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Introduction of Human Resource Assignment

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Human resources are the most important element for any business organization in the world. No business can survive, grow and expand without the contribution of human resources. The workforce and the whole human resource are accountable for the success of the business organization (Olson et al., 2018). The human resource can also be known as “Human Capital” which basically involves all the abilities, skills and technical expertise and knowledge for the business operations. The human resource is also very relevant for the country as well and there is a strong requirement for the introduction of “manpower planning” to contribute to the development of human resources.

People management is a huge part of human resources that involves managing the people or the human resource effectively and to be able to retain the best employees, people management plays a vital role (Jacobsen et al., 2021). All the effective training and development are effectively provided by the business organization to the employees or the workforce is only possible because of the effective implementation of people management.

In this individual report, the discussion on the important aspects of the human resource is going to take place and why human resource management is so relevant for the business growth as well as the development of the country. Furthermore, the discussions on the importance of having effective human resource management for developing the logical and reasoning approach for managing the people effectively and efficiently (Olson et al., 2018). This individual report is also going to include the reflective self-evaluation of my experience of working in different organizations and my team working ability.

2. What is Human Resource?

Human Resource refers to the group or division of the business that mainly deals in finding, recruiting, training and development and the various employment programs that engage in administering. One of the vital roles in assisting the business organization to keep up with the rapidly changing environment of the business is being actively played by the business division of Human Resource. In this 21st century, the business organization can only be able to get quality and effective employees are by the utilization of Human resources. “John R. Commons” was an “American Institutional Economist” who first introduced the term which today is known as “Human Resource” in the book named “The Distribution of Wealth” that was published in 1893 (Whalen, 2020). Get Human Resource assignment Help for better understanding.

There are numerous companies that are implementing these human resources effectively in this competitive business environment. And there are examples of business organizations around the world that are implementing and utilizing the Human Resource department in a distinct way as per the convenience of the business. For instance; TESLA, a renowned company and a successful company from the United States of America, the company has a reputation of being very “unconventional”. TESLA has effective human resource management in place that shows how the communication channel in the company is so flexible because Elon Musk himself mentioned that the employees are free to communicate with anyone via emails, or any other way even the employees can directly communicate with Elon Musk (Babal, 2020). This alone shows how Human Resources is being valued and furthermore in the handbook, the company also stated that TESLA has no problem with the employees working with other businesses or companies as long as the employee productivity is not being affected.

3. Why the Human Resource management is important?

Just like the whole notion and reality of the human resource, there is a strong requirement of effectively managing the human resource which can contribute to the success of the business organization and most importantly, the well-being of the human resource is being considered in the business organization. This is among the most vital and critical components in each and every business organization, especially for attaining sustainable human resource management (Chams and García-Blandón, 2019). In the absence of human resource management, business organizations can never recruit while also retaining the best employees and furthermore improving and enhancing the productivity of the employees. Without the proper human resource management in place, the business organization can face difficulties in maintaining a healthy work culture and the whole environment.

Other functions of the human resource such as recruitment, training and development, job appraisals, job review, career counselling, career planning and development etc are some of the important and vital functions that enable the business organization to attain business sustainability. Business organization also has to concentrate on taking care of employee well-being by improving and enhancing the motivational level of the workforce (Carnevale and Hatak, 2020). Motivated employees are the employees that heavily contribute to the success of the business organization by increasing the overall productivity of the business organization.

4. Critical analysis of the role of HR in the development of the coherent approach to people management

Conventionally, Human Resource Management is always considered to be the most “strategic” and “coherent” approach to the management of the business organization as well as the people management. There are many business organizations that consider human resources most important and vital assets. As discussed in the introduction part as well, the human resource or the employee workforce working in the business environment is essential and vital since they are among the active contributor to increase the overall performance of the business organization in terms of revenue generation, employee productivity etc (Oehlhorn et al., 2020). In the modern context, people management is known and explained from the perspective of human resource management.

Two organizations have been chosen for explaining and analysing the role of HR and the different approaches of these two companies. Microsoft and TESCO are the companies that offer very distinct commodities and services when compared with each other.

Tesco is a company that is the United Kingdom’s biggest multinational retailer of groceries and merchandise (Evans and Mason, 2018). The business operates globally in different countries around the world and therefore it can be observed that the company has a different human resource approach for the “People Management” in place.

