Premier Inn: Exceptional Hospitality & Customer Service Assignment Sample

Premier Inn's Customer Engagement Strategies: Navigating Feedback, Cancellations & Complaints with Finesse & Empathy

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Introduction of Premier Inn: Exceptional Hospitality & Customer Service Assignment

The largest and fastest-growing hotel brand in the UK is the award-winning Premier Inn. En-suite bathrooms, TVs with Freeview, and Wi-Fi are included in the amenities of Premier Inn rooms. Unique among Britain's top hotel companies, Premier Inn offers clients a money-back "Decent Night Guarantee" of a good quality room, comfortable surroundings, and courteous service. Premier Inn was the first hotel chain in all of Britain to register with the national tourism organisation. As a result, Premier Inn is now a participant in a new quality assessment programme designed especially for low-cost lodging(Premiuminn, 2022).

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ELEMENT 1 – Response to negative 1 star review

star review

Figure 1 1 star review

(Source: Premier Inn, 2022)

Hello Chona,

Thank you so much for taking your time to provide us with your valuable feedback relating to your stay with us. We are deeply sorry to hear that not everything was to your fullest satisfaction. We highly focus on giving our guests a heart-warming stay with the best experience.

The Premium Inn hotel Apologies for the trouble and unsatisfaction during your stay. On behalf of Premium inn and our team please accept our sincere apologies for the loud noise which made your calm time uncomfortable and noisy. After investigating about it, the staff of our hotel came to learn about the noise. It was a birthday celebration and it became little loud, which indirectly troubled you. We really regret the issue was not resolved at that moment. We will ensure that our staff members keep in mind about the loud noise and acquaint our guests in a better way (Sparks, 2016).

Your helpful feedback is much appreciated. It will genuinely help us to improve the standard facilities and services offered to our guests. The hotel will make sure that incident like this shall never occur again. For your troublesome stay and unhappy heart, we would love to send you a two night free stay voucher via mail and also attached in this message. Our team is always there to resolve situation like this. Sorry you could not connect with someone from staff at the right time.

Free stay Voucher

Figure 2 Free stay Voucher

It is sad to hear about a poor experience from our regular guest. We wish you give us another opportunity to make it all right and give you a good calm experience. Thank you for bringing up this issue and I personally promise you, that situation like this will never happen again. Apologies for the loud noise and shouting.

Kind regards

ELEMENT 2 – Response to a compliment 5 star review

5 star review

Figure 3 5 star review

(Source: Premier Inn, 2022)

Hello Caramel,

Thank you for the amazing review. Giving us your precious time to write this review is much appreciated. And we cannot describe the joy after reading this honest feedback from our guests. Premium In is Grateful for your review following your stay with your family.

It is wonderful to hear how happy and satisfied your stay was at our hotel. Our location is right in the heart of London giving an ease to guests to explore the beautiful place more calmly. A very well done to everyone in the team for the outstanding hospitality, we are happy to host you and accommodate your request in the future too. As a manager I am really excited to share this amazing review with the team.

A big thumbs up for the recommendation. Our hotel is indeed a great place to have a comfortable stay and our staff is highly focused on making the stay more joyful. Great facilities as you mentioned specially when travelling with kids. On behalf of the staff Thank you for your kind positive feedback. It boosts us more to work towards making a comfortable stay for our guests.

We are happy you had a satisfied experience. Hope to see you soon with your family in the coming days.

Please do book with us direct next time with our membership programme for an additional discount on our best available rates. Thank you once again for the feedback (Rahimian, 2020).

Kind Regards

ELEMENT 3 –Room cancelation letter

Date – 23 November 2022

Address: Premium Inn, Paddington Station, and close to Hyde Park, London, UK

Subject – Room cancellation due to hotel renovation.

Dear Caramel,

With the due respect and a heavy heart this is to notify you about your bookings at our hotel dated from 7th to 21st of January 2023. Due to the renovation work planned on the dates mentioned all the reservations have been cancelled. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience due to the cancelled booking.

