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Providing Leadership Across the Organization: Assessment Details

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Introduction Of Providing Leadership Across The Organisation

Assessment Task: Leadership project

Develop a PowerPoint presentation


The primary goal of the initial meeting with the Senior Management team is to go over and assign roles and responsibilities for Boutique Build Australia's market expansion into Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. The meeting's main topic will be operational tasks to carry out in order to accomplish the organization's goals for the coming year.

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The purpose of the Strategic Plan

The strategic priorities and methods for achieving them are established in the Boutique Build Australia strategic plan, which serves to direct the business over the next three years. The plan aims to direct decision-making, resource allocation, and operational activities in order to accomplish the company's goals, which may include market expansion.

Mission, Vision, Values and Key Objectives and Strategic Priorities

Mission: For clients in Sydney and the surrounding areas, Boutique Build Australia aims to create and construct high-end designer homes.

Vision: To establish ourselves as Australia's premier boutique building company, offering outstanding client care and creative designs.

Key Objectives: Quality, honesty, cooperation, and innovation are values. The company's main goals are to grow into new markets, keep its finances stable, improve customer satisfaction, and find and keep talented employees.

Strategic Priorities: Prioritise market expansion into Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, forge strategic alliances, make investments in marketing and digital capabilities, and streamline administrative procedures to increase productivity.

Ensuring commitment to employees

Our company, Boutique Build Australia, believes that our vision and values reflect a shared dedication to high standards of quality, teamwork, and innovation. All of our employees are urged to support this vision by applying these principles to their daily work.

Market Characteristics and Condition

The Strategic Plan out lines market features and circumstances,which in clude the uncertain world economy, rapid technological development, and rising popularity of environmentally friendly and sustainable building methods.

Company’s strategic objectives operational priorities

The strategic goals of Boutique Build Australia include entering new markets, raising customer satisfaction, and investing in digital capabilities. Process simplification, creating strategic alliances, and effective resource allocation are operational priorities.

Outline Of Key Risks

Economic recessions, increased rivalry, supply chain errors, and regulatory changes are some of the main risks mentioned in the Strategic Plan. Boutique Build Australia plans to diversify its product line, invest in branding and marketing, create procurement backup plans, and actively engage with industry associations and regulatory bodies to stay up to date on regulatory changes in order to manage these risks.

Operational Priorities

The expansion of the market into Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, improving marketing initiatives, creating strategic alliances, and streamlining procurement procedures are among the operational priorities for the coming year. Market research, spending on digital marketing, networking, and process optimisation are all necessary activities.

Assigning of roles and responsibilities

Boutique Build Australia will have to carry out a number of operational tasks in order to reach the expansion objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan, such as conducting market research and analysis, establishing a new display centre, forming strategic alliances with suppliers and contractors, and spending money on digital marketing campaigns. Bob Sales, the operations manager, will be in charge of budgeting and purchasing. Jane Smith, the marketing manager, will be in charge of creating and implementing marketing strategies. Deborah Terns, the human resources manager, will be in charge of hiring and training qualified employees. Amar Singh, the customer service manager, will be in charge of managing the sales team and customer relations. At the upcoming meeting, these roles and obligations will be discussed and confirmed.

Outline of all resources

The following resources will be established to aid the company's expansion into the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast markets:

  • Enough money to pay for the costs of opening a new display centre, hiring and educating sales staff, and marketing initiatives.
  • Decision-supporting access to market research and analysis.
  • A senior management group with the necessary expertise and experience to oversee the growth.
  • A thorough marketing plan, overseen by the marketing manager with assistance from the operations manager.
  • A purchasing plan to build connections with vendors and contractors in the new market.
  • A customer service plan to guarantee client retention and satisfaction.

An outline of the expectations of the company

The business expects all employees to uphold the goals, standards, and values outlined in the strategic plan in all interactions with clients, vendors, and co-workers. Examples of acceptable conduct are as follows:

  • Displaying a dedication to providing excellent work and customer service.
  • Maintaining integrity, honesty, and respect in all interactions.
  • Observing company policies and procedures consistently.
  • Keeping lines of communication with clients, suppliers, and co-workers open and transparent.
  • Enhancing knowledge and abilities constantly to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Write and email to your operations Manager

Manager of Operations,

I'm writing to let you know that I've finished the slide show I've been working on to discuss our company's plans to enter the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast markets at our upcoming meeting. For your review, I've attached the presentation to this email.

