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Introduction of MD4508 Research And Study Skills Assignment

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In the completion of the assignment, I developed my skills through various learning experiences. My critical thinking skills and creative thinking process, and collaboration skills have improved. Critical thinking skills are associated with analysis and arguments associated with studies. While doing the first assignment, I have also learnt the different skills associated with the referencing style and note making and the implementation of different technological skills such as multimedia and PowerPoint. I have understood the importance of technological software in the learning process.


While doing the comparison essay, I understood the importance of various learning skills and abilities. In the comparison essay, I have observed that a critical mindset is required rather than an absolute mindset. These journals have helped me learn about the refinement of the different strategies associated with strategic thinking. Further, the comparison essay has taught me to develop a Meta cognitive thinking process. Therefore, this is important for an academic student to gather appropriate information from a research paper in order to critically analyse the different points of an essay. According to Schmidt and Glaser (2021), adaptive skills are effective and efficient when working with other individuals with a similar focus. I have learnt to analyse and evaluate the different things related to cognitive thinking processes. Bannerjee and Olson (2021) have opined that cognitive thinking power helps to enhance long-term memory and thinking power associated with information retention and social activities. Therefore, I have observed that collecting information and critically evaluating such information in the right place is crucial. Learning the key points or focusing on the important parts of the journal has improved my skill associated with observation. The auditory processing helps in developing the segmentation of information associated with blending the information (Adeani et al. 2021). Cooperative and collaborative behavior is essential while working in a team in an organisation. The assignment provided me a chance for working in a group where I have learned about collaboration and cooperative behavior. During this assignment work, I have learned appropriate referencing style and formatting style. Therefore, in this regard, I have also focused on the note-making process and this has helped me collect the adequate information required for this research paper. Digital literacy helps in the accumulation of more information and data about different topics within stipulated time periods and within the budget of the students (Hartinah et al. 2019). During this coursework, I have also observed appropriate referencing styles can provide better research papers and through this credit can be given to the researchers also.

I have experimented a lot while doing the assignment work, so it has helped me to focus on different journals associated with the study material. Ezezika and Johnston (2022) have suggested that the project management process is associated with basic coding and digital literacy in the modern era. I came to know about certain skills that are related to project management such as effective communication skills, negotiation skills, and others. According to Saeidi et al. (2019), skills related to time management and scheduling also come under these skills. I have learned about skills related to risk management such as critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills that are acquired through regular practice. I have acquired these skills such as managing skills with the help of the assignment. Therefore, during reading an academic paper or journal from internet, I have observed that choosing the appropriate journals is required. However, different skills such as time management and scheduling and note making are required to complete a course adequately.

I have learned to make the learning process simple and interesting by focusing on the different technologies available in the present day. Multimedia and PowerPoint have made my learning process more simple and interesting. It has also helped me to develop my future plans to make my professional life easier and more balanced. I have been able to develop my own action plan to focus on the various strategies associated with skilled management. Peats (2021) have claimed that the conflict continues between the printed study media and the implementation of technology. The various uses of upgraded technology and software have taught me to deal with the different learning processes. Nowadays, the incorporation of technology and software in learning courses has influenced study patterns (Netti et al. 2019). I have also learned to focus on communication skills, and I am now able to easily collaborate with the other team members in a collectivist way. Therefore, through the learning process and using technical knowledge in the course work, I have observed that it has made easier the process of learning development. Rather than this, I have observed that communication skills have also helped to collect data from friends and teachers and also helped me analyse the data with friends adequately.

The completion of the assignment has helped me to gain insight into the various matters associated with the extraction of various learning skills. The previously done comparison essay helped me to gain deep insight into the learning matter and focused on the various similarities and differences associated with the study material. As an individual, I have evolved a lot as a mature personality that can support me in the future to carry on the various cognitive and strategic skills. Govindarajan and Srivastava (2020) have pointed out that the importance of strategic and critical thinking skills is associated with complex problem solving and accomplishment of the different objectives associated with overcoming the obstacle and potential challenges. Adaptive skills can be learned in a classroom situation and I have learned them in a classroom environment while working with my peers. Solving problems and making critical decisions come under adaptive skills and are considered cognitive skills. I came to know about these skills and acquired these aforementioned skills while working on this assignment. Problem solving skills have helped me to focus on the particular and adequate sentences in the research paper and it has also helped me to write the essay in an argumentative way.


It can be concluded that my different interpersonal skills have increased after doing the assignments. I have observed that appropriate referencing skills and note making process has helped me critically analyse different writers of academic journals. The incorporation of various technologies like multimedia and PowerPoint has made the learning process easy and efficient. I have also developed an action plan which can enhance my different futuristic opportunities. Appropriate reading strategies have been helping the student to write their essay in critical and argumentative way.



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