The Journey To Becoming Quality Manager Assignment Sample

Exploring the Pathway to Quality Management Roles: Skills, Qualifications & Personal Growth Strategies

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Introduction Of The Journey To Becoming Quality Manager Assignment

This presentation has been developed in terms of fulfilling the aim of shedding light on my entire journey to becoming a Quality Manager within an organisational context. It has been designed in such a way that it can examine every aspect of my personality as well as the job role of a Quality Manager. This presentation also analyses my personality and develops an effective PDP to overcome all my personality loopholes that are required in the case of becoming a Quality Manager. This presentation also sheds light on the important personality traits that need to be enhanced in achieving my career goal.

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Job Role and Responsibilities


The job position of a Quality Manager is mainly responsible for the organisational operations such as implementation and execution, testing, evaluation and inspection methods in terms of ensuring the product quality is adhering to company standards possibly at the closest level (Smith and Wood, 2020).

Roles and Responsibilities:

The job position of a Quality Manager, or the Quality Assurance Manager, is the person who owns charge of supervising and monitoring the entire production process. It has been done in terms of making assuring that all the goods and services that are going to be delivered or already have been served to the customers are meeting all the consistent quality and safety standards (Calesco and Both, 2022). These Quality Managers are also responsible for duties that have included building standards and implementing the decided quality control tests. The job roles of a Quality Manager mainly used to revolve around the inspection process of the manufactured and delivered goods at every stage of manufacturing and development. They also need to prepare reports by documenting the detailed description of the production issues, in which the skill of written communication has been used by the Quality Control Managers.

Skills and personality to achieve a job role of a Quality Manager

In the case of achieving the job position of a quality manager within a firm, the interested candidate has to have a degree in business administration or the relevant product category. The certification of Quality control in every business for the manufacturers and delivered goods are advantageous, therefore, a person with the abilities has excellent scope to get the opportunity for providing detailed attention (Jackson et al. 2020). On the other hand, excellence in both verbal and written communication is one of the most significant skills and qualities.


  • Degree in Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Qualification of Nutrition or Food Science and Technology
  • Certification of any of the Physical, Mathematical, or Applied Science (Smith and Wood, 2020)
  • Degree in "Polymer Science Technology"
  • Knowledge of Textile Technology


  • Great Communication skills and Interpersonal qualities
  • Analytical mind state and ability in problem-solving
  • Expertise in the skills of project management (Stambulova et al. 2021)
  • Persistency in influencing subordinates or employees
  • The skill of leading and motivating the undertaken team to perform the standardised activities
  • Ability to perform strategic approach at the workplace
  • A personality trait that can facilitate changes within the firm
  • Good knowledge of statistical and numerical analysis
  • Critical thinking to give attention to each small detail
  • Skill to understand and appreciate workers to follow workplace disciplines, such as engineering and science

Work experience:

In case of achieving the job position of a Quality manager within an organisation, the candidate has to have previous work experience of working in the same field in which the current company is operating (Stevenson et al. 2022). A few background knowledge and work experience in case of the manufacturing and delivering process of the current firm. My past job experience, as a "Quality control technician", is one of the best working experiences in case of this job role.

SWOT for Personal Skills

Strengths Weaknesses
· I am good at Communication Skills · I have knowledge of strategic approaches in the workplace · I have an educational qualification in Food Science · Strong personality in project management · Lack of Confidence · Poor Enthusiasm level · Not good at PR and making connections
Opportunities Threats
· Previous job experience as a Quality control technician · Good in influencing others in my favour · Favourable job trend of imposing quality controls in recent times · My expertise in Technology advancements · Poor performance in time management · High rate of job insecurity · Raising the level of competition

Table 1: Personal SWOT

(Source: Self-designed)

Analysis of SWOT:

My good communication skills and knowledge of strategic approaches are helpful in achieving this job position. Besides that, my educational qualification in Food Science as well as my strong personality in project management is also helpful. On the other hand, my personality trait of poor enthusiasm and confidence is also harmful to my professional career (Zacher et al. 2019). I am also not good at PR and making connections, which can affect implementing quality standards. As I have a previous job experience as a Quality control technician, it will be a lot more helpful for me in case of achieving this career goal. I am also good at influencing others in my favour and my expertise in Technology advancements can be proven a great opportunity for me. The most favourable job trend of imposing quality controls in almost every business can also be proven helpful (Prozorova et al. 2021). Apart from these, a few factors can also threaten my career goal such as poor performance in time management. The high rate of job insecurity in my personality is a negative factor as well as the current condition of competition for this job role in the market.

Accessing the mentioned skills and qualities

  • In terms of accessing the required skills by fulfilling my carer loopholes as well as enhancing the existing qualities, the ability to manage changes is one of the most significant factors.
  • Developing a good connection with effective communication with stakeholders is also important in this case (Xu, 2022).
  • Improving the management systems in terms of enhancing supervising and monitoring will be helpful in imposing better quality control in the firm.
  • The skill of problem-solving for this job position will help in case of scenarios when a quality issue has been identified (Loyarte-López et al. 2020).
  • Developing effective quality planning and Risk management are two other significant aspects that are helpful in improving the business operations of quality controlling.


According to the Entire Presentation, it can be stated that the job position of a Quality manager has a huge scope in recent times as recently government and social systems are imposing quality measurements on each delivered product and service. In case of achieving this job role I need to work more as a few personality loopholes have been identified. I am good at influencing others in my favour and my expertise in Technology advancements can be proven a great opportunity for me. Apart from these, a few factors can also threaten my career goal such as poor performance in time management. Therefore, I also need to work on a few existing qualities to enhance them as those are significant for my selected personality loopholes.


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