Introduction of Creative Enterprise And Innovation Assignment Sample

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Introduction of Creative Enterprise And Innovation Assignment

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Management and leadership skill is very important in regulating the affairs of an organization. It is also necessary to maintain a good organizational culture and the innovation of new things within the organization. Leadership and management skills are very important in successfully conducting the business.

Leadership skills required for driving organizational culture

Various leadership skills are essential for an organization to regulate the business successfully. Some of the leadership skills include. Recent studies have found leadership skills as a significant determinant for the success of a particular organization. In the current competitive business ambience, the leaders within the organization must implement innovative strategies to contribute toward organizational progression.

Leaders are the crucial members who help teammates to connect with organizational goals. The team development skill of leaders helps them to guide the team members effectively. Leaders within the organization should improve their conflict resolution skills to ensure cooperation among the team members. Leaders should give importance to team management. A well-organized team is very much needed for regulating a successful business. The team collectively works to implement innovations and strategies in the organization. One of the main qualities of leadership is approaching new strategies to improve the good relationship among the employees. It further requires driving an organization successfully and also helps in bringing innovation within the organization. In context to analytical skills, the leaders need to work upon their analytical skills for an effective outcome. Analytical skills help the leaders within the organization to undertake safe and sound decisions contributing towards organizational progression (Guzmán et al. 2020). Here, it is very necessary to have analytical skills among the leaders. The strategic and analytical skills further help the leader of a particular organization to think innovatively about future approaches. The growth and success of an organization are dependent on the analytical skills of the leaders. The appropriate application of analytical skills further helps in improving the organizational culture.

 In the context of Ethical skills, leaders set the moral and ethical values in the organizations to regulate better. Applying ethical thinking and skills directly or indirectly helps an organization for its future success. It is an important skill for leaders that are implemented for organizational growth (Syakur et al. 2020). A good ethical sense will further help to maintain a good organizational atmosphere. Thus, the ethical factors should be included in good leadership skills.

In today's competitive business market, the innovation of new strategies and technology largely contributes to the organization's development. The leaders should acquire innovative skills that further contribute toward organizational growth.

Management skills required for driving organizational culture

Good quality of management skills is needed to drive organizational culture successfully and to implement the various innovations within the organization. Herzberg's two-factor theory indicates that both hygiene and motivational factors affect the employee satisfaction rate within the organization. As stated by Asbari et al. (2020), the communication skills of a manager are essential for better handling of employee requirements. The manager should emphasize communication skills.

Organizational skills, on the other hand, further contribute to effective outcomes. Organisational skills of the manager help them to conduct business operations in a more organized way. Furthermore, the manager needs to be commercially aware of implementing innovative strategies for better results. Commercial awareness helps managers to predict risk and accordingly implement strategies for productive results.

Characteristics required for developing an entrepreneurial mindset

Entrepreneurs are responsible for adding value to the business by applying innovative strategies that contribute toward organizational progression. It is highly essential for the entrepreneurs to focus on improving their adaptability skills in the current competitive business. It is highly essential for the entrepreneurs to analyze and adapt to the changing market needs that further contribute towards business progression (Meng and Berger, 2019). I think it is highly essential for entrepreneurs to develop their decision-making abilities to further contributing towards organizational growth. Entrepreneurs who largely rely upon developing their analytical skills further serve to be beneficial in analyzing a situation from a different perspective and contribute towards organizational promotion. Entrepreneurs should be courageous enough to undertake risk. In my opinion, entrepreneurs should also rely upon undertaking strategies for risk minimization for an effective outcome.


Leaders and managers within the organization are vital members who contribute towards organizational progression. The leaders and managers need to implement innovative strategies for contributing to organizational productivity. Leaders should focus on improving their team-development skills to enhance team performance. Managers, on the other hand, should focus on creating a positive ambience within organizations that contribute toward coordinated work output.



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