The presentation outlines the operational tasks necessary to accomplish our goals, as well as the precise duties and responsibilities assigned to each senior management team member. I think this presentation will be helpful in making sure that we are all working together to successfully grow our company.

If you have any queries or comments about the presentation, kindly let me know. I'm eager to discuss it at the meeting and present it with our plans for the coming year.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Delivery of presentation

Good morning to all.

I'm excited to share with you our company's new strategic plan. Our mission, vision, core values, major goals, and top operational priorities for the coming year are all outlined in the plan. Key dangers and the resources required for the plan's effective execution have also been noted.

I invite everyone to ask questions and make comments about how we can make our plan better. Your creative suggestions on how we can accomplish our goals and objectives are welcome. We must cooperate as a team to make sure that we uphold the company's goals, principles, and standards in all of our daily dealings with clients, vendors, and co-workers.

I promise to pay close attention to your suggestions and to act on them so that they are included in the Strategic Plan. Let's collaborate to make sure that our business is successful.

I appreciate your time and consideration.

Follow up report

Hello Team!

I'd like to take this chance to express my gratitude to everyone who came out to the meeting on [date] to talk about our new Strategic Plan. Your suggestions and comments were helpful, and they will aid us in making future decisions.

I'm happy to let you know that every suggestion made during the meeting was carefully taken into account when decisions were made. Some of these suggestions will be put into practise right away, while others will be saved for later thought. In order to make wise decisions, we have also taken into account the risk factors mentioned in the strategic plan.

I want to call attention to a few of the meeting's most important themes. [List the major ideas and choices based on advice from staff].

I want to call attention to a few of the meeting's most important themes. [List the major ideas and choices based on advice from staff].

I want to thank you all again for your insightful comments. To accomplish the goals and vision of our company, we will keep cooperating.

Best of luck

Investigate workplace issues

Hello Staff

I'm writing to share the results of my research into the problem of fatigue management at work. The data analysis revealed that many employees were not adhering to the safe working regulations regarding fatigue.

Fatigue can have detrimental effects on one's health and safety, including decreased productivity, trouble making decisions, a higher risk of accidents, and long-term physical and mental health issues. Feeling worn out or sleepy, having trouble focusing, and having slowed reaction times are all indications of fatigue.

It's critical to put policies in place to manage the risks related to fatigue, including scheduling appropriate rest breaks, offering wholesome food options, and promoting physical activity. Additionally, it is essential to promote a culture of fatigue management among staff members.

Email To Your Operations Manager

Manager of Operations,

I hope you are well and reading this email. I'm writing to let you know that, per your request, I've finished the report on staff fatigue management. The analysis of the data to demonstrate that staff have not been following safe working practises is included in the report, along with information on the risks associated with fatigue, the signs of fatigue, and suggested management strategies.

For your review, I've attached the report to this email. If you have any questions or if there is anything else I can do to help, kindly let me know.

I appreciate your time and consideration.

best wishes

Assessment Task: Media release project

Develop a media release


Boutique Build Expands to Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Markets

QLD's Brisbane - Leading construction firm Boutique Build is pleased to announce its entry into the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast markets. With more than 20 years of experience, Boutique Build has built a solid reputation for completing projects of the highest calibre while taking into account the particular requirements of each client.

The company's strategic decision to enter these markets is in line with its goal of dominating the Australian construction market. Boutique Build is dedicated to giving its customers exceptional service, and the growth will enable the business to reach more people in the area.

Director and CEO of Boutique Build John Smith said, "We are thrilled to be expanding our operations to the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast markets. "This relocation presents an exciting opportunity for us to build on our success and provide our expertise to new clients in the area," the company said.

Design and construction of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, as well as renovations and fit-outs, are among Boutique Build's services. The business takes great pride in its dedication to completing projects on schedule and within budget while keeping a focus on quality and safety.

Throughout the construction process, "our team of skilled professionals is committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and ensuring their satisfaction," said Smith. We are excited to share our knowledge and love of construction with the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast communities.

