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Human Resource Management Assignment

Executive Summary

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The project is based on the human resource strategy of Olam group. The discussion included evaluation of strategies and policies of human resource management in Olam Group. It discusses the policies which motivate people to work in their organisation. HRM strategy and policies decides the success of an organisation , if it is not properly framed could lead to failure for the organisation. Then the paper discusses the transformal leadership theory and lean leadership theory which is analysed in light of the organisation expansion policies. The list of problems that could be faced while framing a HRM policy for the organisation during internationalization is discussed briefly. The biggest problem out of those is that cultural barriers for HRM solutions are discussed . Furthermore, recommendations are provided to improve the HRM strategies of the company.


Olam Group was founded in 1989 and is a going to lead food and agribusiness that operates from across supply chain in over 60 countries, providing products to over 19,800 global customers.They assist their customers in order to meet rising consumer requirements for sustainably produced and healthy foods by working with coffee farmers in Africa, increasing almond butter in Australia, and inventing new chocolate and cloves additives in the United States.They source from 4.8 million farmers and their communities. They are listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and are among the top 30 primary listed companies by market capitalisation (Ahammad and Gomes, 2020). Their ambitious company purpose is to Re-imagine global agriculture and food systems while adhering to our Growing Responsibly approach. They want to accomplish three things.Farmers and Food Systems in Prosperity: Restructuring the agricultural and food value chains to guarantee that everyone engaged receives a fair return on their efforts.Rural communities must be revitalised in order for food, feed, and fibre producers to thrive. Natural regeneration to restore the balance between agriculture and ecologies in living landscapes is the goal of Living World Regeneration (Ahammad and Gomes, 2020).

Olam Group

Evaluation of existing HRM practices in Olam Group

Olam employs more than 23,000 people, of which approximately 1,844 full-time and temporary workers are employed by the four covered companies. Corporate and targeted growth plans of Olam's subsidiaries in India and Nigeria could lead to future employment growth. Olam ensures compliance by improving employees' right to association and appropriate trade agreements, termination clauses, prohibition of child and forced labor between employees and contractors, and also contractor management processes and verification systems (Boon and Lepak, 2019). The Global HR OLAM department is actively reviewing Corporate Policy and Manual Management and Procedure Manuals (Pham and Jabbour, 2019). This procedure is included in the main list of Mseries (Mseries) in India and Nigeria, as specified in ESAP, and includes the National Labor Law requirements, as well as translational language requirements. In OLAM, all target subsidiaries have been effectively organised. General rules of recruiting, working conditions, and general rules, associations, freedom of association, non-discrimination, equal opportunities, merchant complaint, child / forced labour, and contractor worker protection are among the major components of these revised policies. The following provisions were announced in the HR SOP: a primary, exceeded work agreement, wages, death, agreement, agreement, wage, exceeding agreement, wage, death, agreement, Maternity, the association's freedom, labour protection and safety, training and professional development, and department / retirement. These regulations and procedures apply to all permanent employees who have an indefinite contract length (Pham and Jabbour, 2019). During the orientation session, all new workers are given a copy of the Personnel Handbook. The Hemarus Sugar Mill and the SVI Spice Processing Plant both have these guides. The purpose is to apply these regulations' obligations to contract and temporary workers (Aktar and Pangil, 2018). Each Olam subsidiary's human resource management is overseen by a human resource manager and a team of human resource professionals.