The cancellation of the reservations is done after giving many thoughts and discussion to avoid delay in the development of the hotel premises and upgrade our facilities to give more joyful experience during the stay. The renovation work is to be done in the reception area and in addition we plan to add a wellness centre which also includes a spa and a treatment room which further increases our time for renovation for giving you best experience on your next stay. Since it has been planned from a long time and after discussing with the team, we have concluded to cancel all bookings between the dates mentioned. All the booking money shall be refunded to you after filling the form sent on your email. Addition to it we are giving you 70% off voucher has been attached below on your next 3 days stay with a refund to make it up to our guests for the trouble caused by the cancelled bookings (McColl-Kennedy, 2019).

Hope to make it up to you on your next reservations. With more facilities added to the experience we are hoping to make our hotel a more happening place to stay and to have a great experience we are working full time.We are extremely sorry for the trouble. Grateful to have understanding guests like you. All the guests who have reservations on mentioned dates have been notified through this letter and on their registered email.

Thanking you for your precious time to read this letter and hope that you understand our situation.

Warm Regards

Guest Relation Manager

ELEMENT 1 – Response to a formal written complaint

Day/ Date: Wednesday, 23 November 2022.

Dear Chona,

Thank you for bringing the issue of Loud noises during your stay to us. We are extremely sorry to hear that your stay at our hotel was uncomfortable and unsatisfied. We are usually known for our quite calm stay and energetic hospitality. I am deeply disappointed to hear about it and apologise for the bad experience at our hotel during your stay.

After through inspection of the problem and discussion with staff about the uncomfortable stay I came to know that the loud disturbance. It was coming from the room next to you. A birthday celebration was going on and as you know sometimes the celebration goes loud. Our staff members did try to tell them to keep it little quite but it was sad that you had to hear those loud music noise while sleeping and our staff couldn't resolve the issue right away. Still, it is quite sad that because of that you could not have a peaceful sleep. And I understand the irritation felt during that time. I want to apologise from the bottom of my heart for the trouble you had during your stay.

After getting your valuable complaint we have changed some of our policies during the stay which includes zero tolerance for loud noises and music during the sleep hours.

Sincere apologies on behalf of the whole team. We regret that you had an experience like this. In order to escalate your complaint, we would appreciate if you could provide us more detail in the Email. Someone from the team will contact you shortly to discuss the issue further and make amends. Further to compensate we would love to give you a free voucher which includes 70% off on your next stay including meals and more attached below. Our team has been instructed strictly so that this does not happen again with other guests in future. Thank you for bringing this issue to us. Please know that your feedback is very important to us so to improve the experience of our guests during their stay. We value every and any insight that can help us to do better. I assure you that your complaint has given us insights on some of the issues occurring during the stay. I have forwarded the complaint to the team so to take necessary actions.

We highly take feedbacks seriously and work towards a better solution so to keep the guests satisfied. Our team is saddened to hear about the issue. I hope you understand and plan to stay at our hotel. Definitely your stay would be calm next time. I will personally make sure of it.

And since this matter has come up, I have informed the staff to keep in check about issues like this and sort it out as easy and fast as possible. Sadly, that day the issue was not resolved. Loud voices are really troublesome when one is trying to sleep. The premium inn highly regret that we as whole team cannot change your experience from the past but we promise to make it up to you (Jawabreh, 2022).

Once again please accept our Heartful apology. We would be happy to see you again and will do our best to make your stay more comfortable and calmer. Thank you again for being honest and kind towards us.

Thank you very much

Apologies for the incident

Warm Regards


The portfolio covers the four elements where Initial element covers the response to the 1-star review given by the Uk Hotel Premium Inn manager. The second element consists of response to the five-star compliment. The third element is the letter which is written by the guest relation manager to cancel the booking of the customer due to renovation in the hotel. The fourth element consists of a formal written response to complaint that is sincere and empathetic.


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