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Recording Analysing And Using Human Resource Information

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Satisfaction of the employees is high in Marks & Spencer which is a great factor and makes the organization be able to gain the right working as well. There are employees who are ready to get the restructuring take place which is good for the company and there is going to be right reputation and standards that would be present for the company. The employees are motivated enough to make sure that there are right working and processing which is going to exist. There is a lot of support which is present between the colleagues who are good for the working and processing since that is going to make sure that the targets and aims of the company are being matched. Systematic working must be present which is going to make sure that the company is being able to make the right reputation and profit margins for themselves in the market. Competition is also high therefore getting such employees is very important. There has to be good promotions as well which must exist so that there would be better satisfaction of the workforce that is present.

There is higher workload which is present in the market that has to be matched so that the company would be able to make sure that there are right standards. Opportunities are high for the company in the market because of the quality and service of the company but there has to be right working which must exist. Job security is also not high in the employees which has to be present otherwise the company will lose on their loyal employees which are helping the organization be able to gain the right standards and working. Employees are also not listening to the company which has to be present; staffs has to support the processing and listen to the company for which M&S must work effectively to make sure that there are right standards and working which has to be present.

From the above table it can be analysed that the balance of personal and professional working has to be present. Alternative job seeking has to reduce in M&S so that there is loyalty that is present between the workforce and business that is present. There is no work being managed well by the managers when changes come in therefore it is important for the company to make sure that there are going to be effective understanding that is present. Employees are doing their best which makes them feel like they should be rewarded for the work they are doing so that the company would be able to make working which is present. Management has to be present for the work which is present in the market which is going to make sure that there is right standards and branding which the company is having for a long run.

1.1 Different ways in which an organisation might collect and record HR data and its importance

There are different methods which can be used by HR to collect the data which are CV, interviews, online analytic tools, focus group, application form, etc. recording data is manual recording and computerized systems which can be used for recording it as well (Santos, Costa and Grilo, 2017). This factor is very important because there is going to be right information which the business must have so that there is good restructuring of the business which can take place. Satisfying the legal requirements is important for the company to have so that the company would be able to restructure according to the policies and the legislatures are being followed for the employees as well. The second importance of recording and collecting data is for contractual arrangements and agreements which are present between the company and the staff so that the restructuring can take place effectively. These factors are going to let the organization be able to have the right working and policies which would exist.

1.2 Different types of organisational data collected can support HR practice

Different types of data collection within an organization can support the HR practices since they are going to make sure that there is right understanding which is present. Data collected of the employee when redeployment of staff within Marks & Spencer is going to add value to the employee’s wages and advantages like benefits within the company (Stewart and Brown, 2019). There are higher opportunities which the employees can have in the market as well. Management team and HR practices are going to be well supported since there is effective planning which can be done on these bases which are very important. The risk factors and involvement of the right employees is going to be present for restructuring to take place. It is only when there is good data collection on the staff will the new responsibilities or job role can be assigned to the employees so that the organization would be able to make sure that there are right standards and working which is exist (Townley, 2019).

2.1 Systems used for recording data and describe two methods of data storage

Various methods are present in the market for recording data which can be used by the company but M&S would use computerised personnel information system and manual system because there are chances of having lower errors. Standards and reputation of M&S is high in market therefore while restructuring it is important for the company to make sure that they are using the right methods and working in order to be able to have the right operations. Manual system can be spoilt because of the external environment but when it is done manually there is a check by the HR which is present (Morgeson, Brannick and Levine, 2019). Computerized personnel information system is not good for the operations since they are not aware and checking is not done manually. Since it is computerized the organization would be able to have as much as data which they would like to have which is important while restructuring and make the processing be smoother.

2.2 Two legal requirements that any organisation must take into account

A lot of legal requirements are present for making sure that the organization is having the right legal way of doing this collection. Freedom of information act which is that whenever the employee wants, the HR department must make sure that they are providing the information to them so that there is going to be right working and processing which is present (Gilkerson and et.al., 2017). The other act is equality act 2010 which is that when the data is collected then it must not be bias on the liking and disliking but on the grounds of the hard work which is being put in the workforce. There has to be good collection which is beneficial for the company itself for a long run in the market. There is no gap in this process since the company well understands the internal working when the restructuring is being done in the business.

3.1 Analysis and explanations of the employee engagement

The survey can be seen as positive for the company so that there are right working and processing which the company can have for a long run. It can be observed that most of the employees are motivated enough to make the working of the company be higher which is very important. Restructuring of the organization needs a good and must have motivated workforce so that it is easily implemented. Restructuring is good for the company but it is not that necessary for the organization to get in the processing of the working (Papa and et.al., 2018). It is not going to be hard for the management to get in changes or restructuring to be implemented in the company. Employees who are wanted to see for other jobs and the workforce which is thinking that changes are managed well in the company only little must be focused upon. It is very important to work according to the internal environment of the company be present.

3.2 Recommendation and help for management team when restructuring the organisation

Recommendation for making sure that there are right changes in the company there must be an effective communication system that has to be added. Transparency with the employees about the company has to be present. There are a lot of responsibilities as well which have to be overcome by the employees (Lengnick-Hall, Neely and Stone, 2018). Training and development processing has to be improved so that there is workforce would find it easier to make the restructuring take place easily. Management team has to get in changes according to the workforce so that there is good working and processing that would exist. Benefits of different roles and responsibilities has to be told to the workforce so that they are motivated enough to take on those chances for the long run of their career in the market.


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