makes sure that there are right business is maintaining their brand value in the market. Managers and employees of the company have to be on the same page and on good terms to make sure that there is right working and issues would reduce as well (Venkatesh and Piercey, 2020). Addressing the issues is important which makes sure that there are would be better negotiation of planning which can be done and make the project be achieved.

  • Persuasion

Point of view has to be put forward which is the meaning of persuasion so that there is going to be a right settlement which is existing. The best of approaches must be used so that there is good intuition that can be developed and improve in the processing according to making certain of the actions and improvement in the business which is going to be present.Logically it is important to make sure that there is going to be good bargaining which is presentable so that there would be positive language usage as well.

Decisions have to be taken wisely so that they would be beneficial for the growth of the overall working of the organization. Outcomes have to be higher therefore so much planning is done which is good for the working and functioning of the business in the market.

AC 3.1 CIPD Self-Assessment and Identify Area of development in HR Profession

Having experience in the human resource department, it is essential to make sure that there is self-assessmentin professional areas and core areas that have to be understood and developed with time. With the experience of five years in talent acquisition, I want to go through the complete assessment process to evaluate core and professional areas. This full assessment can be helpful to develop an effective professional development plan. The CIDP is going to consist of my strengths and areas of knowledge and gaps so that there would be better operations and working which is present so that the company will be able to develop. I excel in strategies, curious, insights andsolutions so that there is going to be better functioning and working.

I am working in the human resource department for the last five years and considering this as a future career. It is important to go through the complete assessment process to analyse own capability, strengths and weaknesses. CIPD assessment also will be helpful to assess core areas, core behaviour, and professional area to develop an effective career in the human resource department. In the CIPD map, I have identified some strengths related to knowledge and skills in the assessment process. Along with strengths, I also have analysed some skill and knowledge gaps that are important for development. CIPD assessment has revealed that I am performing well with core knowledge, core behaviour and specialist knowledge. According to core behaviour in the CIPD self-assessment, I am still in the improvising stage. Still, I am in the stage of learning different processes and strategies that are used in the talent acquisition process in an organization (Hunter-Hill, 2019). Major strengths that I have analysed in the CIPD assessment are- Employee relation, Resourcing, and organizational development and Design. All the elements that are considered in the CIPD assessment process are as follows-

Sr. No.

Core knowledge

Core Behavior

Specialist Knowledge


People Practice

Ethical Practices

Employee Experience


Culture and Behavior

Professional Courage and Influence

Employee relation


Business Acumen

Valuing people

Diversity and inclusion


Analytics and creating value

Working inclusively

Learning and development


Digital working

Commercial drive




Passion for learning

Talent management


Situational decision making



Insight focused

Organizational development and design


People analytics

According to the CIPD assessment, I have to work on talent management to develop grow in some field. There are different processes and methods are included in the talent management process in the business organization (Davies, 2017). For the development of effective Talent management skill, it is important to work on the talent management plan, compensation and Benefits, Learning and development processes,Assessingthe need for talent resourcing, and Employment laws. All these aspects can be considered to improve talent management ability.

3.2 Professional Development Plan

Development Plan

Name: XYZ

CIPD Membership number:

Covering the period from: To:

What do I want/need to learn?

What will I do to achieve this?

What resources or support will I need?

What will my success criteria be?

Target dates for review and completion

Develop workforce plan for the company

Continuous reading about workforce planning strategies and processes.

Latest information resources can be used to develop knowledge about workforce development.

Work with senior human resource managers of the company.

Develop a successful workforce plan for the organization.

20, January 2021

Compensation and benefits management.

By developing an understanding of tools that are used to monitor the performance and operations of employees.

In house and external training process can be used to learn compensation and benefits management.

Deliver appropriate benefits and compensations to the employees.

13, February 2021

Learning and Development

By working on critical reading and strategic thinking

The information available on the internet and kinds of literature can be used to improve learning and development ability.

Develop an ability to learn different process and methods effectively.

15, January 2021

Assessing the need for talent resourcing.

Analyzing workforce needs as per the business objectives of the organization.

Consider past workforce-related data and new workforce planning tools that can be used to improve talent resourcing

Effectively analyze the workforce needs of the company.

13, March 2021

Employment Law

All the recent changes in the employment laws must be

Books, journals and the latest resource relates to employment law can be considered.

Make appropriate changes in policies of the organization to improve the

25, April 2021

3.3 Reflection

A professional development plan can be explained as the framework that can be used to develop critical and important skill to meet career objectives effectively. I have used a professional development plan to work on some critical skills and abilities that are important as a human resource professional in a business organization. In the professional development plan, I have considered some critical skills and development areas that are identified in the CIPD assessment process. The main objective of the professional development plan is to develop a successful career in the human resource field. Specifically, in the professional development plan, I have considered talent management specialization in human resource. This is how I have performed PDP to develop important skills and abilities that are crucial to perform various activities in the talent management field.

I was feeling scared in starting to developing a professional development plan because I do not have any prior experience of developing a plan to improve my skills. After performing the CIPD assessment I have found important skills that can be considered in the professional development plan. It has helped me to stay focused on the approaches and methods that can be used to develop all the skills and abilities that are considered in the professional development plan. This is how I have mixed feeling about the process I have selected to develop professional human resource management skills.

From this process, I have evaluated that, this is a very easier process to develop critical skills that are related to a Professional Career. This is a highly challenging process on the initial basis but after the development of an effective strategy and plan, all the skills can be effectively developed and measured later. I have also evaluated that, CIPD assessment can be considered as the most effective process to identify basic and some crucial skills that are important to become successful in a professional career.

From this experience, I have learned different approaches and practices that can be used by a person to work on professional development in a specific field. I have performed various activities in the professional development plan to develop all required skills and abilities. I have also used a specific timeline in the professional development plan to meet all the requirements within the time. I have also developed smart goals in the PDP to analyse or measure the skills that have been learned in the PDP process.

All the processes that I have used in the professional development plan are specifically based on skills and requirements that are analysed or identified in the CIPD assessment process. According to the CIPD level, I have used appropriate approaches that are suggested by peers in the development of the professional development plan. Now I am feeling very good after achieving all the targets that are considered in the professional development plan. This was an effective experience for me to work with precise and intense PDP process to develop professionally in my career.


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Explore the new Profession Map, 2021. [Online]. Available Through: < >.

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