On the other hand, Microsoft is an American Multinational Company that deals in technological products such as computer software, personal computers etc and it is widely popular for its Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows OS, Microsoft Xbox Brand etc (Alhumaidi et al., 2020). It is another company that has a different perspective of managing the human resource or people management approaches in place for the ultimate goal of attaining business sustainability.

4.1 Tesco Approach to People Management

One of the slogans of Tesco is “Treat People How they like to Be Treated” that shows their huge emphasis on the well-being of the employees and considers them the most important assets for the business organization like the majority of the success of the business organization (Tesco Bank, n.d.). Tesco put heavy emphasis on hiring the people or individuals who are freshly graduated from the colleges or any other institutions; one of the reasons for them to hire young and fresh graduates is because the young people are effective learners and these people can be effectively trained to provide better customer services to the customers who are visiting regularly on a daily basis. All the rooms of the workforce are carefully designed keeping in mind the well-being of the employees. Tesco's approach for the “People Management” is the company make effort in creating a business environment that is all about respect, trust, collaboration among the human resource or the employees’ workforce.

It can be observed that the people management of TESCO completely understand and work with the aims and objectives of the business organization. The people management approach of TESCO makes sure that the right people are being utilized for the right place along with the right place (Alexander, 2020). The planning of the people management also involves the procedure of the identification, evaluation of the necessities of the employees for meeting the goals and objectives of the business organization.

TESCO utilize human resource management by understanding the need of the employees or human workforce of the company and aligning the capabilities with the different strategies of TESCO. Furthermore, this process is carried forward very intelligently by considering the competitive environment and the skill level of the employees. To effectively utilize people management, the evaluations of the employees take place very effectively since any poor evaluation or misjudge can result in creating tough or difficult scenarios for the business organization. Currently, the people manager is Nuala Murphy who is appointed by TESCO to manage and support the people in their overall development (Tesco IE, 2022). Furthermore, TESCO also assists its managers to perform their job effectively and efficiently.

4.2 Microsoft Approach to People Management

As previously discussed Microsoft which is a different company that deals in offering different commodities or services but the core elements for their success are the effective implementation and utilization of the people management in their business environment which is also comprised of work culture (Ibarra, Rattan and Johnston, 2018). From the website, it can be recognised that the workforce of the business organization is considered very valuable in Microsoft as same as Tesco. Microsoft put a huge emphasis on empowering the human resource by focusing on bringing the best person out of the different individuals by actively and effectively supporting their goals while also enabling the employees or the human resource to discover the deep and real meaning in their working operations.

One of the greatest examples of Microsoft's effective approaches to people management is to engage and participate in bringing the human resource together for the well-being of the employees as well as for Microsoft as a whole. In the year 2018, the company organized the largest private hackathon on the entire planet in which the majority of the human resource participated with more than 18,000 employees from 400 cities and different 75 countries to generate new ideas. The employees, interns from different parts of the world collaborate to the formation of the “Private Global Hackathon” (Whitney-Morris, 2018). The Microsoft employees got the opportunity to meet different talented people from around the world, the coders and many individuals who have the special expertise bring all the unique ideas to the table. This formation of the largest private hackathon contributes a lot to the well-being of the human resource and it also had a big part in the people management approaches.

Microsoft actively engages and participates in these types of activities to keep the employee motivated and continuous professional development and the personal development of the employees (Whitney-Morris, 2018). Furthermore, this hackathon also provides a good environment for the employees working in Microsoft which comes under the people management approach of Microsoft.

Even though these two companies are large and very successful but both companies are having different approaches to people management or human resource management. As discussed, TESCO has somewhat different approaches to managing the people such as their huge emphasis on the slogan “Treat People How They like to Be Treated” and the well-being of the human resource or employees’ workforce (Tesco Bank, n.d.). Additionally, TESCO employs a large number of young people and individuals who freshly graduated from various educational institutions. On the other hand, Microsoft is mainly concentrated on bringing the best out of the individuals; one of the examples that were discussed was the formation of the private largest hackathon that enable the human resource and the employees to meet new people while also learning new skills and generating new ideas via collaboratively working with interns. This not only helps in people management but also improves the overall productivity of the business organization.

