MGT 501 Human Resource Management Assignment 2nd Sample

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MGT 501 Human Resource Management Assignment Sample

Part A: Elevator Pitches

Topic 6: Organisational Planning

Q.1 Is Planning Dead?


No, planning exists in the firm and is an integral part of the operation. The organisation is characterised by planning about objectives and resources of the organisation structure. This quite a complex task to be carried out by the organisation but is important for fulfilment of business requirements. It cannot be considered as a redundant effort as it supports the organisation’s vision and mission. If planning is not done properly, then the organisation would have to face serious consequences that may cost a fortune to the firm. Planning also helps the firm in dealing with the changing market conditions and discrepancies. It provides an ability to handle critical situation, improves efficiency of operations, reduces wastage, and save funds for the firm. Therefore, organisational planning is the most important aspect of the business and should be done with utmost care.

Elevator Pitch Topic 8: Shaping organizational culture - Sam’s Dilemma

Q1. What would you say to Sam?

Based on the case given, I would like to talk about the efforts taken for shaping the current organisational culture. This include acceptance given to innovation strategy. It is supported by the research work that organisational culture is the backbone of a firm that helps in retaining employees and improve their satisfaction. Talking about Sam, he should make use of design thinking approach for dealing with complexities and issues. This approach would bring innovation, problem-solving abilities, and capabilities to deal with lacunas in the current environment of the firm. Sam is advised to implement design thinking-based model that would help the employees in carrying out their jobs efficiently without any ado. The contingency theory can be used to understand the situation in a better way. The employees should be treated equally for the success of the firm.

Part B: Case Discussions

Case 7: Managing Strategy

Name of the Case: Can you Win Back Online Shoppers?

Q1. What conflicting values are evident in the case?

In the following case study, it was noticed that the storekeeper was facing certain critical issues while engaging with the customers. The customers were looking to purchase Samsung 50 inch Television while comparing rates using online apps. The couple was comparing the price offered by online stores with the offline stores. The storekeeper was not very much pleased with this attitude of the customers. The prices offered by online platforms or retailers are lower than those offered by offline stores. This has reduced the sales of the offline stores. It was determined that digital technology has tremendously reduced the sales of offline stores as most of the customers are interested in purchasing products using online apps.

Q2. What advice would you give the Board of Benjy’s to resolve the conflict?

It was noticed that Benjy’s has built its reputation based on volume and price. However, as per the current trends in the market, it can be seen that digital technology is the main factor behind the declining sales. Hence, Benjy’s should make changes in its current approach. If customers are provided enough information regarding the products they are likely to purchase by the salesperson, then this would result in better customer satisfaction and they may not refer to the online website for gaining information about the product. Benjy’s is advised to take a more visionary approach by involving more knowledgeable salesperson with tremendous knowledge of all the products available in the stores. Also, it is also recommended to improve the customer service and quality or exclusivity of the products (Lawrence, 2013). The products should either not available for online sales or have limited stock. This would force customers to visit stores and make purchase. At last, with a good after-sales support, Benjy’s can gain customer loyalty for longer period (Soltani&Navimipour, 2016). They are required to persuade customers that offline stores are better than online ones as they can test the quality of the product before purchasing it.

Q3. What management competencies do you believe this case highlights that are important for the 21st century leader-manager in VUCA world?

Referring to the case study, it can be seen that the business environment is unpredictable due rapid change in customer preference. It is quite unclear whether they will purchase online or offline. Hence, the two most apt and successful management competencies needed in the leader or manager are shaping and visionary managing competitiveness. By making use of shaping strategies, Benjy can plan for short as well as long term plans (Pearse, 2017). It provides him with the flexibility to shape the business approach in accordance with the environment by bringing together suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders in the business. Talking about the visionary approach, it is completely based on the “build it and they will come” approach. It motivates the manager or leader to formulate bold strategies. These may be unique and may sound out of the box. However, if they get successful, then organisation can earn big profits. In addition to this, it is also advised to Benjy to assign right responsibilities to staff to serve the customer in a better way (Lawrence, 2013).


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