Personal Development Plan Assignment Sample

Crafting Your Personal Development Plan: Assignment Guide

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Personal Development Plan Assignment Sample


According to (Boyce, Wood and Powdthavee, 2013) A personal development plan is a schedule of enhancing skills in relevant time by getting some training and feedbacks. This planning tool comprises what are learning objectives, what talent need to be upgraded, how much time it will take to enhance virtue and calibre, what is a current proficiency of personnel, what are abilities need to get, judgement criteria and evidence. This project is based on a project development plan that includes what are the skills need to be gained and what is time scale that will be put in attending these sessions (Mroczek and Little, 2014). This planning starts with identifying learning objectives and includes current and target proficiencies and to be ends up with recognising required time scale.

Personal Development Plan

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I am a assistant sales manager in M&S and company wants to develop a personality development plan for enhancing current level of mu capabilities. This kind of action can be done only with assistance of assessing my present performance. For e.g. if my working pattern is low then I need creation and execution of plan but my performance is good then I do not need any strategy to be made for further development. Employer monitored my functionality and they found that formulation and implementation of PD plan. Attributes of this are discussed below.

Learning Objectives

A personal development plan is a planning tool that shows a path by following that an employee can enhance his skills within required time. This is to be done for improvising current professional status and to increase growing carrier opportunities. Learning objectives are weaker areas of a worker which he want to improve. My learning objective is to enhance skill which need to be upgrade and to learn new techniques which are able in growing personality as well as carrier options. There are some skill which need to be improvised and their details are as follows

Communication Abilities: To convey a correct and accurate information, communication pattern must be good. To develop personality of a person it is must that his conveying talent must be good. If this virtue does not exist in a person then it reduces chances of growth and it consequently works as hurdle in personality development. Without communication, a proper information and guideline can not be expressed to juniors and seniors and this will affect working pattern of organisation and personnel both (Specht and et. al., 2014). This is a virtue that I want to enhance in myself because this will lead my growth options at higher level.

Technical Know-how: This is a knowledge of particular tool like any software related to sales etc. Current trend is a technological way where all activities are to be done by using techniques as this enhances chances of accuracy and efficient working that hikes customer support and increases productivity (Hennecke and et. al., 2014). To be a personnel who can match up current trend it is essential for me to develop these abilities in me. This section can be explained with an example like if I am a sales personnel them I am able in operating mobile applications but it is a difficulty to run big scale software and learning of these tool must be done in order to enhance attributes of personality (Cervone and Pervin, 2015).

Motivational Capabilities: To increase productivity and efficiency of juniors and co-workers it is necessary for them that they should do their task with internal and external motivation. As a leader or senior I am not that much capable who could motivate my team so that they could work with self interest. It is a drawback of personality that has to be enhanced for developing a working environment where all employees do their actions and activities with a personal and common interest. For example if workers are not doing their assignments in an effective manner because they are not finding duties much satisfactory so it is a responsibility of mine that I should motivate them by rewards or awards. This kind of skill is missing and it is necessarily to be grown to enhance proficiency and productivity (Adams, 2015).

Problem Solving Abilities: To retain and maintain skilled workforce in association it is a compulsion that leader must listen and understand their issues and conflicts that they are facing. For finding solutions of problems, it is must to listen issues properly because if they are not clearly identified then their solutions can not be found and this will increase production as well as employment cost of corporation as without getting solutions an employee can not be retained and frequency of hiring new workers goes to be high. This type of action in a company reduces its image at marketplace in industry.

Team Working: It is a drawback of my personality that I am not a team player and this to be enhanced to work efficiently in a corporate culture. Cooperative virtue is a less quotient. For attaining common goals it is necessary to work in a group and cooperation necessarily be maintained so that togetherness in working could be promoted (Brown and Hirschi, 2013). Cooperation provokes a person to do work for achievement of a common goal because when personnels attempt task in a team it mean their actions are associated with each other and if a person hampers his working then it will sabotage other individual's performance also and ultimately generate higher cost to company (Joseph and Benefield, 2012).

Decision Making Skills: For developing a judgement it is a required task to analyse all aspects and points that are related and after studying all facts and figures decisions should be made. Decision making skill of mine is not good and I need to enhance them otherwise it will hamper performance of employees, productivity of corporation and in addition it will enhance cost also. To get rid out of these situations I need to be a good decision maker and want to learn all aspects for being an appraisable decision maker.