During the evaluation, pay scales related to the ranks of Olam subsidiaries were discussed. The monthly minimum wage for low-skilled workers corresponds to the minimum wage set by the national and/or local labor authorities. Annual pay increases are provided to employees based on a biennial evaluation of team and individual performance. Standard working hours are 48 hours over 6 days depending on the production season (Pham and Jabbour, 2019). Changing rooms, toilets and showers are provided to all workers on site in a gender-sensitive manner. Guangzhou is provided at Hemarur and is swimming in Nigeria's sesame plant as well as in India. The appropriate diligence of the food provider is very good. OLAM and his subsidiaries are striving to create strong and dense social conversations with employees to ensure harmonious and productive labor conditions and productivity. The anger of employees will be sent through an employee of an agency or employee in each plant. This provision has been encoded in India and Nigeria's employee policy guide, but does not delegate through management procedures (Manzoor and Subhan, 2019). As described in the future, the slide, the CornaTeate HR OLAM feature is a complaint mechanism procedure, including the requirements of PS2, including the requirements of PS2, including the requirements of PS2, including the requirements of PS2, including actions that employees are taken to demonstrate concerns, actions that participate in the arbitration process, Forms. We provide timely feedback. Staff awareness-raising of this process takes place in an introductory session. This mechanism can be used by full-time and temporary employees, contractors and employees of service providers (Manzoor and Subhan, 2019). Applicants may remain anonymous and analysis of system issues will be documented and resolved as necessary. In accordance with corporate personnel policies currently under review, Olam and all subsidiaries will openly support the freedom of association of employees and workers who wish to bargain collectively (Manzoor and Subhan, 2019). While two unions represent SVI workers (see CITU and BMS), workers' associations exist in Hemarus but are not affiliated with them. CFM and the Nigerian Sesame Mill have respective worker organizations in which employees elect representatives. SVI entered into a three-year collective bargaining agreement in October 2013. Minutes of monthly meetings between the plant's top management and the union were found in Hemarus and CFM. The main issues discussed relate to wage increases, working conditions and benefits. These Olam subsidiaries, which are the subject of Olam stock, have not had a recent strike (Manzoor and Subhan, 2019).

Review of leadership theory and applicability

Theoretical Transformation Relationship theories, usually referred to as transformational theories, are concerned with the bonds that develop between leaders and followers. According to these views, leadership is the process through which a person interacts with others and is able to "establish a connection" that increases both followers' and leadership's drive and morals. Relational theories are frequently likened to spectacular leadership theories, wherein managers with specific characteristics, including as confidence, extroversion, and clearly articulated ideals, are seen to be the most effective motivators (Aboramadan and Dahleez, 2019). Relational or transformative leaders encourage and inspire others by assisting members of the group in seeing the task's value and greater benefit. These leaders are centered at the overall performance of organization members, however additionally on everyone to gratifying his or her potential. Leaders of this fashion frequently have excessive moral and ethical standards (Mendy and Rahman, 2019). Transformational Leadership concept additionally suggests a few leaders` behaviours with the aid of using which fans are influenced, such as: articulating a clean and attractive imaginative and prescient, explaining how the imaginative and prescient may be attained, performing hopeful and optimistic-ally, expressing self assurance in fans, and main with the aid of using example. The manner leaders have an impact on fans (e.g. highbrow stimulation, self assurance in fans, etc.) proposed with the aid of using this concept have a tendency to be beneficial for Lean due to the fact fans want to be satisfied of the want for the modifications required with the aid of using it and apprehend their function on this process (Manzoor and Subhan, 2019).

Lean Leader is a team of employees, trying, training and developing team members that lead teams to troubleshoot, triumph, truths, and team problems and goals in connection with the company's strategic goal (ie, the truth in the north) of the company. It helps. According to Manna (2009), the actual responsibility of the dry maintenance leader is different at each organizational level (Mendy and Rahman, 2019). For example, administrators and administrators are responsible for tactical management tasks that teach and practice problems with pink problems. In turn, the leader of a high hierarchical row must support metroid suits and adjust the control efficiency indicator and adjust strategic goals. At all levels, some tools are designed to support vessel leaders, such as standard leader work, routine responsibility and visual control (Mendy and Rahman, 2019). Based on the vessel leaders and two previous background sections, there is a social process that has personal attributes that meet the normal principles, based on the role of proposing the vessel leaders of Lynn Leadership, as well as the proposed roles. Keep continuous improvement. These leaders must be supported by the company's internal and external context-compatible management systems. You can select two aspects of this definition. (i) Applies to the leader of hierarchical levels and various types of organizations. (ii) He is considered to be a process of connecting leadership as a process to connect three adopted designs, so that Lynn's need to continue to adjust the dynamic context (Bretos and Marcuello, 2018).

Leadership is developed with executives and completely different. In other words, it is a reactive and active solution that combines the results of changes in economic, business and global environments. Therefore, cleaning the successful results of international operations is the result of leadership. Simply put, the multinational guide is the only one of the most important factors that can change 3 stage sigmoids (Bretos and Marcuello, 2018). The intersection of manual and internationalization assumes that organizations should strive to predict and prevent the effects of excessive internationalization at OLAM performance levels. The decision must be thoroughly considered and should be a way to assign these resources. There are two actions as a result of this consideration. Perform by acting an additional globalization or assigning additional resources required. Ideally, the company's management is considered to be imposed on the presence of organizations for organizations that can access information based on internal reports and data based on data markets (Bretos and Marcuello, 2018). This turns on the educational decision process in turn is to attract strategies and perform additional efforts to enter globalization. The latter can provide operational recommendations for unexpected changes and interactions, or predict resources and information needed for more expansion activities. Leadership styles are considered to confirm the most complex, sustainable, relational, and ethical combinations to ensure the ability to prevent early emergence prevention of the third stage or to extend the growth phase. These decisions never leave the place to be thorough and discussed (Agarwal and Al Qouyatahi, 2018).