In the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast markets, Boutique Build is currently accepting new projects. Visit our website at www.boutiquebuild.com.au for more details about the business and its services, or email us at info@boutiquebuild.com.au.


John Smith, Director and CEO

Boutique Build

Phone: 1300 123 456

Email: info@boutiquebuild.com.au

Website: www.boutiquebuild.com.au

E-mail to assessor

Hi Assessor!

I'm writing to submit my press release for consideration as part of the Boutique Build expansion project evaluation. The press release gives a brief rundown of our operations and highlights our company's entry into the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast markets.

I developed the media release in accordance with best practises for writing interesting media releases that enhance the organization's reputation. The release contains a date, is no longer than one page (400 words), and includes contact information for future use.

For your review, kindly find the media release attached. I value your opinion on this and am eager to talk with you about it.

I appreciate your consideration and time.


Assessment Task: Work goals and professional development project

Developing work goals

Overview of the company

I've decided to look into Flight Centre Travel Group, an international travel company with its headquarters in Australia. The goal of Flight Centre is to serve as a one-stop shop for all of a traveller’s needs, including flights, lodging, tours, and activities. Since its 1982 founding in Brisbane, the company has grown to include more than 2,800 stores and businesses across 23 nations. Flight Centre has offices all over Australia, including in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Its headquarters are in South Brisbane. https://www.fctgl.com/

Overview Of the Company’s Goals

The primary goals and objectives of the company are focused on providing high-quality products and services to their customers while upholding a strong brand reputation, according to the information from the company website and position description. The business seeks to accomplish this by offering creative, client-centred solutions that meet or exceed client expectations as well as by upholding a high standard of professionalism and ethics. The business also works to maintain a culture that encourages teamwork, collaboration, and the growth of its employees on both a personal and professional level. The company's overall goals and objectives are focused on building long-term success through satisfied customers, innovation, and a solid organisational culture.

Overview Of the Position Description for The Job Role

The mission of the Flight Centre Travel Group, a well-known travel retailer with operations in over 23 nations, is to make the world accessible to all. The company is dedicated to providing the best travel experiences and first-rate customer service, as shown by their website and job descriptions. Because developing and implementing marketing strategies to spur business growth is a topic, I am passionate about, the marketing manager position with Flight Centre Travel Group piqued my interest. The primary duties of the marketing manager position include creating and carrying out marketing strategies, controlling spending, working with cross-functional teams, and researching market trends. I think this position would give me the chance to use my marketing expertise to advance the company's success while also offering a demanding and rewarding career opportunity.

Outline Of the Five Personal Work Goals

Five professional objectives that are pertinent to the aims of the company and the job of the marketing manager at Flight Centre Travel Group are:

Increase brand recognition: Since Flight Centre is a well-known company, raising brand recognition will aid in attracting more clients and boosting sales. This objective can be met by creating and putting into practise targeted marketing campaigns, social media plans, and working with other businesses to reach a larger audience.

Increased client experience: Improved customer experience will result from offering exceptional customer service and fostering a welcoming environment, which will both draw in new clients and encourage repeat business. By creating loyalty programmes, customer service training programmes, and regular customer feedback reviews, this objective can be accomplished.

Augmented lead creation and conversion ratio: An increase in lead generation and conversion rates is necessary for business growth because good leads must be produced and converted into clients. This objective can be met by creating lead generation plans, putting sales funnels in place, and collaborating closely with the sales team to enhance the customer experience.

Expanded digital existence: A stronger online presence is essential for business success as a result of the growing importance of digital marketing. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy that incorporates pay-per-click advertising, social media campaigns, and search engine optimisation can be created and implemented to achieve this objective.

Create and oversee a high-performing marketing team: A high-performing marketing team is necessary to accomplish the aforementioned objectives. Top talent should be sought out and hired, opportunities for ongoing training and development should be provided, and team members should have clear expectations regarding their roles and responsibilities.

These objectives are appropriate for a 12-month period because they are SMART goals specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound and they line up with the business's goals and the Marketing Manager's responsibilities.

Professional development plan

Marketing Manager's Professional Development Plan at Flight Centre Travel Group

Overview:At Flight Centre Travel Group, the marketing manager is in charge of creating, implementing, and carrying out strategic marketing plans to draw in and keep clients. The person will collaborate with a group to carry out campaigns and control spending. The Marketing Manager will need strong leadership, communication, and analytical abilities to succeed in this position.

