Recruitment Documents Assignment Sample

Comprehensive Guide on Recruiting and Developing Business Travel Consultants

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Recruitment Documents Assignment Sample 


HR plays a critical role in the organisation's development by recruiting the best candidate (Moustaghfir, El Fatihi and Benouarrek, 2020). It is based on the ability of HR to generate effective strategies that are aligned with the needs of the people and their welfare in the long run. Every strategy carried out within the organisation can be directly linked to people's values. They promote development and growth opportunities that help the employees' welfare in professional growth factors. HR promotes the candidates' value by initiating the recruitment process that includes effective documentation. Based on the documentation needs, the candidates are invited for jobs. The current portfolio includes the recruitment of a new Business Travel Consultant. Analysis of the job description, job advert and plan outline will be highlighted that is required for obtaining the best candidate. A three-month staff development plan will be generated to improve their skills.

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The rationale for Job Description and Person Specification

Job Description highlights the overall purpose required to be initiated by the employees while working within the organisation (Moustaghfir, El Fatihi and Benouarrek, 2020). It relates to the activities that need to be carried out by an employee within the workplace based on the specified post. In this case, the job is related to Business Travel Consultant.

The individual should be effective in identifying the needs and requirements of clients. They should be able to organise travel for people initiating from beginning to end. It might or might not include a full package based on the customers' needs. Additionally, they should provide quality services to the clients in the generation of reliability in their minds. It includes ticket bookings, accommodations and transportation. The travellers should be provided with effective information and description that might help them while availing of the services and removing any kinds of communication gaps. Useful holiday materials should be provided to the customers at the same time that helps in the development of their values while availing the services. The Business travel consultant should have the ability to carry out research based on various destinations and provide recommendations to the customers in making the best choice. Various external sources, in this case, should be taken into consideration as well, including weather change and price. Through the use of promotional techniques, they should be able to engage the views of the customers and solve their issues with total effectiveness. Problem-solving views of the customers help in the maintenance of the long-term relationship that should be considered by the individual while carrying out their task with total responsibility.

The person specification relates to the availability of skills and experience that needs to be attained by the individual before applying for the desired post. As per the analysis of Moustaghfir, El Fatihi and Benouarrek (2020) The required skills for the Business Travel Consultant of Crystal Travel include Communication Skills, Problem-solving skills, Strategic Thinking, Ability to meet customer needs, Critical thinking, Customer service skills, Active listening, Persuading skills, ability to sell services and Administrative skills. Based on the analysis of the above skills, the individual should also have an experience of 2 to 3 years in the specified fields. Freshers are not welcome for the particular post.

The rationale for Job Advert

The job advert is based on hiring Business Travel Consultant in Crystal Travel. It plays an important role in identifying the role and capability of the candidate and attracts them towards the prefeed job factors. It aims at the generation of wider audiences that enable the organisation to find the right job for the right person. It is accessible at all times that is carried through media or offline processes. From the job advert, the preferred candidates can align their needs with that of the organisation and find effectiveness in connecting with the organisation based on long-run factors. The overall process is considered a cost-saving and time-saving factor that helps in connecting with effective candidates that will enable us to bring some changes within the modern business scenario. As per the views of Munir and Djaelani (2022) it helps in boosting the brand and promotes job awareness in the minds of people. It helped to align the values of the organisation with that of the candidates and generated a feeling of oneness within the overall system. The HRM of the organisation has identified the need for job advert through which quality content can be presented in the views of the candidates through which effectiveness can be bought about in the overall system based on long-run factors (Ren and Jackson, 2020). The development of effective relationships with the candidates is considered to be critical in particular areas.

The rationale for Outlining of Recruitment Strategy

The development of a recruitment strategy plays an important role that helps in initiating the recruitment process in an effective way. It is aligned as per the organisational structure and selection process. Further, it can be expanded in the analysis of operations carried out by them. Well planned recruitment process helps the recruiting team to hire the right candidate (Gilch and Sieweke, 2021). Integration of the right candidate within the organisation helps in the long-term development of the organisation along with the generation of retention rate at the same time. A series of processes or activities need to be followed in meeting the recruitment system that helps in retaining the right candidates. Every step needs to be analysed effectively, which helps in a successful recruiting process.

The organisational goals play a critical role in framing the recruitment strategy. The hiring process should be aligned with the organisational values that promote the effectiveness of the candidates to flourish within the specified fields (Hemalatha et al., 2021, March). Based on the organisational goals, the needs and specifications of the candidates are identified within the system. Based on the analysis of hiring needs (Business Travel Consultant), job specifications, knowledge, skills, and experience should be presented in an effective way that is easy to understand. The hiring needs can be determined through gaps in existing performance.

It might be related to a sudden workforce within the organisation that requires the allocation of a new member. Based on every internal and external capability, the strategy for new employee recruitment will be initiated. Integration of a complete job description helps in looking out for potential candidates (Gilch and Sieweke, 2021). Elements of the job description include title, responsibilities to be fulfilled, compensation and work location. Development of candidate persona, in this case, will help in meeting their needs that can be considered relevant in their views. High-quality and personalised content in this aspect will help in the attraction of relevant candidates (Gilch and Sieweke, 2021). The strategy will be analysed by targeting geographic segments.

In the next analysis, the method of recruitment will be highlighted. It can be carried out through social media platforms or video interviews. Keeping the overall system in a well-defined way will help in the generation of reliability within the minds of the people who are looking for jobs based on the certain criteria set by HR of Crystal Travels. Through the research of Kaushal et al. (2021) through deploying software, effectiveness can be bought about in HRM systems. The process of recruitment can be provided with a new direction through the analysis of HRM strategies. Through the analysis of Hemalatha et al. (2021, March) AI tools and Resume parsing techniques are effective in making the right choice among the eligible candidates available for Crystal Travels. Video interviewing software, on the other hand, is effective that helps in the generation of flexibility in carrying out the interview process in an effective way.

The rationale for the three-month staff development plan

Generation of staff planning is required for their development within the organisation. It should be aligned towards their personal value that will help in the generation of effectiveness and meet the shortcomings in future. The market fluctuates in nature, along with technological disruptions at regular intervals. The HRM of the organisation understands the need for the development of the staff to improve productivity and creation effectiveness at the workplace (Banks et al., 2019). At the same time, it is related to the development of skills and supported by the views of effective leadership skills and their development in the long run process. Staff development plan is also known as an action plan. It includes certain strategies based on which effective development will be carried out by the HRM of the organisation in their overall development (Hemalatha et al., 2021, March). Being a business travel consultant, communication and personality development plays a huge role. Moreover, they should also have an effective idea about the use of technology based on which further development can be brought by them in the business system based on long-run factors. The view of HRM within the organisation is to look after the development of the people based on which long-term achievements can be generated within the organisation.


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