Impact of Leadership On Employee Motivation and Performance Assignment Sample

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Assignment: Research Methods

Impact of leadership on employee motivation and performance Assignment

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Main Concept: HR leadership

According to Al Khajeh (2018), Leadership plays important role organisations and consider as key determinant that is directly associated with individual performance and business success or failure. The HR leadership focuses on utilising different styles to create positive motivation and clear direction among employees for achieving organisational goals. The different type of leadership styles for effective HR management includes a transformational, transactional, charismatic, bureaucratic, autocratic and democratic style. Similarly, the perspective of Pancasila et al (2020), to is important aspect of Organisation in terms of creating job satisfaction and committed performance from each individual. The human resource leadership aims to improve the efficiency of employees by creating better working environment and implementing motivational strategies.

Sub-concept 1: Leadership Importance 

In the words of Guterresa et al (2020), The leadership is very important within organisations because it provides effectiveness in the training pedagogy and lead if efficient skill development in organisational workforce. The Role of leadership also includes leading employee development with building training charism in order to control corruption at workplaces and leading to better transparency to build participative Institution. The leadership not only create skills among employees to benefit organisation but it also creates a lifetime development of individual. Schwarz et al (2020), also believe tattoo leadership creates advanced understanding between no organisation and workforce that results in better accountability, political loyalty, networking, governance and rule-following perspective. The leadership is important within an organisation to create conceptualized political aspects within an organisation and managing the workers with better commitment.

Sub-concept 2: Motivation & Performance of employees

In the views of Paais & Pattiruhu (2020), performance of employees is based on motivation and the overall motivation and efficiency of work force based on leadership style and organisational culture of business. It is believed that employee performance improves when organisational culture provides soothing and calm working environment that motivates individual for efficient working. It is important to manage employee performance and motivation to get success within business. Whereas, Ibarra & Scoular (2019), demonstrated that the competency of organisational leadership and effectiveness of working motivation strategies plays important role in motivating workforce during business life is pen and creating long-term accountability with efficient performance. The different type of industries utilizes different data and strategies to improve the motivation.

Sub-concept 3: Role of guidance & coaching from managers

In the words of Matsuo (2018), The guidance and coaching from managers within organisation play important role in supporting employees and leading them towards battle accomplishments with effective instructions. Guidance and coaching from business leaders for workplace managers improve the consistency of energy to lead to better commitment and innovation among go for forces during changing business environment. In Support, Rahardja (2018), Elaborates that guidance at workplace from A manager as a coach facilitates behaviour and promotes learning. Mentorship at workplace encourages creative learning and lead better chances of critical thinking and problem-solving procedures. Coaching and guidance positively enhances work forth performance and lead better result with effective communication and guidance to overcome downfalls.

Table of References-

Author, Year, reference

Short title


Research Aims Research Questions

Conceptual framework/ Theories utilized


Context / sample

Key findings

Gaps in the literature/ shortcoming of the paper

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