Current Proficiencies

This section includes abilities that I am having at present and whether they have to be improved or not. My current abilities are not up to the mark as they got obsolete by time like I am able in working in a manual department but rapidly increasing use of technologies are more complex situation for me. Other then this my communication talent is good but it has to be improvise to meet all juniors and senior's demand along with getting customer satisfaction (Parkay, Anctil and Hass,2014).

Currently I am able in working with old patterns that are not competent with recent trend. My technological knowledge is good but if talk about up to the mark then they are not up to the mark. There are some abilities that is possessing by me are discussed as beneath:

Team leading: My group is good in achieving all targets that are set for individual as well as group level. This shows a leading capacity that is good. I am able in aligning all activities to candidates that completely match with their abilities and calibre so that they could work with most profitable manner. Understanding of skill and eligibility is prominent in me and because of this I can manage accomplishment of all tasks in set time frame because allotment of duties are on the basis of virtue and specialization that inspire workforce to work hard at workplace in corporation and should always provide assistance to other tasks that are interrelated with them.

Time management: Achievement of all targets in set duration of time showcases that time management is proper and adequate in association. To gain competitive advantages it is necessary for employer to assign targets that is concern with limited time because this actions is directly interconnected by meeting of demand of consumers. If needs are not fulfilled in required time it reduces customer base and brand image in industry (Hardison, 2017).

Technological knowledge is good that is enough to attain a remarkable targets in marketplace. I can manage to operate small scale techniques that are responsible for achieving goals with help of conveying accurate information and knowledge that an employee must have to complete their task and duties (Harned and et. al., 2012).

Target Efficiencies

This personality development plan is made to find out what a personnel need to get in skills and what will be the attributes of this training program. Target efficiencies are those which a candidate want to acquire for enhancing carrier growth opportunities. It includes upliftment of current capabilities and acquisition of new talents and specializations. These are attributes which are able in attaining overall goals and targets in limited time along with high efficiencies and effectiveness. There are some target efficiencies that a person must have to accomplish actions as well as activities. Explanation of these are as follows:

Communication AbilitiesI want to grow my communication skills as it is essential to improvise because it enhances efficiency of working. An adequate performance of employees regarding their task can be motivated if workers are guided with proper knowledge and information as this info will aid them to put correct effort while performing their duties and actions. I can enhance my communication way by conducting interaction program, group discussions, meetings etc. These activities will help me into get rid out of issue which is related with public speaking. By establishing direct interaction with relevant party. Face to face connection is also a good idea of improvising communication skills (Perez and et. al., 2016).

Technical Know-howI need to enhance my technological aptitude which is necessary to compete in competitive market. Current scenario is a technological trend that affects performance of workforce in positive manner as it reduces covered time to accomplish a task without affecting productivity of employees and corporation both. There are some ways by which this efficiency can be get like specialized training program that teach me the ways of operating and complete know-how about technique. By taking classes from outside experts or by attending training event related to required aptitude.

Motivational CapabilitiesMotivation to manpower to enhance their as well as corporation's working abilities for hitting targets in limited period of time is necessary for this task I have to improvise my capabilities because I am not good in that. There are some ways that shows, how can I improve my weaknesses (Knowles, Holton and Swanson, 2014). For instance I need to enhance my compensation planning that can improve their self interest. In other manner by giving proper and adequate rewards can also improve initial motivation among workforce.

Problem Solving AbilitiesIt can be seen that workers are facing so many issues and conflicts in company which need to be solved by me as I am weak in solving problems this is reducing brand image or organisation along with customer base. To get solutions of problems what I can do is that I should arrange face to face meeting with worker and carefully listen their issues. This is also helpful in spreading information regarding problem solving atmosphere at workplace (Allen 2015). A leader must hear difficulties with full concentration then should go to any result. Only after these I can enhance my abilities.

Team WorkingGroup building is very difficult task because this is related with alignment of talents with task is a action that is complex in nature. I am not in able to identify virtue and abilities of workforce that leads improper allotment of duties that further reduces profits by diminishing productivity and it also increases cost to corporation. All I can do is monitoring of performance of manpower very carefully and check which task they doing I best and perfect manner (Friedman and Scholnick, 2014).

Decision Making Skills I can develop mu decision making abilities by analysing all facts and checking probabilities of mistakes. Decisions rely on very aspects like performance of employees, market trends, issues, competition etc. For making a relevant judgement all aspects have to be studied so that all negative results to get out and positive outcomes could come in organization.