Opportunities for Professional Development:Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) - The AMI provides a range of conferences, webinars, and training courses that a marketing manager would find useful. For instance, the two-day course "Marketing Strategy and Planning" offers a summary of the most recent marketing techniques and strategies, such as customer segmentation, market research, and digital marketing. In November 2023, this course, which costs $1,200, will be offered in Sydney.

Social Media Marketing World - Social Media Marketing World is an annual conference that draws social media marketing specialists from all over the world to San Diego, California. The conference offers information on the most recent trends and effective strategies for social media marketing. The conference will take place in March 2024, with a $1,697 registration fee.

Flight Centre Travel Group heavily utilises digital marketing, and Google Analytics is an essential tool for monitoring and gauging the success of online marketing campaigns. Free online courses on setting up and using Google Analytics effectively are available from the Google Analytics Academy. It may cost $149 to pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) exam.

Public Speaking Course - The Marketing Manager will have to speak in front of various business stakeholders, including senior management, sales teams, and creative agencies, to present ideas and reports. The Marketing Manager's presentational abilities and communication skills would both be enhanced by taking a public speaking course. The course is provided by a variety of providers and can cost up to $500.

No-Cost Professional Development Opportunity:Free webinars on the newest marketing trends, digital marketing tactics, and social media marketing are available from Flight Centre Travel Group. The Marketing Manager won't pay anything extra to take part in the webinars from their desk.

Participant report

I took the Google Analytics Academy course and passed the corresponding Google Analytics IQ test. The course gave a thorough overview of the platform and explained how to use data to determine how effective an online campaign is.

Sending email to assessor

Dear [Assessor's Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to submit my assessment task 4 on work goals and professional development. Attached to this email are my work goals and plans report, professional development plan, and professional development report as requested in the task instructions.

Please let me know if there are any issues with the attachments or if you require any further information. Thank you for your time and assistance throughout this course.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Assessment Task: Instructions

Memo Writing

To: Boutique Build Staff

From: Operations Manager

Subject: Use of Frequent Flyer Points and Company Code of Ethics

I've learned that some employees have been using frequent flier miles they've racked up from travelling for work for their own purposes. I am in charge of monitoring adherence to the business' code of ethics in my capacity as operations manager.

After reading the code of ethics, I discovered that frequent flyer points are not a topic it covers. I have therefore done research into how other businesses handle this problem.

I suggest that Boutique Build not permit the use of frequent flyer points accumulated through business travel for personal use after reviewing codes of ethics and other documents from three other companies. This is due to the possibility of a conflict of interest and the fact that it goes against the ideals of fairness and transparency.

I suggest that Boutique Build not permit the use of frequent flyer points accumulated through business travel for personal use after reviewing codes of ethics and other documents from three other companies. This is due to the possibility of a conflict of interest and the fact that it goes against the ideals of fairness and transparency.

I admonish every employee to become familiar with the company's code of ethics and to ask management for advice if they have any questions about any aspect of ethical behaviour. I appreciate you giving this issue your attention.


Operations Director

Email to the CEO

Dear CEO,

I hope this email finds you well. Please find attached a memo that I have prepared regarding the use of frequent flyer points by our staff. The memo includes a review of our company's code of ethics, as well as a comparison with codes of ethics from other companies. I would appreciate your review and feedback on the recommendations made in the memo.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Update the Code of Ethics

Dear employees of Boutique Build,

Regarding the use of frequent flyer miles accrued while on business trips, we updated our code of ethics. Employees are not allowed to use frequent flyer miles earned from business travel for personal expenses, as directed by our CEO. This, in our opinion, upholds the integrity of our business practises and is consistent with the transparency and honesty that define our company.

We appreciate your cooperation and dedication to upholding the ethical standards of our organisation.


Operations Manager, Boutique Build

Email to staff

Dear Staff,

Please find attached the updated version of Boutique Build's Code of Ethics. Following a recent investigation, it has been clarified that accruing frequent flyer points for personal use from business travel is not allowed. As a company, we prioritize ethical behaviour and integrity, and we expect all employees to follow this policy.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me or the HR department.

Best regards,

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