Olam Vietnam has always been dedicated to purchasing, processing and exporting coffee, cashews, pepper and rice from Olam International for the past 20 years. On the other hand, its influence as a direct employer has grown rapidly, creating opportunities for all demographics and forming a strong regional core. Olam Vietnam developed a comprehensive HR strategy in 2017, increasing employee engagement from 54 to 89 (Atmaja, 2018). Several organizations have recognized the company as one of America's top employers in recent years. Human Resources Naveen Chhabra, Regional Head of Human Resources for Southeast Asia and China at Olam International, discusses how the company's integrated approach to talent management helps attract and retain top talent at all levels. In Vietnam, Chabra and his team serve 5,500 employees, many more in Southeast Asia and China. The goal is for this function to continue to play an important role in the company's growth as Olam begins reorganizing to create added value (Agarwal and Al Qouyatahi, 2018).

Key challenges to start business internationally 

As just the trend of having global personnel in your organization grows, so does the need to fulfil a variety of recruiting requirements. Managing a foreign workforce is equally difficult. It does, nevertheless, inspire HR to stretch its boundaries and be adaptable enough just to hire, attract, and maintain the greatest personnel from all over the world (Atmaja, 2018).

Actively managing an Effective Hiring Process: When opposed to employing an overseas workforce, hiring local talent is very simple. The expert panel has a lot more steps and a lot more moving parts. To avoid any setbacks, it's critical to have a robust hiring strategy in place. It facilitates the process by communicating quickly, efficiently analysing prospects, and understanding what to do at each stage (Agarwal and Al Qouyatahi, 2018).

Going to verify Employee Credentials and Recruiting Competent People: Verifying an overseas candidate's references, academic background, and credentials can be difficult for HR managers. Also it's difficult to acquire the top personnel since they sometimes have many job offers to evaluate. You may prevent this problem by doing a global background investigation on overseas teams to ensure that they are a great employee (Atmaja, 2018).

Recruiting and training: International recruits, like locally recruited applicants, should explicitly describe their performance objectives and background of the company, but there are still a lot of things that need to be clarified. To swiftly integrate with the organisation and achieve work satisfaction, it is beneficial to schedule meetings with key personnel ahead of schedule and appoint mentors to the new applicant. Hiring foreign candidates can be difficult, but once they are hired, it is more difficult to keep them safe and sound. In some companies, it boils down to allowing all employees to exchange the value of collaboration and recruitment around the world (Agarwal and Al Qouyatahi, 2018). It's also difficult to get them to follow the rules you set. And managing teams remotely with line managers, plant executives and local colleagues is becoming increasingly difficult, especially when they are far apart from each other. Therefore, it becomes HR's responsibility to build strong relationships with the team early on as the team can travel and put extra effort into maintaining the relationship virtually (Fu and Bano, 2019).

 Initial cost and risk. The upfront cost of hiring foreign workers and the risks involved are themselves a major concern. In most cases, companies are required to provide financial assistance during the early stages of the transition to cover transportation, lodging and visa processing costs (Agarwal and Al Qouyatahi, 2018). Processes are risky because there is always the possibility that an employee will change his mind after the start of work. The only way to solve this problem is to be very thorough when hiring candidates. This allows businesses to find great employees who are worth the cost and risk (Fu and Bano, 2019).

Remote Issues: When teams work remotely, they may face technical and logistical challenges. This includes access to essential skills, building a company culture and participating in remote environments, and exploring different schedules and time zones. You need to build strong bonds and open conversations between your teams. This allows you to identify and troubleshoot problems while working remotely (Atmaja, 2018).

Current international affairs: Recruiting international staff is challenging and most of them are legal. Different countries have different labor compliance rules that require different contract terms for different workers (Blake, B.D., 2021). When hiring foreign candidates, it is important to keep in mind that dismissal becomes more difficult and additional workplace protections such as welfare benefits, paid maternity leave and maternity leave are required. To overcome these barriers, consider hiring a team of lawyers or using GEO services such as percentage increases to help you find employment and new hires (Fu and Bano, 2019).