4.3 Analysis of the People management approaches of Microsoft and Tesco

Furthermore, in this time of the pandemic where every big organization are being affected heavily by the deadly virus “COVID-19”, TESCO actively engaged and participated in giving employment opportunities to over 10,000 people as part-time to counter the impact of the pandemic on the workforce of TESCO (Quinn, 2021). The people management approach of Microsoft is mainly concentrated on meeting the needs of the company rather than only focusing on filling the vacant position of the company, the human resource management makes sure that the company is choosing the right person who is suitable or capable of meeting the demand of Microsoft.

 It can be identified that the human resource management or the people management in TESCO utilizes the “triple-headed approach” for retaining while also recruiting the people who are motivated and suitable. This approach is different from Microsoft and furthermore, TESCO focuses on recruiting the "high-quality graduates" from various top leading universities for the “front line” shop staff and they are being trained in TESCO's way and the people management or human resource management aids the recruits to get familiar with the structure of the business world and mentality of the TESCO.

5. Reflective Self Evaluation of my own people management and team working ability

Personally, I worked at TESCO for over a year and I learnt a lot from the experiences working in the company. People management is the most vital component for the effective utilization of human resources or the workforce of the business organization. In TESCO, the company always focused on bringing the best out of the people effectively and I feel they are succeeding in it since I can see myself growth and development working in the business organization. The emphasis on people management or human resource management is very evident in the daily business operations and the team meetings of TESCO. The company asks and always make effort in understanding the employee or human resource by creating and sending various surveys to the workforce.

And all the feedback attained from me and the other employees is valued and considered to take necessary actions and make an effective contribution in accomplishing the meaningful and real change. For instance; as of January 2020, approximately 89 per cent of the employees or human resources in Slovakia stated that they consider TESCO as a great workplace and furthermore, 82% stated that the human resource or the employees’ workforce got the opportunity to grow as well as develop while working in TESCO (, 2020). Even at my location, I agree it is the best place to work while also growing and developing meaningfully as much as possible since there is no limit.

As per my personal experience, I was always a team player in TESCO and working in TESCO made me realise that I can even enhance and improve my team working skills. TESCO provides various special training and development programs for the employees and the human resource for successfully carrying out the business operations collaboratively which can involve managing the stock of commodities or the role of product manager for the online platforms which also need team working abilities to effectively contribute in the success of TESCO.

While working at TESCO, I realise there are many strengths that I am very good at. One of my strengths is communication skills; I am very good at communication skills. I feel I can understand the situations of the people or individuals or customers more deeply and can able to connect with the customers or any individuals. There are various customers who get confused when buying any commodities that they are not sure about, I used to tell them about the pros and cons of the product but I never force them to purchase something that they are not sure about. This does not make the customer afraid and they feel more at ease in terms of making the purchasing decisions. This is one instance that I discussed here because this is one of my strengths while working at TESCO.

However, there are areas where I need to work on to improve my lacking area. The lacking area is my unable to maintain the balance between work and life. This was also one of the reasons for which I left my job at TESCO. I like doing the job as a cashier in TESCO and I worked very hard without taking care of my life, relationships, and most importantly my health. I gained a lot of weight and I can totally feel that my health was slowly degrading. I realise that this area that I have to focus on improving since the balance is a must and vital for the well-being of my own. And I wasn't able to manage the people working under me; I wasn't able to guide the interns in doing the job effectively.

6. Conclusion

This individual report has come to an end and it has attempted to discuss the various aspects of the human resource and the people management or human resource management. It can be concluded that without the presence of implementation of the human resource effectively and people management or human resource management are essential and critical for the business organization such as Microsoft and Tesco that had been discussed in this individual report. By looking at the discussion of this individual report about the TESO and Microsoft, it can be concluded that both companies are having different approaches for managing the people or human resources in the business environment.

As discussed, Microsoft put heavy importance on appointing the right person who is capable of meeting the need of Microsoft. On the other hand, TESCO has always put importance on recruiting high-quality employees for their position of “Front Line”. Microsoft has various different training and development programmes and just like Microsoft, TESCO has different training and development that is based on the “TESCO style” for aiding the employees or human resources to get familiar with the business structure of TESCO.

The reflection also discussed in this individual report in which my experience on my organization’s people management and the strengths and the area of improvement that I strongly need. One of the areas that I need to work on is not able to maintain the balance between work and life. At last, from the whole discussion, the human resource has a big role in the development of the “coherent approach” to people management.


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