Development Opportunities

It is discussed that there are some talents that must be posses by me to grow as a person. Abilities are those which grows an individual by enhancing calibre of working. It is clear that all areas are already found that is to be developed but it is an another question that are opportunities available who can cater this need and improvise personality of a person (Denissen and et. al., 2013). Following are availability and development of opportunities:

I am a junior sales manager in company and I can be a senior manager by attending training program that will provide me a specialized knowledge of operating a particular technique. Know-how of any specific tool that is not operating by rivals is able in gaining competitive advantage in marketplace.

By motivating juniors I can improvise their performance which will aid higher productivity into corporation and this action will hike mu carrier growth rate and will also develop professional status.

If I improves my weaker areas then I can get promotion in my company because I was working in higher productivity and already generating more profits so employer want to retain me in their association and for this he will motivate me to work with self interest and also get more efficient working styles from workers as I am inspiring them to work hard without affecting appropriateness of task completion (Ciarrochi and Mayer, 2013).

I need to be able in segmenting and targeting my products which I have to sell for corporation according to potential customers because this ability will hikes up my decision making skills and this capability showcasing how efficient I am. It is a compulsion for me to be more analytical as judgement building relies upon analytical virtue of mine.

Criteria For Judging Success

A personal development plan is said to be successful if it started generating positive results. If I got those skills which I wanted to possess then my personality development plan is successful. On the other hand if I still did not get those capabilities then plan is not successful and I need to revisit all aspects of planning and should rework upon that. There are some methods by which success can be judge and these methodologies are stated as below:

Feedback from Employees: I am working good or not can be measured by taking views and opinions of my colleagues. They can clearly tell that what is my efficiency in performing my allotted task whether I am able in generating more profit after targeting required skills or not (Gyuris, Feró and Barta, 2012).

Comparing Performance: Planning is successful if I became able in attaining all targets in more profitable way in comparison of other employees. If my working abilities and calibre is better than my co-workers it will clearly indicate that my personality development plan has been successful and started producing more products and services that are actually responsible for making profits.

Checking Standards: For judging success of personality development plan previously set standards can be matched by current performance and further decisions can be made on basis of this. If benchmarks are matched then plan is successful and if performance is low than standards then plan must be revisit by me (Vanhalst and et. al., 2013).

360 Degree appraisal: For judging success opinions and review can be gained by co-workers and employers and if they have positive feedback then success is assured otherwise not.

Time Scale

Attaining knowledge takes time. It can not be done in shorter period of time as it requires a lot of know-how and time is necessarily be taken in gaining and accepting all points. There are some probable time scale that are allotted to each learning objectives are stated as beneath:

Communication Abilities: Approximately three months to be taken in enhancing my communication virtue. It is hard to understand all aspects related to it and it is a complete use of technologies and in getting full hold on a particular technique is difficult and it takes time which is three months approx (Kyllonen and et. al., 2014).

Technical Know-how: As it is discussed that understanding and getting hold upon a method is quite complex and to make a strong clutch on a tool requires a remarkable time duration and in this scenario it will take six months approx.

Motivational Capabilities: I can enhance capabilities related to motivate employees by improvising some points for example expertise in developing a good salaries and wages plan, awards system etc. and it will take two months.

Problem Solving Abilities: I requires time to meet other teammates and to listen their issues and I also need time to analyse them. Only after these activities I'll be able in defining any solutions to problems and this actions requires a tome scale of one to one & half month. Positive result from the side of that personnel will be an indicator of correct solutions.

Team Working: By solving issues and assigning tasks according to calibre and capabilities of employees and by making proper coordination I can manage creation of good team building. This section consist more then one activity so it requires higher time which is three months (Schore, 2015).

Decision Making Skills: This sections relies upon how much efficient a personnel's analytical abilities like if analyse virtue is good and improved then it will take less time on the other hand if talent of analysis is not good then it will take more higher time. This action needed one month.


This assignment help can be summed up as, a person can develop its abilities and eligibility by attending some training and development program along with taking classes by outside experts. This report is focused on a strategy that is most relevant to enhance skills that will further improvise my chances of growth and professional status herewith personality improvement. This project includes some heading that also comprises sub headings for instance first step is to decide what will be learning objectives like technological know-how, decision making abilities, motivational capabilities etc. In next point my current efficiencies are discussed like time management, team leading etc. what will be the ways of developing virtue and how much time it will take etc.


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