Strategies for cultural challenges

 Developing organizational values that are in sync with business plans and requirements is a continuous effort. Even high-performing firms have certain methods that are incompatible with their cultures, or cultures that need to be gently nudged in a different direction to best meet organisational needs. Asking challenging questions is the first step in aligning company culture and strategies (Fu and Bano, 2019). Company executives and HR personnel must first agree on what the culture is, then evaluate if workers feel the culture corresponds with what leadership claims, and then examine policies and initiatives in detail to see whether alignment exists. If there is misalignment, measures must be implemented to repair the gaps and guarantee that the culture as defined by leadership is how it will be genuinely viewed.

Leaders are responsible for determining the direction and vision of the organization. The role of enhancing their role and modeling behavior managed by vision. The role of the HR is that some employees combine business strategies to comply with talent management programs and maintenance, and to think about leadership to promote talent management programs and compensation that can be consistent in the desire to achieve efficiency goals (Oubrich, and Abdulkader, B., 2021). The decision is to decide. If the organization has a clearly defined culture that supports business strategies, employees can better understand the mission and determine where they are in the Grand Chart of Objects. People who are appropriate for culture are equipped with equipment that can be regularly supported, and are more happy, productive and more work. The final result can be a decorated machine, such as a successful company, such as a CustriicFit staff is managed and a successful company, such as Google and Apple that is satisfied and excited about what they do. Especially if candidates should move to a new place in their country, it is a common question to increase cultural awareness. Before moving, it is recommended that you communicate with all your business and money. You can land an interface with useful information on culture for positive cultural experience. In most cases, the main causes of cultural shocks are compared to local people who do not prepare to lie in advance and are suddenly inconsistent. I can not communicate actively, so I can lead to a cold bridge and inevitably leave my head. It is important to provide recruits with the resources and information they need about what life is like and how they should perform their day-to-day tasks.

Olam Groups’ culture is the glue that binds them together. They are constantly adventurous, looking for new opportunities and praising calculated risks (Cooke and Varma, A., 2020). They empower our teams to question existing rules, avoid bureaucracy, and develop long-term relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers. They try to do the right thing and each of us takes responsibility for the company as if we were the founders. During this crisis, the team is using Olam's regional and global networks to move beyond business as usual, working with local governments, health agencies, NGOs and villagers. They have supplied the necessary material and financial help to satisfy the vital medical, health, food, and nutritional requirements of communities all over the world. Their assistance efforts include teaching 20,000 coffee and cocoa producers in Indonesia about COVID-19 protective measures via our digital app, among other things. Spain produces 3D printed helmets for police and social workers. Nigeria will get $100,000 in hospital devices and basic food supplies. Peruvian coffee producers get food and food distribution (Atmaja, 2018).

Conclusion and Recommendation 

Therefore, Olam's goal is the conclusion that employees who can imagine an abnormal answer to the daily issues of the world's food, which implement their ambitions and have a positive impact on the world and the world, . In Vietnam, we applied integrated talent management, HR is the perfect continuum of key processes leading to better characteristics. I think that their approach is the factor of other graduates that can not consider a career in radar engineers or their careers. They make a place where people want to go, and a place where they want to stay here. There were two important issues through the implementation process. One of them was the complexity of integrating the processes that had to be created to transfer data seamlessly to each other. Second, and most importantly, a data-driven approach requires significant time and effort. Taken together, HR is responsible for ensuring that all operational functions have policies and practices in place to manage the human resources that help achieve the organization's strategic objectives. Following are the recommendations:

  • All levels of Greetings Manager must generally understand the global and regional goals of the organization, and they must sort human resource management as an organizational strategy, and that people can increase global opinions on how they can value organizations.
  • There must be an international human plan process that establishes the required HR functions at different levels and may change to the future. This should be compared to the HR functionality thanks to the HR functionality and the greeting information system to contribute to the distribution of information on the location of a particular capability. All possibilities of human resources must be potentially considered regional and global resources.
  • Each operating unit must have a localized performance management system capable of evaluating and developing capabilities in human resources, but must be within the global structure of the performance specifications that may occur to meet local and global needs in the international HR plan. refuse
  • There should be an international succession management system covering a limited number of senior positions and recognizing groups of managers and professionals as global resources whose roles, personal development and terms of employment are determined by the enterprise. The international succession system should be overseen by a small executive committee made up of representatives of the entire organization


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